Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Cleaning House

It’s funny the mental linkages that the random firing of synapses create sometimes. I have been working at home a lot recently and my good and tolerant woman is out working. Nothing wrong with that as it’s just the way our work patterns are at the moment.

I was doing my bit to help out by keeping things like the place clean and the laundry up to date (stop sniggering – I heard that). It occurred to me that many of us are happy to whinge, moan and complain on how bad things are.

Basically we want someone else to do the boring, mundane and even unpleasant jobs. I have no time for that sort of indulgent crap. Nobody is going to do it for us. No white charger or cavalry troop will come riding over the hill to save our asses. We have get stuck in and do it ourselves.

To follow on from my last post I see that there is still some life left in the comatose body of Irish politics. So those soppy love songs weren’t far from the truth after all. You only miss what is dear to you once it’s gone. In this case it was the sovereignty that generations of Irish people have fought and died for.

The sight of fat, over-privileged Euro pigs marching in and telling the Irish government what to do – to make them an offer they couldn’t refuse – was too much to take. The already bought and paid-for lackeys are trying to carry on as usual – here’s their austerity budget. I caught this on Suraci’s blog (he’s back) - Jim Corr trying to rally the fight back.

We have never been reticent before about telling an all-powerful global empire to shove it up their ass. It’s almost a genetically conditioned response. My guess is to watch out for a number of lower caste banksters to off themselves due to ‘pressure’ or ‘financial strain’ soon. This could get interesting.

Meanwhile over in the USS of Amerika we shall soon learn the effect of the National Opt-Out Day. I hear the US airports are very quiet today – unusually so considering this is one of their busiest days.

I can well understand why concerned citizens would prefer to avoid the airports completely rather than stand up for their right to be treated like a sentient human being. Anyone defending their rights is likely to face jail time and that would not look good on their CV in the current economic climate.

Abstinence is an understandable choice considering the natural reaction of any father/husband is to beat the crap out of anyone molesting their partners and children. There has been a lot written recently on this issue so we are well aware of what is involved.

All around us we see people getting ready. No one is immune and the fun and games are about to begin. We see the sleepwalking masses rouse from their fast food induced haze. The last 24 hours have seen more riots and protests in Britain and now Portugal.

They can try to distract us with war mongering in Korea but that is yet another distraction from the many dangers we all face on our own doorsteps. There are enough of us now to ensure that we all keep on track of the real issues. When the dirty work needs to be done we need to be ready to do it ourselves.


  1. Not to mention the expense of getting arrested and thrown in jail! If you manage to avoid strangling yourself to death while having your hands cuffed behind you to a chair, you can count on a good 20-$50,000 in attorney's fees. Definitely cheaper to drive or better yet, just stay home. Is that what they want, ultimately? For all of us to stay put where they can keep an all watchful eye on us? Or, is all this peeping and groping leading to a much creepier outcome?

    Which I suppose could lead to the eventual chipping of all of us?

  2. Thanks for the Kirwan links, Chucky.

    Yes, he does lightly touch on the Revolt of the Plebs article.

    He says a hell of a lot more too.

    Some of the information he includes is mind numbing. Our countries really are peopled by vast herds of televidiots grazing 24/7 their entire lives on pastures of kosher Big Lies.

    I'm reminded of that old saying: "Oh what a wicked web we weave when first we do endeavor to deceive." No doubt we are all struggling in their web. Kol Nidre anyone?

    It now seems obvious the kosher corporate Bolsheviks putting their modern day KGB thugs into US airports is the thin edge of a much larger wedge yet to be revealed. Kirwan could be on to it, with his claim of imminent martial law in America. Another Judaic Peoples Paradise(?), just like the miserable murderous USSR shithole they hatched out of Christian Russia.

    Anyway, when it blows up Chucky, it will be interesting what is done with all the troops overseas. As Kirwan says, there is now effectively no US National Guard; they are busy killing innocent people in foreign countries. I wonder if that is part of the plan? No chance of National Guardsmen turning patriotic and defending US citizens from the psychopaths in power while they are way over there in Iraq/Afghanistan/Pakistan/North-South Korea?

    Interesting times, my friend. (Old Chinese curse, lol)


    I got on to Jim Corr's vid yesterday and he is spot on. Ireland to lead the charge!!

    He had around a thousand hits at that stage and now is up in the 20's, but with anything on evil google's youtube the view numbers can never be trusted.

    Perhaps you have seen David Chandler's excellent five-and-a-half minute 'North Tower Exploding' vid posted on youtube? It is pretty much the best vid I have seen on the kosher corporate criminals' 911 False Flag controlled demolition of the 3 World Trade Center towers. It clearly shows the explosive thermite charges as they demolish the North Tower. Here is the link if you've not yet seen it:

    Chandler's vid has been up since February, yet has only 32,000 hits. Ludicrously low and clear indication that the grubs in control of youtube fake the views on vids that would wake more of the herd, to keep them out of the 'most popular' lists.

    I'm looking forward to them one day being required to explain to a court exactly why they aided and abetted the real perpetrators of the 911 mass murder and treason, after the fact. "Just following orders?"



  3. Hi there Saladin. I heard that the DNA shredding scanners were switched off yesterday. It may be a small victory for the people but it also highlights that they are not really necessary. It actually gets worse for Americans – these bloody machines are coming to train and bus stations also. I’m sure you saw this and other articles over at WRH.

  4. You are right on the mark Celt on all points. I really enjoy Kirwan’s writings and artwork. He’s been trying to waken people up for so long that he feels like an old family friend. One very important point that he highlights is the open secret of the rule by corporation.

    The whole system is rigged. The corporations are not in the process of taking over – they’ve been in power for decades or even ceturies. I did a post on this a while back.

    The troops overseas could well be abandoned if the collapse happens as quickly as I suspect. The power elites really don’t want them back either for the reason you mention. Google schmoogle - we all know those numbers are iffy.

    I’m working on something on 911 at the moment. Being a talentless hack it takes me a little longer to pry ideas out of the seething morass in my head. That should really place me firmly in the camp of ‘nutter’. At least I’ll have lots of company when I get there (grin).

  5. I just noticed the site hit counter. It reads 010 911. Cue the X files music (grin)

  6. Hi Timster. Sorry but I didn’t get a notification of your post. That was my fault for not checking manually. The clock’s ticking and we’ll find out soon enough (grin).