Thursday, 31 March 2011

Libya - Reality Versus Spin

I came across a great article by Susan Lindauer that Kev Boyle had reprinted.

As I briefly touched on in a previous post the public perception of the bombing of Pan AM flight 103 over Lockerbie in Scotland is that Gaddafi ordered it. Libya suffered under years of sanctions and one of the conditions to end them was to hand over 2 men for a prolonged show trial at The Hague.

WRONG. As usual it was the world’s largest drug smugglers, the CIA, covering their arses as only they can – killing all the witnesses. Here’s a section of the article.

On the day it was blown out of the sky, Pan Am 103 was carrying that team of CIA and FBI investigators, the CIA's Deputy Chief assigned to Beirut, and three Defense Intelligence officers, including McKee and Gannon, on their way to Washington to deliver a report on the CIA's role in heroin trafficking, and the impact on terrorist financing and the hostage crisis. In short, everyone with direct knowledge of CIA kickbacks from heroin trafficking died on Pan Am 103. A suitcase packed with $500,000 worth of heroin was found in the wreckage. It belonged to investigators, as proof of the corruption.

Read the full article here.

If you have wrapped your head around that mind job here’s an open letter from a team of Russian Doctors working in Libya. It was posted by Michel Chossudovsky over at his Global Research site.
I recommend keeping this in mind while the war porn plays out on screen.


Open letter of Russian doctors in Libya to the President of the Russian Federation

Today, there is blatant external aggression of USA and NATO against a sovereign country - Libya. And if anyone can doubt this, then we say this obvious fact is well known, because all this is happening before our eyes, and the actions of U.S. and NATO threaten the lives of not only the citizens of Libya, but to us who are on its territory. We are outraged by the barbaric bombing of Libya, which is currently carried out by a coalition of U.S. and NATO.

The bombing of Tripoli and other cities in Libya is aimed not only at the objects of air defense and Libya's Air Force and not only against the Libyan army, but also the object of military and civilian infrastructure. Today, 24 March 2011, NATO aircraft and the U.S. all night and all morning bombed a suburb of Tripoli - Tajhura (where, in particular, is Libya's Nuclear Research Center). Air Defense and Air Force facilities in Tajhura were destroyed back in the first 2 days of strikes and more active military facilities in the city remained, but today the object of bombing are barracks of the Libyan army, around which are densely populated residential areas, and next to it - the largest in Libya's Heart Centers. Civilians and the doctors could not assume that common residential quarters will be about to become destroyed, so none of the residents or hospital patients was evacuated.

Bombs and rockets struck residential houses and fell near the hospital. The glass of the Cardiac Center building was broken, and in the building of the maternity ward for pregnant women with heart disease a wall collapsed and part of the roof. This resulted in ten miscarriages whereby babies died, the women are in intensive care, doctors are fighting for their lives. Our colleagues and we are working seven days a week, to save people. This is a direct consequence of falling bombs and missiles in residential buildings resulting in dozens of deaths and injuries, which are operated and reviewed now by our doctors. Such a large number of wounded and killed, as during today, did not result during the total of all the riots in Libya. And this is called "protecting the civilian population"?

With full responsibility as witnesses and participants of what is happening, we state that the United States and its allies are thus carrying out genocide against the Libyan people - as was the case in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq. Crimes against humanity, carried out by coalition forces akin to those crimes committed by the fathers and grandfathers of today's Western leaders and their henchmen in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan and in Dresden in Germany, where civilians were also being destroyed in order to deter, to break the will of the people to resist (Germany remembers it, and therefore refused to participate in this new slaughterhouse). Today they want in such ways to make the Libyan people surrender their leader and the legitimate government and meekly lay down their national oil wealth for the countries of the coalition.

We understand that applying to the "international community" to save the people of Libya and we were living in Libya, is useless. Our only hope - is Russia that has the right of veto in the UN, and specifically its leaders - the President and the Prime Minister.

We still hope for you, as hoped in the past, when we took the decision to stay in Libya, and to help its people, medical duty playing its role in the first place. After an abortive coup attempt in late February, the situation calmed down in Libya and the government had successfully restored order. To everyone in Libya, it was clear that without American intervention the country would soon return to normal life. Convinced that Russia, which has veto power, would not allow the aggression of the United States and its allies, we decided to stay in Libya, but were mistaken: Russia, unfortunately, believed the false assurances of Americans and did not oppose the criminal decision of France and the U.S.

We are Ukrainians, Russians and Belarusians, the people of various professions (mainly doctors), working in Libya for more than a year (from 2 to 20 years). During this time, we became well acquainted with the life of the Libyan people and state with few citizens of other nations living in this social comfort, as the Libyans. They are entitled to free treatment, and their hospitals provide the best in the world of medical equipment.

Education in Libya is free, capable young people have the opportunity to study abroad at government expense. When marrying, young couples receive 60,000 Libyan dinars (about 50,000 U.S. dollars) of financial assistance.

Non-interest state loans, and as practice shows, undated. Due to government subsidies the price of cars is much lower than in Europe, and they are affordable for every family. Gasoline and bread cost a penny, no taxes for those who are engaged in agriculture.

The Libyan people are quiet and peaceful, are not inclined to drink, and are very religious. Today, the people are suffering. In February, the peaceful life of the people was violated by gangs of criminals and insane drugged youth - whom the Western media for some reason called "peaceful demonstrators". They used weapons and attacked police stations, government agencies, military units - resulting in bloodshed. Those who direct them, pursue a clear objective - to create chaos and establish control over Libya's oil. They misinformed the international community, and said that the Libyans are struggling against the regime. Tell us, who would not like such a regime? If such a regime were in Ukraine or Russia, we would not have been here and worked and enjoyed the social comfort at home in our own countries and in every possible way such a regime would be maintained.

If the U.S. and the EU today have nothing to do, let them turn their attention to the plight of Japan, the Israeli bombing of Palestine, the audacity and impunity of Somali pirates, or the plight of Arab immigrants in France, and leave the Libyans themselves to sort out their internal problems. We see that today in Libya they want to do another Iraq. Carrying out the genocide of an entire people and those who are found with him. We perform MEDICAL DEBT and cannot leave Libyans alone in trouble, leaving them to be destroyed by the forces of the coalition, in addition, we understand that when all the foreigners leave and no one will tell the truth (the small staff of diplomatic missions have long been silenced), the Americans will arrange here a bloodbath. Our only chance of survival - is a solid civil position of Russia in the UN Security Council.

We hope that you, Mr. President, and you, Mr. Prime Minister, as citizens of Russia and as decent people will not allow American and European fascists of the 21st century to destroy the freedom-loving people of Libya and of those who today turned out to be with them.

We therefore urgently request that Russia uses its right of veto, the right earned by millions of lives of the Soviet people during World War II to stop the aggression against a sovereign state, to seek immediate cessation of U.S. and NATO bombing campaign and to demand the introduction of African Union troops in the conflict zone Libya.

Note: The African Union Peace & Security Council delegates that had been accepted by both the Libyan government and the rebel leaders to mediate a peaceful solution between the various parties, were refused entry into Libya by the UN Security Council. This act should have been reprimanded by Russia and China, who should study the AU resolutions, mandate and support its wise decisions]


With Respect and Hope

Your Wisdom and Honesty,

Citizens of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, located in Libya;
Bordovsky S., Vasilenko, S., Vegerkina A., Henry IV, Henry H., L. Grigorenko, DraBragg, A., Drobot V. Drobot, N., Yemets E., Kolesnikova, T., Kuzin, I., Kuzmenko, B., Kulebyakin V. Kulmenko T., Nikolaev AG, Papelyuk V. Selizar V. Selizar About . Smirnov, O. Smirnova, R., Soloviev DA, Stadnik VA, Stolpakova T. Streschalin G. Stakhovich Yu, Sukacheva L. Sukachev V. Tarakanov, T., Tikhon N. Tikhonov VI, Tkachev AV, Hadareva E., Tchaikovsky, O., Chukhno D. Chukhno O. Yakovenko D. et al


  1. America has become a mad dog, Chucky.

    When did it start?

    When they went on a spree, raping and murdering Vietnamese women and children?

    Maybe earlier, when they incinerated hundreds of thousands of women and children in Dresden and Hamburg.

    Doesn't matter when they went bad, I suppose. Fact is, they are a mad dog acting on the orders of their psychopathic Israeli government, and they get sicker and sicker as each month passes.

    They and their masters are a mortal danger to the entire world. The assholes are going to take a hell of a lot of us down with them.


  2. The Lockerbie bombing is another one of those seminal false flag events that has been washed down the memory hole, like so many other horrific events.

    The American government has been a mad dog for a while now, and it's people are either too ignorant or apathetic to give a rat's ass. It's sickening living in this country, watching the madness unfold and seeing lying pieces of trash like Obama get up and justify the unjustifiable, while continuing to perpetuate the utter nonsense of the official 9/11 conspiracy theory in order to continue and escalate the unending wars against the Muslim world for the Zionists. The Zionists have such a lock on everything in this country, it boggles the mind.

    Hopefully, the Russian doctors' message gets heard loud and clear in Moscow. Let's hope.

  3. Hello and welcome ‘Rabies Shot’. I must admit the few Americans I know are clever, honest and well meaning – maybe I should get out more (grin).

    I think the sickness in their leaders goes way back to the very beginning of the colonies. It followed them from the old world like a fungus and has been working on them ever since.

    The Native American tribes know well the tender mercies of the US army and the people of the Philippine’s were massacred in their 10’s of thousands during their war of independence in 1899.

    The hands that rule the US through the fed reserve are the same hands that pull the Zionista’s strings. Look to the mega rich that are no longer mentioned in the puppet press and the corrupt bloodlines.

    I agree with you. If we don’t get them first there’s going to be a lot less of us before long.

  4. Hello again John. The whole show is so fake that you should be able to sell tickets to watch it. I hope that the hard working Russian doctors stay safe. Nothing pisses off the Russians more than some thug murdering their people.

  5. Booger is eating my comments again.

    /31/11 noon EDT

    MacDill Air Force Base, the command and control center for the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, is under siege at the moment with hundreds of lightning strikes and several waterspout funnel clouds approaching from Tampa Bay. The base is located on the southside of Tampa, on the shores of Tampa Bay.

    The second half of this last portion of the superstorm that has plagued central Florida throughout the morning is traveling at 50 mph bearing winds of 80-90 mph. It seems to be moving east a few miles south of MacDill.

    No reports as yet from the Crystal River nuclear plant a hundred miles north of Tampa. It seems to be north of the major part of the bad weather at this time. Reports of debris in the air from Largo, nearer the Gulf coast to the west of Tampa.

    367 lightning strikes on active local weather map on Channel 10. Roof damage closer to the coast.

    Fears of tornadoes wrapped in rainstorms have not materialized as yet. 300-foot tower collapses. Tractor trailer overturned and blocking major commuter route between Tampa and St. Pete.

    New tornado warnings posted to the northeast in Polk County.

  6. Hi DM. That’s near your part of the world. Did you catch any of it?

  7. Hi Chucky, Thanks for posting this, it just breaks my heart to see what has happened and what is happening in all places where there is the influence of the psycotic Money Power entities that drive the Pentagon, Isreal and hide gutlessly away behind misguided people and the infiltrated Governments,that they get the to do their dirty work.
    I do get very upset about what is happening in Lybia , and anywhere where the slaughter of innocents is just theatre to these lower life forms.
    IT'S LIKE THIS "POWER" wants to leech out from humanity as much pain and horror as it can fufill it's "lust".
    many regrds to you.

  8. Hi Chucky, sorry about the spelling errors but i was a bit emotional.
    As a newish mother, i get upset about women and babies copping it for the means to the ends of these "swine" they used to say..I believe.
    many regards

  9. Your reaction was the only human one possible A13. At least those of us with a conscience understand what is really taking place.

    Give the little one a hug A13. They are the only riches we really need.

  10. Hey Chuckyman,...Excellent Post, I guess those of us that have been awakened to this shit are holding their heads in their hands sighing heavily. I thought, surely they can't get away with another one of these murderous scams? No fly zone? What about Gaza?

    Ah well, one day soon there might be justice for all.

    Particularly israhell's existential enemies.



  11. Thanks Veritas. It shows that the vampires will tell any crap they want to get the ball rolling. After that they can simply make it up as they go along.

    What a no-fly zone has to do with ground forces beats me. I’ve seen tanks fly a few times but they don’t stay airborne for long!

    I see that the khazars are saying they need to ‘finish’ the slaughter in Gaza. With the Arab world in uproar already that could prove costly. When they get their karmic account balanced no one will shed a single tear.

  12. Hey Chuckyman!
    I did enjoy that chat in the post yesterday.
    got some additional stuff bookmarked so there may just be a number two post on that topic.
    My hubby remarked on how the unknown factor would be looming large when drilling that deep.

    But that has never stopped the quest for gain.

    Anyway read this post and I gotta say it ties into that other one I had up on Libya way back.
    ". In February, the peaceful life of the people was violated by gangs of criminals and insane drugged youth - whom the Western media for some reason called "peaceful demonstrators". They used weapons and attacked police stations, government agencies, military units - resulting in bloodshed."

    That was what was written, these were not peaceful demonstrators at all, just instigators.
    (This was when, while attempting to quell the violence, Qaddaffi was painted as someone attacking his own people)
    And btw doesn't this sound like what went down in Syria?

  13. Hi Penny. It’s always nice to try and exercise a few neurons once in a while. The similarities between the media message on Libya and Syria are very similar. It’s the exact same play the CIA used on Iran’s Mossadegh back in 1953 - paid troublemakers portrayed as public turmoil.

    At what stage will people remember that the media message is completely false - always? It takes a little longer for the ‘back story’ to leak out but it does eventually.

    I noticed the ol’- jaz network isn’t covering the brutality of the Bahrain repression. Their owners are based in Qatar I believe. They can’t be seen upsetting the despot next door. I must admit moments where I lapse into bitter cynicism.

    Thankfully we Mick’s have long memories. Some of us are still working on grudges from the 17th century.

  14. I haven't forgotten the potato famine and the bounties.

    The mox fuel plant blew up and shot plutonium into the atmosphere.

  15. Whoever thought up the idea of using mixed oxide (MOX) fuel in reactors not designed for them needs to be publically tried and hung by the neck.

    No mention anywhere that all of the measuring equipment is designed to sniff out the after affects of a nuclear weapon and not plutonium from a power reactor. We are all so screwed but what’s happening that mere words cannot convey it DM.

  16. I think it is a French invention. I do remember reading they delivered the goods to Japan. This will go down in history, if there is much history left as much more insane than the Marginot line.

  17. Hi Chuck & Mick,
    here's the goods on that French company, their lack of quality control and their flat out lying and their involvement with Fukushima.
    Greenpeace documented it ten years ago and tried to get the Fukushima District court to disallow the use of MOX fuel.
    They predicted this.
    Fukushima and Mox Fuel: Greenpeace Report

  18. Hi James. That report is absolute dynamite. I was aware that the use of MOX fuel would damage the reactor vessel making the material more brittle and lessening the lifetime of the reactors use.

    This is like running a family sports car on nitrous oxide – control is an illusion. The details in the report caste a totally horrific light what was KNOWN to happen in ‘normal operation. The fact that quality control was known to be piss poor just rubs salt in the wound.

    In normal use MOX causes more radiation exposure for operators. It’s use causes power fluctuation and spikes in the reactor. The normal boron control rods provide less control of fission and are slower to reduce the reaction rate.

    The moment the water coolant went out the reactor was lost – it’s as simple as that. The control rods are insufficient to cool it on their own. Bastards. Now we know why the Germans shut down their reactors immediately.

    That’s still not enough. They need to get the fuel assemblies out of the reactors and sufficiently separated – away from the reactors.

    This ‘kill shot’ is only beginning. Japan is effectively removed form the global chess board just as the end game commences. Whether the seismic activity was a coincidence or not we are going to see the economic effects very soon as manufacturing plants across the globe run short of sub assembly components.

  19. chuckyman: just stopping in to make sure you got the book i have in yesterday's post.

    I do think you would enjoy it, it will definitely get the neurons firing.

  20. yeah, it's hair-pulling reading, Chuck. All the people involved with the use of MOX fuel in Fukushima (incl the judge or judges and the suppliers) should be charged with criminal negligence, at the very least.
    And, of course, the whole industry shut down

  21. And another thing! - the fact that the MOX rods are so expensive to make and only become 'economic' with corner cutting makes the whole deal look like it was not economically driven but rather driven by another agenda.

    I'd like to sit that Fukushima District Court judge down (assuming he is still alive) and have a loooong chat with him to find out what else was going on.

  22. I know exactly what you mean James. With a 5% plutonium content the MOX rods makes it a lot easier to generate weapon grade material. The plutonium can be separated by chemical means rather than use the traditional centrifuges which can be easily discovered.

    It certainly raises questions about the use of this stuff by Germany and the Swiss. If the effects were limited to the country that used this stuff there would be a certain irony involved. Unfortunately we will all pay the consequences.

  23. yes, and the people responsible catch the first coach outa Dodge, Chuck.

    Well, that being so with the MOX rods, then this story via Mick Is Japan's Elite Hiding a Weapons Program Inside Nuclear Plants?
    gains added credibility to the point that it is now highly likely

  24. They certainly were fast to abandon ship. That’s a very thought provoking article James.

    I have read Chalmers Johnson’s books on the American Empire. He makes a strong case describing the US client states in Asia after WWII. It would make sense that the Japanese were prepositioning themselves for the coming migration of the global power centre to China.

    There’s a lot of positioning going on beneath the surface in Asia. We can see now just how costly these strategic decisions are for humanity. The vampires are never around for the clean up.