Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Lies, More Lies and Video Feeds

Most of the passers by to this wee blog will know the meat of what I am about to write. I came across this video in my wandering around the web. I feel it needs repeating in light of the events going on in the world.

Apart from the shameless plug at the end the most rewarding section was the examination of a short ‘news’ piece from Sky News. This is a channel owned by the infamous Rupert Murdock. The ‘reporter’ told 6 blatant lies in a very short space of time.

This is very important to remember. Every single time we are exposed to the MSM we are being lied to. The same thing happens on all news channels including the current favourite, Al-Jazeera. See my previous post for more on that.


  1. Indeed Chucky. Fact is, where AJE covers the same stuff as the BBC it puts Auntie to shame. In fact pull the light entertainment from the Beeb and you're left with a lot of neoliberal spineless presstitute stenographers. On a resource for resource basis, AJE is far better than the BBC. But there is still some dreadful things said on it, usually via some ex-BBC journo. Like when Frosty asked Daniel Pearl's wife "are 'we' winning the war of[sic] terror?" etc. But here's the catch (as you will doubtless know) the better it is, the closer it could draw you in and deliver that sucker punch (should that ever happen).
    It doesn't matter if there are good journo's in AJE (Sherine Tadros, Ayman Mohyeldin) because one imagines, it's not hard at all to understand how they could be used (unknowingly to themselves) to fit in with some kind of agenda. I think most Journo's have experiences especially when they have articles re: the ME and are critical is usrayhell, see their stories get shelved/binned. The MediaMega Corp CEO is king and his Chief Editor will simply carry out what the CEO tells him. The honest Journalist has no say of the agenda of the MSM. AJE journalists are no exception.

    Sheikh Imran does indeed raise a point we should be wary of. I think it was Kevin Boyle that said 9/11 is the litmus test. AJE seems pretty cold shoulder to anything that suggests a very different set of events from the 911 Kean commission!

  2. Hello there lwtc247. You got it spot on – of course (grin).

    It may seem unfair to single out Al-Jazeera for verbal slapping but they are just another member of the MSM. Their danger lies in the perception that they are an impartial news outlet without the perceived western/Zionist influences.

    They are a trusted source in their target market and have quality reporters. They also have a perceived gravitas – somewhat like the BBC had many years ago. That is the danger.

    They are never going to pass the 911 litmus test. There is no business model in that for them. Only an impartial service could do so (grin).

  3. There was no need to listen to the reporter, look into his eyes and you could tell he was lying, very snaky looking!

  4. Cheers DM. Maybe I’m naive but he may as well have been reporting from a parallel universe. I think he got the street names right.

  5. "They are never going to pass the 911 litmus test. There is no business model in that for them." - Superbly put!

  6. Go over and check Kenny's lady gaga feet washing thread, the anon trolls are flooding in.

  7. C what a great video. i may borrow it & will link back of course.

  8. Anytime A.P. Glad you found it useful.

  9. Interesting video Chucky! I literally cannot even watch TV anymore, especially Fox, CNN, ect. I will admit that I love watching a good basketball or football game, but I think you get the point.

    I commented recently on another blog that you can indeed find good information in the mainstream media, but you have to do your homework to get through the spin. And I do stand by that. However, the problem is, most people seem to be taking the BS propaganda at face value, and rarely question the manufactured information they are consuming. Or even worse, they know they are being lied to, but don't give a shit.

    After graduating from college, I really wanted to get into journalism. I guess I have, with my meager blogging pursuits. But the fact remains that anyone seeking the truth in this world will not fit in with the folks that run the propaganda outlets passing for journalism today.

  10. Excellent John Friend, by the powers vested in me, I pronounce all of us journalists of the highest order.

  11. Thanks for the comments folks. I am glad that the video was useful for some. I have reached a position that if it’s on the news then it’s purely propaganda. The slicker the presentation then the bigger the lie. It’s only in the early hours of ‘breaking news’ that the odd snip of truth slips out.

    I admire the real writers out there John. I quickly posted this article while in the middle of writing a much longer article of 1600 words. I spent all day on it and when I read it over at the end of the day I felt that it was utter tripe. Hence that’s why it hasn’t appeared yet (grin).

    I may take a leaf out of James‘ book and break it up into a smaller series articles. Despite DM’s kind words some of us are more alike to hacks than true journo’s (grin)

  12. Get busy with it as yours and a handful of other blogs is what I use to keep current. If it doesn't appear there, then it didn't happen. By the way do they still have news programs on television? I haven't checked in years.

    I promised myself I would try and remain connected to the world of reality.

    George Orwell was afraid we would produce a society who would not know what to read. Aldous Huxley in his "Brave New World," was afraid we would produce a society who could not read!

    Two and two makes five O'Brien, it is not easy to become sane...funny farm .... Orwell's 1984

    Human sickness is so severe that few can bare to look at it...but those who do will become well - Vernon Howard

    We would rather forgive the evil proliferating all around us than the rebellion against it, which we mistake for the true evil - Arno Gruen (Betrayal of the Self)