Saturday 14 January 2023

Whoops Apocalypse - updated

 I was going to post the usual Christmas and New Year wishes etc but then I realised the only regular reader is sadly no longer with us.  I still mention you buddy in my prayers.  Tonight is the Russian Orthodox or Old New Year.

War, Famine, Pestilence, Death.  In a joke by Bill Hicks he was watching CNN (even then).  These 4 horsemen were all they reported yet when he stuck his head out the door there was nothing but the peaceful sound of crickets.

Growing up in Belfast I would meet people from no more than an hour’s travel away.  They said there was no troubles where they came from.  Not yet feckers!!

I had a post ready back in November just before the US mid-terms.  I was spot on.  The vote was stolen.  As it turns out just enough to stop the obvious need for lynchings but enough to stop the popular vote landslide.  

Slavery, servitude or civil war.  Whatever the outcome, the first American Republic is over.  Like France there will be another republic – only the body count will vary.

The Russian Bear is still tearing strips of the ZOG’s pet attack dog and there’s nothing they can do to stop it.  The irony of the master race’s orcs being overrun by Wagner’s ex-con merc’s this week in Solidar has too much irony to put in to words.

Now dying suddenly is caused by climate change, or taking naps, or sun spots or it’s always been like this…..  Teens always drop dead during sport, top flight athletes fall over because of a knock to the chest and airline pilot shortages are caused by racism…………..

This is my new word of the year to come.  By no standards are we out of the collective shit.  

Cold men in groups that call themselves ‘elites’ have long since prepared these times. They have ruled from above for so long that you and I are mere ants under their feet.  They used to be called Aristocracy – the upper class.  They no longer have a name.  They have risen above that name.  They live above the ‘new money’ Billionaires and reign from the shadows. 

Suitable candidates were chosen, groomed, compromised and promoted.  Their masters parade them around at all the best places for all to see.  Agendas were set and the wars were planned.  There’s just one problem – only one can wield the crown.

The ‘West’ has been run by these banksters and the black bloodlines for centuries.  Washington DC, City of London, Amsterdam, Venice and ….back in time we go.  It was always thus and always it would be but…..but there are new monsters on the scene and they are the MotherWEFers.

Instead of debt they will enslave us in tech.  Digital money, digital ID’s, smart grids, embedded tech and stupid consumers (what else would you call sheep).  They have no use for the old money ways and hence the desire to destroy that system.  They also have no use for us.  Wars are messy so they’ll kill us quietly

The great money tree was falling at the end of 2019 so it was time to implement the ‘PLAN’. The great Coof-19 plandemic was the vector to get the clot shot adopted by the most trusting and stupid of the herd.  But we didn’t all buy it.  Between 20 and 30% of us did not, would not and will not comply.

An active 10% of any population is enough to overthrow the system.  Now we have a control group that was not meant to be.  A tide of fear and uncertainty is rising amongst the jabberwockied as the real ‘case’ numbers rocket.

Add that to the small fact that the old money ‘elites’ won’t go quietly.  Two power blocks that want the whole cake to themselves are going head to head.  Thankfully for us their power wanes and they cannot help but to undermine their own causes while attacking each other.

While these mongrels fight like dogs over the feed bowl the mantle of civilisation has moved East.  The high-water mark of their time is over and the tide recedes and all around us crumbles the cess pit of progressive modernism.  They can take their Satanic ideas with them to the pit.

Let this be a Happy New Year while it burns.  I’m under no illusion that these are the hard times that call for hard men.  Welcome to the apocalypse folks– the grand unveiling.  All shall now be known.  I don’t normally quote verse but feck it.

Ephesians 6:12

11 Put on the full armour of God, so that you can make your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this world’s darkness, and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. 13 Therefore take up the full armour of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you will be able to stand your ground, and having done everything, to stand.…

Happy Old New Year.  Lets make it a good one.


Thanks to feedback from Kathy here’s a little extra for thought.  I wish Gonzalo had shut up and let Tom compete his train of thought more.  It is long but thought provoking.

The warnings from Max Egan and others is that the elites are not the real danger.  They must not complete the creation of their digital AI grid as it will be self-sustaining.  

The work isn’t over but we should not let fear and doubt hold us back


  1. I don't think the power blocs are fighting, they are all in on this reset together

    1. Hello Kathy and Happy New Year – whichever one you follow.

      My post didn’t go into a lot of details on this as it’s a massive discussion. The best, most obvious, example was the sabotage of Nord Stream 1 & 2.

      Europe managed to beg borrow or steal enough gas for the domestic market THIS winter. Their massive industrial economies are toast. There is a lot of popular unrest already across Europe and when the temperatures finally go negative – look out below.

      The kicker is next year as there is no way to fill the reserves again. This was deliberately caused by those in power in the US in the hope of keeping the zombie Dollar going by stealing Europe’s lunch

      The big push for digital cash and ID’s will be next. Enough of us watched the last 2 years and they won’t get enough buy-in. The big push to ban gas cookers is a scam to get smart air monitors in the home – all part of the new total surveillance grid – or so they wish.

      The war plans aren’t working, the sanctions aren’t working and the digital demons need to piggyback on the existing control grid to impose the next. None of it will come online soon enough. Agenda 2030 will be stillborn.

      I’ll pop on an excellent round table discussion from Gonzalo Lira with Tom Luongo and Alex Krainer onto the blog post. It’s long but Tom is excellent. Here it is if you want a head start.