Sunday 15 January 2023

USS Liberty – Operation Cyanide

 It’s strange how some concepts and ideas rhyme.  I came across a new documentary series posted on Telegram about the USS Liberty’s deliberate attack by Israhell in June 1967.  For the newbies, it was planned that she was to go down with all hands.

The small hat squad schemed this with their usual ‘skills’.  The attack was to be blamed on Egypt and the US Navy’s plans were already in the air to ‘avenge’ the Liberty.  Cairo was to be nuked, Abdel Nasser would be gone and LBJ’s campaign funding issues would be solved.  Israhell’s hands would be clean – or so they thought.  

Yet again the law of unintended consequences comes into play.  The USSR was watching closely and on the detonation of the first nuke Jerusalem would have been converted in a flat landscape of Trinitite.

These people are cunning and not clever.  They are running the White House like the movie ‘A Weekend at Biden’s’.  These are the clowns plotting the downfall of Russia.  What could go wrong?

Do remember the 34 souls that died that day.

Part 1 June 8th (note – I don’t believe JewTube’s stats)

Part 2 Q & A with Vets

Part 3 Intro to Part 4

Part 4 Whodunnit!!

For more information on Sacrificing Liberty visit

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