Wednesday, 8 February 2023

Rumours of War

 Well, Pootie Poots didn’t make a big speech last month so he has let the Wagner musicians make all the headlines.  It seems those ‘quiet green men’ of Crimean fame pack a mighty wallop when let off the leash.

Tonight I was lurking as usual at BCE’s place (or is that ‘CB’ E's place LOL).  Lots of really good banter about Rooski capabilities and Aesop dropped by also.

In light of that and other discussions recently I will present the following ‘as is’.  I have seen it mentioned in multiple threads this week but I’m no presstitute - so I can’t confirm it.

The Krauts have announced that they would be supplying their panzer oops Leopards to the Orcs in the ‘Kraine.  In addition they are to supply 14 of the newest, latest 2A6 models and 88 of the older redundant 1 models.  18 New and 88 old.

If you are not up to date with your neo-Nazi shorthand 1488 is a combination of two of their ‘popular’ hidden messages. 

The first symbol is 14 which is shorthand for their "14 words" slogan - "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children." 

The second is 88, which stands for HH or "Heil Hitler" (H being the 8th letter of the alphabet).

It could be that someone is shit stirring and making this wee detail up.  It’s not like the Russians really need any more motivation at this point.  


Here’s another idea I came across on the psy-op line.  Remember all those train loads of ancient T64’s we saw videos of back in summer that supposedly were going to the Donbas militias.  The line was that they were to be issued to them as ‘that’s what they were used to/trained on’.

The Russian knew that they would soon be very short staffed when all their contract troops timed out and went home to Civvie Street.  Did those clever Ivan’s dangle that juicy carrot in front of the NATO planners prepping for the Kharkov offensive?

It seems that the Hohols (*) 2nd NATO army was eliminated by those withdrawing Russians once they were out in the open.  Coincidence much???  It seems like the Russians withdrew everything but the T64’s LOL.  The use of inflatable decoys is an old trick.  What if you have real tanks to give away?

I think it is a good idea for some of us to think how desperate the American and Western neo-cons are that they just keep doubling down and blundering all over the Russian no-go red lines.  

Vladimir Vladimirovich knew exactly what needed to be done before showing his hand last February.  He warned the West 15 years ago and he’s been ahead of them every step of the way.

There are many ways to get the bear out of his cave.  No one knows a single way to put him back in again.  Every time it’s been done before they end in the enemy’s capitol city with the city in ruins.  


(*) It seems like I’m the only one calling the Nazi’s orcs and the slang online is to refer to the Russian hordes in that way – hence I’m now going to be using Hohols.

I’m also no longer going to use the term ‘elites’.  They don't deserve or have earned that title.  From now on I will use ‘apex predators’ instead.  

Thursday, 19 January 2023

Playing for Keeps

 On January 18, 1943, the Red Army broke the siege of Leningrad during the Iskra (Spark) Offensive waged by the Leningrad and Volkhov fronts.

This week President Putin laid flowers at the "Frontier Stone" monument on the Nevsky Piglet.  This marks the 80th anniversary of the breakthrough of the blockade of Leningrad.  Video  

This is no empty ritual for him.  His older brother died during the siege and it’s a miracle his parents survived to go on and bring into the world – thanks be to God.

Simultaneously, according to Deutsche Welle, the European Parliament has just voted for the creation of a tribunal for the top leadership of the Russian Federation and Belarus, to investigate the crimes of Putin and Lukashenko. 

On the Resolution calling for the creation of an international tribunal to investigate the crimes of Putin and Lukashenko" of European Parliament the vote was as follows;

Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) that voted in favour: 472

Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) that voted against: 19

Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) that abstained: 33

Only 10% did not agree!!

We have already seen armour with the German Iron Cross insignia used by the orcs in the war footage to date.  The Polish leadership is braying to be able to send German armour into battle in Orcland.  What message does all this send to the Russian people if German armour in similar livery rolls out to fight?

We now see in Putin a man whose family was forged in the dreadful fires of total war.  He has no illusions of what war really means and is not afraid to face it.  Now the idiots in the EU have basically put out a wanted poster with his head on it.

Today/tomorrow Putin will give a speech to the Russian people.  He gave a similar speech in February 2022 and we know what followed.  The Russian armed forces are fully mobilised and ready.  The ground in orcland has frozen.  

Before the conflict the Russians wanted NATO back to the 1991 borders.  Who would want to stop them if they set out to enforce that demand?  We’ll be lucky if he stops at the Polish border and leaves the yapping Baltic lapdogs in one piece.   


For more info on Putin’s family’s ordeal in Leningrad here’s a recent post on Telegram.

Part 1

Part 2

✔️ The war began, the father wrote a statement to the front. They sent him to the NKVD sabotage detachment. They were thrown into the near rear to carry out acts of sabotage, but they almost immediately fell into an ambush. Someone betrayed them. They were pursued through the forest, and he survived because he sat for several hours in a swamp and breathed through a reed.

✔️ Moreover, he heard how German soldiers passed nearby, how dogs yapped. They brought me a file on this group from the archives of the Ministry of Defense. Of the 28 people, four crossed the front line back to ours. 24 died.

✔️ And then they were sent to the Nevsky Piglet. It was probably the hottest place in the entire blockade. Our troops held a small bridgehead, it was assumed that this would be a bridgehead for breaking the blockade. The dominating heights were all around him, they were shooting through him. It's still solid metal.

✔️ And my father told how he was wounded there. All his life he lived with shrapnel in his leg: all of them were never taken out. The foot never flexed afterwards. He and his friend made a sortie to the rear of the Germans, crawled and crawled ... And then it was both funny and sad: they got close to the German pillbox, a healthy man came out of there, looked at them ... but they could not get up, because they were at gunpoint. “A man,” he says, “he looked at us carefully, took out a grenade, then a second one and threw these grenades at us.” Life is such a simple thing and cruel.

✔️ It was already winter, the Neva was frozen, it was necessary to somehow get over to the other side. There were few who wanted to drag him to the other side, because there the Neva was in full view and was shot through by both artillery and machine guns. There was almost no chance to reach that shore. But quite by chance, his housemate in Peterhof turned out to be nearby. And this neighbor dragged him without hesitation. Both of them made it there alive. The neighbor waited for him in the hospital, made sure that he had been operated on, and said: “Well, now you will live, and I went to die.”

✔️ And went back. And then I asked my father: “Well, did he die?” They got lost, and the father still believed that the neighbor was dead. And somewhere in the 60s, he suddenly came home, sat on a chair and cried. He met this savior. In the shop. In Leningrad. By chance. I went to the grocery store and saw him. It’s necessary that both of them went to this particular store at that very moment. One chance in a million...

✔️ And my mother told me how she came to her father in the hospital. They had a small child, he was three years old. And the hunger, the blockade ... And her father gave her his hospital ration. Secretly from doctors and nurses. And she hid him, carried him home and fed the child. Well, then he began to faint in the hospital, the doctors understood everything and stopped letting her in.

✔️ And then the child was taken away from her. They did this in secret order in order to save children from starvation. Collected in orphanages for evacuation. The parents weren't even asked. He fell ill there and did not survive. And they were not even told where he was buried. And so people I didn’t know worked in the archives and found documents for my brother.

✔️ And this is really my brother. Not only the address where he was taken from coincided. Matched first name, last name, patronymic, year of birth. And the place of burial was indicated: Piskarevsky cemetery and even a specific site.

✔️ And the father, when the child was taken away and the mother was left alone, and he was allowed to walk, stood on crutches and went home. When I approached the house, I saw that the orderlies were carrying corpses out of the entrance. And I saw my mother. He approached, and it seemed to him that she was breathing.

✔️And he says to the orderlies: “She’s still alive!” - "On the way it will come, it will not survive." He said that he attacked them with crutches and forced her to lift her back to the apartment. And he left her. She stayed alive. And lived until 1999. And he died at the end of 1998.

✔️ And there was no family where someone would not die, but they did not have hatred for the enemy, that's amazing. To be honest, I still don't fully understand this. Mom said: “Well, what kind of hatred can there be for these soldiers? They are simple people. They were just driven to the front." These are the words I remember from my childhood.

Sunday, 15 January 2023

USS Liberty – Operation Cyanide

 It’s strange how some concepts and ideas rhyme.  I came across a new documentary series posted on Telegram about the USS Liberty’s deliberate attack by Israhell in June 1967.  For the newbies, it was planned that she was to go down with all hands.

The small hat squad schemed this with their usual ‘skills’.  The attack was to be blamed on Egypt and the US Navy’s plans were already in the air to ‘avenge’ the Liberty.  Cairo was to be nuked, Abdel Nasser would be gone and LBJ’s campaign funding issues would be solved.  Israhell’s hands would be clean – or so they thought.  

Yet again the law of unintended consequences comes into play.  The USSR was watching closely and on the detonation of the first nuke Jerusalem would have been converted in a flat landscape of Trinitite.

These people are cunning and not clever.  They are running the White House like the movie ‘A Weekend at Biden’s’.  These are the clowns plotting the downfall of Russia.  What could go wrong?

Do remember the 34 souls that died that day.

Part 1 June 8th (note – I don’t believe JewTube’s stats)

Part 2 Q & A with Vets

Part 3 Intro to Part 4

Part 4 Whodunnit!!

For more information on Sacrificing Liberty visit

Saturday, 14 January 2023

Whoops Apocalypse - updated

 I was going to post the usual Christmas and New Year wishes etc but then I realised the only regular reader is sadly no longer with us.  I still mention you buddy in my prayers.  Tonight is the Russian Orthodox or Old New Year.

War, Famine, Pestilence, Death.  In a joke by Bill Hicks he was watching CNN (even then).  These 4 horsemen were all they reported yet when he stuck his head out the door there was nothing but the peaceful sound of crickets.

Growing up in Belfast I would meet people from no more than an hour’s travel away.  They said there was no troubles where they came from.  Not yet feckers!!

I had a post ready back in November just before the US mid-terms.  I was spot on.  The vote was stolen.  As it turns out just enough to stop the obvious need for lynchings but enough to stop the popular vote landslide.  

Slavery, servitude or civil war.  Whatever the outcome, the first American Republic is over.  Like France there will be another republic – only the body count will vary.

The Russian Bear is still tearing strips of the ZOG’s pet attack dog and there’s nothing they can do to stop it.  The irony of the master race’s orcs being overrun by Wagner’s ex-con merc’s this week in Solidar has too much irony to put in to words.

Now dying suddenly is caused by climate change, or taking naps, or sun spots or it’s always been like this…..  Teens always drop dead during sport, top flight athletes fall over because of a knock to the chest and airline pilot shortages are caused by racism…………..

This is my new word of the year to come.  By no standards are we out of the collective shit.  

Cold men in groups that call themselves ‘elites’ have long since prepared these times. They have ruled from above for so long that you and I are mere ants under their feet.  They used to be called Aristocracy – the upper class.  They no longer have a name.  They have risen above that name.  They live above the ‘new money’ Billionaires and reign from the shadows. 

Suitable candidates were chosen, groomed, compromised and promoted.  Their masters parade them around at all the best places for all to see.  Agendas were set and the wars were planned.  There’s just one problem – only one can wield the crown.

The ‘West’ has been run by these banksters and the black bloodlines for centuries.  Washington DC, City of London, Amsterdam, Venice and ….back in time we go.  It was always thus and always it would be but…..but there are new monsters on the scene and they are the MotherWEFers.

Instead of debt they will enslave us in tech.  Digital money, digital ID’s, smart grids, embedded tech and stupid consumers (what else would you call sheep).  They have no use for the old money ways and hence the desire to destroy that system.  They also have no use for us.  Wars are messy so they’ll kill us quietly

The great money tree was falling at the end of 2019 so it was time to implement the ‘PLAN’. The great Coof-19 plandemic was the vector to get the clot shot adopted by the most trusting and stupid of the herd.  But we didn’t all buy it.  Between 20 and 30% of us did not, would not and will not comply.

An active 10% of any population is enough to overthrow the system.  Now we have a control group that was not meant to be.  A tide of fear and uncertainty is rising amongst the jabberwockied as the real ‘case’ numbers rocket.

Add that to the small fact that the old money ‘elites’ won’t go quietly.  Two power blocks that want the whole cake to themselves are going head to head.  Thankfully for us their power wanes and they cannot help but to undermine their own causes while attacking each other.

While these mongrels fight like dogs over the feed bowl the mantle of civilisation has moved East.  The high-water mark of their time is over and the tide recedes and all around us crumbles the cess pit of progressive modernism.  They can take their Satanic ideas with them to the pit.

Let this be a Happy New Year while it burns.  I’m under no illusion that these are the hard times that call for hard men.  Welcome to the apocalypse folks– the grand unveiling.  All shall now be known.  I don’t normally quote verse but feck it.

Ephesians 6:12

11 Put on the full armour of God, so that you can make your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this world’s darkness, and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. 13 Therefore take up the full armour of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you will be able to stand your ground, and having done everything, to stand.…

Happy Old New Year.  Lets make it a good one.


Thanks to feedback from Kathy here’s a little extra for thought.  I wish Gonzalo had shut up and let Tom compete his train of thought more.  It is long but thought provoking.

The warnings from Max Egan and others is that the elites are not the real danger.  They must not complete the creation of their digital AI grid as it will be self-sustaining.  

The work isn’t over but we should not let fear and doubt hold us back

Friday, 7 October 2022

Sounds That Give Men Nightmares

In the recent Armenian and Azerbaijani war the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drone was proclaimed a ‘game changer’ platform.  Turkey did nothing to correct this idea and went on to sell lots and lots of them.

These drones are similar in purpose to the American Reaper as it can loiter over a given area monitoring the landscape below and drop munitions on targets of opportunity.  They were devastating to the Armenian forces in the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region and did turn that war for Azerbaijan.

The reason they worked so well is the clever Azerbaijani air force used ancient Antonov An-2 as decoys.  These single engine biplanes were configured for remote piloting and control.  At the start of hostilities they flew these big slow targets at the Armenian and merrily noted the SAM radars and batteries as they discovered and shot down the decoys.

Those same air defences were then eliminated by the Bayraktar drones with their lower radar cross sections.  Without air cover it was a turkey shoot.  Brave Armenians forces on the ground had nowhere to hide and moral plummeted as they were eliminated.  

Death from above has amazing effects on men and moral.  So much so that in WWII the German Luftwaffe deliberately put sirens on their Junker Ju87 Stuka dive bombers.  The unmistakable sound of a Stuka making a diving run would make even the bravest warrior’s sphincter muscle pucker.

The sound was so memorable that the TIE Fighter’s in Lucas’s Star Wars sound effect was based on it.  Similarly the change in sound as a V1’s engine sputtered out and went silent meant death was coming.  Death from above.

Cue to modern day Ukraine.  In recent weeks various gossip has proven correct.  The Russian have purchased Iranian Shahed-136 drones and rebadged them as the now Russian Geran-2 (Geranium – honestly??).  These are loitering/kamikaze munitions and have made a big impact – pun intended.

Watching footage from Odessa recently and other places with the panicked reaction of the local Orcs trying to shoot them down brought me back to the Ju 87 Stuka.  There are lots of such videos on Telegram.

These are not like the American Switchblade anti-personnel loitering drones as they have a serious warhead.  The specs of the drone are still uncertain.  Length is guessed to be 2.5 – 3.5 m, weight 200Kg, warhead 50Kg and range is unknown.  A recent strike was 300 Km from Russian lines of control and Iran likes their drones to be long range. See this video for speculation.  The Shahed/Geran is the delta winged model.

Also these drones targeted a military barracks in Kyiv yesterday with devastating effect in an area where air defences would still be active.  They are said to be made of fibre glass construction and would hence be very tricky for radar to detect.  

These drones have an electric motor.  While I have no speciality knowledge I would believe they should be a lot quieter for that reason – a propeller effect? That noise and the images of their terminal dive really drives the dive bomber image home. Is that deliberate?

While Russian missile tech is the global leader I have a real appreciation for the Iranian’s ability to share ‘the pain’ with their drones and missiles.  Those strikes in Iraq in retaliation for the murder of General Suleimani were impressive in their size and accuracy with no intercept from the US forces.

The Rooskies are now hunting down artillery pieces and other juicy targets of opportunity such as ammo warehouses, command posts etc.  These drones seems to have freedom of the sky in the ‘Kraine.  This is Scott Ritter's brief opinion.

It’s interesting in that warfare really has changed but the core backbone stays the same.  Industrial scale destruction of enemy forces are the blunt fist and stand-off platforms such as drones evolve rapidly.

I have seen Western concept proposals of mini drones with AI control causing chaos and havoc almost more as platforms for terrorism.  The big take way from the ‘Kraine is that America and the West’s tactic of war ‘on the cheap’ is over.  If NATO decide to ‘man up’ conventionally to Russia they would be lucky to last a fortnight.  After that they would be out of ammo.

Interesting times

Saturday, 1 October 2022

Strange Day Reloaded

It’s been quite a month for family/clan stuff.

Before it start re-telling it I would like to offer my sorrow, thoughts and prayers to the family of ChuckInBama who passed away not long after posting on the previous blog post here.

I read the news over at Glen’s place and from there it seems Phil @ Bustedknuckles knew him and his wife.  He wasn’t old (only a few years older than I) and it came out of the blue 

While I only had the pleasure of corresponding with him recently I liked his viewpoint.  He was well respected on the other blogs and all remember him fondly.  I would have loved to share a few glasses with him in person.  I will raise one tonight in his honour and add his name the roll call in my prayers.

Sadly not long after hearing of CIB’s passing my wife received news that her biological mother had passed away.

That’s a strange relationship name but my wife was adopted and she reached out about 10 years ago to find her biological mother.  We found her as well as 2 sisters and brothers.  Her name was Frances.

Frances was never going to be mum as another had already filled that role but it was very rewarding for my wife to make the connection. I think we helped Frances with having made that previous decision by finding her again.  Sadly Frances was diagnosed with liver cancer in February. 

We made a trip back over to Scotland for one last visit in March.  From personal past experience my wife and I knew what was coming for the siblings.  The focus should be on the core family and not the recent add in’s.

The service is on Monday coming.  We can’t be there without being a burden on the family so it’s getting streamed on-line.  This is new since the chinky pox.  We hope they can now put the recent horror and pain behind them.  May it let the proper grieving and healing begin 

My Aunt’s one month’s minding Mass was last weekend.  It’s a Catholic thing here – not sure if it’s universal.  By complete coincidence, at the same time a dozen cousins from Scotland were over in Belfast visiting for the first time as a clan get together/reunion.  Don’t ask me to describe all the family tree stuff.

We had been out for a meal at the Belfast Felons Social Club (look it up for a laugh) the night before to make introductions and break the ice. Great meal by the way.  We Micks like our food and are fussy about quality and quantity.  Seriously, we eat like horses when we get the chance.

After the Mass everyone headed back to my Aunt’s daughter’s house which was about 300 yards away from the church. This is the Falls Road after all.  Gallons of tea and coffee and thanks to my cousin and her husband – food.

We finally had a good chance for the usual family and the new ‘cousins’ to get a good blather and catch up.  That when my wife and I discovered a bomb shell of a discovery from the Glasgow connection.

To set this up, my wife has some of her adoption papers.  In it, her birth father was identified only by a few clues.  Frances gave up few details but at a wedding back in Scotland previously of one of Frances’s granddaughters we picked up the titbit that he had been killed in a gangland killing in Glasgow with some other stuff.

Charming stuff but we still had little to go on.  While my wife is curious about her father (definitely not her dad) she has no desires to make contact.  However, knowing how Glasgow is run by certain families she asked a question and the bomb dropped.

It still blows my mind but in the space of a 10 minutes chat we had narrowed it down to 2 possible matches.  One dead and the other alive but untraceable!!!!!

We did learn that Glasgow – once the murder capital of Europe – was a far more dangerous place than Belfast to go up in.

In Belfast you might get shot dead or blown up but it’s nothing personal – it’s just bad luck/timing and politics.  In Glasgow saying the wrong thing to a stranger could be fatal.  3 of the men in the group had brothers murdered.  Fuck me!!

Nothing more has come of this so far and probably won’t.  I have always heard of jokes where someone would say – oh you’re from Belfast do you know XXX?  Only in Glasgow would it be true.

I’m not sure how the US or other visitors will view this.  As you hear online local, local, local.  While family comes with its own issues it has its own strengths.

Family/clan is the key to survival.  Blood is thicker than water.  My son does not carry my DNA but he is mine and it was accepted by the clan at his wedding.  All my dad’s brothers have acknowledged it as does my son.

To my brothers from other mothers – ie you foreigners LOL.  You’ll know when you are made to feel at home.  I really wished for longer with CIB and I know when I get up there we’ll catch up properly. 

Sunday, 28 August 2022

Strange Day

 Irish wakes are a cultural phenomenon to behold.  Frankly they are the only time that (in this case) brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, cousins, grandkids and now great grandkids come together as one group.  It’s the only time.

Firstly we comment on how we are all older than before.  My dad was the last funeral and then at that time you are too busy keeping everyone happy, fed and watered (tea and coffee).  This time was another’s duty – trying to keep this as anonymous as possible.

It’s my Aunt’s passing this time. In the end it was a mixed blessing after a year’s illness and pain.  She was 86 and she took over after my grandmother passed as matriarch. She was the glue that kept the threads together.  

Ireland is very much a matriarchal society.  Centuries of losing our men in the eternal war does that.  Someone has to carry on.  That’s why Irish women are a pain in the ass normally but as fierce as Lionesses when needed.

I’m not sure if it’s just our family but generally they are hilarious.  We Micks are strange.  We laugh at funerals and cry at weddings.  We always bring up and remember those times we messed up and laugh at them again.  They are heart breaking and heart-warming at the same time.

A brief shadow of the past came up.  An uncle was murdered in ’72 by ‘loyalists’ and finally the remaining uncles opened up and we younger ones got to hear some of the details.……… yet again cover up by the state – cop literally wiped the weapon clean in front of my uncle on the scene.  

They were hard day’s people.  Old scars picked open.  Glad to hear he went down fighting in his own home.  

The passing of the baton to my generation has happened.  My dad’s brothers really are advisors but no longer the drivers of events. They aren’t physically able any more.

I’ve noticed my posts aren’t as read as before.  I am very much an acquired taste these days.  I do not ride the middle line anymore.  Hard times are coming.  My heart is hard again.  I opened my heart recently and the tears are now dry again.  

No more.