Tuesday 20 April 2010

Ashes to Ashes - Dust to Dust

Just a thought folks to keep in mind in regards to these last few days of “disruption”. The Hegelian dialectic is described as thus: Problem – Reaction – Solution.

The problem of a volcanic eruption > caused a reaction of closing European airspace. Let’s see what solution is proposed. Always remember cui bono - who benefits?

Study note. Many of us are aware of plans for the coming massive planetary disruption in the 2011-2012 time period. A little early softening up maybe or something more mundane???

Try this one for size while you ponder.

Monday 19 April 2010

Remember to smell the roses

I generally tend to write about stuff that gets my blood rising. Recently it occurred to me that sometimes I also need to stop and smell the roses. I came across this little gem on suraci’s blog.

Take a few minutes out and enjoy.

Thursday 8 April 2010

Slap my bitch up?

I just read an excellent article from James Petras. In light of my last post I think it would be good to highlight the cause of recent wars wherein US troops are now shown as cold blooded killers led by an administration of War Criminals.

Netanyahu's symbolic spitting in Biden's face was a calculated act of grave significance. It marked out Israel's 'will to power' - its willingness to publicly humiliate US leaders and flaunt its power over the US before the world. Israel exposed US impotence in the Middle East and beyond. This incident has world-historic consequences for anyone who is not blind. The US is a declining power, which cannot create a secure environment for its soldiers, corporations and citizens anywhere in the Middle East or beyond. No European, Asian, Latin American or Muslim country can look at the US and its citizens without thinking, "Here is a country at the feet of Israeli leaders and at the throat of Israel's designated 'enemies'. It is an understatement to say that the US, as a nation and as a people, has "lost prestige".

The recent 'conflict' between Israel and America over peace in the Middle East -brought on by a crude Israeli provocation - exposed far more profound issues: At the center of power in America, there is an influential group of power-brokers willing to exploit and humiliate the American people in the service of a foreign power. In the past, patriots would have called them 'traitors'.

Please read the full article and think long and hard about the implications of that piece.

The openly acknowledged costs of the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and now Pakistan are in the region of 3 Trillion dollars ($3,000,000,000,000) give or take a few hundred billion. That seems to mean more to some than the 5000 dead Americans – that’s the official acknowledged figure (your government would never lie to you, right?). Some commentators are even kind enough to mention the 1 million dead Iraqis.

In the article Petras talks about the Zionist Power Configuration. He talks about AIPAC, the lobby and the media. He left out the banks. Who runs the Federal Reserve Bank – which is not a Federal institution and holds no reserves? The proper term is ZOG, Zionist Occupied Government.

The US is left with a battle fatigued army, a hollowed out economy, a debt burden (to the same shylocks) that cannot be repaid and its international reputation forever soiled. Now the shitty little nation that put you there just bitch-slapped your president (maybe?) in public and made HIM apologise for whimpering in protest. Never mind, the Simon Cowell ego show is on the JewTube.


If it helps you to feel better we have the same shysters here in Britain. We are lucky to have 3 corrupt gangs of crooks to choose from. All 3 of them have their influential “Friends of Israhell” groups and they’re cheaper to buy off - £5000 I believe is the going rate. Jewish money has been burrowing into the woodwork here so long that it has become the woodwork. Stately homes and estates are expensive to keep and marrying off the eldest son to some rich financier’s daughter has been popular for centuries. Check out the noses on the English aristocracy!

The back rooms of power are where the real decisions are made. There is no written constitution. They make it up as they go along or explain their actions as tradition. All that pomp and ceremony is mere theatre and the media keep the sheep happy and more importantly – quiet.

Well the game is now on again. We have a chance to vote for tweedledum, tweedledee or even tweedle-doh! The difference, maybe, is that this time the sheep are restless. We know that we have been set up to be shorn by the usual shysters. The only outcome of the vote is to choose which hand will hold the clippers. It really would be a bad idea for the sheep to know who really runs the farm.

Personally, I would cut my hand off rather than empower these clowns with a vote. None of the regulars are fit to govern. It is in the interests of ZOG that government be weak. They are not finished with us yet. I hope the turnouts are so low that some of the crazy independants get in. The establishment needs a good rocket up its arse from time to time.

That’s the difference here. The political hacks dare not bend over in public and show their real love of Israhell. All manner of pretence is used to hide the sleaze with a veneer of impartiality. The reason for that is that the sheep sometimes turn ugly. Here in the old world many could not afford passage westward to a new world. They had to stand up and fight for any semblance of justice. There is a long tradition of it and it is part of our heritage – our definition of right and wrong. It certainly feels like it’s that time again. We’ll see who gets a slappin’.

Tuesday 6 April 2010

Natural Born Killers

I witnessed a multiple murder this morning – right here in my home.

The victims were deliberately chosen and gleefully slaughtered. One poor soul tried to crawl away. Others came to his aid and tried to get the victim into a van to take him to a medic. All were slaughtered as well. In that van was a child. The child suffered a serious stomach wound. Pause on that image for a moment. In the killers own words “it was their fault for bringing a kid with them”

The only reason we know of this incident was the injured man was a reporter. As I watched, in my mind, I remembered the words of the late Bill Hicks. He said that America was the bully of the world. He compared their foreign policy to the scene from Shane, when the gunslinger threw a gun at the feet of a poor rancher with the fateful words “pick up the gun.” Remember those words if you watch the video.

What manner of men are these? What do their families think of when they send them off to war and celebrate their return from a job-well-done? Don’t try to rationalise it with the “war is hell” bullshit. Been there and seen that. “Collateral damage” my arse – butchered civilians is more accurate. The propaganda press urges the American people to support their troops. Agreed – bring them fucking home! See how you like it when they’re roaming their own neighbourhoods.

At least they don’t claim to be the most moral army in the world – The IDF has trademarked that one already. Speaking of our favourite little satanic mosh pit – they are getting you all plumped up for another bright and jolly little war. I’m not one for trusting in polls but it looks like the devil has you right where he wants you. If you light this match may heaven have mercy on you –no one else will give it.