Friday 27 May 2022

Slowly Then All At Once

I read a quote once about how someone famous went bankrupt.  His answer was that it happened “slowly and then all at once”.

That comes to mind watching the past week’s video coverage of events in Orcland.  I’ve watched a lot of footage of punishing artillery strikes and drone coverage of their effects on the soft squishy stuff wrapped in camo.  Sobering stuff.

I was over at Glen’s fine establishment yesterday and dropped a wee note.  I’m lazy so I’ll copy and paste the main bit.

“The orcs have been pouring concrete around the Donbas and LPR since getting their asses whipped twice back at the start of this shit show in 2014/15. In effect a ‘Maginot Line’ of hardened pill boxes, bunkers, tunnels and trenches.

The key to open the door was a town called Popasnaya. The local high ground in a region flatter than Taylor Swift.

The Russian merc’s of Wagner PMC’s got sent in to stiffen the attack and it worked. A static front line broke wide open and the dam broke about a week ago. Russians have poured in lots of reserve forces and have been gaining kilometres per day instead of the usual grind.

Looks like 3 separate pockets forming with approx. 15,000 troops in danger of getting the Mariupol treatment. Smallest pocket of 2,000 pretty much doomed already.

Maybe the psychological hit of the orcs’ Azov super soldiers defeat or just the reward for the relentless grind of artillery blanketing but lots of mutiny videos coming out. The officers know the score and have bugged out leaving the cannon fodder to fend for themselves. No food, armor or ammo”.

Watching the change in maps of the newly freed territory in the Donbas is like watching the deluge after a dam breaks.  Also this week I’ve seen 4 videos of the units of draftees the orc rounded up refusing to go die like cattle.  Many front line soldiers are surrendering in big numbers.  Unfortunately I’ve seen footage of those executed by orcs for trying to surrender – not just in Mariupol.

It definitely looks like their moral and fighting spirit has been broken.  I grudging admire those who have endured the steel hail of Russian shells all this time.  Weither it was love of homeland or fear of Nazi commissar’s bullet – who knows.  Those forces in the East are now a spent force and they need to surrender - sooner rather than later.

Once the Donbas is fully free then who knows what’s next.  Scott Ritter is a principled commentator that I admire as he’s been there and earned it.  He recently pulled a 180 and says the new NATO model army getting built in Poland is a game changer.  I sincerely doubt it.  Even the US towed howitzers that arrived recently are being converted to scrap metal.

The only ones that know what is truly about to happen are the Rooskies and they are saying bugger all and taking their own sweet time to do it.  There is a saying that there are dozens of ways to get a bear out of its cave but not a single one to put him back in again!!

The Kremlin gave the perverts on the Potomac many chances to walk away.  Their red line was clear for all to see.  Instead the District of Criminals doubled down and the powdered princes in the Pentagram played along.  They built the bestest, shiniest NATO force that corruption could buy.

Sometimes a punch in the face teaches the best lesson to the recipient.  None of them can remember that lesson or even if they learned it in the first place.  When all their toys got smashed to scrap metal they reacted like spoiled toddlers and screamed out in their tantrums.

Moscow played them like a fiddle.  What are you going to do about it?  Oh no!! Not some scary sanctions!!  You are going to steal 300 Billion bucks worth of fiat money savings.  OK.  Russia has about 500 B in foreign hard assets because you know they are backward types who actually make things.

Guess who forgot they make lots of foodstuffs and the fertiliser to grow them.  They supply the oil to run the trucks and tractors.  They supply the gas to cook and heat with.  They make the metals to make shit with and lots and lots of other ‘stuff’ because they learn STEM to a far greater depth than us civilised Westerners.

The international community seems to consist of the US, UK doormat, European poodles, the Aussie concentration camp and totally subdued Japan.  Everyone else looked on as the collective West freaked out and they said not my circus, not my monkeys.

The rest of the world have been making trade deals hand over fist as they buy up Russian produce at discount prices and watch as the idiots have to pay exorbitant prices for the same stuff – if they are even allowed to because of sanctions.  Game, set and match LOL

I’ll finish on a couple of clichés.  In a democracy you get the leadership you deserve.  The old Chinese curse states “may you live in interesting times.”  I think we are looking at a massive karmic bitch slapping. Popcorn time cometh


  1. USA is gonna go bankrupt and all hell will break loose and you won't find a single dempcrap sticking his or her head out for fear of utter retaliation.

  2. Cederq my brother, legally, the USA went bankrupt back in the 30’s. That’s how the corporations took over. It’s all legalistic bullshit. I’m on a wee farm. I don’t ‘own’ it but me and him ‘understand’.

    Keep up the good work brother

  3. Chuckyman, there is that,, true, it did. I see the corporations abandon that agreement and the 30's bankrupt proceeding and said corporations foreclosing on it. Hell is to be paid. Funny thing, I didn't agree to it, I am not a party and refuse to abide. We will burn it down. I am favor of making illegal corporate structures, sole proprietorship or partnerships only, not even a LLC. There has to be direct responsibility and accountability to an owner(s). I understand you are on the "Wee" little people's island... I am half Irish from my mother's side and half Swede from the fathers side, Irish temper, coupled with Swedish stubborness...