Sunday 16 April 2023

Good Friday Agreement My Arse v2

I'm sure the handful of readers who read my post from late Friday realised that I fucked up.  It’s better to run my mouth than to run to print.  This is the revised version as some things I really shouldn't post online.


I had a wee chuckle to myself today.  I was up at my mum’s today.  It’s her birthday and she still lives on the Falls Road in West Belfast near the RVH – the Royal Victoria Hospital. We had our 17 year old daughter with us.

My mum was part of the peace process.  She worked with a woman called Inez McCormack who was almost the mother of the peace process.  She taught Gerry Adams and the rest of Sinn Fein how to play ‘Constitutional Politics’ for grown ups - ie the Brits cheat and play dirty.

This is the house I grew up in and it was beside a Police/Army barracks in the area. We fucking saw it all.  M60’s, RPG’s and every firearm you’ve ever seen were fired up it.  Every grenade the ‘RA threw at the barracks over our roofs bounced back into our back yards.  Fond memories - not

Recently a scumbag was knee-capped in the house facing ours - 50 feet away.  He was a complete piece of shit.  He robbed St Peter’s Cathedral in the lower Falls Road and the locals pegged him immediately.  Two of the local lads waited next door and went over and sorted him out. 

Pop Pop and one in the ankle.  Waste of 2 bullets if you ask me.  Apparently he was being a complete dick to the ambulance folk that were helping him.  I am fucking delighted to see we still sort our own shit.

My daughter’s face was priceless as mum and I reminisced about some of the ‘good old days’.  Bodies on the street outside the house, kids knocking on doors of neighbours with shop errands when ‘the lads’ were inside setting up an ambush.  We laughed and my daughter was shocked and appalled. HA HA

Shit was real back then. We all knew the TV news were lies. Because we were fucking witnesses to the action.  I personally was there when we caught Michael Stone after the cunt attacked a funeral with grenades and handgun.

I don’t want to blow my own trumpet or make claim to anything.  I type all this for 3 reasons

1              I’m glad to know our local communities still have teeth despite the gelding of our political parties. 

2              There is no political support for armed action in Ireland against the British forces.  Someone’s budget in MI5 is up for review because no one local wants it.  Irish reunion will only happen once the EU goes away.

3              The current infestation of incompatible foreigners – mostly men of fighting age is going to lead to a violent reaction.  The difference this time is this time it is a genuine cross community problem and will need a new approach.

I see the public protests in the South recently on Telegram (never covered by an impartial media).  Locals are responding to the usual behaviour with attacks and harassment of young girls and women.  The only thing keeping a lid on it is the lack of organised resistance.  That can and will change.

In the initial incarnation of this post I started to bloviate at this point with some advice for Americans.  That’s not my place really.  I am seriously jealous of your 2nd Amendment and I’ll leave it at that.


I hear a lot about a thing called trigger warnings.  This seems to effect the blue haired or soy boy brigade. 

I find it difficult to understand, with all the crap that the useful idiots pull, that it doesn’t ‘trigger’ a real reaction of the FAFO - play stupid games, win stupid prises variety.  I’ll leave it at that.

For the last few years we’ve really had our noses rubbed in the shit.  70%+ will always be sheep.  They can’t be reached.  We need to reach the lions (the 1in 8) and the real ‘prides’ need to form – not the usual diverse types. 

Hard times are not coming, they are here.  We cannot challenge Leviathan head on.  We need the tactics of the original Sinn Fein.  Build parallel structures out-with the state.  Your own currency, policing force, courts and councils. Watch Michael Collins (the movie) to get the clue.

This may seem like a pipe dream but the apex predators have already set in motion the take down of the current system - like a financial version of  9/11.  We must make sure that it’s we that get to rebuild from the ashes.

Monday 3 April 2023

Homeward Bound

Back in May of last year I wrote a post called ‘Squaring The Circle’.  If you want to follow this post you might want to read it (again?).  

Here in the merry old West - home to perverts, sodomites, trannys, paedophiles and Satanists all is not well.  Just like in the movie Highlander’s ‘the quickening’ can be felt as a show-down looms.  Long drawn up plans are in play but all is not well or going to plan!

As I mentioned previously I will not refer to those in power as ‘Elites’.  They have not earned that title just like they have not earned their place on the slippery pole of power.  They are nothing but apex predators.  While cunning they are completely divorced from reality but reality has a way to make itself known.

These predators are not one group all vying for the same goal.  They are a nest of vicious vipers.  A mixture of old blood lines, banking dynasties, drug pushers and industrialists. They constantly quarrel to gain advantage and power but they are united only in their absolute hatred of us – the useless eaters.

I mention this as this last year has seen an earthquake in global power and politics.  All the power structures are fractured and deep fissures in the West have emerged.

The EU is the creation of the Kelargi plan (Link) created and supported by the old and ancient European power dynasties.  The Fed is the creation of the Jackal Island conspiracy of the bankster dynasties.  Membership is not exclusive to either nexus but both are heavily influenced by the Khazarian mafia – the Kosher Nostra.

Europe will burn, literally, as energy and food shortages kick in.  EU plans to greatly reduce farm capability to ‘reduce nitrogen emissions’ and other green plans won’t last long in a Europe that’s already security tagging meat.

No matter which power block prevails the small hat brigade will as always make out like bandits – literally.  There is a wee flaw with their plan - the getaway.  The Tel Aviv 2 step might work briefly but not long term.

I’m going to bring up what might be a new concept folks.  Before he retired his web site recently Andrei Martyanov of ‘The Saker’ fame would refer to the global populations as inhabiting either Zone A or Zone B.

Zone A is the US, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and anywhere else under control of the empire of love and tolerance– ie ‘The West’.  Zone B is everyone else.

While the digital slavery bandwagon was still rolling along the powers of ZOG unleashed their pet Ukronazi’s on the Donbas in February of last year.  International ‘observers’ noted 1000’s of shells launched against the Russian cities per day to soften up those moscals.

Then Pootie Poots decided to hit first and hardest.  We have watched a slow methodical slaughter of men of all ages in the ‘Kraine.  The West could not contain their glee while they howled about sovereignty, human rights blah, blah, blah.  It’s all for show as it never stopped them from butchering poor brown people foolishly sitting on oil and minerals.

Out came the old siege warfare trick – or sanctions as they are now called.  Against advice they then blocked out the Russian banks from transacting and stole their money.  That’ll show them Rooskies and sure enough they’ll come back on hands and knees.  

In no time a colour revolution will wipe away that meddlesome Russian and the West can get down to some serious looting, rape and pillage like the good old Yeltsin days.

The Russians said ‘meh’.

The Russians had those extra years to stockpile munitions and bring online the new missiles and toys.  All trade would be in Ruble or barter and their currency thrived.  Sergei Lavrov (a true Diplomat) was all over the globe making deals.

Zone B watched the dreaded sanctions flop like drinkers droop.  The price of oil went through the roof but Zone B folks were getting it at a discount and as a bonus were paying in Rubles not the dollar.  The yanks managed shoot their empire in the head and break the Petrodollar.

This past year I have watched the Saudi’s join in, the Indians were in and all over Zone B it started to look like expensive toilet paper.  President Xi went to Moscow after his recent re-election and stood solidly with Putin and Zone B got the message.  It’s been a stampede since.

Zone B has most of the population, oil, natural gas, minerals and the manufacturing.  Next the Saudi’s said they would accept payment for oil in first the Yuan and then recently in Kenyan Schilling!!  Brazil will trade with China in Yuan and that’s it - the Petrodollar is done.  Stick a fork in it.

I read an African Finance minister (a rare creature indeed) state that if you are holding Dollars you might want to spend them quick.  I wonder did he rear the rumour about ‘Operation Sandman’.

To be honest, the coming weeks and months will not be pretty in Zone A.  I do not see the MotherWEFers prevailing with ‘Ze great reset’. The Nord Stream pipeline take down will see to that. The other side of that coin is the Petrodollar Credit Card is no more and the US will need to figure out a way to pay its bills legitimately.

Consequently Uncle Shmuel will not be there for the chosen ones.  75 years of karma is going to come calling and they don’t even know its coming.  As I said earlier that they are cunning but not intelligent.  All they needed to know was their play book on how to win influence and dominate people.

Historically when the jig was up they would up sticks, move on, put on their refugee clothes and play 'poor me - sad face'.  This time I suspect they were planning on heading back to their true homeland and start the whole thing again.  Every single one in charge in the ‘Kraine is a member of their tribe.  I wonder what sort of welcome they’ll get in a recently de-populated war zone.

Karma really can be a bitch