Wednesday 8 February 2023

Rumours of War

 Well, Pootie Poots didn’t make a big speech last month so he has let the Wagner musicians make all the headlines.  It seems those ‘quiet green men’ of Crimean fame pack a mighty wallop when let off the leash.

Tonight I was lurking as usual at BCE’s place (or is that ‘CB’ E's place LOL).  Lots of really good banter about Rooski capabilities and Aesop dropped by also.

In light of that and other discussions recently I will present the following ‘as is’.  I have seen it mentioned in multiple threads this week but I’m no presstitute - so I can’t confirm it.

The Krauts have announced that they would be supplying their panzer oops Leopards to the Orcs in the ‘Kraine.  In addition they are to supply 14 of the newest, latest 2A6 models and 88 of the older redundant 1 models.  14 New and 88 old.

If you are not up to date with your neo-Nazi shorthand 1488 is a combination of two of their ‘popular’ hidden messages. 

The first symbol is 14 which is shorthand for their "14 words" slogan - "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children." 

The second is 88, which stands for HH or "Heil Hitler" (H being the 8th letter of the alphabet).

It could be that someone is shit stirring and making this wee detail up.  It’s not like the Russians really need any more motivation at this point.  


Here’s another idea I came across on the psy-op line.  Remember all those train loads of ancient T64’s we saw videos of back in summer that supposedly were going to the Donbas militias.  The line was that they were to be issued to them as ‘that’s what they were used to/trained on’.

The Russian knew that they would soon be very short staffed when all their contract troops timed out and went home to Civvie Street.  Did those clever Ivan’s dangle that juicy carrot in front of the NATO planners prepping for the Kharkov offensive?

It seems that the Hohols (*) 2nd NATO army was eliminated by those withdrawing Russians once they were out in the open.  Coincidence much???  It seems like the Russians withdrew everything but the T64’s LOL.  The use of inflatable decoys is an old trick.  What if you have real tanks to give away?

I think it is a good idea for some of us to think how desperate the American and Western neo-cons are that they just keep doubling down and blundering all over the Russian no-go red lines.  

Vladimir Vladimirovich knew exactly what needed to be done before showing his hand last February.  He warned the West 15 years ago and he’s been ahead of them every step of the way.

There are many ways to get the bear out of his cave.  No one knows a single way to put him back in again.  Every time it’s been done before they end in the enemy’s capitol city with the city in ruins.  


(*) It seems like I’m the only one calling the Nazi’s orcs and the slang online is to refer to the Russian hordes in that way – hence I’m now going to be using Hohols.

I’m also no longer going to use the term ‘elites’.  They don't deserve or have earned that title.  From now on I will use ‘apex predators’ instead.  

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