Saturday 11 June 2022

Gonzalo How? Updated

 This is a bit of a strange post for me. It is a bit negative.  

I really enjoy the postings of a web guy called Gonzalo Lira. I keep getting his name wrong and the country of his origin.  Maybe I’m just stupid.

His commentary is spot on.  He is living right there in the zone in Kharkov.

But how is he doing so after being arrested by the Orc’s SBU.

I was one of many who raised a stink when he went ‘off air’ for a while after some juicy postings early in the current SMO.

I posted that I would suspect him to be on a short leash after his ‘release’.    I feared for his eventual safety while under house arrest.


He’s back and still at it

Early in the SMO I watched a poor soul get ‘skull fu**ked’ with a bayonet and heard their dying screams for being accused of being a ‘Russian supporter’ on camera.    Gonzalo ??

I don’t know what to say.  Enjoy the commentary, it seems bang on, but where are the Orcs?


 Update to the post.

 I don’t wish ill to the guy but after my post he disappears for 4 day.  Thank f**k he started posting again today.  Guess I should stick to commentary and keep it impersonal.


  1. Came across him early in the ukraine ass whoopin. Peruse on occasion now. I think he went dark to drum up some mystery but I get takes on the ukies anywhere I can. Since it is disappearing from the news and they admitted they under reported their casualties I now believe they are really getting their asses kicked instead of just getting their asses kicked.

    As of late I saw a couple of airfare reports where I heard long ago they have no airforce other than drones.

  2. There is much "strangeness" about the whole Ukraine affair. Many times it seems as if it is a poorly managed elementary school play with primitive CGI.
    A pleasant weekend to you sir,

  3. Thanks for your comments folks. I suppose you’re both on the same point. Enjoy for what it is.

    His part of the world is heating up again so I wish him the best of luck.