Thursday 25 November 2010

Enjoy yourself – its later than you think

I came across this video today at George Ure’s peoplenomics site (subscription required).

It’s an interesting idea and the source of articles that the video refers to is this website. I have had a good look at many of the posts there and while I don’t agree with some of his opinions he doesn’t seem any nuttier than I am.

He does make a good point in that the North Koreans would not have had the nerve to retaliate against the provocations of their southern neighbours if China had not permitted it. The US navy could well be sending a carrier into a very deadly trap.

While we must not be diverted from the threat of bankster fascism, it will certainly be ‘interesting’ to watch this develop. Many of us expected fireworks earlier in the month. The funny thing about tipping points is that they generally start out slowly and then accelerate.

The Asian coastline around the East China Sea and the adjacent coast of Japan are well within reach of the many anti-ship missiles. Entering the Yellow Sea would be an act of suicide.


Here's a picture of the area in question. Shallow waters to the west of Korea and very deep waters to the East. China's capital is close by also. Click on the image for a larger view.


  1. "Our" corporate masters have never, ever had a problem suiciding our kids in uniform, Chucky. Never their protected little hatchlings of course, just our kids.

    Still digesting the information on those five vids you linked me to with John Harris re the whole damn system being a corporate illusion. Mind bending stuff. The bastards actually "own" us as a profit producing asset? They really are the lowest dregs in the barrel, huh.

    Re the vid you have here, I remember seeing an article during the week on some website that said China and Russia have ceased using the US fiat funny money dollar for something or other. Can't remember exactly what, but may be another step to their WWIII plans.

    One immediate benefit of their next world war, for the psychopaths in control, will be instantly killing off any danger from the world wide growing awareness of their mass murder of 3,000 on 9/11 in the States and subsequent slaughter of a million plus innocents in Iraq/Afghanistan/Pakistan. Along with all their usual money making benefits and population control, etc, from conning us into world wars.

    I'd like to think that this time it will backfire on the motherless bastard scum and they will get what has been so long coming to them and they so richly deserve.

    As Northern Truth Seeker says, "More To Come". lol


  2. I’m glad you got something useful from that Celt. The game is really rigged against us. Without this sort of knowledge we are naive fools to be played by those in the know.

    Harris does an excellent job of stripping some more the scales from our eyes. I came across this over at Suraci’s place recently. It is along the same lines and very interesting stuff to know.

    I also read the announcement on Russia/China trade being conducted in their respective currencies. The last shoe to fall would be the selling of oil in ANY currency other than Dollars. If that happens then the US is doomed. They seem to be doing a great job on their own already.

    There can be no hiding the raw and brutal nature of those in charge of the western countries. Neither civilians or military are of any consequence to them. We are all useless eaters and now that we are no longer piling up more debt we are surplus to requirements. The flock always get shorn before being led to the slaughterhouse.

    Not this time though. The Internet has let too many pieces of their tangled web see the light of day. That’s linked to the decline in print and other media. No one wants to pay to be lied to.

    The stage is now set. It is ultimately up to all of us – truth tellers and bloggers to ensure that the tsunami of spin and BS does not drown out the real message. Sponsor a lamppost and invite the banksters to a swinging party.

  3. Your last comment came through twice Celt. I’ll delete the second copy.

  4. As some of you will notice I have binned the feedjit gadget from the side of the blog. Here’s Greg Bacon’s experience of them recently.

    Instead I have nicked the toy from Timster’s site instead. Cheers Timster

  5. Thanks Chucky,

    Thought the first had not sent and so doubled up just in case. Mentioned that at the end of the re-post.

    I didn't like that feedjit thing from when I first noticed one on Les Visible's site. Smacks of alphabet agency traitors (CIA, etc, as Greg mentions) tracking the location of citizen commenters on blogs who are no longer deluded brain-dead members of the herd. I'm sure the miserable assholes track us in other ways, but the less I have to see people willingly adding their shitty little spy gizmos to their own blogs the better. Glad you ditched it.

    Something I just picked up from Northern Truth Seeker's blog, re the terminal mess that is now America. Makes very interesting reading; also depressing reading (and I don't even live there, thank Christ).

    NTS makes a good comment at the end of the article he has posted, concerning the one (important) item missing from the article.


  6. My question, what the HELL does that lunatic Khazar tribe want in Korea? I'm sure this road will lead straight to them, as usual.

  7. You mentioned Northern Truth Seeker in your previous comment Celt. I hadn’t really wandered over there before – what a mug I am. I liked that article and it seems we share some similar favourite blogs also.

    I’m glad that I ditched the feedjit. We Celts have a word (eedjit) which means fool. There should have been a warning there. Most are unaware how much they are giving away about themselves and their computers each time they connect to a web site/server. Web browser, operating system and referring page are just a few of the things disclosed.

    I should know better so I have no excuse. The only secure computer is turned off, unplugged and locked in a deep underground vault. I might look at using a proxy server if things start to get a bit more ‘exciting’. Until then I have pretty much nailed my colours to the mast with this blog. I don’t regret a single word.

  8. It’s the usual answer in my opinion Saladin – control. As far as I am aware NK is one of the few with no direct control by the criminal central banksters. Murdering a few million would cost them nothing and allow them to fill their play card. Either way everyone loses.

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  10. On a parallel thread folks this is a very tightly congested shipping area. Apart from the usual cargo traffic fully 25% of the top 40 global oil refineries are in the Asia area. They process 5.8 millions barrels worth per day out of a global total of 18.5 million barrels per day.

    Israhell recent bought a huge stock pile of processed aviation fuel – with a limited shelf life. The US has large military forces already preplaced at the Panama Canal and Suez/Gulf of Aden. Japan and China are also locked into a territorial dispute. The danger of this can not be underestimated. Were ships to start getting sunk then Asia would effectively be starved of refined petroleum products.

    Gordon Duff did an article recently on the theft of all of the entire technical specifications of the new F35 fighter. The last time this happened was when the khazar Jonathan Pollard sold all of the US’s most sensitive technical secrets to that shitty statelet. They sold the lot to the Soviets. In a war scenario the US would have lost rapidly.

    A spin-off back then was the shooting down of the ‘invisible’ F117 stealth fighter over the former Yugoslavia. Guess where they got the information to let them identify and target that plane?

    The Chinese do not boast to the world their military capabilities. Their scientists are far more motivated (thanks to the fatal lead injection method of rewarding failure) compared to the bloated US defence contractors. The Chinese also get to read that research also.

    The USAF is only now getting to test an airborne laser platform – unsuccessfully. A naval vessel would make an equally suitable platform – especially paired to a military grade nuclear reactor.

    The effect to the populations of the countries in this region would be horrific in any conflict. For the vampires that pull the strings it would be an invaluable distraction to push forward rapidly with their power grabs. We really need to keep ours eyes open folks

  11. Gordon Duff nails it on the head – again

  12. Hello Martin and thanks for dropping by. Your 2 links highlight the current situation very aptly. Everyone is meant to watch the scary war story when the real plot is the enormous transfer of global wealth and power to the bankster class.

    If the Korean peninsula goes hot I believe that is when the real power grab for global dominance can happen. It would also make for a very inflammatory situation where other countries can use the distraction for violence – hint Israhell.

  13. Hiya Chucky,

    This article is pretty damn good. Very clear on how the shysters operate their scam...

    Prognosis 2012: Towards a New World Social Order

    A wealth of information for those interested in truth and facts.



  14. Chucky,

    This vid shows us what people in Occupied Palestine are subjected to by the Khazar goons.

    It deserves to go viral.


    Image if London was occupied like Palestine!


  15. Cheers Celt. The Global research article is a long one. I’ll enjoy that when I get some time later this evening.

    The video may help bring that home for some people. If anything it understates the reality. I hear Ken O’Keefe is back in Gaza with the latest convoy and plans on staying on to report on the conditions. Some more of the heart aching truth is about to get aired.

  16. Israel has become close pals with China, reportedly.

    - Aangirfan

  17. They have certainly been building that relationship for some time now Aangirfan. Incoming’s blog has covered the topic often. Now that the last few drops of blood are being drained from the US the vampires need somewhere to park their coffins.

  18. chuckyman: have you noticed the rhetoric has cooled, substantially wrt North Korea, South Korea??

    Including the announcement of the ending of war games by south korea?

    The ruse is over... for now.

    So was it a distraction? IN the same vein as wikileaks hype?

    So people will turn away from the ongoing financial disaster and fraud?

    I really do wonder

  19. Hello again Penny. You are correct in that the tempo ‘seems’ to have cooled slightly. I really think this is a cat and mouse game between the US and China. They can haul this one out of cold storage at short notice whenever they need to.

    It will be interesting to see how the US Fed’s treasury auction goes this week. If the Chinese buy any of the debt then the Gods of War will probably stay quiet. Fingers crossed but now would be a good time to make any IT or technology purchases – just in case.

  20. Check it out my friend, BATR knows.

    Watch "How Nations Die"

  21. Sorry Saladin - I wasn’t sure who BATR was when you mentioned them elsewhere. Excellent video. If you don’t mind I may repost it.

  22. Post away, the people need to see the face of their oppressors, and that video leaves no doubt.
    Like I said, they are pretty savvy.
    I am here to serve.

    Peace and Blessings