Saturday, 23 April 2022

Best of Times, the Worst Of Times


10 years later……………. Fucking tumbleweeds

 When I stopped blogging back then it was because I was exhausted and burnt out emotionally. 

 I have ‘hung in there’ since I was a teenager lobbing petrol bombs at squaddies.  The long war was what I cut my teeth on.  As an older and so called ‘wiser’ man I had raised my vision to the international scene.  After the 9-11 false flag my radar was very much aware that an ‘end of times’ was getting set up.

 Those that read here back then probably know me more than I do.  There was no filter to what I typed and I’m sure the spooks have hoovered it all up.  That’s not paranoia.  My own mother back in the day was a trade union official and had a prior phone call played back to her when she picked up the phone again.  Shitty Brit Tech at the time.

 The brutal slaughter of Muammar Gaddafi after his compliance with all that ZOG demanded was the proverbial straw/camel.  He was completely accurate in that his regime was holding back a tsunami of African immigrants.  Syria was drowning in paid jihadi’s and I couldn’t see the light.  I dug in and moved my family home – to the occupied 6 counties no less. 

 Jesus what a shit show I came home to.  PEACE

 The men and women I knew had stepped down and retired.  The blue haired fluffy bunnies and unicorn’s brigade had performed a putsch in the Irish Republican movement. Women ran the movement that men died to fight the Brits for.   Fuck them as they have destroyed it.  They can never know what dying for a cause means.  Hurt feelings count for fuck all.

 After all that you may think – so what.  Shit happen and we all need to shovel some.

 The only reason I’m posting this is to stop my anti-social trend lately of posting my ideas on other people’s sites.  I’m delighted that some bloggers of old that I followed are still continuing to post.  They have my utmost respect and admiration for their stamina and perseverance.

 I am very much in support of the Russian government and their armed forces.  I have never read or seen anything but principled and honest comment from them. I truly think they are the last hope of the West that was.  I would like to raise my ‘Flag of Saint Andrew’

 I will post something more useful shortly once I figure out the new blogger interface

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