Saturday, 30 April 2022

Pivot Point

 I grew up in the time of Reagan and the ‘evil empire’.  Like everyone else that might read this I have been deep soaked in all the media blitz on the peoples of the ‘5 eyes’ nations for decades.  

We have been lulled into a hypnotic trance. First we sucked on the glass teat of TV.  Now we stare into the dark scrying mirrors of mobile phones 24 x 7.

The last 2 years of hysteria, censorship, anti-science and the totalitarian control by mediocre bureaucrats and ‘officials’ show how far our populations are prepped and ready for the virtual box cars to the camps.

I, however, also grew up living and witnessing the Brit government’s double standards while armed soldiers walked my streets.  That’s better than any fucking vaccine.  Watching your best friend have the business end of a SA80 rifle rammed into his mouth for ‘fun’ amongst other memories leaves a certain FU attitude to authority figures and those who excuse them.

Let’s explain how I think we got to where we are now in the war that is now beginning.  If you need to look shit up please use Duckduckgo and not the Goog place.

1 Putin nailed his plans to the mast in 2007 that the robbery and rape of Russian resources were over. He sealed it in the defence of South Ossetia against Georgian violence in 2008.  It’s been non-stop ‘evil Putler’ since

2 I watched in horror as the worst scum in Eastern Europe was elevated to power in Ukraine by the usual ‘neo-con’ war mongers.  In amazement I watched ordinary men arise in arms and they defeated that army twice – hint Minsk 1 and 2.

3 Putin has tried every form of non-violent means to resolve these tensions including the recent high level diplomatic manoeuvres with the US.  They just wanted written guarantee’s FFS.

4 For 8 years the orcs had completed their control over the regime, dominated the military with Zampolit’s like the communists of old and slaughtered thousands - horrifically.  The most moral and civilised West’s response was to build, train and equip a most dangerous and viciously motivated proxy NATO army.  Hence the term orc.

5 The reason there are so many 10’s of thousands of the best trained Ukrie orcs now trapped and about to be de-nazified is that they were in the final preps for a March offensive to eradicate the Donetsk & Lugansk Peoples Republics.

6 Putin’s last straw was that clown Zelensky openly stating his was going to get nukes – in front of kneepads Harris no less.  Putin always said if there’s going to be a fight then strike first.

I’ve been reading a lots of astute analysis of current affairs and strategic analysis from the Russian perspective since 2014.  One thing I read is that historically since the time of the Tsars Russians believe that for Russia to prevail internationally she needs 20 years of peace.  She has had that.

7 Putin announced publicly a raft of new weapons platforms that are now deployed.  Hypersonic missiles, laser attack platforms, nuclear powered cruise missile with infinite loiter time, long range nuclear torpedos, ICBM’s that can travel via the South Pole and others.  Russia is ready.  With the current ‘military operation’ the Russian people are ready for a new patriotic war.  Ukraine may only be the opener.  

Patriarch Kirill's Easter Good Friday sermon in the main Cathedral of Russian Armed Forces (check out the cathedral – it’s new and stunning) was astonishing in invocation of Soviet victory in Great Patriotic War and extolling the sacrifice in the fight against Fascism.

This is a video showing how much the defeat of the Nazis in Mariupol means to the Russian spirit.  I state this as the annual parade of the ‘immortal brigade’ takes place to mark Victory Day on the 9th of May.  The Russians are now mentally and physically set for ‘total war’.

Over on Glen’s site he posted a link to an article by the Z Man at the Takimag site. It was thought provoking as it described the 2 totally different systems now coming to clash.  

The West (mostly US) likes to use Air Power to terrorise an opponent with ‘shock and awe’ to avoid ground fighting.  The Russians are wed to armour and artillery to grind down an opponent while owning the most formidable air defence systems on the planet to protect them.

The mostest, harshest sanctions in history aren’t working!!  The Rouble is stronger than before.  Russia is self-sufficient. She can build internally every item in her military, civilian and shipping requirements - even new nuclear reactors.  

The US cannot build new nuclear power stations any more as the engineers are all retired or dead.  Ditto refitting US nuclear warheads.  Maths is raycist after all.

Left alone the Russians will gain everything they started out to achieve.  Video after video of the slaughter of Ukrie cannon folder does show that what is happening now is the complete annihilation of the trapped Ukrie forces.  It’s unpleasant and avoidable if only the clown of Kyiv would surrender.  His masters will not let that happen.

We are looking at the replay of the last days of spring in 1914.

I left a wee breadcrumb over at the Intrepid Reporters place.  The developing warfront is on the orcs Western border.  There is a small country called Moldova with ethnic Russians in a break-away region called Transnistria – sandwiched between it and Orcland.  

They have been quiet for years but it all lit up this week. Lots of sabotage such as RPG attacks on official offices, blowing up radio towers etc.  They also have a gigantic Soviet era ammo dump – guarded by Russian peacekeepers 2 miles from the border.  Something like 20,000+ tons of munitions and weapons.

The orcs have sent their sabotage groups over the border to create a security panic and its working.  Transnistria and Moldova have next to no functional military.  The Russian peacekeepers guard the ammo dump. 

Moldova is very closely aligned to NATO member Romania – their flags are almost identical.  The gossip is that Romania/Moldova are discussing the security ‘situation’ with a possibility of Romania absorbing/annexing Moldova.  

If Russia reinforces its forces guarding the ammo dump after the current provocations then it is alleged Moldova will ask for Romanian protection – and invoking NATO protection?  Well then it’s off the races people.  Batten down the bunker.

I know. I hear ya.  If’s and but’s.  

The West’s military might is being shown to be a paper tiger.  The US Air Force's power was once limited only by the productive capacity of the US continent.  How much of that is left. Their new ‘state of the art’ fighter the F35 is a flying brick that will break its airframe if it goes supersonic!!

They have no sizable armour left and no way to defend them without air cover.  If the idiots in charge ever provoke Russia to a direct clash the only thing protecting then is the nuclear umbrella.  How much of that still works as planned.  The minuteman missile is programmed with floppy disks!!

If we are not careful the survivors might need to learn to read Cyrillic.


  1. I really do think that if Zelinsky wasn't being told to *not* make peace, that this would have been over a month ago.

    1. Hello John. Sorry for the delay in publishing your comment. I’m a little out of the habit of looking at the place on a regular basis.

      You are spot on. He is surrounded day and night by ‘minders’. I believe they are there for the benefit of the paymasters rather than his well-being.

      PS looking forward to the next Civil War 2.0 post.