Wednesday 29 September 2010

How Time Flies

A year passes so quickly yet here we are. I took to heart Les Visible’s admonishment that anonymous posting is OK but carries no weight. If you have something to say spit it out. Put a name to your voice and let it call out. Well, I did.

Its one year to the day since I posted on Plato’s cave. I have learned how to work Blogger’s interface and more recently how to do the same on WordPress – just in case. It is real easy folks.

If there is one blogger that really helped in setting it all up it was Dublin Mick. He’s going through a quiet period at the minute. After the last 4 weeks I know how that can work so cheers DM and many thanks.

As many are aware I no longer live in the land of my birth. I was lucky to have my family over to visit just recently. In all the fuss I managed to snatch an hour’s chat with my father and a revealing time it was.

My wife tells me I’m an arrogant SOB for calling the sheeple for what they are. Well......she may have a point. It seems my dad has a sign in the front window of the house I grew up in and it simply says - ‘Boycott Israhell’ (my spelling).

He’s not online and he still watches TV. He’s a John Wayne fan and he can tell you exactly where every scene of ‘The Quiet Man’ was made. He is not politically active – that was the path that I chose. Despite all that he gets it and sees through the BS and lies. I am very proud of that man.

I’m starting to realise that there are many more ‘awake’ people out there than I had previously thought. On many of the blog forums the number of passive readers outnumbers the active bloggers that leave comments.

It is my belief that all we lack is cohesion. We have been deliberately divided so that in the dark days ahead no effective opposition can rise to the pre-planned solution the PTB will offer as the cure for the ills they have caused. Only time will tell.

I will take comfort from the knowledge that those of us ranting online are not simply tilting at windmills or sounding off to an empty stage. I would encourage others to give this blogging phenomenon a go. It’s amazing what you can discover about yourself. Let’s see what the next year brings.

Finally here’s a wee treat from George Carlin and Bill Hicks.

Tuesday 21 September 2010

A Helping Hand for Edgar Steele - Updated

Hi folks. I’m back and I’m ready to go again. It seems I missed all of the hoopla surrounding the Rat-slinger’s visit to the Lizard Queen. It was quite nice to be so close geographically but so distant mentally. Here we go again.

I recently ran a post highlighting the treatment of anyone who speaks openly and honestly of the ‘jewish question’. In that article I briefly touched upon the plight of Edgar Steele. I see that Edgar is in quite a dire situation. He has been held on trumped up charges alleging that he planned to hire a hit man to murder his wife and mother-in-law for money.

Anyone familiar with his life and work will know this is patent nonsense. He was in poor health last year and barely survived a near fatal ruptured aortic aneurism. He has been a vocal protestor on the issues of the real economy, jewish control of America and Racial Differences. He is also the author of a book titled ‘Defensive Racism’.

He is a lawyer by training and has worked pro bono to defend the politically incorrect. He even describes himself as “exceedingly politically incorrect.” He has 2 main websites, Conspiracy Penpal and Nickel Rant and provided free subscriptions to all his articles and podcasts. I will freely admit to having been a subscriber for nearly 3 years.

For many years he foresaw the deliberate economic meltdown we are witnessing and called loudly for the public to buy physical gold and silver to hedge against financial ruin. His warning calls were one of the first that alerted me to the coming collapse. It seems that following his own advice was the key to his undoing.

Edgar did not believe in trusting his saving with banks or in the funny-money fiat system. He collected silver coins and had hired a local handyman to help build a garage on his horse farm with concealed compartments for the storage of the coins. It turns out that this ‘handyman’ (known locally as ‘Larry the Plumber’) was a long time FBI informant. Larry filed for bankruptcy this year with debts over $600,000 - just 2 months before Edgar’s arrest.

It seems Larry helped himself to some of the Edgar’s hoard and then covered his ass by making up a murder-for-hire fairy tale for his eager FBI handlers. Edgar was duly arrested but Larry failed to mention to anyone planting 2 pipe bombs in the Steele family’s vehicles. They are accidentally discovered 4 days later during a routine oil change on Edgar’s wife’s car. Curious!

There is a full and detailed timeline of the sordid attempt to silence an enemy of the state here. The case seems to hang on the basis of a dodgy audio tape alleging a conversion where the 2 discuss the hit-for-hire – using a car crash! Edgar is being moved constantly from one jail to the next and has been prevented from talking with his wife and family – in effect his is being cut off from contacting and communicating with his family and friends. Another site has also been set up by his supporters to help work towards his freedom.

Recently we have heard from Edgar’s wife, Cyndi. She has released an impassioned plea to assist in defending her husband and to secure his release. Their family’s savings – all of it in precious metal – has been seized and their home trashed in searching for more. They will need financial assistance in refuting the string of false allegations. Not the reaction of a wife fearing for her life is it?

The main reaction I have seen from many places is basically ‘screw him, he’s a racist’ or ‘we’re better off without him.’ Fucking hypocrites - so what!! To quote the darling gatekeeper of the US liberal left, Chomsky, “If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.”

Is Edgar racist – most probably. There is also much more than that to the man. Many of us have also been tarred with similar names. Racism is a fact of the human condition. I now live in Scotland and am amazed how seemingly normal people despise others who are identical in every way – even based on nothing more than being raised in a neighbouring village.

I treat everyone I meet as a human unless they prove me wrong. I am not afraid to ask such questions as - if everyone one else (black, brown, yellow or red) can organise themselves politically why is the knee jerk reaction to the mere mention of white such an anathema?

I know that racial tensions are a powerful tool in the hands of the elites. For so long now the useful idiots in the white supremacy movements have been the obvious playthings of the PTB. Racial tensions have been deliberately injected into communities to destabilise them and to prevent concerted action by citizens.

By not having the balls to discuss openly the feelings of disenfranchisement felt by the majority of citizens in formerly white only nations we have surrendered that ground to the nutters. The good sheep bite their tongues rather than saying anything that would label them as racist. Racist is as meaningless as a slur as the old favourite - anti-semite – but is just as useful. Everyone has their own prejudices.

I deliberately write this at the risk of alienating the few who read here. Compared to the suffering of many publically known voices out there the loss of support from individuals that I respect pales by comparison. The funds will be held in an attorney’s trust account and the address to donate is:

The Edgar Steele Defense Fund
PO Box 1255
Sagle ID 83860

Alternatively, payments can be made including Paypal here. How’s that for ironic?

If I can spend $40 to read George Ure’s Peoplenomics, I can make a donation to a man I like and whose work I have long read for free. Please consider doing so also.


Many thanks to Kenny for the the link to a press conference from Edgar Steele’s wife. It is well worth watching in light of what I have described above. I feel that we see another example of ordinary folk facing extraordinary pressure and it helps take this whole discussion into a more human level.

Monday 13 September 2010

Back and Gone Again

As the astute among you may be aware, there hasn’t been much from the chuckyman this last 2 weeks. World War and economic devastation may be upon us but the wonderful woman who makes my life complete has other ideas of what constitutes the really important stuff - like home DIY –and it cannot be forgotten.

Now after 2 weeks of working all the hours the creator sends have drawn to an end with a masterpiece that I’m reasonably happy with, I’m off for a week’s holiday. I have a few rants brewing and if I can abandon my children for a brief period of peace and quiet I might get a post out the door. If not I’ll be back soon and we shall see what intense quality time with the ankle biters brings.

Wednesday 1 September 2010

A Darkness Approaches

So I see that Israhell is moving up more of their orcs to the border with Lebanon. I found this particular announcement full of interesting symbology. There has been a ratcheting up of tension in this region recently. So what are we to make of this one?

Many observant folks out there will have been aware of the exchange of fire between the Lebanese and Israhelli armies. The fatalities that day included a Lt Colonel from the IDF. Israhell already has many reasons for invading again. They need the water of the Litani and they want uncontested access to offshore gas deposits.

During their last illegal invasion they used the capture of their minions on the wrong side of the border to launch a strike for their goals. They pled the usual lies of ‘self-defence’ and promptly the tanks rolled forward on their pre-programmed war plans. It didn’t quite go to plan though did it?

It seems the savage untermensch managed to kick the crap out of the IDF’s finest – their armoured brigades. As the forces of the Beast used every form of brutality the facts on the ground became quickly apparent. With each passing day that their objectives had not been met the myth of their invincibility began to dissolve.

Finally they gave up and as they faced the reality of retreat the IDF carpet bombed the border with ageing cluster bombs. These munitions were no longer stable so in effect their use made the region one great minefield. The world was left to ponder on a morality of an army that used the insignia of Red Crescent ambulances for targeting with hellfire missiles. The sight of many civilian areas reduced to rubble paled by comparison with imagery of murdered women and children.

Fast forward 4 years and it seems that they are ready for another go. The main success of Hezbollah in 2006 was in fighting against tanks. Little official detail emerged from either side on the exact numbers destroyed but this article opens a window on some of this. Now we hear news that the Kfir brigade is deploying north. This article has the following to say;

“The “Kfir” brigade consists of six infantry detachments originally created in the early 1990s to support armoured forces in the West Bank. During the second Intifada, they were transformed into combat forces inside Palestinian towns. In 2005, the detachments became under the leadership of one integrated and independent brigade. It was also a notorious brigade for violently suppressing Palestinians in the West Bank.”

This charming bunch of child killers will be getting a refresher course to cover the arse of the tank crews. Let’s see how they fare when their opponents are armed with more than stones and placards. All of this is ominous enough but the guard of Barad-dur recently lost a senior ranking ghoul, so revenge is paramount in their minds.

A parallel announcement yesterday says that the Syrian army and Hezbollah plan to fully cooperate in the event of an Israhelli strike. The forces are gathering and in all likelihood a strike north will include not only the Shebaa farms but also the Golan Heights. The Kfir brigade will be the vanguard of the IDF - at the head of their forces.

I mention this in the light of the following. Moslems also have their end-times teachings. There seems to my uneducated eyes to be a lot of common ground with Christian teachings. In Islam it is taught that the coming of the Mahdi will be accompanied by the appearance of Dajjal (the anti-Christ). It is said that he will have one eye damaged and the other will be working. It is also said that he will have the word kafir (infidel, unbeliever) on his forehead.

This year the tribe celebrate Rosh Hashanah on 8th September – the night of the next new moon. It is the first of the "Ten Days of Repentance" which culminate in Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. I’ll let you google the full meaning of this ceremony in your own time. In all such things timing and symbology are paramount.