Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Global Warming – my arse!

For the last dozen or so years that I have lived in Bonny Scotland snow has been an occasional winter occurrence – not for the last few years however. Whenever a few inches worth of icy precipitation would fall kids (young and old) would rush out. Snow ball fights would break out and the occasional, pathetically small, snowman would appear.

For the last week or so the cold has set in early. The snow started on Friday and as I type it’s still falling. Scotland has mostly shut down. Main roads are open but many cars have struggled to reach that far and lie abandoned and buried in driveways and side streets. We can’t complain as Sweden is getting hammered more so than we are.

Personally, I’m loving it. I mostly work remotely anyway so I’ve been around to help out. First order of business was to dig out the street I live in. We Micks seem to always end up with a shovel in our hands. I started out to do so on my own. Pretty soon I had company.

I have a neighbour that I have known for years but would normally pass by without saying more than a few words. As I shovelled away he appeared alongside me. We set to and after 90 minutes or so we could not only get our cars out but had cleared a path for other side streets that need access to the main road.

My household didn’t really need anything except a few perishable items. Due to the state of affairs in the world I had a reasonable stock of essentials. One of these days I’m getting a tee-shirt made up with the words ‘smug mode’ on the front. Even my long suffering wife was less sceptical of my ‘eccentric’ ways.

We were in the minority as what we did have was transport. After a quick tour around some of our elderly neighbours we were able to make it to the local supermarket. Other neighbours have been doing this also. Life has carried on as normal. Massive snowmen have appeared and one enterprising soul built an igloo for the kids.

I don’t write this to blow my own horn. I write it to illustrate that despite all the fears and isolation many of us in the blogging community feel – we can carry on when the day comes. Don’t rely on others helping – do it yourself. That message is valid in so many ways. It just takes one person to start and others will join in.

The feeling of isolation has been beaten into us now for decades. When we watch the idiot box we see stories of war, famine, death and pestilence. Look outside your window and it invariably is a scene of nothing like that – just everyday life passing by. Don’t let those neighbours be strangers any longer.

I’m well aware that plans exist to bring these horsemen to our lives. The instigators of these plans are well aware of how powerful and natural it is for ordinary people to work together to overcome adversary. Their very plans will generate the glue that finally brings us back together again. This time many of us know who the real culprits are – we will not forget

PS I read that the global warming conspirators are meeting in Cancun, Mexico, this week. I wonder what excuse they will use this time.


  1. oh lord i hate the stuff but i am happy you seem to enjoy it Chuck. familiarity breeds contempt and all that...

  2. Thanks A.P. I know that snow is a seasonal menace elsewhere. This current snowfall is a once in a multigenerational event here. My wife is a native Scot and has never seen this much snow. 18 inches (45 cm) of snow is a brief flurry in Canada and the US but here it is a freak occurrence.

    Thank goodness for the Gulf Stream keeping us warm over here on Orwell’s Airstrip One. I hope that wee oil spillage off Florida doesn’t mess that up (grin)

    Apart from my naïve glee about the sheer volume that has fallen my point is to highlight how folks can come together in an ad-hoc way to cope. That’s a great sign for hope.

  3. Bless you Timster. It sounds like you’re coming down with a cold (grin)

    Aangirfan posted a great article dispelling much of the tribe’s ancient claims to a great Biblical Kingdom. Guess what – they were lying through their teeth even then.

  4. Got a shovel in your hand dan, reverting to type (wink). Do they still let you in the local pub?

    Good points though, the last thing the Elite want is independence and community spirit, and by changing our weather like this, they may well have miscalculated.

    Snow in southern UK again this year, regular thing from now on. I used to drive past Met office HG in Reading every day, always got a weird vibe from it. Then it moved to Exeter and my work took me there as well, driving past most days with the same bad vibe oozing from it.

  5. I have a theory on Global Warming, Chucky (doesn't everyone).

    I think it is actually caused by an over supply of hot air in the atmosphere generated by Global Lying.

    Can you guess which cult is responsible for the centuries of Global Lies now threatening all life on the planet (Shock! Horror!)?

    Hint: Their latest gaggle of useful idiots are on display in Cancun.

    Of course, as Global Warming (read Global Taxation scam) itself is just another of their endless parade of Big Lies, maybe if they shut their lying traps about it there'd be even more snow burying Bonnie Scotland.


  6. That navvy gene had been pretty much repressed until now Suraci. The local pub is a little too rough for my refined tastes LOL.

    I hear there have already been fights locally over bread deliveries. A little common sense soon sorted that out. It was the worst of times, it was the best of times…. It doesn’t take long for people to show their real faces.

    It’s going to be hard for the elites to push for a carbon tax at this rate. People might start burning everything in sight to help global warming along. I wonder was the CO2 penalty for burning a banker would be (grin).

  7. That theory is as valid as what they’ve been sprouting for the last 30 years Celt. People here were delighted at the idea of Global Warming. Swimming in the Scottish coastal waters is not a popular pastime for good reason (grin). The cold and damp is as a good a reason as any for the Scots’ dour demeanour (grin).

    The timing of the event could not have been better from a sane, scientific viewpoint. Many folk here are pretty sceptical already. Dire warnings of a 4C temperature rise from the ‘conspiracy scientists’ would probably be a cause for public rejoicing.

    ♫… and if there’s no place to go…let it snow, let it snow, let it snow ♫

  8. Chucky I continue to see reports the gulf stream has almost come to a halt in the Gulf. I know around here in Florida it has hardly rained in months. We are accustomed to almost daily showers around here. Some say the gulf stream now in northern Europe is 10 degrees cooler. You may be nearing the mini ice age some predict.

    Various reports I seen show shoppers in various parts of the U. S. causing riots trying to get at piles of bargain goods. One person was almost trampled to death when they fell down. I signals bad times when the food supply dwindles which most of us with a room temperature I. Q. fully expect to happen.

  9. Chucky.
    I believe they do have a claim, but it's conditional on them maintianing the commands of the Lord. They broke their 'chains' to God - numerous times - and lost the right to claim the Holy Land as their own. Members of Naturi Karta have said Judaim forbids them to return (to claim it as their own). That they have is, yet another defiance of God. They will pay a heavy punishement for that - so the teachings of monotheism say. All this is prophecy unfolding.

    Glad your neighbours are pulling together. It's a pity that it takes harsh conditions for it to be so. Try and maintain the spirit my friend.

  10. There is definitely a major change (albeit temporary I hope) under way DM. It ‘normally’ rains a lot at this time of the year. Our current weather is coming all the way from Russia/Siberia.

    I had heard that the jet stream was changed – this was in relation to the floods in Pakistan earlier this year. Someone playing silly buggers on a HAARP?

  11. Hi there lwtc247. Thanks for dropping by. I think there are 2 possible ways to address this question.

    According to the tribe’s scripture they claim they were God’s chosen and had a covenant to back this up. We only have their (less than reliable) word for it.

    Aangirfan’s article illustrates some of the difficulties that archaeologists have trying to find any evidence of great structures or even remnants of King Solomon or David’s time. That must be galling for them when the Middle East is littered with the remains of ancient kingdoms.

    While I’m definitely not a biblical scholar, that covenant was broken by the behaviour of the tribes as you also state. All bets were off. According to orthodox Christian teaching God made a new covenant with mankind when he sent his only son to redeem us all.

    Islam disagrees as Jesus the Messiah or anointed one was a divine messenger who brought a new scripture or Gospel. He is seen a precursor to Muhammad PBUH.

    The other alternative answer is that a bunch Khazar coverts have no claim to the land at all. The diaspora is a myth created to provide a foundation for racist zionist teachings. The followers of the Torah and Talmud (now known as Jews) spread all along the ancient trade routes on their own accord.

    I do not wish to seem harsh lwtc247 but I view the Naturei Karta movement with great suspicion. I suspect them of being another controlled front whereby all sides of discussion are led or influenced by Jewish characters. Mark Glenn of did a great article on them once – as usual I can’t find it.

    Thank you for your kind words. You are correct that it is only at the worst of times that true goodness can shine.

  12. Sorry to go off on a tangent lwtc247 – if you’re still reading. If you have a spare day (I know, who’s got a spare day) I would really recommend the series ‘The Arrivals’. I really got a very warm feeling from their videos as well as a window into many arcane topics.

    The topics involved really address many issues that we all struggle with from a different perspective. It’s not a cure-all fix but I would recommend them to anyone.

  13. Hi Chucky.
    I watched the Arrivals and although I was very familiar with the stuff it covered, for me, it suggested answers to a number of important questions I had. However, it also raised some others e.g. What proof was there that pyramids and domes facilitate some kind of energy? and I think it claimes kween Elizardbreath II is a direct descendant of the pharaoh, that's a pretty bold claim but I don't think either of those examples are backed with proof or sufficient plausibility.

    I recall a conspiracy (from ancient history to the present) documentary (a forerunner of Zeitgeist) which I think was narrated by Regina Meredith {conscious media network}, in which it was claimed Jesus was the child of Mark Anthony and Cleopatra (I'll try and fish the name of it out later) - kinda trying to destroy the religious significance of Jesus and I could see how a CE (conspiracy examiner, like u and me) might find it plausible and take on board what it was saying, but there was no proof. So some of the claims in the Arrivals made me feel a wee bit the same.

    The Arrivals was good nonetheless (after the first 9 episodes when it began to take off)

    I have a feeling I may have come across Aangirfan’s article before. Just in case I'm wrong, please give me a link. But if there is no remains, I am not surprised given that God decreed that the temple be destroyed twice.

    Well, anyway, The Jews believe the Temple Mount is there and Al-Aqsa is definately there, and the Jews are definately trying to build the last ever temple there in place of Al Aqsa. If the historical temple wasn't there, then it has no conpemporary significnace. Once the Jewish rituals and special sacrifice are done, then the new temple will be open for business.

    Agreed about the Khazar's if one agrees (as the Jews claim) that Jewishness is that of being born of a Jewess. (But actually I think the Jews are wrong on this issue, which is kinda weird in itself)

    It's good you are cautious about all permitted dissent. Much of it is likely to have strings pulled by 'you know who' but NK's public stance agains the state of Israyhell and their denouncement of Zionism is true to scriputure and morally correct. It's also helpful to have Jews say such things as it helps combat the rubbish acuastions of being Anti-Semitic.

    ..must dash.

  14. Found it..
    "Ring of Power. A film connecting the dots between religion, the new world order and the Illuminati"

  15. The Jesus etc are the children of Cleopatra are found in sec. 12, "the 'Cult of Amen'" (and part 11 I think).

  16. Sorry for the delay answering lwtc247 - busy day coupled with a few hours of playing the Irish navvy - shovelling more snow.

    “kween Elizardbreath…” LOL. That’s a good version. There are lots of articles that I have come across that mention the theme of the ‘ancient bloodlines’. The ‘new Jerusalem’ theme is very prevalent among the many English inbreeds. It is a topic I find fascinatining but I don’t spend too much time on it. The elites seem to think it important.

    I enjoyed Zeitgeist and I look forward to the video you provided – many thanks. I tend sometimes to let things roll around in my head for a while to get a feel for how much weight I give them. It certainly and justifiably lampoons the traditions adopted by the Catholic/Christian churches.

    Emperor Constantine was a massive watershed in the fortunes – and subsequent belief systems of the followers of Jesus – whom I believe existed. He took a varied collection of followers and imposed a brand name and power structure upon them. There is also much anecdotal evidence in Irish history to the later adoption of ‘pagan’ traditions to allow for the easy assimilation and conversion of whole peoples.

    Coming back to ‘The Arrivals’ and the bloodlines again. They propose that there are 2 competing forces that arise from within these bloodlines. This is a theme that goes back into the misty past and seems to merge with the texts of the Vedic traditions. I (again) am not an expert. Dublin Mick might shed some light on that.

    It all seems to come back to the Temple Mount and Al-Aqsa. As you are aware they are different locations. No matter what our faith systems are – control of them seem vital to the PTB. The Kaaba in Mecca is sacrosanct for the followers of Islam – also the site predates that faith.

    As a fan of the Electric Universe Theory I can appreciate that plasma and other energies follow defined paths. Who am I to judge? I am prepared to admit to the power of faith. Maybe the many acting as a collective can create an egregore?

    Mike Rivero over at WhatReallyHappened also loves to bang on about the lack of archaeological evidence for the old testament stories. Aangirfan’s link was the one I posted earlier. Here it is.

    Thank you for asking such interesting questions lwht247.

  17. Thanks for the reply. Sadly these topics I feel are too deep for discussions about them to be of use (or discussion for the purpose of persuasion towards obtaining a different viewpoint), but I would ask you to research the rebuffed theological claims made. That isn't to I let organised religion off scott free, No.

    A friend passed me some by MR and I replied with something like this...

    Re: 3rd temple.
    "there is no archaeological evidence to prove it." Really? Says who? Who as undertaken painstaking research in the archaeological evidence? A 1 hour Google search doesn't hack it. Besides, how would one prove it? Looking at his point from a different perspective, isn't he therefore saying all those building stones etc were put there AFTER prophet Sulaiman? Where's the proof of that? And isn't this claim rather ignoring almost everything else, like the religious references? The temple ws supposed to have been destroyed twice (I'm not talking about damaged or robbed) and I think the Qur'an indicates no stone was left unturned (or words to that effect) when the Romans sacked the City, 2nd time it was destroyed.
    Excavation of the site is a relatively recent activity yes? - being done by Zionists tunneling, and they seem pretty secretive as to exactly what it is that they're doing down there. (there's lots of theories) so is there archelogical evidence.
    So I find Rovero's claim very weak indeed. I need a lot more before I'd feel the need to change my mind.
    I googled it and came across this page [ ] which correlates to what I had come to believe, a summary of which is given below:

    c.950BC Solomons temple is built
    c. 586 BC Nebuchadnezzar destroys the temple.
    c. 517 BC, Nehemiah and Zerubbabel rebuild the temple finish c 515
    c. 38 BC Herod _EXPANDS_ the Temple complex {Rivero said Herod built it. Herod was famous for building but did he build the Temple i.e. there was no Temple before or did he expand/renovate it? This seems a hot-spot of contention.
    c.70 AD. Roman General Titus destroys the temple.


    Anyway, I hope you do enjoy Ring of Power and get useful info from it. Regina seems like a woman on a mission though. Check out her conscious media network and the LOADS of videos (mostly interviews) she has there. The interview with the man who died many times was interesting but there was NO PROOF of his claims, but when ones got an agends to push, one rarely asks for proof when something favourable to ones stance is mentioned.

    As for Vedic philosophhy, they may be related to Cain. You could do worse than to read this book: Cain's Creed: The Cult of Rome, An Iconoclast's Revision of the Monotheist Saga.

    Bah, must rush again, will come back later.

  18. Hello again lwtc247. I’m glad you came back. After re-reading my comment on the other post I sounded like a bit of a twat. I meant no offense at the time. I left it up to prove I’m still a human with clay feet.

    On the temple story I am not afraid to admit the simple LV answer of ‘I don’t know’. I have read many articles over the years and the one thing I am certain of is this – the further back in time we reach the less we know. I have zero faith in archaeology. Like modern academia – whoever pays the piper, calls the tune.

    My primary interest is in global geo-politics and also science. I do not subscribe to many mainstream theories on either – hence my interest in the Electric Universe. Just because I do not follow or subscribe to an ideal or philosophy does not reduce or detract from the real fact that others do believe. I am convinced that true belief has a power that we are only dimly aware of.

    Tomorrow is the weekend and barring more snow I should get some ‘quality time’ to watch the videos. You are correct that these forums are definitely NOT a good medium to really examine any issue in depth. Once again thanks for posing the challenging questions.

  19. But these forums are a FANTASTIC place for pointing people in the direction of a mountain of long suppressed Facts and Truth, which they can then freely research - and don't the psycho shysters hate that . . .

    The Hollowcause scam, the Van Allen Radiation Belts problem our intrepid moon walkers somehow overcame without needing a 3 feet thick leaden spacecraft, and the 911 false flag are three of my personal favorites.

    All those filthy Big Lies of theirs I believed, along with the majority of the herd who still do, until I got online and people around the world on forums started pointing me in the right direction.

    It wasn't long after that I realized what that flickering lump of crap plugged into my living room wall actually was and off to the dumpster it went. That was a freeing experience, Chucky.



  20. Thanks Celt. The internet is a wonderful medium for exploring avenues that would never have existed before. As a crack whore granny selling services on my live web cam I must agree – NOT

    There must still be an element of caution. The khazars have developed their bullshitting talents for thousands of years. I think lwtc247 said something similar. Another way of putting it is to trust – but verify.

    You are on the money also Celt. This is Pandora’s box. They are struggling to put compassion back in the box but to do so will screw the also. This is a site I can lose days exploring.

  21. Canny Tranny Granny4 December 2010 at 07:36

    Ah Chucky, I never met a crack whore granny I couldn't like.

    Yes, the usual suspects are crawling all over the web trying to make it their own; just like all the lying MSM has been for a century, but I do check and I think I'm on solid ground being a Hollowcause/Moon Walk/911 skeptic, among many others.

    Thanks for the link, I'll check it out.


  22. Thanks Chucky,

    Can understand why you get lost in that site for days; they've got over 10,000 articles archived.

    I may also be lost for a few days in there. It looks like a top site.

    p.s. Did C.T. Granny comment make it through? lol


  23. This is interesting, from the site you linked me to, Chucky.


    Van Allen radiation belts and solar flares create deadly radiation in space.* NASA spacecraft were not shielded against this. Apollos 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 flew during the peak of solar cycle 20, with large flares occur-ring during the flights. All those astronauts would have received many hundreds or thousands of times the LIFETIME radiation limits for nuclear energy workers.

    * ... the radiation was first predicted by Nikola Tesla around the beginning of this century as the result of experimental and theoretical work he had done on electricity in space in general and the electrical charge of the Sun in particular. He tried then to tell our academic natural philosophers (scientists) that the Sun had a fantastic electrical charge and that it must generate a solar wind. But to no avail. . . .

    A Supersonic Transport (SST) must drop altitude when it gets a dosage of 10 millirems, at 100 millirems it must alter its flight plan. 170 millirems is dangerous and almost guarantees cancer in the future.

    Subsequent study showed that this belt, or belts, [begins] in near space about 500 miles out and extends out to over 15,000 miles... Van Allen belt radiation is dependent upon the solar wind and is said to focus or concentrate that radiation.

    During Apollo 14 and 16 the solar flares would have given the astronauts approximately 75 rem (not millirems!). In an article in National Geographic, "Chernobyl—One Year Later" it says:

    "In general, 5 rem is considered acceptable for a nuclear-plant employee in a year, with 25 rem (the total countenanced for Chernobyl cleanup workers) an allowable once-in-a-lifetime dose."

    The walls of the spacecraft were "paper thin" and the fabric suits had no radiation shielding built in, anyway only very thick lead or a large measure of water (approximately 6 feet of shielding mass) will reduce the radiation of solar flares to anywhere close to safe levels.

    How did NASA protect the astronauts against this deadly radiation? The words "Space Radiation" appear extremely rarely, if at all, in books about manned space flights.

    Russian scientists told astronomer Bernard Lovell that they know of no way to shield from radiation outside the Van Allen radiation belts.


    Seems to me like NASA has been very economical with the Truth over the past 40 years or so.

    Thanks again for the link, Chucky.


  24. It is a massive website. I am undecided on the Moon Landings Celt. There have been a lot of really good questions asked and even an episode of Mythbusters dedicated to them. They say that they busted the conspiracy but I was not convinced.

    As much as enjoy their show Mythbusters have point blank refused to cover 911. An episode on RFID cards/chips was terminated abruptly by the network. The chip makers do not want any publicity on this issue. I am happy to treat the show as entertainment and not a technical source.

    There were a number of Astronauts that were asking serious questions about the whole NASA program in the 60’s. Unfortunately they were all killed after an ‘accidental’ pure oxygen fire in one of the rocket command modules. The Apollo 13 saga was pure Hollywood in my opinion.

    I’m not sure of the REM numbers but 75 REM (while not fatal) would guarantee cancer or leukaemia developing at a later date. Acute doses of 150 REM and upwards are the potentially fatal ones. I’m old enough to remember the worries that Astronauts would be sterile or other nasty side effects from travelling out of Low Earth Orbit. It’s strange that they haven’t been back since.