Tuesday 10 October 2023

The 1916 Effect - updated

Update - there was another 2 segments from Norman Finkelstein's interview.  Ballsy statements to boot

For both of you readers out there- sorry, nothing for months and then 2

Easter 1916 in Irish history was a watershed moment in my country’s history.  Irish rebels declared the creation of an Irish Republic and occupied strategic buildings – mostly in Dublin.  A siege broke out between Irish and British forces.  Artillery and even gun boats were used indiscriminately to shell Dublin and eventually the Irish surrendered.

The defeated Irish forces were marched through the wreckage of the city and ordinary civilians spat on them.  They were hated.  The British in their arrogance decided to sentence the rebels to the usual death sentence.  Instead of lining them all up and shooting them they executed 1 per day.  The wounded James Connolly was even strapped to a chair to be shot.

I mention this as the continuous drip by drip vengeance of the Brits, day by day, turned the tide.  By the time of its conclusion the war of liberation that followed was certain.  British vengeance seized defeat from victory.  My thinking follows on from Pickler’s question (this is not a dig at Pickler) in my earlier post today.  I am seeing vengeance porn all over the Western media at the minute.

There are small exchanges currently on the borders of Lebanon and Syria.  Iraqi and Yemeni militias are making noises of moving west.  The Middle Eastern governments still have no balls but their populations are under no illusions in their support.  To set the scene check out Norman Finkelstein on the Jimmy Dore show.

Israhelli government officials talk about turning Gaza into a tent city – between 1.8 - 2.1 million people - 50% children.  That’s more that the Northern Ireland population.  The bastards bombed the border crossing to Egypt to discourage humanitarian relief.  The footage was on Telegram – screaming civvies!!

Benny Nitwit Yahoo was deeply involved in the 911 op.  He used the ‘pearl harbour’ flag in his speech just like the PNAC document that led to the war of terror and invasion of the sand box.  These fuckers are going to slaughter the occupants of the last concentration camp.

There is a term I learned from Andrei Martyanov who has educated me a lot on modern war theory called escalation dominance – who is the big daddy and who determines the next step up.

Watch the Muslim Umma (world) as Jews exterminate Muslims in industrial quantities.  Drip by drip.  It was bad enough in the times of ‘Operation Caste Lead I and II’ plus the others since.  Israhell murders the Palestinians and the world won’t address it and moves on.

The ‘Kraine has shown the US/ZOG empire is a washed out bully.  Iran didn’t back down in 2020 after General Soleimani was murdered.  America blinked as the strike was as good – if not better than what they could do with outdated cruise missiles.

This is the 1916 effect.  Benny’s government is going to exterminate a huge number of the Gazans just to bury the political opposition, corruption investigation and the land deals when they are all dead or displaced. The built-in hatred of the Arab inhabitants is just garnish on top.

This is a Category 1 warning to all folks.  If this shit does not get calmed down the US is like likely to lose 1 or 2 Carrier Groups and every airbase within 2000 miles of Iran.  After that all bets are off.

As a human I stand with the Gazans.  I’ve been on the receiving end of government shit but this is biblical level stuff.  If this doesn’t get calmed down we go will go from the Apocalypse (unveiling) to the Armageddon (battle on the plains of Megiddo)

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