Thursday 31 December 2009

A Year of Learning

As the year draws to a close I, like most others, am drawn to look back on the year. I hope to have learned some lessons that will make me a better man, husband and father.

The year began with the vile massacre of the Palestinian civilians in the Gaza strip. The bombs and chemical weapons may have mostly stopped but their torment has not. Many are still living in the rubble that was their homes. Israel randomly murders the farmers and destroys their olives trees.

Brave volunteers are at this very moment still trying to deliver a convoy of aid. They are facing the usual delaying tactics and brutal harassment from the vassal state of Egypt. Today I read that one of the members of the convoy has died from a heart attack after being beaten by Egyptian security forces. Please check this site. The writer is one of the convoy volunteers. In my experience a little encouragement goes a long way.

This year has also been another year of discovery. As the year has progressed I have been fortunate in expanding my knowledge of the history of the last few centuries. The view of these past times is completely biased in favour of the supposed winners. The histories of the European peoples have been rewritten to enable the suffering of Christ to be replaced with the suffering of the followers of the Pharisees. Whole sections of history are ignored or slanted to give the opposite impression. This book was written by a Scottish member of parliament just after the Second World War. It is an excellent start to examining the period.

I have followed closely the blogs of the Dog Poet – Les Visible. Through his example I have rediscovered an interest in my spiritual side. I am still early on the path of spiritual awakening but I have seen an improvement in myself. There are many kind souls who comment on Les’ blogs and they have also helped light the path.

In a similar vein he has been the inspiration to start this blog. While I will never have the wordsmith skills that he shows I will endeavour to add my voice in the growing choir that says “no more” to the black forces at work in our lives.

These are truly dark times in the history of the human race. Next year will see the long-laid plans to enable One World domination of what remains of the Human race. The people of the West have been prepared, softened up and separated from each other for the last 40/50 years. Any chance of unity has been undermined.

The pre-planned collapse of the global economy will see the frightened peoples clamour for “their” governments to fix it. These puppets that front the governments for the bankers (among others) will do as they are told. It is then that the awakened among us must stand strong. They want to rule us through fear. Fear of the climate, fear of debt, fear of disease, fear of vaccines, fear of poverty, fear of hunger and last but not least - the fear of “terrorists”.

The cure is to show no fear. Look inside each of us for that spark of humanity that we all possess. Help your friends and neighbours. Stand strong and together in our communities. As the new decade dawns show that we will not go meekly into the dark night of the soul.

Happy New Year to you all and may your God go with you.

Tuesday 1 December 2009

Hidden in plain sight

***** UPDATE 11th Dec 09 *****

This is an excellent video from Lord Monckton. He is giving a presentation on the contents of the leaked e-mails and data.


I know that I have already covered this over on my heretics site but I do want to mention Climategate again. We are now 12 days after the dam burst on this wee insignificant story. Many of you reading this will be very aware of it already – the internet has literally exploded with coverage of it. We don’t seem to be seeing much from the usual corporate whores just yet. If you have recently discovered the Internet and would like to catch up, check out Mike Rivero’s site - What Really Happened.

I did catch a short story on the UK’s Channel 4 about a week ago and it was a fair piece but since then zippo – it just fell down Orwell’s famous memory hole. The exception to the rule is Fox News in the US. It has had a number of spots on this. This is weird as Fox has a number of racist Zionism mouthpieces that make Dubya Bush look like a liberal. I’m not sure if this is just a vehicle to have a pop at Barry Soetoro (yo’bama if you didn’t know already) or if they are trying to regain some whiff of credibility back. I just don’t know.

What I do know is that Fox is owned by the world renowned power-crazy, control-freak Rupert Murdock. He owns one of the 6 major media mega-corporations that own and control the world’s news and entertainment. Check this out to give you a clue about the great ZOG octopus of mind control (Click on image to enlarge).

I did not need Rupert to tell me the hidden truth about Climate Change – notice it’s not called Global Warming anymore. I live in sunny Scotland and I don’t need a bloody scientist to tell me it’s colder. I also read about various scientific ideas – just for the fun of it! There have been noticeable changes to the atmosphere of other planetary objects in the solar system. Not much man-made CO2 out there.

The “great and good” will shortly be hooking up in Copenhagen. Their stated aim is to save the world but in essence they will tighten the chains to slavery around the world governments and populations. Taxation - known as cap and trade will be implemented to pay for a global government. That means vast amounts of money for those who control and conduct such a trade. It also means lots of cushy jobs in the beaurocracy of the coming satanic state.

Maybe the powers to be are simply taking the piss. Every night in the lead up to Copenhagen we get lots of pre-planned news stories (most large media stations plan their news slots well in advance of broadcast times). The real breaking story is not among them. The climate change agenda is a massive corporate fraud. Are they just goading those of us who know the truth to take affirmative actions? I see the Danes have introduced a new law to pre-emptively detain people when no law has been broken. I guess that they want to just rattle the hornet's nest - and then stamp out any resistance from extremists and "deniers".

The old Chinese curse comes to mind – may you live in interesting times!