Friday, 4 February 2011

Pour Encourager Les Autres

“Pour Encourager Les Autres” – to encourage the others or set an example

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(Warning – contains graphic content)

There are many, many things to say about the events in Egypt. I am in no doubt that the spark for the revolt of the Egyptian people was deliberate and external. Aangirfan and Twelfth Bough have been outstanding in their analysis of current events that ‘started’ in Tunisia.

Already hundreds of Egyptians are dead and many more injured. It is a testament to the bravery and determination of the protesters that they have not been intimidated off the streets. Their fate is literally now in their own hands. Therein lies the key to their future. What will they do with it?

It remains to be seen if they will follow the usual fate and be lulled back into waiting arms of quiet servitude. ‘Meet the new boss, same as the old boss’ has been the fate of all such recent uprisings. Chaos and disorder have been deliberately provoked from outside the country. We shall see how the ‘new order’ will be re-imposed.

It will make no fundamental difference to the arsonists that started this whether El-Baradi, The Muslim Brotherhood or some friendly General takes power - friendly to the Zionists that is. They are all known quantities and will change nothing fundamentally.

I take heart from the chatter here on the web that all is not well with the master plan. The Muslim Brotherhood has had little overt influence over the crowds. The pseudo-gang thugs have not forced the desired reaction from the masses. El-Baradi is being touted as a leader of the crowds in the imagination of the media only.

I feel that the moment of greatest danger will come when the puppet goes. All else to date is merely passionate theatre and the leverage needed to bring about that outcome. Then we shall see what slithers from the shadows to accept the grateful appreciation of the money masters.

If the protestors return to their homes all that will have been accomplished is a letting off of stream. The elites will have their wish and the next stage in their plans will progress. The protests must continue and hold that newcomer to the agenda of the people.

Here we are treated to 24-7 coverage and breathless interviews ‘live’ from the scene of the drama. As others have asked - why? These events have been provoked for a wider purpose and we are about to be shown a pre-determined outcome. An example is being made and we are encouraged to watch to ‘learn our lesson’.

There are lessons being learned and they aren’t the ones intended. The people on the streets have remained peaceful and have resorted to self defence only. The tactic is one of open non-cooperation. Occupying the streets and key locations - and staying there – disrupts the normal operation of the state.

The technically literate circumvented the Internet blackout. The blackout has since been lifted demonstrating the success of those efforts. The secret squirrels can’t monitor the chat when it goes off their official networks. Many across the web have taken note and many ideas and preparations are being discussed if that gets implemented elsewhere.

Take note of these things as they will prove useful. A protest march solves nothing. In many battles it is the taking and occupying of strategic ground that determines the outcome. Planning for alternative internet connections might be advisable such as buying an old style dial-up modem.

I will watch and pray for the people of Egypt. Despair or hope awaits and the divide between the 2 will affect all. I expect a sucker punch may arrive from off-stage if events are not turning out as planned. With Israhell as a neighbour treachery should be anticipated.


  1. I have come to the same conclusions Chucky. See my musings on the side bar. I see warships off the Egyptian coast now, Army soldiers in NYC train stations. Like they say never let a good crisis go to waste.

  2. Thanks DM and it is a hairy one. The recent popping of the gas line brings in all sorts of nasty openings. The usual characters will make this sound like Israhell must act in its defence. Those monsters are the key. Maybe Mubarak isn’t just taking the piss when he says that stepping down isn’t so easy.

    He has the neighbours from hell that control the flow of bribe money as well as the fact that he may be well aware of their plans in just such a situation. Hell is a prison of our own making my friend. He has lost all chance of choosing his departure. Karma really is a killer.

  3. Seems like a reshuffling of the Western backed puppets, with murders like Suleiman being promoted by Barry Soetoro and others, rather than a genuine political realignment. The gas line bombing sounds like another typical Mossad operation, meant to foment further chaos and destabilization. That speculation on my part at the moment, but it seems plausible, consider their past actions. God bless the free people of Egypt.

    Love the image at the beginning by the way.

  4. Hello again Mr Friend. The image really appealed to me when I saw it over at the Daily Bail. It was the last slide at the end of the photo sequence. I’m an incurable fan of the ‘V for Vendetta’ movie (grin).

    The popular uprising has done an excellent job in not rising to provocation by reacting violently. I agree that the fabricated acts are being carried out by the usual suspects. The propaganda press in the West would love to paint the events in extremist light. That way there would be less bleating from the sheep when the usual Jackboot tactics get used to cement a new regime.

    I am encouraged that the elites haven’t managed to implement the desired solution yet. There is still hope that the people of Egypt can determine their own future. I pray that the price is not high.


    War crime arrest warrants issued for Bush in Switzerland as he cancels trip. This is the first time in history an American president has been subject to travel restrictions as Hitler and Musolini were. 147 countries are signed onto this so you can't ignore it for convenience sake alone. We must have a veneer of civility at least. It seems to be an unintended backfire from the wiki program, a mistake if you will. Now americans can be interrogated during foreign travel as to their involvement in implementing torture, blogging about it or discussing it on the media. This involves a lot of people.

    I can say most of us are innocent on this count. It is a start.

  6. TY for your comment on that article Chuckyman. I would like it if you could please post it ... this is information that should go viral to everyone so that they interpret events with this strategy in mind. It would save a lot of silliness and mistakes that we see regarding the Middle East wildfires.

    I just put up a post and a interview with Sulieman given within the past few hours and he claims very quietly that he does not want to become Mubarak II because he is too old now. He says he only accepted the position of VP to help his dear friend through tough times. I suppose we shall see in time... his eyes are dead if that means anything.

    Meanwhile America amasses ships all over the place... I guess there go my hopes that the Palestinians might be freed. Interesting, the tunnels are being used to get food to Egyptians right now, primarily soldiers more or less abandoned at their posts in isolated areas.

    Meanwhile, the Bedouin are starting to kick up a fuss in the Sanai and a few other places as they become major arms smugglers. I put up a photo series on the Bedouin last night, long gone are the flowing robes and camels! I see that this area is being majorly stirred up so that Israel and America can come in, apply that old Hegelian Dialectic.

    They have been creating the problem for awhile and it is growing. Soon they will apply the solution, no one will like it. Then by the time the dust settles, Israel will have created much more of her dream of the Greater Israel that is their original plan.I guarantee you Saudi Arabia is not far from being tumbled because they need a lot of that country to make the dream true.

  7. At first, I didn't believe that the Egyptians were really revolting against the brutal, murderous thug Mubarak, that it was some type of George Soros, CFR/Bilderberg stunt to preempt the upcoming elections and install a Mubarak clone.
    No expense would be spared to get into power another Israeli ass-kissing Zionist to keep Israel happy.

    About half-way thru, I realized that maybe this was the real thing, Egyptians were demanding their country back and were braving the beatings, police attacks and murders to seek democracy.

    Now, it appears the revolt has either ran out of steam or the Egyptian have bought into the lies by their next brutal, murderous thug, VP Sulieman.

    If that happens, nothing will change. There will be some cosmetic changes, to show the MSM and Egyptians they have back their country, but as soon as the world's spotlight is turned off, it will be the same type of tyrannical regime they had under Mubarak, maybe worse, as Sulieman refined the art of torture to the point that the USA was shipping people we kidnapped off the streets around the world to Egypt for 'enhanced interrogation,' to make them falsely confess that they belonged to some 'al CIA Duh' franchise.
    That way, the American lap-dog press would repeat verbatim WH lies about fighting the good fight against those who hate us for our freedoms.

    I hope I'm wrong, but.....

  8. Hi chuckyman. I just wanted to drop by and say that I appreciate your blog - you've done a lot of good, hard work here. Keep it up, brother. Alternative media is our only hope.

  9. That’s a powerfully written article from Duff. I wonder how much cash it will take to make this one go away like Cheney’s corruption scandal in Nigeria recently. It highlights the seemingly casual but horrific scenes of torture now show on the TV and movies.

    I avoid TV as much as I can but shows like the infamous 24 always use the ‘ticking time bomb’ plot to excuse the use of torture. They also reinforce the racist propaganda of radical, extremist Muslims as the preferred ‘black hat’ patsy.

    It is reassuring that that murderers and thieves of the neo-con/Zionist coup will need to watch over their shoulders as they travel the world. I’m not hopeful about Switzerland as the recent Polanski case showed that money talks and the bull-shitters walk. It is a start though.

  10. Hello Noor and thank you for spotting the article by Linda heard. That was an excellent article and a real eye opener. I will certainly repost that and it will be up shortly.

    A.P. over at Twelfth Bough has done a lot of articles on the vital maritime chokepoints - the Panama and Suez Canals.

    The build up of US Warships off the coast harkens back to the days of British Gunboat diplomacy. The Bedouin in the area look likely to be setup as patsies to cover for the activity of the sabotage teams.

    Yet again the desires, hopes and aspirations of the people of Egypt are of no consequence in the planning of the Vampires.

  11. I am right there with you on the origins of this Greg. The whole beginning of the uprising stank of spook inspired action. The uprising then took on a momentum of its own. Certainly the feelings of resentment against the regime seem genuine.

    I think that’s where the elites lost control of the internal dynamic. The Egyptians have shown imagination as well as courage. By sticking to peaceful protest they have not been easily portrayed as extremists. They definitely do not want a return to the same old system as before and will not settle for another figurehead fronting for Israhell and the US.

    I am not sure as to the ‘running out of steam’ aspect as yet. They remain steadfast in the rejection of the currently offered alternatives – which are not real alternatives anyway. As time progresses it gives the spooks more time to sow the seeds of dissent in their ranks. It is up to the Egyptians how successful they are in combating that.

    I think the importance of Noor’s article is now coming into focus. Dublin Mick and others have posted on the build-up of naval forces and the deployment of a US National Guard unit. Sabotage teams are already active and we can see the desire to create the impression of anarchy.

    If the US and Israhell want a repeat of the Suez crisis of the 1950’s I see the whole region going up in smoke. Only one party would think to profit from that. The Egyptian people are walking on a very dangerous high-wire. My thoughts and prayers are with them and I have not given up hope.

  12. Hello again Bryan and thanks for your kind (if undeserved) words. I am fortunate to read from a range of excellent writers and periodically throw my hat in the ring or go off on a rant.

    Sometimes I go off on a tangent and explore an original track and that’s when my tin-foil hat slips (grin). Bloggers like Dublin Mick, A.P(Twelfth Bough), Noor, Greg, Kenny and all the others listed at the side of the page put me to shame in quality and work rate.

    I see you removed our wee chat from your place – probably best (grin)

  13. chuckyman, sorry I removed our chat - I deleted the entire article because I didn't want to complain about how no one leaves comments on my blog. I liked our chat (we were having a good conversation about the Church of Satan), and I was sad that our comments got deleted with the article. I wish I could have taken our comments and put them on another post so they could stay on there (and also I would have had more comments!).

  14. No problem Bryan. That’s the benefit of having your own blog – you can always change your mind.

    It is a topic I find ‘illuminating’. In a medium like the written word it is also easy to sound like a zealot or a crazy (I’m referring to me).