Saturday 19 March 2011

A Loose Word From The Spooks

I’ve been hand-cuffed to the corporate rat race for the last few weeks and frankly could not raise the energy to write anything meaningful. My multi-part piece on the ‘Big Picture’ is still in the pipeline. Unfortunately the blood required to flesh out its bones was wasted elsewhere. Here are a few attempts by my monkey mind to make sense of the last few weeks.

I came across an article from Gordon Duff over at Veterans Today. In it he makes a lot of assumptions about the current game play in Libya that rang a bell for me. Gordon is an old hand spook who swims in the spook swamp. I said it before that I like his stuff but you must take everything online with healthy dose of salt.

Gordon essentially discusses the familiar dynamic power play between blocs of ‘the elite’– the Atlantic (Britain and the US) bloc versus the pan European bloc. He places Tony Blair in the Atlanticist group but he makes a telling inclusion in the pan-European group ie the Swiss. Most people don’t discus the Swiss, they make clocks and chocolate don’t they? As A.P. might say;

Sorry A.P. - I couldn’t help myself – it is so apt

This was the one haven in Europe during WWII did not get invaded and it had nothing to do with the fear of their armed population. Their army gets the exclusive honour of guarding the chief sorcerer in the Vatican – coincidence?

The Swiss do one thing only – banking! Their main source of revenue is banking! It is the hidey hole of the Rothschilds. Any time anyone has the balls to point at the Swiss they are talking about the Rothschilds. If the invisible elephant in the room represents the power of the jewish lobby then the Rothschilds are the invisible T Rex.

Does anyone remember when Libya blew up that Gadaffi’s son called in his loyalty cards with the Brits? Tony was embarrassed and so many in the think tanks didn’t realise they had been hobnobbing with a heinous camel jockey? Apologies to real camel jockeys while I plead poetic license.

No one complained when the oil money was getting spread around the Tavistock circuit. Gadaffi junior was also good friends with Peter (now Lord) Mandelson - fixer for his holiday buddy Nat Rothschild.

Mandelson is a truly creepy man who revels in the nickname of the ‘Prince of Darkness’. He resigned from public office twice in disgrace. Yet ‘somehow’ he returned from the dark corridors of power to become the kingmaker to preserve Gordon Brown and the last British government. Here’s a titbit from a British tabloid via the truthseeker’s site.

So Gordon Duff thinks it’s the French, Italians and Israhell working against the Brits and the US. Refer back to the picture above that I ‘borrowed’ from A.P. Israhell is a Rothschild creation and plaything. They are so dug into the woodwork in Britain that the only way to get them out again would entail blowtorches – a warming thought (grin).

The Roth’s have played the jewish community like a fiddle. They promote the most rabid of attack dogs to run it for them. One slipped through the control matrix and tried to run it his way. He was soon silenced – research the Rabin assassination and the lousy cover-up.

Both sides are seen to be played against the middle because the same hands pull everyone’s strings. In this fake engineered crisis we now see the imposition of a humanitarian ‘no fly zone’ - WTF. Any humanitarian mission enforced by war planes is akin to fucking for virginity – the end results are identical for the people on the receiving end.

The death and destruction of real human life is inconsequential to these psychopathic monsters. Power plays and business as usual are the result. They are always looking to get one over on their rivals. They consider us as little better than bugs in the corporate compost heap.

The ‘elites’ remind me of the plot from the film Men in Black. Lots of dead bodies and mayhem caused so that some alien royal family could get their galaxy back. The camera pans back at the end of the movie. It show the galaxy used in a token in a game of marbles before being tucked into a purse with other marbles.

‘Payback is a bitch’ is the old saying. I prefer ‘Karma‘s a killer’. The bill is due and the Ides’ of March were the downfall of a previous Empire. This new slaughter may be ‘legal’ but only in the eyes of their pet lawyers. We know the truth and intend to make them pay. Their funny money will not be acceptable.


PS. This may not be the best way or time to praise another blogger but I thoroughly recommend the recently completed 3 part series from James over at Winter Patriot. Excellent analysis.
Part 1,
Part 2,
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Remember Israhell = Rothschild.


  1. Hey chuckyman,...YES!! Aaaannnnd YES!!


  2. Cheers V. I’m sick watching brother and sisters across the world get converted into scenes from an abattoir. To do so under the guise of helping really is the last straw.

    I see we have been on a similar wavelength. I’ll pop over for a look-see

  3. Thanks for the links and recommendation, Chuck.
    Follow the money, indeed. It's all a game as you point out with shifting alliances amongst the handmaidens who find themselves in their own game of musical chairs with the only thing on their minds being their own survival and advancement at all costs.

    Blair is a mixed (up) bag, as you say, with shifting alliances. He makes more sense to me if I see him as 'the town bike'. Gordon Duff is a mixed bag, too, in some ways. This makes a lot of sense to me-

    "Why is Iran still there? Why didn’t the next “9/11″ come off as scheduled? The White House plans were derailed by Marine commanders in the region aided by members of the intelligence community still loyal to the US. This is not my story to tell but it is an important one. Real American heroes prevented a very real war and some paid a very high price. This isn’t “9/11″ with dissolving buildings and mystery missiles. The evidence is all there with provable treason leading to the highest levels of the US and “others” already ‘in the can'.

    This didn't actually fit in with the rest of his article I thought. But I think it shows Duff's own alliances and that the factions are not split along national lines. Nationalism is for the 'pawns' after all. And Duff himself uses it to good effect.

  4. Any time James- credit where it is due.

    You nail it on the head with GD. That un-sourced reference smelt like a week old kipper. Was it a rallying cry to support ‘our boys’ in Intel? Who cleared him to link to the Swiss?

    I feel that as populist as he is, his focus is on the Veteran audience in the US and being a release valve for that group. His role is to release certain ‘inside info’ that has been pre-approved and to massage the egos that they are still the ‘good guys’.

    Blair is as much a fixer for the Roths as Mandelson – that snippet I linked was a clue to that. I’ve no idea how familiar you are with that character Mandelson. He stinks.

    A point that I maybe did not stress enough is that it does not matter how much they bleed one another – they provide a united front when it comes to us. They leak a titbit here and there for their own purposes.

    The best contemporary example is the leaking of the climate-gate data just prior to the Denmark summit. That killed a 30 year project in its tracks.

    They see it as simple horse trading - a leak here, a pointer there. It all redirects pressure from the herd – the mob. Just another day at the office. From the trenches the perspective is one of adding all the pieces of the puzzle together. We are not stupid and they will give us the rope we will hang them with.

  5. Another great post chuckyman!

    As I squat in my little corner of the United States of Israel (USI), I am filled with incredulity at our governments audacity at attacking another country and it's leader!

    At a time when Washington's main cry is to slash our infrastructure and social support systems to the bone, They decide to drop billions into a new attack on a country that by all accounts, was raising their people's standard of living, investing in infrastructure, and trying to provide themselves with the ability to provide for their own needs and those of neighboring countries with a modern and efficient water delivery system!

    Shock and Awe is where I am today!

    Peace man!

  6. Avops- could not agree more! Well said! Yet another war against another Muslim country for the benefit and geopolitical agenda of the Zionists.

    Chucky and james- I tend to disagree with you about GD. I think he and VT are an extremely important element in this movement, especially if we can get the veterans (and eventually active duty military) on board with these facts. What VT, GD and guys like Dr. Alan Sabrosky are advocating may be our best shot in confronting and dismantling the Zionist strangle hold on the US.

  7. Thanks for the comment Avops. I am truly disgusted with the recent events in Libya, Bahrain and elsewhere. Veritas has a great post and it really is an eye opener when we see the ‘rebels’ now have an air force.

    The criminals in the CONgress are now naked in their greed and corruption. They are openly showing that they are bought and paid for by the banksters. The real and sovereign people of the US are shut out. I think that real Americans can make decisions for their future with that in mind

    I posted the following on James’ blog ;
    “I heard a great interview recently from Clif High. Among the many things discussed he described the difference between rebellion and revolution.

    In rebellion we remove the figures from the existing regime but the structures remain. This is akin to the usual desire to ‘throw da bums out’ we hear at election time. We should know by now that option is mere window dressing.

    A revolution tears up all social contracts and implements a new one. A good example was the overthrow and ousting of the British from India. Many examples of violence on the Indian people occurred but they did not respond in kind and hence their eventual victory.

    We can be wise to the ways of the enemy but we must not use their methods. If we do so then in our victory we will achieve nothing more than to tear them down so that we may stand in their place.”

    The choices are stark and time to make that decision is going to be forced very soon. I wish peace for us all of us but I will not accept it when the price is utter tyranny.

  8. Hello again John and welcome. Maybe I came across a little strong in my comments but I have given Gordon a lot of thought in the last few months.

    I really like his writing and he comes across very well in interviews that I have heard. I am also very aware of and he openly states that his background in intelligence. Many of the writers on his site are form the same background. Similarly he frequently quotes from associates and sources that he has in the current intelligence agencies of the US.

    I do not consider him one of the ‘bad guys’. My main point would be to keep than it mind. I will still read his stuff and link to any article that sheds some light on what ever topic I’m rambling about. He has regularly highlighted the work of Dr Alan Sabrosky that you posted recently.

  9. hi John,
    Gordon Duff points to the involvement of the israelis in the WTC towers attack (amongst others). Very laudable and I have no problem with that.
    However, he avoids all mention of the fact that the Pentagon (or elements of it) must have been involved, too. I do have a problem with that. Particularly as this omission is so consistent.

    There are two possibilities to my mind. One is that there are splits in the military forces over the direction America is taking and over American service men and women dying for the benefit of israel and the bankers that run it (and America).

    The second is that an external enemy (a real and obvious one) is being set up to keep the dissenting servicemen and veterans in line and keeping the military functioning. (It is well to remember that the Vietnam campaign ended because the disaffected troops mutinied wholesale.)

    I favoured the first option and now I'm more inclined to the second. Though, a third possibility exists and that is that both of the above scenarios are operating together to some extent.

    The short of it is that the American Govt/CIA/NSA/Pentagon crowd would need to control the perceptions of the growing Veterans population. So they would already have well funded websites in place to do just that. So the question becomes not "do they exist" but "which one(s) are they?"

  10. It is very hard to make it any more clear than you just did Chucky. Let me highlight the part about the Swiss also. They are the Praetorian guard of the Vatican the queen curtsies too also. People should understand this.

    Duff does a service to the veteran network by pointing out things most of them would not run across otherwise, but at times it sounds like some of his points were written by someone from outer space. A case in point that the U.S. should invade Libya and restore it's honor? Mama come get yo baby boy!

    I am not optimistic that man can solve or stop the homicidal rampages going around the world, it is very entrenched as you point out. I have also talked with too many clueless people along the way. It is like the movie, " I see stupid people everywhere" or something along those lines. It is like Fox News has implanted their brain with a chip already. You talk to enough people here in the U.S. and you realize the only thing that is going to motivate them is a wrestling match for the last can of tuna at the seven eleven store.

    Being a great believer in the cosmic mind or what many would refer to as God, somehow assures me that things will work themselves out. This will not occur without much suffering all across the board however. We see this now in Japan. It is just not Japan that is suffering now but the radiation is now spanning the globe. The karma of nuclear power, what man has built himself, is now one of his greatest threats.

    These reactors are planted all over the globe also. There are 15 on the New Madrid alone and recent charts show tectonic activity going off the charts at Cathedral cave in Missouri. You think Japan was bad, just wait until the dozens of plants in the U.S. have some problems. The reactor in Israel is 50 years old. Many there have been calling for it's dismantlement for years. The thing sits near the African rift also, another "mother of all fault" type areas, the kind that can split continents half.

    I am all for man solving his problems but he had better hurry because mother earth and the great white spirit are going to do it for him if he is not working double shifts and I don't see that happening.

    Getting back to Japan we already have very much radiation spewing out. Has anyone stopped to thing of what another quake will do? Perhaps a 10 next time? Reports circulating now indicate that the stuxnet escaped and was detected in Japan before the cooling systems failed. Speculation also it had made an appearance in the U.S. It is hard to fight off internet viruses when your infrastructure is falling apart. But that is just one of many scenarios.

    Why did Russia and China kick back once again with no veto? It could be an agreement and it could be they just enjoy watching the western powers fight themselves into a frazzle. Sun Tzu comes to mind. It is best to win the war without taking the battle field and only fight when you know you can win.

    It could be that people just don't think large enough either. There are of course lucrative short term rewards in the mideast, oil, uranium and gold etc. There is also the lure of Syrian caves such as Petra, caves in Afghanistan and throughout the area and the pyramid itself. These are major areas where sizable populations could weather and survive a pole shift as they have amply demonstrated in the distant past. It would be a dessert so to speak to emerge from dwellings such as this with a standing army at your bequest also.

    Radiation levels.

    New sounds from the earth. I don't pretend to know exactly what this means but it could be very pertinent. Perhaps the earth is ready to discipline her matricidal children.

    In the long haul anyone treated to massive radiation is just going to get dead and it doesn't matter what they believe or who they are.

  11. Thank you DM. The issue of the radiation from Japan is an issue that is only at the beginning of its lifecycle. We have months of this to discover the real situation and then years to deal with the reality. I did read that Stuxnet was discovered on control systems in Japan. Is this what many of us could read as the ‘Israhelli mistake’?

    I think that the Swiss issue is worthwhile investigating for many that haven’t come across it before. It truly is hidden history as the real money does not want scrutiny. The issue of the Vatican guards should be a red flag for most truth seekers.

  12. I think James that’s an excellent point on Gordon. I must admit that I had not picked up on that ‘sin of omission’ but I think it is key to discerning his agenda. I have discussed him a few times online and I thought it obvious that he was an information outlet for one or more factions in the US intelligence community.

    There must be some push-back with in the American military to what they see domestically and abroad. Am I correct that the oath of allegiance for the officer corps has changed? Real generals have been dumped in favour of the most obvious ass kissers. The rise of the ‘Christian Zionists’ within the military is another area for concern also.

    I harken back to General Smedley Butler. Many are still not aware that he busted a plan for a military takeover back in the ‘30’s. Is GD invoking his memory in the article? Is he hinting at a more contemporary plot?

    The provision of an external enemy is the lie that underpins the whole war machine. Iran falls into the Zionist agenda and China falls into the big contractor agenda. Wall Street would celebrate either way.

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if Israhell were to lose its favoured status? That might fit in with Albert Pike’s warnings on the coming war and the destruction of Israhell. The current anti-zionist voices would then be very well placed to mould the new agenda.

  13. "So Gordon Duff thinks it’s the French, Italians and Israhell working against the Brits and the US"

    That is a curious assumption. I have no idea how he came to that conclusion.

    The Italians will come out losers in this, so why would they work with the French and Israel?

  14. Hi Penny. I think that the Italians are in a no win situation. The majority of their oil imports come from Libya. Their economy is loaded down with debt and if the oil spigot gets turned off they will be in a world of pain.

    I’m sure Berlusconi can still afford his teenage lap dancers but ordinary Italians would be in real difficulty. There isn’t enough funny money in the European Central Bank to bail them out if it all went pear shape.

  15. They are saying here my open ID credentials can't be verified! I rarely sign into the google blog anymore and possibly that upsets them.

    Hi Chucky
    The Israeli mistake! It absolutely could be no doubt about it. I hope they don't make a mistake with more chance for damage than this one. It all relates back to the Ha de no sau nee and their address to the U.N. in get ready for this (Switzerland). The gist of it and you may have read it anyway is indians were content to exist with nature and not attempt to control it. They point out when ma decided he would control the events of nature, the natural world and web of life it would take some planning to avoid catastrophe. Well we see that you must be one hell of a husband to control nature, it isn't working to make a long story short.

    Is anyone betting good money here that nature doesn't reign supreme in the end and take total control of her realm? By the way a super storm following the super moon is in the pacific, just razed the philippines. It is 2500 miles in length, headed for cali and they think it may rain for weeks there. Your guess is as good as mine as to how much of the radiation it will bring with it and rain down on the west coast.

    I have been told all my life I maybe put too much stock in Cayce but here again he predicted the imperial valley would fill with water! He is the reason I no longer live on the San Andreas fault line. Of course he never left a message on corexit in the gulf but never listed Florida as one of those good places to be.

  16. I see an interesting linkage DM. I see it in the twin issues of who runs the world and what is going to happen.

    It matters nothing when the rubber meets the road whether the brotherhood of the serpent rule the world or the Rothschild dynasty. When we separate the banksters from their life support of funny money we will have made a massive step on the road to recovery.

    Similarly when we look at the physical world we can pick and choose from whatever school of thought but it changes nothing. We are in the opening phase of a massive realignment. The tranquil phase of planetary development is over and we are going to learn or perish.

    We have missed the opportunity to listen to the real humans. They have warned us but we have been in the grip of short sighted vampires. We let them do it. We listened to their pleas of distress and we seduced by their lies.

    Freedom has been the rallying cry of slavery. Where is the cry of responsibility? So many souls are here in this time to experience what is coming. The grandstand is filled and the game is on. The players do not know that the very ground beneath there is about to move.

    Peace and love to all folks and no one knows what’s coming. Keep loved ones close. Buckle up and see if we deserve to follow on.

  17. So, is he related to Newt?

    Same phylum, class, species?

    Thanks for following the logic for us.

    I'd like to blogroll you.


    He resigned from public office twice in disgrace. Yet ‘somehow’ he returned from the dark corridors of power to become the kingmaker to preserve Gordon Brown and the last British government.

  18. Hello and welcome Suzan. I would be delighted if you popped in from time to time (grin).

    Mandy (as he is known in Britain) is in a special class all of his own. He is like something out of a Charles Dickens novel. He was at his most creepy when he was seen walking in Gordon Brown’s shadow. If you have a strong stomach you can decide for yourself