Thursday 22 October 2009

What’s a Goy supposed to do?

John McCain once smugly sang “Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran” during his disastrous run for the Presidency. This peculiar homage to the Beach Boys betrays the twisted humour of the power crowd in Washington DC. How lightly they joke about mass murder. How easily they ignore the effects of modern munitions on the delicate and frangible tissue known as the human body. I have seen the effect of simple explosives and I recoil from the horror of those memories.

Anyone not in a coma these last few years will know that the sovereign nation of Iran is experiencing almost daily threats of armed attack with or without nuclear weapons – it all depends if the B-2’s are ready. We are informed by the usual talking heads and “informed sources” that Iran secretly plots to develop a nuclear weapon – really. Where is this information coming from?

Is it the UN’s atomic watchdog, the IAEA? Nope - the internationally respected head of the IAEA, Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei says that all major outstanding issues have been resolved. Full access to all facilities has been granted and remotely monitored cameras installed so that no hanky panky can take place.

Is it from the American intelligence community (a name aching to have the piss taken)? Nope - in 2007 they stated in an intelligence assessment (sic) that Iran ceased its weapons program 2003! No proof of the existence of ANY weapons program has ever been shown.

This bullshit comes from one source only – Israel!

I know that Israel (and the jewish in general) have had issues with Iran/Persia for millennia. Check out the “festival” of Purim.

If you need to see how Israel deals with its perceived rivals in the middle-east check out the original plan and then the actual plan. The end result was 9-11. They do not shed their own blood. That is what the USA and the goyim are for.

I mention this as the crescendo of media noise demanding action against Iran is such a shrill fever pitch that pretty soon only dogs can hear it. Just when the brain-washing was prepping us nicely for the next instalment of shock & awe – or genocide as it’s otherwise known – those horrible Iranians have refused to play ball.

They have the gall to conclude an agreement with the international community for the majority of their enrichment to take place externally.
If the Zionists can’t make nasty scary insinuations about what the Iranians are up to, how can they get away with using nukes against them?

Now is a time of vigilance. Israeli nuclear-cruise missile carrying subs have been sailing through the Suez Canal. Strange radiation hotspots have been found in western cities. Samson Option anyone?

As we have seen recently even Turkey - their most loyal ally in the region- has been distancing themselves after the recent massacre in Gaza. With the Goldstone report making its way successfully through the labyrinth of UN red tape the beast stands naked before the world. The cloak of victimhood lies in tatters on the floor.

In their shoes what would you do~?