Saturday, 9 April 2011

How Much? - $378 Billion

Check out another great video from Max Kaiser especially from the 3:45 mark.

Yes folks - $378 Billion from cocaine production. That’s what’s keeping the banksters in bonus checks. Let that swirl around the grey matter.

On a parallel thread what about all of the heroin that the CIA and cohorts are exporting out of Afghanistan? Where’s all the money going and what are they doing with it?

The War on/of Terror is BS. The War on Drugs is BS. The whole game’s rigged and everything single thing we have been told is BS. Fear is the mode of controlling the herd – fears that have been manufactured for that very purpose.

Pissed off yet?


  1. One reason I should stay away from Guiness

  2. LOL DM. I have learned that it’s best to step away from the keyboard when I’m ‘in my cups’.

  3. 378$ is only the cocaine part and low end estimation of total global "black economy"

    there's 5-10 times more than that floatin' round
    all in the "black economy" (the one that owns the "real economy")

    think of all them yachts, private jetplanes, private islands, beaches, movie productions, endless material glut sluts, 9/11, 7/7, ... think what a demon could buy with all that cabbage

  4. Hey Chuckyman,..Great find, I have shown a dozen people, unable to copy it and post it w/- a credit to you at my place - hacked again, I'm bench-testing less than dial-up speed - 16-18kbs!! I should have it sorted in 48hrs.



  5. Agreed Anon@4:48. I think Max was specifically discussing the trade coming in from Mexico. It certainly is a ‘low’ figure for the total amount going on. It does help to put even a ‘best guess’ figure to let people see how huge the problem is.

    All that hard physical cash floating around - not the funny 1’s and 0’s zipping around on the cyber-web. Money truly is the root of all evil.

  6. Thanks Veritas. Max is always entertaining and informative. How did he get on the TV?

    Don’t worry about the credit. That connection speed sucks but I guess you know that already (grin). I hope it gets sorted soon.

  7. C CAF conservatively estimated the drug business at 1Trillion bucks and that was way back in the 1990s. More BS currently hitting the screen is Japan's supposedly "secret" nuke programme. BS. You and me, we know that the Japs lit a big stick in 1945. That's what having the largest industrial complex outside Rothschild's control does for you. And of course the real BS is never to ask the questions that will lead us all the way to Auschwitz's front door and asking "Just WTF really went on in there?" As I said at my shops the answer lies in the Bhuna plant.

    I love Maximum but you got to check the footwear! Always.

  8. PS forgot the CAF link, bollox!

  9. Hey chuckyman!

    I had a post up way back that made mention of how it was the banks were "unknowingly" laundering drug money.
    Actually I think there were a couple, one globally and one pertaining to mexican drug lords

    All quite innocent of course

    And I laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed...

  10. Off topic but Japan has just had another 7.1 quake which knocked out power briefly at Fukushima. It was evacuated and the the evacuation zone has now been expanded after more damage to the area.

  11. i was wondering how Max gets away with saying such truthy things, and then he answered my question by having that MISERABLE LOATHSOME TOOL kuntsler on to puke forth his opinions. Gah!!@! i can't stand him. sorry C to vent in your comments.


    The meltdown LOL

  13. Sorry folks for the delay in publishing posts. Had to catch a plane for a funeral.

    This story is older than the opium wars in China – that’s how the Rockefellers cut their teeth. The chaos that ensued led to the chicoms coming along. All part of the plan I suppose.

    Not sure that our Japanese friends didn’t get their nuclear tackle caught in the cookie jar Incoming. That MOX is crazy stuff and the option for a quick roll out of big sticks might have been a tempting lure

    Catherine is always an interesting read. I don’t trust her but an interesting supplier of puzzle pieces.


    You’re right Penny. It’s such a gas I nearly dropped an appendix. They proved the power of the media by covering up the BCCI bank implosion.


    They keep downgrading the seismic reposts over there DM. I saw that one recently as it happened and then it dropped off the radar and was ‘downgraded’. Surely the USGS isn’t ‘managing’ the data – what a surprise.


    Hi A.P. Always a please to see you in these parts. I hereby grant you unlimited rights to rant and even to use profane language. If you figure out how to do it you can post offensive pictures also (grin).

    Thanks for the posts. I appreciate it.

  14. Hope the cooling system doesn't go out here.

    Aomori Prefecture dodged damage from the march earthquake. It has 3000 tons of used nuclear fuel and it is very radioactive. If the cooling system on it had gone out, nuclear clouds of death could have spread to the entire world. We are only talking about reactors in Japan, which has 55. America has 104 plants and France has 59.

    At least there was no damage before the last 7.1 quake, anybody got any word from Aomori since then? I see they are calling it a 6.6 now. Maybe tomorrow it will be a 5.0. All the workers left though so something is going on. They are expanding the evacuation zone also.

  15. I wouldn't casually write off a budding nuclear program in Japan either. Is there something about the contacts of Yoichi Shimatsu we should know about, a Hong Kong–based environmental writer, who was the former editor of the Japan Times Weekly.


  17. Salam/Peace chuckyman.

    Misha Glenny has done a few talks on the overlapping topic of the Mafia / Black economy. I may question some of the stuff he says but it's certainly something one should be aware of.

    1) Misha Glenny investigates global crime networks

    2) Misha Glenny A Journey Through the Global Criminal Underworld

    3) Misha Glenny on McMafia - Crime Without Frontiers

    P.S. Another flotilla to Gaza is in the planning.

  18. Salam alaikum brother lwtc. The tentacles of the octopus are spread wide across the globe. Thanks for the links and I look forward to watching these.

    Thanks also for dropping by.

  19. Apparently there has been some pretty good radiation doses handed out around the isles for sometime.

  20. Until the recent catastrophe in Fukushima, Japan the Irish Sea was known as the most radioactive sea on the planet DM. The site was originally called Windscale until the fire in one of the reactors in ’57.

    A massive amount of radioactive material was released. As usual with the Brits most of the true details and effects were covered up. The plant was renamed Sellafield to help the sheeple forget all of the unpleasantness! It has effectively disappeared down the collective memory hole.