Wednesday 27 April 2022

Tidy Up Time. A fond farewell to old ghosts.

 It has been so long since I stopped by, lit the fireplace and turned on the lights.  Time to sweep the floors and wash the windows.

It’s been so long that I wanted to check the blog rolls here and see who survived.  Who persevered while I abandoned post and buggered off and went on walk about.

There is 1 outstanding champion and that is Noor over at Snippets and Snappits. Her site is thought provoking and also very funny to go with it. 

Lots of broken links unfortunately as any older web site does.  I can see that most, like me, ran out of steam.  I will keep those sites that are still live on the roll as who knows?  Maybe you reach a point when the thoughts in your head need to be set free.  Maybe they’ll be back also in time

A special call out to 5 bloggers.  They have earned the honour of getting banned by the thought police.  I will keep them linked still to honour them stepping up. Maybe the Way Back Machine has some of the content.

Dublin Mick.  He was always going to get banned.  Funny guy and a great meme creator (before we called them memes)

Penny.  Penny was very astute, nailing Syria as Mordor’s next target before the Russians stopped it

Greg Bacon.  Again very good on the anti-bacon mafia.

Joe Cortina.  Interesting writer also.  Both he and Greg always called out the Khazar Mafia.

Aangirfan.  One of the most enigmatic sites.  Lots of well researched posts with links on illicit deeds of the powerful.  This included sex trafficking and paedophile rings such as the Dutroux Affair in Belgium.  Possibly the only one to be permanently silenced in my opinion 8 years ago.

Les Visible will always be on the blog roll.  It was there that I learned the value of not posting as just Anon.  I still dip my toes in and read from time to time – mostly at the Truth Seeker’s site.  I suppose the first embers of spirituality were rekindled there – only lately to return to life.

 I’ve been lurking for so many years it fells strange to finally put thoughts to words and I’ve been running off my inner demons on other sites.  This is the start of better manners.  No more leaving muddy footprints at other places.  I’ll shite in my own sty – mostly LOL.

Let’s see if I can hang around this time.

To Timster, Kenny, Suraci, Thirteeth Monkey, Mr Friend and Northern Truth Seeker I raise a glass. May you still be shit-stirring somewhere under new names or better still be living a real life.


  1. A. Peasant has a few recent posts, after a long absence
    American Everyman (Scott Creighton) was deplatformed from wordpress, started a youtube channel that picked up steam fast, then got deplatformed there. He's on bitchute, and used a backup YT channel, ad posts his archives on substack
    Aangirfan picked up at

  2. Many thanks for that excellent update. It’s good to see them again

    1. Many thanks again WaffleStaffel. Used the link to Aangirfan’s place and found ‘Penny for your thoughts’ new place. Lots of reading to catch up on all friends.