Tuesday 9 November 2010

Time Gentlemen – please?

I haven’t had much time recently for more than a passing view of the headlines and the odd gem from my favourite posters. The four horsemen gallop towards us with ever greater speed.

A simple glimpse of the headlines should be enough for even the biggest somnambulant moron to know that ‘something’ big/bad is going to happen. Even on the idiot box the talking mannequins are using the language of ‘tipping point’. They even used it in a discussion about a handbag fight between ‘Christian’ temple priests.

It is strange how the mind works. Recently a thought struck me. As a young boy/man we would sing a hymn called “Céad Míle Fáilte”. The Gaelic name for the carpenter from Nazareth is Íosa and it sounds (to my ears) the same as the revered name Isa (PBUH) in Islam. We have more in common than we think.

Curious that Henry VIII got a papal bull from the Pope to stamp out the uppity followers of Christ in Ireland and to teach them the 'one true faith’. How much of the message of Christ was eradicated by Constantine at the first Council of Nicaea? They’ve been revising and ‘interpreting’ it for us ever since.

The fate of us all seems to hang by a thread. We seem to pause for breath almost as if we are coming up for air. All too soon comes the climax of our times and we will all be put to the test. It’s about bloody time too.

This little tune from Freddie captures the moment for me.

Good luck and may your God go with you.


  1. Peasant has brought down the house over there, very good one.


  2. You have to admire the woman. She really is a one person think tank.

  3. Hi there A.P. Your posts are an excellent benchmark for the rest of us to aspire to and hope to emulate. I am a dedicated follower and I respect your insight and instincts.

    I have just re-read my post and it reads like a disconnected dream retold by the still sleeping participant. It’s difficult to express the feeling exactly. It wasn’t meant as some maudlin mood piece. It’s just kind of a weird mish-mash of where my head is at – a little numb. Maybe I should have taken a little more time to flesh out the linkage (grin).

    These are times of great strife, passion, loss and sacrifice. It’s time to polish the boots, oil the baseball bat and check the rope for frayed bits. Les Visible is far more eloquent at pulling these great thoughts together.

    This really is the end of an epoch for our species. We will get the opportunity to throw off the yoke that has tainted our search for greater and better things. The sky will be different and more dangerous and a deeper understanding of our place in the omniverse is coming. It’s hard to explain without a separate post for each and I really don’t see me having the time.

    I think we will see through the mantle of darkness that has incrementally crept over our eyes. There is one faith and the race of Grima Wormtongues cannot keep us apart any longer. The time of waiting is, breath by breath, drawing to an end. A week may seem like a month and an hour can pass in a flash.

    Despite all this I started my day with laughter. Suraci posted a clip that has been in my mind a few times of late and it really describes the bankster bailout to a tee.

    PS. I still love Freddie’s song. We really will need to learn to trust one another.

  4. As Les Visible pointed out, the Apocalypse is our best friend, so bring it on!

  5. We’re all getting to that point Saladin.

    This was probably a result of the usual agent provocateurs but some of the youngsters had a workout today.

  6. Chuck you are most kind and modest. i think there are many ways to write and having been at blogging for years, i have sort of evolved given the influence of reading better bloggers than me. i'm a lot less personal now than i used to be, but that seems appropriate for certain reasons. describing feelings is a luxury for the most part, and perhaps even dangerous in some instances. at least that is how i began to perceive it somewhere along the way. and yet it is so important, and hard to do well. we are all throwing our thoughts out there, and you have an outstanding mind and noble spirit, and it comes right through in your writing. and that's what people need. everything is going to be fine, better than fine. we'll get there, fine prince.

  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsrNyzW5New&feature=player_embedded
    7000 anti nuke activists in germany block train tracks

    Here is one from bho

  8. That is a brilliant piece of news. I read an article on it by Jane Burgermeister yesterday. It highlights that it is possible to take on the stormtroopers and defeat them – peacefully

  9. That is a fairly astounding piece Chucky, thanks. I wondered what happened to Jane. The last I heard they were trying to lock her up in the funny farm. It appears some major discontent has spread from Greece through France and now into Germany.

    The Germans must be overjoyed to see riot troops from Poland to Timbuktu brought into to club them over the head. How bout that EU.

  10. It certainly cheered me up DM. Jane is a dynamo and a real thorn in the side of the beast.

    That’s the second time that the ordinary German people have faced down and defeated the thuggish police recently – the other was in a protest in Stuttgart. I’m sure that the sight of Polish forces in the mix will not be lost on the Germans.

    There are positive signs all around if we look for them. They certainly will not be discussed by the empty headed robots in the press.

  11. Today over 100 000 people, in Germany, took to the streets. In Nürnberg, Stuttgart, Erfurt and Dortmund.
    The main stream media keep regurgitating the same topics, on why they are demonstrating.
    Fact is, there are many reasons why people are peeved and citing themes and topics are the illusion spoonfed by the media to those that cannot see the bigger picture.
    There is an undercurrent of un-ease and it is spreading like wildfire.

    The "natives" are restless and....
    it´s about time!!!

  12. Hello there Gudrun. You are spot on - the proles are revolting... let’s hope it’s highly contagious (grin).

    I see that the nuke waste had to be transported by truck as the train is still under siege. It’s worth keeping an eye on the Teutonic rebellion for a while yet.