Friday 27 May 2022

Slowly Then All At Once

I read a quote once about how someone famous went bankrupt.  His answer was that it happened “slowly and then all at once”.

That comes to mind watching the past week’s video coverage of events in Orcland.  I’ve watched a lot of footage of punishing artillery strikes and drone coverage of their effects on the soft squishy stuff wrapped in camo.  Sobering stuff.

I was over at Glen’s fine establishment yesterday and dropped a wee note.  I’m lazy so I’ll copy and paste the main bit.

“The orcs have been pouring concrete around the Donbas and LPR since getting their asses whipped twice back at the start of this shit show in 2014/15. In effect a ‘Maginot Line’ of hardened pill boxes, bunkers, tunnels and trenches.

The key to open the door was a town called Popasnaya. The local high ground in a region flatter than Taylor Swift.

The Russian merc’s of Wagner PMC’s got sent in to stiffen the attack and it worked. A static front line broke wide open and the dam broke about a week ago. Russians have poured in lots of reserve forces and have been gaining kilometres per day instead of the usual grind.

Looks like 3 separate pockets forming with approx. 15,000 troops in danger of getting the Mariupol treatment. Smallest pocket of 2,000 pretty much doomed already.

Maybe the psychological hit of the orcs’ Azov super soldiers defeat or just the reward for the relentless grind of artillery blanketing but lots of mutiny videos coming out. The officers know the score and have bugged out leaving the cannon fodder to fend for themselves. No food, armor or ammo”.

Watching the change in maps of the newly freed territory in the Donbas is like watching the deluge after a dam breaks.  Also this week I’ve seen 4 videos of the units of draftees the orc rounded up refusing to go die like cattle.  Many front line soldiers are surrendering in big numbers.  Unfortunately I’ve seen footage of those executed by orcs for trying to surrender – not just in Mariupol.

It definitely looks like their moral and fighting spirit has been broken.  I grudging admire those who have endured the steel hail of Russian shells all this time.  Weither it was love of homeland or fear of Nazi commissar’s bullet – who knows.  Those forces in the East are now a spent force and they need to surrender - sooner rather than later.

Once the Donbas is fully free then who knows what’s next.  Scott Ritter is a principled commentator that I admire as he’s been there and earned it.  He recently pulled a 180 and says the new NATO model army getting built in Poland is a game changer.  I sincerely doubt it.  Even the US towed howitzers that arrived recently are being converted to scrap metal.

The only ones that know what is truly about to happen are the Rooskies and they are saying bugger all and taking their own sweet time to do it.  There is a saying that there are dozens of ways to get a bear out of its cave but not a single one to put him back in again!!

The Kremlin gave the perverts on the Potomac many chances to walk away.  Their red line was clear for all to see.  Instead the District of Criminals doubled down and the powdered princes in the Pentagram played along.  They built the bestest, shiniest NATO force that corruption could buy.

Sometimes a punch in the face teaches the best lesson to the recipient.  None of them can remember that lesson or even if they learned it in the first place.  When all their toys got smashed to scrap metal they reacted like spoiled toddlers and screamed out in their tantrums.

Moscow played them like a fiddle.  What are you going to do about it?  Oh no!! Not some scary sanctions!!  You are going to steal 300 Billion bucks worth of fiat money savings.  OK.  Russia has about 500 B in foreign hard assets because you know they are backward types who actually make things.

Guess who forgot they make lots of foodstuffs and the fertiliser to grow them.  They supply the oil to run the trucks and tractors.  They supply the gas to cook and heat with.  They make the metals to make shit with and lots and lots of other ‘stuff’ because they learn STEM to a far greater depth than us civilised Westerners.

The international community seems to consist of the US, UK doormat, European poodles, the Aussie concentration camp and totally subdued Japan.  Everyone else looked on as the collective West freaked out and they said not my circus, not my monkeys.

The rest of the world have been making trade deals hand over fist as they buy up Russian produce at discount prices and watch as the idiots have to pay exorbitant prices for the same stuff – if they are even allowed to because of sanctions.  Game, set and match LOL

I’ll finish on a couple of clich├ęs.  In a democracy you get the leadership you deserve.  The old Chinese curse states “may you live in interesting times.”  I think we are looking at a massive karmic bitch slapping. Popcorn time cometh

Thursday 12 May 2022

Squaring the Nazi Circle

 Well I have read these past few days that the goblins ruling Orcland have gone full Chutzpah!!  In their wisdom they decided that they will stop Russian gas supplies to Europe.  NATO will attack Russia or else they will stop the flow of Russian gas supplies!!  You can’t make this shit up.

There are a few agendas in play in the land currently known as ‘Ukraine’ all at the same time.  To be frank some of them are completely at odds with the programming that the great unwashed masses have endured since the end of WWII.  That’s why everyone is a Nazi and also fighting fascism!!

The lands that connect Europe, the Caucuses and the Eurasian Steppe lands have changed ownership and populations countless times over thousands of years.  It is a vast topic too large for me to study in detail so I’m not going to.

The current region has been partitioned and re-partitioned between The Turks, Poland and Russia repeatedly since before the time of Catherine the Great mostly settled it. Think about the current Polish ‘peace keeper’ idea and you realise the same territory is still up for grabs.

I sympathise with the ordinary civilian Ukrainians.  The Bolsheviks set up their new ‘state’ integrating incompatible ethnic groups and then proceeded to methodically starve millions to death during the Holodomor in the 30’s.  The Bolshies also murdered 10’s of millions of Russians so they were equal opportunity butchers.  Crucially ‘someone’ had to staff those state organs involved.

Let’s leave this happy reminiscing and take a trip down the Red Pill Rabbit Hole.  A long time ago this same piece of real estate once belonged to a Kingdom called Khazaria.  Like Poland, it was once was very large and successful empire but that’s not its main claim to fame.  

Around 970 AD they rejected the Christian and Islamic expansions around them and converted to Judaism. They thus founded the Ashkenazi line of Jews that are by far the largest sect within Judaism (70 – 75 %).  With this they inherited all the famously fine qualities therein.  This also explains why there are more Jews in Eastern Europe than fleas on a mangy dog – it’s not for the climate.

The Soviet Bolshsies in the 30’s were overwhelmingly jewish in origin (not always native Russian).  I can understand why those survivors of the Holodomor welcomed the German Army with open arms and flocked to their ranks burning with desires of revenge.

The Eastern Front cannot be understood in the West for the ferocity of the slaughter of partisan/commie/jewish locals by the Polish/Hungarian/Christian locals.  Agreed, the Germans enabled a lot of it but many foot soldiers were recruited locally.  When Stalin’s armies swept away the German forces they repaid them in kind.  Most of German local allies fled west to Canada and the US but some deliberately stayed behind.

The victorious Soviet forces celebrated their victory.  Spurred on by nationalism fuelled by the war, Stalin forced out of power almost all of the early Bolshies and those ‘poor, downtrodden’ jewish partisans were now stuck in the commie state they created.  Most eventually cried loudly enough for their compatriots to bring them out to the West.

When the Soviet Union dissolved the ‘Oligarchs’ appeared from almost nowhere in the Republics to assume power over state assets with Western financial backing.  Every single one belonged to the Kosher Nostra.  

All was going well in the lands of drugs, cash and sexy trafficking until one man came to power and said “Niet - the party’s over”. Anger, arrogance and historical grievance training called for a response.  This bunch can hold a grudge for centuries and here we are.

2nd & 3rd generation descendants of those diaspora (hint Victoria Nuland among others) in the West were used.  $5 billion dollars in covert US funding was supplied.  Billionaire ‘Ukrainian’ gangsters fed and armed naive pituitary retards the story of those diabolical ‘Russians’ (not commies). Memories of local ‘heros’ were dug up.  A bloody coup later and away we went.  

A mini Reich was created slap bang on the Bear’s doorstep.  The Ukrie army was defeated twice in open warfare by those sub-human moskals.  Goose-stepping orcs cemented their power by being embedded in the armed forced forces to stiffen moral by 10-1.  Exactly like the Soviet commie commissars of old – ironic reflections on how the same hidden hands work us all.

Rich Khazars are paying the descendants of the Holodomor to attack Russia and not those who held the whip hand and still live among them.  Who knew that John Carpenter’s movie ‘They Live’ was a tutorial?

Note that not one Soviet Gulag Commander or NKVD executioner was ever punished.  They all died in their sleep with a death count that made the Germans look like part-timers.  

Watching this unfold is a stark illustration of how the populations of the collective West are still in thrall of their WWII propaganda and subsequent Holohoax spell that has been laid upon them.

To see ex-Israhelli military volunteer to serve knowingly in the same armed forces with staff wearing the German Death Head Insignia then the spell is nearly broken for ever.  Ignore the US/NATO proxy war rhetoric.  The US is a hollow shell of its former glory and it will not engage Russia in open battle. It would need some tanks to do that.

In every nuclear war simulation during the old cold war one side was forced to cross the nuclear threshold.  Participants afterwards would complain of ‘artifical’ events that forced their crossing to nuclear confrontation.

I see that threat in the current provocation with European gas supplies. Europe will cease to exist if the gas is turned off.  Famine, power blackouts and don’t mention winter are on the menu.  Hence the tightening of the screws by the chosen ones and real powerful people with much to lose know that.

Ask yourself a question.  How can a comedian, placed into the very role he played in fiction be taken seriously?  How can he and his merry minions be in daily video conferences in parliaments globally brow beating them all day every day?  Who appointed him minster of all things?  Who could enable all that?  Can you see the hidden whip hand?

Russia’s Sergey Lavrov is a perfect example of the professional diplomat. He never loses his control and says nothing without meaning.  He recently spoke openly of Zelenski’s tribal membership as well as his leadership of the orc legions with no seeming contradictions.

We are being enticed to fight to the death so that the tribe can subdue all rivals and grab ultimate power.  Their power play is one of escalation.  The 13th tribe must force East and West – Gog and Magog to fight to the death.  Only then they can rule over the ashes and call it peace.  

I don’t see it happening but watch to what lengths they will go to, all while their every lie gets exposed.

Murder will out so I look forward to the coming Russian data dumps.  Here’s a start.