Thursday 19 January 2023

Playing for Keeps

 On January 18, 1943, the Red Army broke the siege of Leningrad during the Iskra (Spark) Offensive waged by the Leningrad and Volkhov fronts.

This week President Putin laid flowers at the "Frontier Stone" monument on the Nevsky Piglet.  This marks the 80th anniversary of the breakthrough of the blockade of Leningrad.  Video  

This is no empty ritual for him.  His older brother died during the siege and it’s a miracle his parents survived to go on and bring into the world – thanks be to God.

Simultaneously, according to Deutsche Welle, the European Parliament has just voted for the creation of a tribunal for the top leadership of the Russian Federation and Belarus, to investigate the crimes of Putin and Lukashenko. 

On the Resolution calling for the creation of an international tribunal to investigate the crimes of Putin and Lukashenko" of European Parliament the vote was as follows;

Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) that voted in favour: 472

Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) that voted against: 19

Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) that abstained: 33

Only 10% did not agree!!

We have already seen armour with the German Iron Cross insignia used by the orcs in the war footage to date.  The Polish leadership is braying to be able to send German armour into battle in Orcland.  What message does all this send to the Russian people if German armour in similar livery rolls out to fight?

We now see in Putin a man whose family was forged in the dreadful fires of total war.  He has no illusions of what war really means and is not afraid to face it.  Now the idiots in the EU have basically put out a wanted poster with his head on it.

Today/tomorrow Putin will give a speech to the Russian people.  He gave a similar speech in February 2022 and we know what followed.  The Russian armed forces are fully mobilised and ready.  The ground in orcland has frozen.  

Before the conflict the Russians wanted NATO back to the 1991 borders.  Who would want to stop them if they set out to enforce that demand?  We’ll be lucky if he stops at the Polish border and leaves the yapping Baltic lapdogs in one piece.   


For more info on Putin’s family’s ordeal in Leningrad here’s a recent post on Telegram.

Part 1

Part 2

✔️ The war began, the father wrote a statement to the front. They sent him to the NKVD sabotage detachment. They were thrown into the near rear to carry out acts of sabotage, but they almost immediately fell into an ambush. Someone betrayed them. They were pursued through the forest, and he survived because he sat for several hours in a swamp and breathed through a reed.

✔️ Moreover, he heard how German soldiers passed nearby, how dogs yapped. They brought me a file on this group from the archives of the Ministry of Defense. Of the 28 people, four crossed the front line back to ours. 24 died.

✔️ And then they were sent to the Nevsky Piglet. It was probably the hottest place in the entire blockade. Our troops held a small bridgehead, it was assumed that this would be a bridgehead for breaking the blockade. The dominating heights were all around him, they were shooting through him. It's still solid metal.

✔️ And my father told how he was wounded there. All his life he lived with shrapnel in his leg: all of them were never taken out. The foot never flexed afterwards. He and his friend made a sortie to the rear of the Germans, crawled and crawled ... And then it was both funny and sad: they got close to the German pillbox, a healthy man came out of there, looked at them ... but they could not get up, because they were at gunpoint. “A man,” he says, “he looked at us carefully, took out a grenade, then a second one and threw these grenades at us.” Life is such a simple thing and cruel.

✔️ It was already winter, the Neva was frozen, it was necessary to somehow get over to the other side. There were few who wanted to drag him to the other side, because there the Neva was in full view and was shot through by both artillery and machine guns. There was almost no chance to reach that shore. But quite by chance, his housemate in Peterhof turned out to be nearby. And this neighbor dragged him without hesitation. Both of them made it there alive. The neighbor waited for him in the hospital, made sure that he had been operated on, and said: “Well, now you will live, and I went to die.”

✔️ And went back. And then I asked my father: “Well, did he die?” They got lost, and the father still believed that the neighbor was dead. And somewhere in the 60s, he suddenly came home, sat on a chair and cried. He met this savior. In the shop. In Leningrad. By chance. I went to the grocery store and saw him. It’s necessary that both of them went to this particular store at that very moment. One chance in a million...

✔️ And my mother told me how she came to her father in the hospital. They had a small child, he was three years old. And the hunger, the blockade ... And her father gave her his hospital ration. Secretly from doctors and nurses. And she hid him, carried him home and fed the child. Well, then he began to faint in the hospital, the doctors understood everything and stopped letting her in.

✔️ And then the child was taken away from her. They did this in secret order in order to save children from starvation. Collected in orphanages for evacuation. The parents weren't even asked. He fell ill there and did not survive. And they were not even told where he was buried. And so people I didn’t know worked in the archives and found documents for my brother.

✔️ And this is really my brother. Not only the address where he was taken from coincided. Matched first name, last name, patronymic, year of birth. And the place of burial was indicated: Piskarevsky cemetery and even a specific site.

✔️ And the father, when the child was taken away and the mother was left alone, and he was allowed to walk, stood on crutches and went home. When I approached the house, I saw that the orderlies were carrying corpses out of the entrance. And I saw my mother. He approached, and it seemed to him that she was breathing.

✔️And he says to the orderlies: “She’s still alive!” - "On the way it will come, it will not survive." He said that he attacked them with crutches and forced her to lift her back to the apartment. And he left her. She stayed alive. And lived until 1999. And he died at the end of 1998.

✔️ And there was no family where someone would not die, but they did not have hatred for the enemy, that's amazing. To be honest, I still don't fully understand this. Mom said: “Well, what kind of hatred can there be for these soldiers? They are simple people. They were just driven to the front." These are the words I remember from my childhood.

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