Wednesday 20 July 2022

Collective Punishment – Belfast Style

 John Wilder published an excellent and thought provoking article today, complimenting his Monday article on collective punishment.  The obvious idea here would to read those first before continuing on if you are so inclined.  He is a much more accomplished writer.

Rather than wade in with my clumsy hob-nailed boots as I often do over at his place, I thought it best to offer the following here where I can clean up the mess in solitude.  The blame will all be mine.

I really like his description of the Neanderthals being much more Morlock to our Eloi’s than just hairy cavemen.  In addition I have read of a study of children’s nightmares where on average boys fear the monster in the closet and girls fear the monster under the bed.

The guess was that the womenfolk slept up the trees while the men would guard the base of the tree – hence our danger comes from different directions.  We have come a long way from there to preferred feckin’ pronouns.  

I have often thought along the lines that the losing hominid groupings would be forced out to more marginal lands such as woodlands to eke out their subsistence.  In addition, bone and other fragments of their remains would be harder to find.  Bigfoot, Sasquatch or Yeti?  Food for thought if you have the time.

What he really challenged me with was the idea of collective punishment.  I recognise his thoughts and in light of the ‘woke culture’ (sic) and such behaviour I cannot disagree.  My own experience and recollection are off on a different tangent completely.

Growing up in a fairy-tale existence of ‘armoured car and tanks and guns’ I have other memories.  In such an environment we had zero desire for a heavily armed and oppressive police force – as you can imagine.  The response at the time initially was the use of classic Sinn Fein tactics.  

WTF - I can hear the response from most of you.  This very idea was as popular as a bouncing betty over at BCE’s place when I mentioned it once.

I don’t mean the idea of blowing shit up or that a republican would stand in front of a camera dodging and denying IRA membership – that’s just shite.  Forget all the BS you’ve seen in the last 50+ years from the mostly Brit media.  I’m referring to the tactics employed in the period 1919 – 21.  

The success of that time was not brought about just by the Guerrilla war fought by Michael Collins’ IRA flying columns. It was an extraordinary time where separate courts and judiciary as well as the skeleton of the middle class and civic structures were put in place.  They were there and ready for the time to take over from the British civil system.

I’ll leave the history lesson there as it’s still painful for those that care. In early 1970 the community I was born in did much the same.  Even so far as setting up areas such as Free Derry.  As I was wearing nappies at the time I have no first-hand knowledge to impart.

Community ‘justice’ would start out with tar and feathering or forcing criminals to stand in public places with signs describing their ‘crimes’.  These efforts were aimed more at ritual humiliation than harm or torture.

Eventually as times darkened, more serious offences would lead to kneecappings (shooting offenders in the knees).  The worst offenders would on occasion be shot dead.  Republicans did not need individuals in their communities trying to run rackets behind their backs with the Brits at their front.

Time passed and an informal system grew in place similar to FAFO. If you FA you will get a visit and told to ‘wind your neck in’. That started the sliding scale all the way up to terminal lead poisoning.  There was no drug problem on our streets and women could walk home safe at night. Sigh, sadly no more.

It is not my intention of scaring the crap out of folk. Those circumstances were the extreme end of the scale but the beginnings in 1969 were very similar as in all times of civil decay.  In the fear and uncertainty of that time men in the communities gathered together and formed local defence groups.  There was no IRA at the start in '69 – think about that.

Well then, on a lighter note, spicey time cometh again.  Please do not run around with a head on fire crying ‘woe is me’ - that's nonsense.  I read a number of the blogs and posts of wiser, better trained (not difficult) and more experienced men than I.  The answers all rhyme.

‘Meat space’ or ‘local baby local’ are great throw away versions of the same idea. Local men (mostly) and women that live in the same communities getting thrown together suddenly when the SHTF with either power out, no food or wandering bands of ‘diverse ‘utes’. We have them now also – thanks Sinn Fein.

You may not believe me but I have wonderful memories of a happy childhood playing in troop infested streets.  Dark memories also but shit happens.  Even the tiniest light can throw off the dark.  A few folk working together can be very powerful force multipliers.  That’s why all the moovies and TV programing are full of lone wolves protecting the cattle stories.

Don’t go all postal on the nearest suit.  In any grouping always watch for the informer (we had them before glowies were popular).  Sadly in quiet times they are usually the most useful member.  3 man cells are the ticket but there’s no time for that and we’ll all be too busy

Community justice cuts both ways.  Do not expect redress at the ballot box.  Modern Sinn Fein proves you can’t fix a rotten corpse from the inside.  Come together locally and get to know one another in school boards etc.  The state can’t be fixed but it can be replaced.  If they crash it all we’ll will get to replace it all the quicker.

Never despair - prepare

Monday 18 July 2022

The Hour of The Time

Lately I came across a link to a wonderful find.  In the era before the Internet, William (Bill) Cooper was a radio host of a regular self-hosted program called “The Hour of The Time”.

His show covered all the topics that would be called ‘conspiracy theories’ covering everything from UFO’s, the hidden government,  Manmade AIDS, Satanic control, Masons and the New World Order.  He was way ahead of his time.

He is also famous for his book “Behold a Pale Horse“.  Bill was the real deal and was a serious red pill before the term even existed.  Alex Jones would imitate and rip off his materiel and Bill would call him on it.  Alex never would cover the meaty stuff that Bill did.

He predicted the events of 9/11/01 and the targeting of Ol' Sammy Bin Hidden as the patsy.  He openly called out those events as a false flag.  Sadly he was then murdered (in my opinion) by a local sheriff while he was serving a BS warrant in Nov 2001.

On the show he recorded a sub series of broadcasts called the Mystery Babylon Series.  Here are the links to both the series and his book.  Enjoy them in his memory

Mystery Babylon

Wednesday 6 July 2022

Picking At Loose Threads

 A few of you good travellers of the interwebs pass this way from time to time.  Those lost souls will have noticed that I have lapsed into bad habits of late and have posted bugger all. I have been lurking at my usual haunts but keeping my big gob shut.

As you may imagine that is not an easy or usual habit of mine but to butcher an old saying…  it is better to stay silent and appear a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

In truth I didn’t have much new to say and I do fear appearing like the character Donkey in Shrek (I can pass for a reasonable likeness of said Shrek) jumping up and down shouting ‘look at me, look at me’.

The Russian breakthrough in the Donbas in May was more a slow rising tide than a dam breaking – damn those cautious Rooski’s.  It took 5 weeks for the Popasnaya breach to pay off and they finally cleared the main orc forces all the way out of the Lugansk Oblast/Republic.  

The death toll has been huge for the ‘Krainians. Losses of 5500 troops with 2200 dead in the latest pocket.  The many, many videos of the slaughter are a bitter testimony to the futile bravery of their ordinary troops to hang in under the relentless bombardment. 

I follow a few channels on Telegram among other sources.  I think the orc line has broken in the East. All of the territory east of the Siverskyi Donets river is cleared and 2 active bridgeheads have been opened over it – near Kharkov in the north and recently cleared Lysychansk in the East.

Now for most people this is more blah, blah military porn.  The Russians are breaking in to open country with no major roads or rivers to slow them down, yeah…... yawn.  Then why have they mobilised their industry!!

I did hear rumours that they would mobilise a general military call up in July.  Why would they?  They are winning on the battlefield and making out like bandits economically.  The Global South is queued up to make deals with them for their natural resources as well as their manufactured goods.

The Russian Duma is currently enacting legislation to enforce military procurement orders on Russian manufacturers at set payment rates – they are moving to a war footing industrially.  This is the first step before calling up reserves.  You need boots and uniforms before bodies to fill them.

I did hear over a month ago that the Chinese lockdowns were nothing to do with the Wu’flu but to cover a retooling of factories for war production.  Not good sources but food for thought.  It’s hard to get any good info out of China if they don’t want it known.

Another breadcrumb is the recent announcement that the manufacture of 5.56 ammo surplus to military  orders has ceased to be offered for sale is the US.  This was taken in general discussions that the government was interfering in 2A rights.  Maybe there won’t be any surplus to sell!

BCE did mention in one of his articles that certain types of ammo being used in the Middle East were produced many years ago and stock piled but that the US military was burning through a lot of those stocks.  How much did they ship to the orcs and how much is left if things get spicy and the war moves west.

These are indications that logistics and materiel as well as troops are being put in to place prior to the opening of wider hostilities.

While that takes place other forms of madness and coercion are being (re)introduced.  Dutch farmers are in open rebellion because 30% of their farms are to be shut down as livestock produce too much Nitrogen ????  WTF

The EU zone is being prepared for a winter with no heat.  Germany is drawing up plans for the shutdown of industry, rationing of hot water, power interruptions/blackouts etc - all for the greater good of the ‘green transition’.

Masks are making a comeback as cases are on the rise – oh my!!  The boosted will need boosting again.  Give me a break.  That’s not a vaccine, that’s a pay-to-play subscription model.    So, muzzled is the new black this season!

I feel there is a current plan to hide the general mobilisation for War behind the usual BS climate change and Covid paranoia – but mobilise they will.  The inbred idiots that infest our governing systems here West of the Dnieper river are insane and think that they can pull off the same world war rescue plan for their debt slave market.

Even with the Devil himself driving them on they are too arrogant and incompetent to carry this off.  More than 1 in 8 of us are awake and aware of this evil and that is too much for them to prevail.  Thankfully many more of us rejected the clot shot and can only watch the unwary succumb to clot complications and cancers.

Russia’s Roscosmos published satellite images and GPS coordinates of Western "decision-making centres supporting Ukrainian nationalists."  Have a look  Ivan doesn't bluff.

I have a strong feeling that anything Chinesium will soon be Unobtainium.  I would also suggest avoiding large cities – especially ‘decision making centres’.