Wednesday 17 November 2010

Death by Plastic

I know that I have kept banging on the same old drum in my posts a lot recently. If you are not aware that this sham society we inhabit is run for, and by, the banks then you’re doomed. Go back to sleep – sorry if I woke you.

Excuse me while I plaster on a fake smile and wade through this shite one more time. The vampires are once again circling around the Euro zone and focusing this time on my homeland – Ireland. The Banksters via their puppet politicos really have the Irish people by the short and curlies.

It started with the now common scene of banks making outrageous profits from loaning money that didn’t exist for ‘developments’ that weren’t needed. Once the Rothschilds yanked the credit (debt) lines the Irish banks were screwed.

Enter stage left the usual fools (politicians) who kindly steeped in and offered to saddle the Irish people with multi-generational debt peonage to help their golf buddies out. Two years later and the Irish people have been on a debt diet (public spending slashed and tax increased) that would make an anorexic wince.

Now the ‘wise’ taking heads of finance say that the Irish can’t borrow enough to cover their expenses. There’s that word again – borrow. Their good little lackeys in Dublin complain that they have enough stashed away to last until June next year – what’s the worry?

Here’s the punch line from David McWilliams, a former Irish Central Bank economist. In this article he says “Ireland should agree to let the European Central Bank - which has full-time observers inside the Department of Finance in Dublin - take 'direct responsibility for the Irish banks, over and above the Irish government.’”


Update. Don’t just take my word for it – here’s Max Keiser.


What a surprise. Only one nation has had the good sense to tell the banksters to shove it where the sun doesn’t shine – Iceland. The high priests of usury are the root cause of this misery and expect us to meekly surrender to them to fix it. If anyone believes that I have a bridge to sell them.

Meanwhile here in the land of endless CCTV surveillance cameras (that never work when you need them) another useless diversion is underway. It’s seems like the deviant bloodlines are having a little nuptial celebration. Expect non-stop saturation coverage of this bunch of inbreeds (cheers Suraci) for months while the power grabs take place behind the scenes.

What can we mere humans do about it all? Well here’s an idea from an unlikely source. Eric Cantona is a former soccer player, actor and it seems a thinker too.

We take it out on the banks. Demonstrations by hundreds of thousands did not stop the war crime of the illegal Iraq invasion. They won’t stop the banksters either. We simply stop playing their game. We organise a coordinated withdrawal of funds from all the banks on the same day - a deliberate run on the banks. Why not?

Stop using the tools of the beast in your daily lives. It’s time to get creative. Buy quality second hand goods. I would rather have sturdy functionality than bling. Most importantly stop borrowing money. All we have to lose are our chains of bondage. We can storm the Bastille armed with nothing more than our bank cards.


  1. It seems that my timing of this post was uncanny. I just read this article posted on I guess the shite and the fan are about to get acquainted real soon.

    It’s nice to know that the destitution of the Irish people will ensure that the German Banksters don’t lose any of their fat bonuses.

  2. Chuckyman, Here here, great stuff

    Steve B

  3. I appreciate you popping by Steve B.

    I had an interesting idea that as well as taking out simple cash what would be the effect if people cashed in their various savings schemes/scams also – things like ISA’s here or 401k’s in the US. Think we’d get anyone’s attention?

    I think that the ultimate plan is a cashless herd – everything on chips (card or sub-dermal). Taking out the cash might bugger up that one a little.

    PS I am getting my finger out (grin)

  4. Sorry folks. The link to Suraci’s blog seems to be broken. It had a great picture of the hereditary linkage between the Chuck and Di spin off mini-series. My advice to the couple – always wear a seatbelt.


    Still one of my favorites, if they can't get you in the wallet they will get you in the kitchen.

  6. Suraci's blog seems to have been taken down since this morning. Someone didn't like what he was saying.

    There's a google forum somewhere that's hard to find where if you ask real nice a moderator might just restore it. I know, I had to use it in Aug. of 09 after mine got deleted. I was surprised that it worked. Hopefully Suraci had a backup or a mirror site. Keep us informed if you learn anything.

  7. I agree Chuckyman. The chip implant and cashless society have been on the agenda for years, David Icke has a lot to say on this subject, aside from that though, every time you use your bank card they know where you are and what you are spending and what you are buying. Cash is both their best friend and their worst enemy.
    The noose is tightening Chuckyman, not long now before they hang themselves.

    Quick, quick, get me a knife, these guys need to be cut down before they choke to death...... no no, not that one, see if you can find me one with a nicely carved handle, but hurry. (grin)

    Glad you got your finger out, your posts have been a bit long in coming. I am like a baby sitting in a highchair, mouth gaping, feet kicking, wanting to be fed then seeing mummy with an empty bowl.... shame on you!!!!!

    Naaaaaa, love your efforts sir, thanks.

    Steve B

  8. Kirchner of Argentina defied the IMF.

    Kirchner died rather suddenly.

  9. I still think that was an excellent article you posted and Noor has re-linked. I see that Noor had a bit of bother with that post DM. Not long after she posted it on her site the pictures were deleted. She seems to have them back up again.

    Suraci’s had this happen to him before Kenny. I have dropped him a note and I hope to hear from him. I really like his posts and it would be a loss to not have his input.

    I know how you feel Steve B. I am looking forward to a swinging party also. Thanks for the feedback. I didn’t realise anyone looked forward to my ranting scribbles (grin).

    Spot on Aangirfan. The recent decapitation of the entire Polish Government is chilling example of the price to be paid for disobedience.

  10. A quick update on Suraci’s blog. He is currently getting a lot of grief with any online work so it may be a while before his site is back up.

    PS DM is everything OK with your mail? My messages are being bounced back your mail host.

  11. If there is a problem they have fixed it where I don't notice mail bouncing back. My posts don't show here lately or on Noor's site.

  12. Interesting development DM – show time is nearly here. I see in the last few days that more light is being shown on the real reason why the Dublin Government has been overthrown and the European Central Bank is now in charge.

    The entire banking system is like a towering pyramid of elephants balancing on playing cards. The CDS swap market is toast. Any attempt by the Irish to honestly deal with their debt will set off an unstoppable chain reaction of bankruptcy. That will not be permitted.

    As Aangirfan pointed out any politico making that decision in the best interests of the Irish people would be signing their own death warrant. Where is Michael Collins when we need him?

  13. Have you seen this article, Chucky?

    It deserves wide circulation.



  14. Hi there Celt. I hadn’t read that one. It’s very apt for the Americans considering the turkeys just finished voting for Christmas recently. I see from the comments that Dublin Mick and Noor have already given their impression on it already (grin).

    I hear the US airports are very quiet today – unusually so considering this is one of their busiest days. Jail time is not good on the CV in the current economic climate. Abstinence is an understandable choice considering the natural reaction of any father/husband is to beat the crap out of anyone molesting their partners and children.

    I’m nearly finished getting my home computer back together again after rebuilding the basic hardware – what a week so far. I have been using a laptop that in PC years should have been pushing up daisies years ago.

    I did catch this today from Jim Kirwan over on Rense. In a way it briefly crosses paths with your revoltoftheplebs post. Powerful stuff. and