Thursday 4 February 2010

The passing of the baton

It’s been a bit of a sad week. We lost 2 fine writers this past week; Howard Zinn (87) and Eustace Mullins (86). I don’t know these writers intimately but I do not think they would have been happy to be eulogised in the same sentence.

My experience of these writers came originally from the posting of other writers. Howard Zinn has been one of the leading lights of the American left in the last century and in my experience is most famous for his book “A Peoples History of the United States”.

Eustace Mullins was a World War II veteran, a business man, scholar, historian, artist and writer. Many have described him as a protégé of the poet Ezra Pound. In his own right he leaves behind a body of work that leaves us with no doubt as to the face of our collective enemy. See links at the end of this post.

For most of my life I would have described Zinn as a leading proponent in the struggle against the oppression and tyranny of the capitalist system. I do not doubt the honesty and integrity of those (myself included) who have laboured in that struggle. We have been fighting the wrong enemy.

The current political discourse is universally described (by whom we should ask) as a struggle between left vs. right, socialism vs. capitalism. That is a sham. It is mere theatre designed to divide us and to divert us from the real threat. Thanks to the work of Mullins and others we need to see the hand that works the puppets.

Small groups of immensely wealthy jewish financiers have guided the elites of western civilisation for nearly 400 years - from the merchant Venetians to the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and on to modern times. By controlling the supply of money thought private “central” banks they have set the real priorities and policy.

By manipulating the supposed leaders in the west they have manufactured 2 world wars – having financed and supported both sides in each. They are on the brink of starting a third. Why we ask. It’s not about money. Money is their tool to buy off the willing fools, the greedy and the corrupt.

The answer is Power.

Any and all regimes out with their reach must be corrupted from within or smashed from without. Once all are in their grasp we will see the brutal imposition of feudalism for the “lucky” survivors. The monstrous murdering rampage of the communist regime in Russia – a true holocaust - of the last century will be a mere foreshadow of the coming carnage.

That has been their great plan. But like all such plans of mice and men – they often go astray. The sheep have been carefully led. They are now being shorn and will soon be led to the kosher slaughterhouse.

The butchers think that they hatch their plans safe in their gated communities, walled castles and stately mansions. But they have forgotten 2 things – the greater universe and the human heart.

This month of February is traditionally the last month of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. The season of death is coming to a close. Soon we shall see spring and the rebirth of life in more ways than one. Shakespeare’s Hamlet said “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

This coming year will see the start of the apocalypse (from the Greek apokalupsis, meaning revelation). The baton of truth and struggle has been handed to a new generation. May we wield it with the same honesty and integrity as our forebears.

I would like to end with this optimistic piece from Howard Zinn.

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