Friday 7 October 2022

Sounds That Give Men Nightmares

In the recent Armenian and Azerbaijani war the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drone was proclaimed a ‘game changer’ platform.  Turkey did nothing to correct this idea and went on to sell lots and lots of them.

These drones are similar in purpose to the American Reaper as it can loiter over a given area monitoring the landscape below and drop munitions on targets of opportunity.  They were devastating to the Armenian forces in the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region and did turn that war for Azerbaijan.

The reason they worked so well is the clever Azerbaijani air force used ancient Antonov An-2 as decoys.  These single engine biplanes were configured for remote piloting and control.  At the start of hostilities they flew these big slow targets at the Armenian and merrily noted the SAM radars and batteries as they discovered and shot down the decoys.

Those same air defences were then eliminated by the Bayraktar drones with their lower radar cross sections.  Without air cover it was a turkey shoot.  Brave Armenians forces on the ground had nowhere to hide and moral plummeted as they were eliminated.  

Death from above has amazing effects on men and moral.  So much so that in WWII the German Luftwaffe deliberately put sirens on their Junker Ju87 Stuka dive bombers.  The unmistakable sound of a Stuka making a diving run would make even the bravest warrior’s sphincter muscle pucker.

The sound was so memorable that the TIE Fighter’s in Lucas’s Star Wars sound effect was based on it.  Similarly the change in sound as a V1’s engine sputtered out and went silent meant death was coming.  Death from above.

Cue to modern day Ukraine.  In recent weeks various gossip has proven correct.  The Russian have purchased Iranian Shahed-136 drones and rebadged them as the now Russian Geran-2 (Geranium – honestly??).  These are loitering/kamikaze munitions and have made a big impact – pun intended.

Watching footage from Odessa recently and other places with the panicked reaction of the local Orcs trying to shoot them down brought me back to the Ju 87 Stuka.  There are lots of such videos on Telegram.

These are not like the American Switchblade anti-personnel loitering drones as they have a serious warhead.  The specs of the drone are still uncertain.  Length is guessed to be 2.5 – 3.5 m, weight 200Kg, warhead 50Kg and range is unknown.  A recent strike was 300 Km from Russian lines of control and Iran likes their drones to be long range. See this video for speculation.  The Shahed/Geran is the delta winged model.

Also these drones targeted a military barracks in Kyiv yesterday with devastating effect in an area where air defences would still be active.  They are said to be made of fibre glass construction and would hence be very tricky for radar to detect.  

These drones have an electric motor.  While I have no speciality knowledge I would believe they should be a lot quieter for that reason – a propeller effect? That noise and the images of their terminal dive really drives the dive bomber image home. Is that deliberate?

While Russian missile tech is the global leader I have a real appreciation for the Iranian’s ability to share ‘the pain’ with their drones and missiles.  Those strikes in Iraq in retaliation for the murder of General Suleimani were impressive in their size and accuracy with no intercept from the US forces.

The Rooskies are now hunting down artillery pieces and other juicy targets of opportunity such as ammo warehouses, command posts etc.  These drones seems to have freedom of the sky in the ‘Kraine.  This is Scott Ritter's brief opinion.

It’s interesting in that warfare really has changed but the core backbone stays the same.  Industrial scale destruction of enemy forces are the blunt fist and stand-off platforms such as drones evolve rapidly.

I have seen Western concept proposals of mini drones with AI control causing chaos and havoc almost more as platforms for terrorism.  The big take way from the ‘Kraine is that America and the West’s tactic of war ‘on the cheap’ is over.  If NATO decide to ‘man up’ conventionally to Russia they would be lucky to last a fortnight.  After that they would be out of ammo.

Interesting times

Saturday 1 October 2022

Strange Day Reloaded

It’s been quite a month for family/clan stuff.

Before it start re-telling it I would like to offer my sorrow, thoughts and prayers to the family of ChuckInBama who passed away not long after posting on the previous blog post here.

I read the news over at Glen’s place and from there it seems Phil @ Bustedknuckles knew him and his wife.  He wasn’t old (only a few years older than I) and it came out of the blue 

While I only had the pleasure of corresponding with him recently I liked his viewpoint.  He was well respected on the other blogs and all remember him fondly.  I would have loved to share a few glasses with him in person.  I will raise one tonight in his honour and add his name the roll call in my prayers.

Sadly not long after hearing of CIB’s passing my wife received news that her biological mother had passed away.

That’s a strange relationship name but my wife was adopted and she reached out about 10 years ago to find her biological mother.  We found her as well as 2 sisters and brothers.  Her name was Frances.

Frances was never going to be mum as another had already filled that role but it was very rewarding for my wife to make the connection. I think we helped Frances with having made that previous decision by finding her again.  Sadly Frances was diagnosed with liver cancer in February. 

We made a trip back over to Scotland for one last visit in March.  From personal past experience my wife and I knew what was coming for the siblings.  The focus should be on the core family and not the recent add in’s.

The service is on Monday coming.  We can’t be there without being a burden on the family so it’s getting streamed on-line.  This is new since the chinky pox.  We hope they can now put the recent horror and pain behind them.  May it let the proper grieving and healing begin 

My Aunt’s one month’s minding Mass was last weekend.  It’s a Catholic thing here – not sure if it’s universal.  By complete coincidence, at the same time a dozen cousins from Scotland were over in Belfast visiting for the first time as a clan get together/reunion.  Don’t ask me to describe all the family tree stuff.

We had been out for a meal at the Belfast Felons Social Club (look it up for a laugh) the night before to make introductions and break the ice. Great meal by the way.  We Micks like our food and are fussy about quality and quantity.  Seriously, we eat like horses when we get the chance.

After the Mass everyone headed back to my Aunt’s daughter’s house which was about 300 yards away from the church. This is the Falls Road after all.  Gallons of tea and coffee and thanks to my cousin and her husband – food.

We finally had a good chance for the usual family and the new ‘cousins’ to get a good blather and catch up.  That when my wife and I discovered a bomb shell of a discovery from the Glasgow connection.

To set this up, my wife has some of her adoption papers.  In it, her birth father was identified only by a few clues.  Frances gave up few details but at a wedding back in Scotland previously of one of Frances’s granddaughters we picked up the titbit that he had been killed in a gangland killing in Glasgow with some other stuff.

Charming stuff but we still had little to go on.  While my wife is curious about her father (definitely not her dad) she has no desires to make contact.  However, knowing how Glasgow is run by certain families she asked a question and the bomb dropped.

It still blows my mind but in the space of a 10 minutes chat we had narrowed it down to 2 possible matches.  One dead and the other alive but untraceable!!!!!

We did learn that Glasgow – once the murder capital of Europe – was a far more dangerous place than Belfast to go up in.

In Belfast you might get shot dead or blown up but it’s nothing personal – it’s just bad luck/timing and politics.  In Glasgow saying the wrong thing to a stranger could be fatal.  3 of the men in the group had brothers murdered.  Fuck me!!

Nothing more has come of this so far and probably won’t.  I have always heard of jokes where someone would say – oh you’re from Belfast do you know XXX?  Only in Glasgow would it be true.

I’m not sure how the US or other visitors will view this.  As you hear online local, local, local.  While family comes with its own issues it has its own strengths.

Family/clan is the key to survival.  Blood is thicker than water.  My son does not carry my DNA but he is mine and it was accepted by the clan at his wedding.  All my dad’s brothers have acknowledged it as does my son.

To my brothers from other mothers – ie you foreigners LOL.  You’ll know when you are made to feel at home.  I really wished for longer with CIB and I know when I get up there we’ll catch up properly. 

Sunday 28 August 2022

Strange Day

 Irish wakes are a cultural phenomenon to behold.  Frankly they are the only time that (in this case) brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, cousins, grandkids and now great grandkids come together as one group.  It’s the only time.

Firstly we comment on how we are all older than before.  My dad was the last funeral and then at that time you are too busy keeping everyone happy, fed and watered (tea and coffee).  This time was another’s duty – trying to keep this as anonymous as possible.

It’s my Aunt’s passing this time. In the end it was a mixed blessing after a year’s illness and pain.  She was 86 and she took over after my grandmother passed as matriarch. She was the glue that kept the threads together.  

Ireland is very much a matriarchal society.  Centuries of losing our men in the eternal war does that.  Someone has to carry on.  That’s why Irish women are a pain in the ass normally but as fierce as Lionesses when needed.

I’m not sure if it’s just our family but generally they are hilarious.  We Micks are strange.  We laugh at funerals and cry at weddings.  We always bring up and remember those times we messed up and laugh at them again.  They are heart breaking and heart-warming at the same time.

A brief shadow of the past came up.  An uncle was murdered in ’72 by ‘loyalists’ and finally the remaining uncles opened up and we younger ones got to hear some of the details.……… yet again cover up by the state – cop literally wiped the weapon clean in front of my uncle on the scene.  

They were hard day’s people.  Old scars picked open.  Glad to hear he went down fighting in his own home.  

The passing of the baton to my generation has happened.  My dad’s brothers really are advisors but no longer the drivers of events. They aren’t physically able any more.

I’ve noticed my posts aren’t as read as before.  I am very much an acquired taste these days.  I do not ride the middle line anymore.  Hard times are coming.  My heart is hard again.  I opened my heart recently and the tears are now dry again.  

No more.

Wednesday 24 August 2022

The Coming Fall


Well I guess I’ve been AWOL long enough then.  I did actually take some time off with the family as I think we all need to charge the old mental batteries. 

 Boy it was hot by Irish standards - 30C (85F).  That almost never happens we’re told – except every solar cycle (11 years).  It’s been an interesting summer in the Northern Hemisphere.  The Danube, Rhine and the Yangtze rivers have all run to record lows.  All major logistics channels and all running low – the world is in peril!!

 This is nothing new but the timing is interesting. ‘Hunger’ stones have been uncovered in the low waterways warning of coming hardships.  Beware!!!  Doom, Famine and Winter cometh!!  These inscribed stones warn of impending doom – and always have done for centuries! 

 Summer - like shit – happens.  No one mentions the horrific snow and cold in the opposite hemisphere and in unusual regions this year.  Weather happens.  But if we surrender tax authority to faceless technocrats then we can fix it!! 

 Really?  What has a fucking politician or office plankton ever fixed?  There’s no money in a fix just like there’s no money in a cure. 

 What about energy/heating.  Well we are reliably informed we’ll be spending 1000’s per month (insert currency of choice).  Not likely as none of us have that kind of money.  There were brief rumours that us uppity slaves might just refuse to pay those bills.  Thankfully big tech made those silly ideas disappear.

 Food is the next horror story we are told.  Supply disruption, fertilisers, poor crops, avian flu killing chickens. Don’t even mention the destruction of food processing plants.  Next it’s the logistics.  We can’t get the chips/parts etc.

 See the trend?  I DO NOT DISMISS the message we are being given. I query the collective message.

 Yes farmers are being paid to give up their farms in places

Yes the farmers were paid to plough under their crops in places

Yes the food processing plants were destroyed in places

 See the trend – in places.

 We need to beware the drop in meat prices they say.  Farmers are reducing their herds and meat is cheap – for now.  Next year we will have real shortages of meat/protein.  Meanwhile bug flour is silently being included into ingredients. ALWAYS read your labels!

 I do not wish to underplay the serious challenge that the impending autumn and winter will bring.  I have laid in what food and fuel I could in advance as I always do but only time will tell. If you have not done you preparations already, you are a statistic waiting to happen. 

 What I do object to after the recent few years of media hysteria are continuing headlines of pure fear mongering.

 Food security is important.  However, I believe the fear itself is much worse than what the coming events will bring.  Over at Noor’s place she broached a very interesting thought;

“There are beings in the spiritual realms for whom anxiety and fear emanating from human beings offer welcome food. When humans have no anxiety and fear, then these creatures starve. People not yet sufficiently convinced of this statement could understand it to be meant comparatively only. But for those who are familiar with this phenomenon, it is a reality. If fear and anxiety radiates from people and they break out in panic, then these creatures find welcome nutrition and they become more and more powerful. These beings are hostile towards humanity.

Everything that feeds on negative feelings, on anxiety, fear and superstition, despair or doubt, are in reality hostile forces in super sensible worlds, launching cruel attacks on human beings, while they are being fed. Therefore, it is above all necessary to begin with that the person who enters the spiritual world overcomes fear, feelings of helplessness, despair and anxiety. But these are exactly the feelings that belong to contemporary culture and materialism; because it estranges people from the spiritual world, it is especially suited to evoke hopelessness and fear of the unknown in people, thereby calling up the above mentioned hostile forces against them.” ~ Rudolf Steiner

 It’s not new to me and if you know what an egregore is – well then.  You have an enemy that literally feeds off your fear.  Only the stopping of that fear helps you to overcome that enemy.

 The herd is being stampeded into accepting totally unacceptable outcomes.  Those outcomes will not benefit us at all and are certainly not inevitable.    The idea of ‘It’s The Only Way’ is BS agenda control. The Hegelian problem, reaction, solution.

Eating bugs is not only disgusting it is also meant to be humiliating.  They are mentioned in the Bible as unclean and not fit for consumption.  In a similar vein, the attempt to bring into mainstream discussion the idea of consuming human meat, cannibalism, has begun.

I remind everyone to know your enemy.  His symbols are everywhere and often right in front of your face.  If you have made it this far without the clot-shot then you still have a chance.  They must persuade us to give up our freedoms and even our souls. By their rules it must be made to seem voluntary. 

Always remember that no matter what we all still have a choice - to accept or reject.  I reject the perversion, sickness and depravity that media is ramming down our throats 24/7.  I refuse to let them frighten us like wayward children.  They can stick their digital ID/currency up their arse.  My personal pronouns are up/yours.

I've used this before but it still fits.

Tuesday 23 August 2022

Slacking off


Sorry to both of you regular readers.  I’ve been slacking off – on purpose for a change.  I am working on a really weird one.  Do call back soon

Wednesday 20 July 2022

Collective Punishment – Belfast Style

 John Wilder published an excellent and thought provoking article today, complimenting his Monday article on collective punishment.  The obvious idea here would to read those first before continuing on if you are so inclined.  He is a much more accomplished writer.

Rather than wade in with my clumsy hob-nailed boots as I often do over at his place, I thought it best to offer the following here where I can clean up the mess in solitude.  The blame will all be mine.

I really like his description of the Neanderthals being much more Morlock to our Eloi’s than just hairy cavemen.  In addition I have read of a study of children’s nightmares where on average boys fear the monster in the closet and girls fear the monster under the bed.

The guess was that the womenfolk slept up the trees while the men would guard the base of the tree – hence our danger comes from different directions.  We have come a long way from there to preferred feckin’ pronouns.  

I have often thought along the lines that the losing hominid groupings would be forced out to more marginal lands such as woodlands to eke out their subsistence.  In addition, bone and other fragments of their remains would be harder to find.  Bigfoot, Sasquatch or Yeti?  Food for thought if you have the time.

What he really challenged me with was the idea of collective punishment.  I recognise his thoughts and in light of the ‘woke culture’ (sic) and such behaviour I cannot disagree.  My own experience and recollection are off on a different tangent completely.

Growing up in a fairy-tale existence of ‘armoured car and tanks and guns’ I have other memories.  In such an environment we had zero desire for a heavily armed and oppressive police force – as you can imagine.  The response at the time initially was the use of classic Sinn Fein tactics.  

WTF - I can hear the response from most of you.  This very idea was as popular as a bouncing betty over at BCE’s place when I mentioned it once.

I don’t mean the idea of blowing shit up or that a republican would stand in front of a camera dodging and denying IRA membership – that’s just shite.  Forget all the BS you’ve seen in the last 50+ years from the mostly Brit media.  I’m referring to the tactics employed in the period 1919 – 21.  

The success of that time was not brought about just by the Guerrilla war fought by Michael Collins’ IRA flying columns. It was an extraordinary time where separate courts and judiciary as well as the skeleton of the middle class and civic structures were put in place.  They were there and ready for the time to take over from the British civil system.

I’ll leave the history lesson there as it’s still painful for those that care. In early 1970 the community I was born in did much the same.  Even so far as setting up areas such as Free Derry.  As I was wearing nappies at the time I have no first-hand knowledge to impart.

Community ‘justice’ would start out with tar and feathering or forcing criminals to stand in public places with signs describing their ‘crimes’.  These efforts were aimed more at ritual humiliation than harm or torture.

Eventually as times darkened, more serious offences would lead to kneecappings (shooting offenders in the knees).  The worst offenders would on occasion be shot dead.  Republicans did not need individuals in their communities trying to run rackets behind their backs with the Brits at their front.

Time passed and an informal system grew in place similar to FAFO. If you FA you will get a visit and told to ‘wind your neck in’. That started the sliding scale all the way up to terminal lead poisoning.  There was no drug problem on our streets and women could walk home safe at night. Sigh, sadly no more.

It is not my intention of scaring the crap out of folk. Those circumstances were the extreme end of the scale but the beginnings in 1969 were very similar as in all times of civil decay.  In the fear and uncertainty of that time men in the communities gathered together and formed local defence groups.  There was no IRA at the start in '69 – think about that.

Well then, on a lighter note, spicey time cometh again.  Please do not run around with a head on fire crying ‘woe is me’ - that's nonsense.  I read a number of the blogs and posts of wiser, better trained (not difficult) and more experienced men than I.  The answers all rhyme.

‘Meat space’ or ‘local baby local’ are great throw away versions of the same idea. Local men (mostly) and women that live in the same communities getting thrown together suddenly when the SHTF with either power out, no food or wandering bands of ‘diverse ‘utes’. We have them now also – thanks Sinn Fein.

You may not believe me but I have wonderful memories of a happy childhood playing in troop infested streets.  Dark memories also but shit happens.  Even the tiniest light can throw off the dark.  A few folk working together can be very powerful force multipliers.  That’s why all the moovies and TV programing are full of lone wolves protecting the cattle stories.

Don’t go all postal on the nearest suit.  In any grouping always watch for the informer (we had them before glowies were popular).  Sadly in quiet times they are usually the most useful member.  3 man cells are the ticket but there’s no time for that and we’ll all be too busy

Community justice cuts both ways.  Do not expect redress at the ballot box.  Modern Sinn Fein proves you can’t fix a rotten corpse from the inside.  Come together locally and get to know one another in school boards etc.  The state can’t be fixed but it can be replaced.  If they crash it all we’ll will get to replace it all the quicker.

Never despair - prepare

Monday 18 July 2022

The Hour of The Time

Lately I came across a link to a wonderful find.  In the era before the Internet, William (Bill) Cooper was a radio host of a regular self-hosted program called “The Hour of The Time”.

His show covered all the topics that would be called ‘conspiracy theories’ covering everything from UFO’s, the hidden government,  Manmade AIDS, Satanic control, Masons and the New World Order.  He was way ahead of his time.

He is also famous for his book “Behold a Pale Horse“.  Bill was the real deal and was a serious red pill before the term even existed.  Alex Jones would imitate and rip off his materiel and Bill would call him on it.  Alex never would cover the meaty stuff that Bill did.

He predicted the events of 9/11/01 and the targeting of Ol' Sammy Bin Hidden as the patsy.  He openly called out those events as a false flag.  Sadly he was then murdered (in my opinion) by a local sheriff while he was serving a BS warrant in Nov 2001.

On the show he recorded a sub series of broadcasts called the Mystery Babylon Series.  Here are the links to both the series and his book.  Enjoy them in his memory

Mystery Babylon

Wednesday 6 July 2022

Picking At Loose Threads

 A few of you good travellers of the interwebs pass this way from time to time.  Those lost souls will have noticed that I have lapsed into bad habits of late and have posted bugger all. I have been lurking at my usual haunts but keeping my big gob shut.

As you may imagine that is not an easy or usual habit of mine but to butcher an old saying…  it is better to stay silent and appear a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

In truth I didn’t have much new to say and I do fear appearing like the character Donkey in Shrek (I can pass for a reasonable likeness of said Shrek) jumping up and down shouting ‘look at me, look at me’.

The Russian breakthrough in the Donbas in May was more a slow rising tide than a dam breaking – damn those cautious Rooski’s.  It took 5 weeks for the Popasnaya breach to pay off and they finally cleared the main orc forces all the way out of the Lugansk Oblast/Republic.  

The death toll has been huge for the ‘Krainians. Losses of 5500 troops with 2200 dead in the latest pocket.  The many, many videos of the slaughter are a bitter testimony to the futile bravery of their ordinary troops to hang in under the relentless bombardment. 

I follow a few channels on Telegram among other sources.  I think the orc line has broken in the East. All of the territory east of the Siverskyi Donets river is cleared and 2 active bridgeheads have been opened over it – near Kharkov in the north and recently cleared Lysychansk in the East.

Now for most people this is more blah, blah military porn.  The Russians are breaking in to open country with no major roads or rivers to slow them down, yeah…... yawn.  Then why have they mobilised their industry!!

I did hear rumours that they would mobilise a general military call up in July.  Why would they?  They are winning on the battlefield and making out like bandits economically.  The Global South is queued up to make deals with them for their natural resources as well as their manufactured goods.

The Russian Duma is currently enacting legislation to enforce military procurement orders on Russian manufacturers at set payment rates – they are moving to a war footing industrially.  This is the first step before calling up reserves.  You need boots and uniforms before bodies to fill them.

I did hear over a month ago that the Chinese lockdowns were nothing to do with the Wu’flu but to cover a retooling of factories for war production.  Not good sources but food for thought.  It’s hard to get any good info out of China if they don’t want it known.

Another breadcrumb is the recent announcement that the manufacture of 5.56 ammo surplus to military  orders has ceased to be offered for sale is the US.  This was taken in general discussions that the government was interfering in 2A rights.  Maybe there won’t be any surplus to sell!

BCE did mention in one of his articles that certain types of ammo being used in the Middle East were produced many years ago and stock piled but that the US military was burning through a lot of those stocks.  How much did they ship to the orcs and how much is left if things get spicy and the war moves west.

These are indications that logistics and materiel as well as troops are being put in to place prior to the opening of wider hostilities.

While that takes place other forms of madness and coercion are being (re)introduced.  Dutch farmers are in open rebellion because 30% of their farms are to be shut down as livestock produce too much Nitrogen ????  WTF

The EU zone is being prepared for a winter with no heat.  Germany is drawing up plans for the shutdown of industry, rationing of hot water, power interruptions/blackouts etc - all for the greater good of the ‘green transition’.

Masks are making a comeback as cases are on the rise – oh my!!  The boosted will need boosting again.  Give me a break.  That’s not a vaccine, that’s a pay-to-play subscription model.    So, muzzled is the new black this season!

I feel there is a current plan to hide the general mobilisation for War behind the usual BS climate change and Covid paranoia – but mobilise they will.  The inbred idiots that infest our governing systems here West of the Dnieper river are insane and think that they can pull off the same world war rescue plan for their debt slave market.

Even with the Devil himself driving them on they are too arrogant and incompetent to carry this off.  More than 1 in 8 of us are awake and aware of this evil and that is too much for them to prevail.  Thankfully many more of us rejected the clot shot and can only watch the unwary succumb to clot complications and cancers.

Russia’s Roscosmos published satellite images and GPS coordinates of Western "decision-making centres supporting Ukrainian nationalists."  Have a look  Ivan doesn't bluff.

I have a strong feeling that anything Chinesium will soon be Unobtainium.  I would also suggest avoiding large cities – especially ‘decision making centres’.  

Saturday 11 June 2022

Gonzalo How? Updated

 This is a bit of a strange post for me. It is a bit negative.  

I really enjoy the postings of a web guy called Gonzalo Lira. I keep getting his name wrong and the country of his origin.  Maybe I’m just stupid.

His commentary is spot on.  He is living right there in the zone in Kharkov.

But how is he doing so after being arrested by the Orc’s SBU.

I was one of many who raised a stink when he went ‘off air’ for a while after some juicy postings early in the current SMO.

I posted that I would suspect him to be on a short leash after his ‘release’.    I feared for his eventual safety while under house arrest.


He’s back and still at it

Early in the SMO I watched a poor soul get ‘skull fu**ked’ with a bayonet and heard their dying screams for being accused of being a ‘Russian supporter’ on camera.    Gonzalo ??

I don’t know what to say.  Enjoy the commentary, it seems bang on, but where are the Orcs?


 Update to the post.

 I don’t wish ill to the guy but after my post he disappears for 4 day.  Thank f**k he started posting again today.  Guess I should stick to commentary and keep it impersonal.

Friday 27 May 2022

Slowly Then All At Once

I read a quote once about how someone famous went bankrupt.  His answer was that it happened “slowly and then all at once”.

That comes to mind watching the past week’s video coverage of events in Orcland.  I’ve watched a lot of footage of punishing artillery strikes and drone coverage of their effects on the soft squishy stuff wrapped in camo.  Sobering stuff.

I was over at Glen’s fine establishment yesterday and dropped a wee note.  I’m lazy so I’ll copy and paste the main bit.

“The orcs have been pouring concrete around the Donbas and LPR since getting their asses whipped twice back at the start of this shit show in 2014/15. In effect a ‘Maginot Line’ of hardened pill boxes, bunkers, tunnels and trenches.

The key to open the door was a town called Popasnaya. The local high ground in a region flatter than Taylor Swift.

The Russian merc’s of Wagner PMC’s got sent in to stiffen the attack and it worked. A static front line broke wide open and the dam broke about a week ago. Russians have poured in lots of reserve forces and have been gaining kilometres per day instead of the usual grind.

Looks like 3 separate pockets forming with approx. 15,000 troops in danger of getting the Mariupol treatment. Smallest pocket of 2,000 pretty much doomed already.

Maybe the psychological hit of the orcs’ Azov super soldiers defeat or just the reward for the relentless grind of artillery blanketing but lots of mutiny videos coming out. The officers know the score and have bugged out leaving the cannon fodder to fend for themselves. No food, armor or ammo”.

Watching the change in maps of the newly freed territory in the Donbas is like watching the deluge after a dam breaks.  Also this week I’ve seen 4 videos of the units of draftees the orc rounded up refusing to go die like cattle.  Many front line soldiers are surrendering in big numbers.  Unfortunately I’ve seen footage of those executed by orcs for trying to surrender – not just in Mariupol.

It definitely looks like their moral and fighting spirit has been broken.  I grudging admire those who have endured the steel hail of Russian shells all this time.  Weither it was love of homeland or fear of Nazi commissar’s bullet – who knows.  Those forces in the East are now a spent force and they need to surrender - sooner rather than later.

Once the Donbas is fully free then who knows what’s next.  Scott Ritter is a principled commentator that I admire as he’s been there and earned it.  He recently pulled a 180 and says the new NATO model army getting built in Poland is a game changer.  I sincerely doubt it.  Even the US towed howitzers that arrived recently are being converted to scrap metal.

The only ones that know what is truly about to happen are the Rooskies and they are saying bugger all and taking their own sweet time to do it.  There is a saying that there are dozens of ways to get a bear out of its cave but not a single one to put him back in again!!

The Kremlin gave the perverts on the Potomac many chances to walk away.  Their red line was clear for all to see.  Instead the District of Criminals doubled down and the powdered princes in the Pentagram played along.  They built the bestest, shiniest NATO force that corruption could buy.

Sometimes a punch in the face teaches the best lesson to the recipient.  None of them can remember that lesson or even if they learned it in the first place.  When all their toys got smashed to scrap metal they reacted like spoiled toddlers and screamed out in their tantrums.

Moscow played them like a fiddle.  What are you going to do about it?  Oh no!! Not some scary sanctions!!  You are going to steal 300 Billion bucks worth of fiat money savings.  OK.  Russia has about 500 B in foreign hard assets because you know they are backward types who actually make things.

Guess who forgot they make lots of foodstuffs and the fertiliser to grow them.  They supply the oil to run the trucks and tractors.  They supply the gas to cook and heat with.  They make the metals to make shit with and lots and lots of other ‘stuff’ because they learn STEM to a far greater depth than us civilised Westerners.

The international community seems to consist of the US, UK doormat, European poodles, the Aussie concentration camp and totally subdued Japan.  Everyone else looked on as the collective West freaked out and they said not my circus, not my monkeys.

The rest of the world have been making trade deals hand over fist as they buy up Russian produce at discount prices and watch as the idiots have to pay exorbitant prices for the same stuff – if they are even allowed to because of sanctions.  Game, set and match LOL

I’ll finish on a couple of clich├ęs.  In a democracy you get the leadership you deserve.  The old Chinese curse states “may you live in interesting times.”  I think we are looking at a massive karmic bitch slapping. Popcorn time cometh

Thursday 12 May 2022

Squaring the Nazi Circle

 Well I have read these past few days that the goblins ruling Orcland have gone full Chutzpah!!  In their wisdom they decided that they will stop Russian gas supplies to Europe.  NATO will attack Russia or else they will stop the flow of Russian gas supplies!!  You can’t make this shit up.

There are a few agendas in play in the land currently known as ‘Ukraine’ all at the same time.  To be frank some of them are completely at odds with the programming that the great unwashed masses have endured since the end of WWII.  That’s why everyone is a Nazi and also fighting fascism!!

The lands that connect Europe, the Caucuses and the Eurasian Steppe lands have changed ownership and populations countless times over thousands of years.  It is a vast topic too large for me to study in detail so I’m not going to.

The current region has been partitioned and re-partitioned between The Turks, Poland and Russia repeatedly since before the time of Catherine the Great mostly settled it. Think about the current Polish ‘peace keeper’ idea and you realise the same territory is still up for grabs.

I sympathise with the ordinary civilian Ukrainians.  The Bolsheviks set up their new ‘state’ integrating incompatible ethnic groups and then proceeded to methodically starve millions to death during the Holodomor in the 30’s.  The Bolshies also murdered 10’s of millions of Russians so they were equal opportunity butchers.  Crucially ‘someone’ had to staff those state organs involved.

Let’s leave this happy reminiscing and take a trip down the Red Pill Rabbit Hole.  A long time ago this same piece of real estate once belonged to a Kingdom called Khazaria.  Like Poland, it was once was very large and successful empire but that’s not its main claim to fame.  

Around 970 AD they rejected the Christian and Islamic expansions around them and converted to Judaism. They thus founded the Ashkenazi line of Jews that are by far the largest sect within Judaism (70 – 75 %).  With this they inherited all the famously fine qualities therein.  This also explains why there are more Jews in Eastern Europe than fleas on a mangy dog – it’s not for the climate.

The Soviet Bolshsies in the 30’s were overwhelmingly jewish in origin (not always native Russian).  I can understand why those survivors of the Holodomor welcomed the German Army with open arms and flocked to their ranks burning with desires of revenge.

The Eastern Front cannot be understood in the West for the ferocity of the slaughter of partisan/commie/jewish locals by the Polish/Hungarian/Christian locals.  Agreed, the Germans enabled a lot of it but many foot soldiers were recruited locally.  When Stalin’s armies swept away the German forces they repaid them in kind.  Most of German local allies fled west to Canada and the US but some deliberately stayed behind.

The victorious Soviet forces celebrated their victory.  Spurred on by nationalism fuelled by the war, Stalin forced out of power almost all of the early Bolshies and those ‘poor, downtrodden’ jewish partisans were now stuck in the commie state they created.  Most eventually cried loudly enough for their compatriots to bring them out to the West.

When the Soviet Union dissolved the ‘Oligarchs’ appeared from almost nowhere in the Republics to assume power over state assets with Western financial backing.  Every single one belonged to the Kosher Nostra.  

All was going well in the lands of drugs, cash and sexy trafficking until one man came to power and said “Niet - the party’s over”. Anger, arrogance and historical grievance training called for a response.  This bunch can hold a grudge for centuries and here we are.

2nd & 3rd generation descendants of those diaspora (hint Victoria Nuland among others) in the West were used.  $5 billion dollars in covert US funding was supplied.  Billionaire ‘Ukrainian’ gangsters fed and armed naive pituitary retards the story of those diabolical ‘Russians’ (not commies). Memories of local ‘heros’ were dug up.  A bloody coup later and away we went.  

A mini Reich was created slap bang on the Bear’s doorstep.  The Ukrie army was defeated twice in open warfare by those sub-human moskals.  Goose-stepping orcs cemented their power by being embedded in the armed forced forces to stiffen moral by 10-1.  Exactly like the Soviet commie commissars of old – ironic reflections on how the same hidden hands work us all.

Rich Khazars are paying the descendants of the Holodomor to attack Russia and not those who held the whip hand and still live among them.  Who knew that John Carpenter’s movie ‘They Live’ was a tutorial?

Note that not one Soviet Gulag Commander or NKVD executioner was ever punished.  They all died in their sleep with a death count that made the Germans look like part-timers.  

Watching this unfold is a stark illustration of how the populations of the collective West are still in thrall of their WWII propaganda and subsequent Holohoax spell that has been laid upon them.

To see ex-Israhelli military volunteer to serve knowingly in the same armed forces with staff wearing the German Death Head Insignia then the spell is nearly broken for ever.  Ignore the US/NATO proxy war rhetoric.  The US is a hollow shell of its former glory and it will not engage Russia in open battle. It would need some tanks to do that.

In every nuclear war simulation during the old cold war one side was forced to cross the nuclear threshold.  Participants afterwards would complain of ‘artifical’ events that forced their crossing to nuclear confrontation.

I see that threat in the current provocation with European gas supplies. Europe will cease to exist if the gas is turned off.  Famine, power blackouts and don’t mention winter are on the menu.  Hence the tightening of the screws by the chosen ones and real powerful people with much to lose know that.

Ask yourself a question.  How can a comedian, placed into the very role he played in fiction be taken seriously?  How can he and his merry minions be in daily video conferences in parliaments globally brow beating them all day every day?  Who appointed him minster of all things?  Who could enable all that?  Can you see the hidden whip hand?

Russia’s Sergey Lavrov is a perfect example of the professional diplomat. He never loses his control and says nothing without meaning.  He recently spoke openly of Zelenski’s tribal membership as well as his leadership of the orc legions with no seeming contradictions.

We are being enticed to fight to the death so that the tribe can subdue all rivals and grab ultimate power.  Their power play is one of escalation.  The 13th tribe must force East and West – Gog and Magog to fight to the death.  Only then they can rule over the ashes and call it peace.  

I don’t see it happening but watch to what lengths they will go to, all while their every lie gets exposed.

Murder will out so I look forward to the coming Russian data dumps.  Here’s a start.

Saturday 30 April 2022

Pivot Point

 I grew up in the time of Reagan and the ‘evil empire’.  Like everyone else that might read this I have been deep soaked in all the media blitz on the peoples of the ‘5 eyes’ nations for decades.  

We have been lulled into a hypnotic trance. First we sucked on the glass teat of TV.  Now we stare into the dark scrying mirrors of mobile phones 24 x 7.

The last 2 years of hysteria, censorship, anti-science and the totalitarian control by mediocre bureaucrats and ‘officials’ show how far our populations are prepped and ready for the virtual box cars to the camps.

I, however, also grew up living and witnessing the Brit government’s double standards while armed soldiers walked my streets.  That’s better than any fucking vaccine.  Watching your best friend have the business end of a SA80 rifle rammed into his mouth for ‘fun’ amongst other memories leaves a certain FU attitude to authority figures and those who excuse them.

Let’s explain how I think we got to where we are now in the war that is now beginning.  If you need to look shit up please use Duckduckgo and not the Goog place.

1 Putin nailed his plans to the mast in 2007 that the robbery and rape of Russian resources were over. He sealed it in the defence of South Ossetia against Georgian violence in 2008.  It’s been non-stop ‘evil Putler’ since

2 I watched in horror as the worst scum in Eastern Europe was elevated to power in Ukraine by the usual ‘neo-con’ war mongers.  In amazement I watched ordinary men arise in arms and they defeated that army twice – hint Minsk 1 and 2.

3 Putin has tried every form of non-violent means to resolve these tensions including the recent high level diplomatic manoeuvres with the US.  They just wanted written guarantee’s FFS.

4 For 8 years the orcs had completed their control over the regime, dominated the military with Zampolit’s like the communists of old and slaughtered thousands - horrifically.  The most moral and civilised West’s response was to build, train and equip a most dangerous and viciously motivated proxy NATO army.  Hence the term orc.

5 The reason there are so many 10’s of thousands of the best trained Ukrie orcs now trapped and about to be de-nazified is that they were in the final preps for a March offensive to eradicate the Donetsk & Lugansk Peoples Republics.

6 Putin’s last straw was that clown Zelensky openly stating his was going to get nukes – in front of kneepads Harris no less.  Putin always said if there’s going to be a fight then strike first.

I’ve been reading a lots of astute analysis of current affairs and strategic analysis from the Russian perspective since 2014.  One thing I read is that historically since the time of the Tsars Russians believe that for Russia to prevail internationally she needs 20 years of peace.  She has had that.

7 Putin announced publicly a raft of new weapons platforms that are now deployed.  Hypersonic missiles, laser attack platforms, nuclear powered cruise missile with infinite loiter time, long range nuclear torpedos, ICBM’s that can travel via the South Pole and others.  Russia is ready.  With the current ‘military operation’ the Russian people are ready for a new patriotic war.  Ukraine may only be the opener.  

Patriarch Kirill's Easter Good Friday sermon in the main Cathedral of Russian Armed Forces (check out the cathedral – it’s new and stunning) was astonishing in invocation of Soviet victory in Great Patriotic War and extolling the sacrifice in the fight against Fascism.

This is a video showing how much the defeat of the Nazis in Mariupol means to the Russian spirit.  I state this as the annual parade of the ‘immortal brigade’ takes place to mark Victory Day on the 9th of May.  The Russians are now mentally and physically set for ‘total war’.

Over on Glen’s site he posted a link to an article by the Z Man at the Takimag site. It was thought provoking as it described the 2 totally different systems now coming to clash.  

The West (mostly US) likes to use Air Power to terrorise an opponent with ‘shock and awe’ to avoid ground fighting.  The Russians are wed to armour and artillery to grind down an opponent while owning the most formidable air defence systems on the planet to protect them.

The mostest, harshest sanctions in history aren’t working!!  The Rouble is stronger than before.  Russia is self-sufficient. She can build internally every item in her military, civilian and shipping requirements - even new nuclear reactors.  

The US cannot build new nuclear power stations any more as the engineers are all retired or dead.  Ditto refitting US nuclear warheads.  Maths is raycist after all.

Left alone the Russians will gain everything they started out to achieve.  Video after video of the slaughter of Ukrie cannon folder does show that what is happening now is the complete annihilation of the trapped Ukrie forces.  It’s unpleasant and avoidable if only the clown of Kyiv would surrender.  His masters will not let that happen.

We are looking at the replay of the last days of spring in 1914.

I left a wee breadcrumb over at the Intrepid Reporters place.  The developing warfront is on the orcs Western border.  There is a small country called Moldova with ethnic Russians in a break-away region called Transnistria – sandwiched between it and Orcland.  

They have been quiet for years but it all lit up this week. Lots of sabotage such as RPG attacks on official offices, blowing up radio towers etc.  They also have a gigantic Soviet era ammo dump – guarded by Russian peacekeepers 2 miles from the border.  Something like 20,000+ tons of munitions and weapons.

The orcs have sent their sabotage groups over the border to create a security panic and its working.  Transnistria and Moldova have next to no functional military.  The Russian peacekeepers guard the ammo dump. 

Moldova is very closely aligned to NATO member Romania – their flags are almost identical.  The gossip is that Romania/Moldova are discussing the security ‘situation’ with a possibility of Romania absorbing/annexing Moldova.  

If Russia reinforces its forces guarding the ammo dump after the current provocations then it is alleged Moldova will ask for Romanian protection – and invoking NATO protection?  Well then it’s off the races people.  Batten down the bunker.

I know. I hear ya.  If’s and but’s.  

The West’s military might is being shown to be a paper tiger.  The US Air Force's power was once limited only by the productive capacity of the US continent.  How much of that is left. Their new ‘state of the art’ fighter the F35 is a flying brick that will break its airframe if it goes supersonic!!

They have no sizable armour left and no way to defend them without air cover.  If the idiots in charge ever provoke Russia to a direct clash the only thing protecting then is the nuclear umbrella.  How much of that still works as planned.  The minuteman missile is programmed with floppy disks!!

If we are not careful the survivors might need to learn to read Cyrillic.

Wednesday 27 April 2022

Tidy Up Time. A fond farewell to old ghosts.

 It has been so long since I stopped by, lit the fireplace and turned on the lights.  Time to sweep the floors and wash the windows.

It’s been so long that I wanted to check the blog rolls here and see who survived.  Who persevered while I abandoned post and buggered off and went on walk about.

There is 1 outstanding champion and that is Noor over at Snippets and Snappits. Her site is thought provoking and also very funny to go with it. 

Lots of broken links unfortunately as any older web site does.  I can see that most, like me, ran out of steam.  I will keep those sites that are still live on the roll as who knows?  Maybe you reach a point when the thoughts in your head need to be set free.  Maybe they’ll be back also in time

A special call out to 5 bloggers.  They have earned the honour of getting banned by the thought police.  I will keep them linked still to honour them stepping up. Maybe the Way Back Machine has some of the content.

Dublin Mick.  He was always going to get banned.  Funny guy and a great meme creator (before we called them memes)

Penny.  Penny was very astute, nailing Syria as Mordor’s next target before the Russians stopped it

Greg Bacon.  Again very good on the anti-bacon mafia.

Joe Cortina.  Interesting writer also.  Both he and Greg always called out the Khazar Mafia.

Aangirfan.  One of the most enigmatic sites.  Lots of well researched posts with links on illicit deeds of the powerful.  This included sex trafficking and paedophile rings such as the Dutroux Affair in Belgium.  Possibly the only one to be permanently silenced in my opinion 8 years ago.

Les Visible will always be on the blog roll.  It was there that I learned the value of not posting as just Anon.  I still dip my toes in and read from time to time – mostly at the Truth Seeker’s site.  I suppose the first embers of spirituality were rekindled there – only lately to return to life.

 I’ve been lurking for so many years it fells strange to finally put thoughts to words and I’ve been running off my inner demons on other sites.  This is the start of better manners.  No more leaving muddy footprints at other places.  I’ll shite in my own sty – mostly LOL.

Let’s see if I can hang around this time.

To Timster, Kenny, Suraci, Thirteeth Monkey, Mr Friend and Northern Truth Seeker I raise a glass. May you still be shit-stirring somewhere under new names or better still be living a real life.

Saturday 23 April 2022

Best of Times, the Worst Of Times


10 years later……………. Fucking tumbleweeds

 When I stopped blogging back then it was because I was exhausted and burnt out emotionally. 

 I have ‘hung in there’ since I was a teenager lobbing petrol bombs at squaddies.  The long war was what I cut my teeth on.  As an older and so called ‘wiser’ man I had raised my vision to the international scene.  After the 9-11 false flag my radar was very much aware that an ‘end of times’ was getting set up.

 Those that read here back then probably know me more than I do.  There was no filter to what I typed and I’m sure the spooks have hoovered it all up.  That’s not paranoia.  My own mother back in the day was a trade union official and had a prior phone call played back to her when she picked up the phone again.  Shitty Brit Tech at the time.

 The brutal slaughter of Muammar Gaddafi after his compliance with all that ZOG demanded was the proverbial straw/camel.  He was completely accurate in that his regime was holding back a tsunami of African immigrants.  Syria was drowning in paid jihadi’s and I couldn’t see the light.  I dug in and moved my family home – to the occupied 6 counties no less. 

 Jesus what a shit show I came home to.  PEACE

 The men and women I knew had stepped down and retired.  The blue haired fluffy bunnies and unicorn’s brigade had performed a putsch in the Irish Republican movement. Women ran the movement that men died to fight the Brits for.   Fuck them as they have destroyed it.  They can never know what dying for a cause means.  Hurt feelings count for fuck all.

 After all that you may think – so what.  Shit happen and we all need to shovel some.

 The only reason I’m posting this is to stop my anti-social trend lately of posting my ideas on other people’s sites.  I’m delighted that some bloggers of old that I followed are still continuing to post.  They have my utmost respect and admiration for their stamina and perseverance.

 I am very much in support of the Russian government and their armed forces.  I have never read or seen anything but principled and honest comment from them. I truly think they are the last hope of the West that was.  I would like to raise my ‘Flag of Saint Andrew’

 I will post something more useful shortly once I figure out the new blogger interface