Saturday 25 December 2010

The Good Old Days

As an old curmudgeon I remember that this time of year meant peace and goodwill to all. This was the time that children learned about babies born in mangers and 3 wise men offering gifts. We used to sing or listen to carols and hymns.

I’m not a Christian any more in a strict sense. I do remember hearing this sung once at midnight mass by one unaccompanied priest and I swear the hairs on my neck stood up. It still brings a lump to my throat when it is done well.

Nollaig Shona Daoibh agus Beannachtai an Bhlian Nua.

Thursday 23 December 2010

Reality Check

Listen for the pins dropping.

I can't hear them either.

Wednesday 15 December 2010

Before and After

This is the coverage of one event that took place during the recent student protests in London. Watch how much dignity the paid lackey shows and how he tries to smear this first hand account of the incident.

This is a documentary about Organised Crime and the leadership of the rogue state of Kosovo. Guess who helped setup that little enclave?

According to the report “the captives were brought out of the 'safe house' individually, summarily executed by a KLA gunman, and their corpses transported swiftly to the operating clinic." What are the nationality of the surgeons and the smugglers of the stolen organs? You decide.

These are the stakes folks. Once the traditional framework has been destroyed all sorts of ‘commerce’ can occur.

This is what happens to children already. Thanks also to Incoming for this link from the same post.

Now you know the stakes because these networks are already in place.
It’s time to start making decisions. If you think it can't happen here ask the Russians and the Ukrainians.

Tuesday 14 December 2010

The Sound of Silence

“The time has come to air the Voice of Reason,
In a world gone mad, adrift on banal seas,
For all who feel that lies have had their season,
And whose Hearts Cry Out, instead for Honesty,

For all the weary souls grown bored with dreaming,
Whose thirst for Knowledge and for Beauty goes unslaked,
For all who long to wake from what is seeming,
And know what’s Real, and what is Real, to embrace,

For all who’ve sat and watched with mounting horror,
Evil’s reign upon this world grow ever-clear,
For all who’ve sought in vain, Emancipators,
Wielding Swords of Truth, and laughing without fear”.
Bill Hicks, ‘The Counts of the Netherworld - Le Manifeste’.

“The main revelation in the WikiLeaks affair was the U.S. government's response -- which was to bring US freedom of speech policy firmly in line with China's. Millions of us in cyber ghettoes saw it coming, but our alarm warnings were shouted inside a cyberspace vacuum bell jar.”
Joe Bageant

We are reaching a watershed in the affairs of our time, our epoch and our planet.

The acceptance of debt slavery for the Irish people by the treacherous bastards that are paid to represent them is another step into darkness. I posted this at Penny’s recently, “This was a lost battle and not the whole war. The stage is bigger than one Island floating in a septic sea”.

By removing options for peaceful change within the existing paradigm the remaining options are narrowed and magnified. It is with my personal regret that I feel the options to reclaim the lost territory are few and not without real and human casualties.

Wikileaks has now become the cerebral porn for those of us in the chattering classes – it keeps us glued to our keyboards. Right, wrong, co-intel and/or mossad op, patsy or opportunist – it doesn’t matter you fools. Nothing new was learned but we spent a very long time thinking about it - meanwhile the agenda plays out.

Must children lead the charge again? Despite our arrogant dismissal of ‘the youth of today’ many still have that burning ember
in their hearts of the idea - “that is not fair.” Can you remember that feeling in your guts or has time erased it. It’s the expression of an inner voice – decrying a wrong dealt to another.

Are these events the effect of agent provocateurs or not – I don’t know. That may have been the case but the protestors are emotionally involved now and have a momentum of their own. That in itself has a runaway effect and will snowball. I did find it imaginative their effective tactic of using Christmas tree decorations filled with paint.

Science isn’t what we have been led to believe. It is now a dogma. If you pay the piper, you get to call the tune. Academia is exactly the same. Original thought is not required. They want us just dumb enough to swallow their shit but clever enough to keep the existing toys working. Meanwhile behind the scenes new toys are developed.

The elites are nothing if not devious. Right now they are dealing with the students. It’s funny that Elizardbreath’s (cheers lwtc247) eldest whelp was publically Royal Rumbled. Aangirfan has some valuable thoughts to share with us.

When they are finished dealing with the students then they will deal with the next group of protestors …and the next... and the next. They always pick off the herd one at a time - never the whole herd. This is a well worn path here folks and Solzhenitsyn wrote about it a long time ago.

Bageant’s quote from the start of this post and indeed the full article really resonated with me.
“Millions of us in cyber ghettoes saw it coming, but our alarm warnings were shouted inside a cyberspace vacuum bell jar.”

That’s why we have Wikileaks and that’s how they’re going to suck the air out of the jar.

The recent thaw here is now over. Many of the timid souls will have had a good fright by the experience of being cut off from their cosy consumerism. Some of us found it exhilarating. From all the forecasts it’s coming back for an extended stay. The same conditions are now blanketing the US and Canada.

This isn’t Narnia folks and don’t be waiting around for an Aslan to save our asses. We can choose to hide timidly in our rapidly dwindling bubbles of security or we can give hope and courage to others. As much as I have learned online not one single thing has changed and we keep swirling around the plughole.

Picture the imagery of those lyrics for a minute if you will. We need to pry our ‘learned’ asses away from our computers and apply what we have learned in the real world. Don’t try to form large groups as that is what they want. By now you should have met one or 2 others that have ‘seen the light’. Lend a helping hand and lead by example.

Kev Boyle has a few preliminary ideas and these could be a good basis to add cohesion to any that decide to strike out and follow a different path. We cannot do this passively. We will change nothing by signing petitions.

We must not surrender to hate and to fear. It can be seen as a pretty simple choice – Good or Evil. Never again should be OUR rallying cry – never again will we bow to the self appointed, inbred sociopaths that deign to decide our fates. It's decisions time folks - it's time to get involved.

Wednesday 1 December 2010

How Nations Die

Just in case anyone wasn’t paying attention here's a reminder.

Many thanks to Saladin and the BATR site.

Global Warming – my arse!

For the last dozen or so years that I have lived in Bonny Scotland snow has been an occasional winter occurrence – not for the last few years however. Whenever a few inches worth of icy precipitation would fall kids (young and old) would rush out. Snow ball fights would break out and the occasional, pathetically small, snowman would appear.

For the last week or so the cold has set in early. The snow started on Friday and as I type it’s still falling. Scotland has mostly shut down. Main roads are open but many cars have struggled to reach that far and lie abandoned and buried in driveways and side streets. We can’t complain as Sweden is getting hammered more so than we are.

Personally, I’m loving it. I mostly work remotely anyway so I’ve been around to help out. First order of business was to dig out the street I live in. We Micks seem to always end up with a shovel in our hands. I started out to do so on my own. Pretty soon I had company.

I have a neighbour that I have known for years but would normally pass by without saying more than a few words. As I shovelled away he appeared alongside me. We set to and after 90 minutes or so we could not only get our cars out but had cleared a path for other side streets that need access to the main road.

My household didn’t really need anything except a few perishable items. Due to the state of affairs in the world I had a reasonable stock of essentials. One of these days I’m getting a tee-shirt made up with the words ‘smug mode’ on the front. Even my long suffering wife was less sceptical of my ‘eccentric’ ways.

We were in the minority as what we did have was transport. After a quick tour around some of our elderly neighbours we were able to make it to the local supermarket. Other neighbours have been doing this also. Life has carried on as normal. Massive snowmen have appeared and one enterprising soul built an igloo for the kids.

I don’t write this to blow my own horn. I write it to illustrate that despite all the fears and isolation many of us in the blogging community feel – we can carry on when the day comes. Don’t rely on others helping – do it yourself. That message is valid in so many ways. It just takes one person to start and others will join in.

The feeling of isolation has been beaten into us now for decades. When we watch the idiot box we see stories of war, famine, death and pestilence. Look outside your window and it invariably is a scene of nothing like that – just everyday life passing by. Don’t let those neighbours be strangers any longer.

I’m well aware that plans exist to bring these horsemen to our lives. The instigators of these plans are well aware of how powerful and natural it is for ordinary people to work together to overcome adversary. Their very plans will generate the glue that finally brings us back together again. This time many of us know who the real culprits are – we will not forget

PS I read that the global warming conspirators are meeting in Cancun, Mexico, this week. I wonder what excuse they will use this time.