Monday 5 March 2012

The Ides of March - 2012

I know I’ve been AWOL again but what can I say… I’ve been busy. Thanks to the subtle poking of a fellow blogger (you know who you are – grin) I felt the urge once more to give my tuppence worth of opinion on our times.

Here we are in the fateful month of March. From what I have read and seen online we have collectively been wound up tighter than a watch-spring in anticipation of the weeks and months ahead. There are so many obviously important dates arriving one after another this month that a ratcheting-up effect would seem to be the desired result.

Clif High from HalfPastHuman fame has been focusing in his recent reports on the 2nd – 5th as the start of the SHTF end-times. I enjoy his reports immensely but I have been here before. ‘Release language’ can cover a lot of things linguistically. I hope he’s wrong but even a broken watch is right twice a day.

Vladimir Putin was re-elected over the past weekend and I am still cautious as to how I perceive his presence and role in our times. More on that shortly. Nit-wit Yahoo is today over in Washington giving Yomama his marching orders - who’s your daddy style. There’s a double meaning there for the Cognoscenti. The usual gargoyles and vampire’s of AIPAC are holding their annual orgy on the Potomac and the high feast of Purim is on the 7th and 8th this week. Snordelhans has an excellent video on that topic.

As a wee detour from my usual fare we see that Mars – the ancient God of War - is high in the Northern sky at the moment. In Roman times the Ides of March (15th) were traditionally a feast in his honour. If you like horoscopes this should raise the hackles on your necks. I don’t go in for that sort of thing personally but then I’m not a Baal worshiping freemason either.

If you like to stick with more mundane topics the pre-planned implosion of the Global Ponzi scheme is primed, timed and ready to blow. Rumours circulate of an insider-planned Greek default in the third week of March – on or around the 23rd - all that’s needed is the diversion.

It’s enough to make anyone a little anxious – fearful even. I believe that is its deliberate purpose. Mankind has been led by the nose for centuries by those who game the system for their own advantage. While I’m not into astrology that doesn’t mean that others do not judge their actions by the increased probability for success at certain conjunctions.

We are approaching a great apocalypse – an unveiling, a revelation. This is not the same as the battle on the plains of Megiddo although that may come later. So many of us are now openly questioning the status quo of the power structures in our nations directly – not just the muppets/puppets in public office. Many of us have taken that awareness and are also challenging the history and myths that have propped up the pillars of their temples.

While this is a time for great promise it is also one of great peril. An incessant cacophony of cries for war is drowning out all other discourse. That it is coming from the false jews and their gimp Christians is no surprise. They do their masters bidding in the assumption of immunity. No scholars of the hidden history there then. The peril comes from the danger of buying into the perceived choices we are now offered. To choose war and pick sides will always be the choice of the poisoned chalice.

In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s social movements were challenging the captains of Capitalism. Communism was the Trojan horse to undermine and guide the masses away from the real power of usurious banksters. World War 1 was set in motion and millions were marched off in patriotic fervour to their deaths. The bankster’s power was increased and global power was controlled by even fewer hands.

Communism arose from those ashes. The schemes and betrayals of that war exposed the banksters 5th columnists for what they were – a Khazar Turkic Hun invasion no less devastating than the previous Mongol hordes. Attila might not have understood the method but he would have recognised the end results. The same banksters that spawned them then created a new ism – fascism.

Then the bankster hands were pulling the levers again. A strong leader ‘arose from obscurity’ - one who would make them strong again. The German people were duped again and the same braying voices cried out for war of conquest. Fascism was smashed, Germany smashed once and for all as an impediment and Europe emptied of its Khazar population. Where could they go? Meanwhile the captains of Das Capital were safe in New York. The ashes spread around the globe and Israhell slithered onto Palestine’s shores to disgorge the Horde’s spawn.

Spring 2012 and here we go again. It’s not a case of the Polish Corridor. Now its ‘Humanitarian Buffer Zones’ and RTP. We have an all new modern Axis and the Bush family have earned Billions devastating it just as Grandpa Bush earned Millions arming and financing the Nazi’s. How is IBM’s stock doing these days?

We have watched it all unfold in glorious Technicolor – now in glorious 3D on the right TV sets. It took decades to get that kind of footage of WWII. At what stage can we say that the new World War has started? A few millions dead would normally qualify but the fake Cold War caused more even than that. The Soviet Union didn’t collapse – it suffered from mass migration of its gangster class. 20 years later and they are all in the think tanks and boardrooms of Empire.

Putin may be a good guy with the best interests of his people at heart but I highly doubt it. Once a spook (KGB) always a spook. He is now regularly vilified in the Western Press but was Time’s Man of The Year in 2007 – check the cover for the competition. Ring any bells? In the 1930’s the Germans were helped by US technology and the German’s helped the Soviets develop tanks. How the cream of Aryan manhood must have wept when the T34’s rolled out to meet them.

I see no hope in a future run by the slaver Empire of China. Down the memory hole went Mao’s long march and the Cultural Revolution. Slaves executed for arbitrary reasons and their families billed for the bullet. Tiananmen Square anyone? Who decided that this was to be the slave labour sweatshop for the global pirates? They have been built up from without with not-so-secret technology transfers and by Israhelli subterfuge and theft.

We can’t have a credible mass blood sacrifice if only one side has all the high-tech toys of destruction. Germany was built up in a decade from hyperinflationary basket case to superpower. Russia and China have had similar timeframes to ‘tool up’. The US is hollowed out and bankrupt. Their high-tech wonder weapons are built using Chinese microchips. Good luck with the logistics of that come show time. Don't forget the Brits... on second thought do. They be as helpful as El Dulce's tanks brigades.

I keep in mind that that the Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran was installed by MI6 and the French. He was the original ‘mad mullah’. That set up the media stereotype that they have run with since the 1980's. The real nutters were the Wahabbi sect and their Madrassa shock trooper kabuki theatre of pain - run by the spook soup of CIA, MI6 Mossad etc etc. They have been trained and paid for by the House of Saud – a fake Muslim dynasty enthroned by the British and built on hidden khazar bloodlines – just like the Donmeh in Turkey. Those soaring oil prices must be a comfort to their leaders for being front stage in the coming drama.

We see a perceived polarisation of the world population again – just as the numbers of our awareness reaches critical mass. It is Good v Evil, Us v Them and a clash of civilisations (cough, gag…) If you believe that last one then you are snapping the manacles on your own wrists and on the wrists of generations of children of whomever survives. Real humans have absolutely nothing to gain from any conflict. I cannot directly fix any problem in another country but we need to identify the lever pullers in our own jurisdictions. Sabotage takes many forms even if is just throwing shoes at the machine.

We are living in scripted times. Many of us can trace the sickness back to the Amshel Mayer’s Red Shield. Where did his ilk comes from and who taught them. Can you trace it back to Cromwell’s paymasters in England? What about as far back as the merchants of Venice? Before them stretching back to the Phoenicians and then where…. Dare we follow it back? The sickness that follows us is always the same and it is the power and issue of money. I can see the root of the tree. It is up to wiser minds to imagine how to cut the root. Who knows what inspiration may come in the times ahead.

This is not a time to be despondent or fearful. Fear is the adrenaline these ghouls feast up on. We need a clear mind and a steady hand. If ever there was a time that our dear departed dark poet was needed it is now. I leave on the words of the late Bill Hicks. They are as valid for me today as they were then – maybe even more so.

The world is like a ride in an amusement park, and when you choose to go on it you think it's real because that's how powerful our minds are. The ride goes up and down, around and around, it has thrills and chills, and it's very brightly coloured, and it's very loud, and its fun for a while. Many people have been on the ride a long time, and they begin to wonder, "Hey, is this real, or is this just a ride?" And other people have remembered, and they come back to us and say, "Hey, don't worry; don't be afraid, ever, because this is just a ride." And we … kill those people. "Shut him up! I've got a lot invested in this ride, shut him up! Look at my furrows of worry, look at my big bank account, and my family. This has to be real."

It's just a ride. But we always kill the good guys who try and tell us that, you ever notice that? And let the demons run amok … But it doesn't matter, because it's just a ride. And we can change it any time we want. It's only a choice. No effort, no work, no job, no savings or money. Just a simple choice, right now, between fear and love. The eyes of fear want you to put bigger locks on your doors, buy guns, close yourself off. The eyes of love instead see all of us as one. Here's what we can do to change the world, right now, to a better ride. Take all that money we spend on weapons and defences each year and instead spend it feeding and clothing and educating the poor of the world, which it would pay for many times over, not one human being excluded, and we could explore space, together, both inner and outer, forever, in peace.

Bill Hicks 1961-94


  1. hey C, good to see you posting! i love the message -- no fear. it is their supper lunch and breakfast. let them starve.

  2. WOW you two were quick.

    Cheers Incoming. I’m sure you caught some of the threads of your stuff in there (grin).

    Thanks A.P. that’s the idea. ‘Come what may’ is a term that resonates with me and you caught the message. No fear. Feeding time for the gargoyles is over.

    I think I might have tried to squeeze too much in to the post but no matter – it is what it is.

    PS I went to post this last night and my internet connection failed. 30 minutes of techie troubleshooting and it was the internet connection – not my new router. I went to bed and thought let's see what the morning brings. Hey presto and the PC crashed at boot time. All working now but a strange coincidence

  3. Hey Chuckster,...Love this piece! This is sublime! What a wonderful world you describe, let's see if we can't realise it, eh?


  4. Hey Chucky,..Oops, soz, I borrowed a link...



  5. Howdy Veritas. I just hope it made sense. We must not take our eyes of the warlocks and shysters. If they offer a choice I would look for different alternatives.

    Feel free to take as you wish V. Snordelhans has been doing some great videos lately (grin). I don’t do legalese as that is the language of the corporations. Basically if I put it up here it is fair game to copy and repost. With the lack of posts and the number of visitors there’s not much chance of that anyway LOL

  6. Chuckyman, this is indeed sublime to borrow V's word. Yes you packed a lot in but in such a concise and meaningful way. The sweep of history adds weight to the message. The message doesn't get lost at all. Very very clear. Bravo. I can see why you like Bill Hicks so much.

    Now hopefully booger will let me send this. something is afoot, mate.

  7. Many thanks James. It came through OK (grin). Lots of odd things happening on the InterWeb these days.

    I do miss Bill Hick’s insightful message and dark humour. Thankfully some of his work did get recorded so that we still have it to remind us. If you watch any of it you can guess why he didn’t get a lot of TV coverage. He certainly didn’t pull any punches and was side-splittingly funny while doing it.

  8. Great post Charles!
    ...especially with the nod to B.Hicks

    It is the issuing and usury of money which keeps us all slaves - 100% true.

    End the grip of Shylock's descendants upon freedom in the world.


  9. Cheers Mouser. It’s good to see another familiar name.

    Old Shakespeare knew what he was writing about. A modern version of the Merchant of Venice would have a completely different ending. Shylock would have had his pound of flesh and Antonio’s house to boot.

  10. Chucky
    Best one you have ever done, I see you are keeping a keen eye on things! I have run into a few things You might find of interest.

    Yes the great democracy of Australia is pushing a bill which would allow the sterilization of 12 year olds found "mature" by "competent" authorities. We have come a long way from simply poisoning wells.

    I feel the planets are what antiquity refers to as "the gods" they do change alignments and produce a certain frequency that definitely has an effect on humans and for that matter our entire universe. We can all change the results of certain frequencies by free will and being aware of them to a certain extent, but they are real. The dark side professes to have some knowledge of this and does attempt to use this to their benefit also. It does not to me negate however that what is .... is.

    We are coming down the home stretch however in this last year. This one is big in my black book.

    Always like to remind people of this one if they have not seen it.

    Dublinmick .... AKA ..... Sam Elliott

  11. Chucky it is not the tempo of the times that causes me alarm, what is disturbing is the great ocean of people who think everything is just fine and those close to me over the years that simply don't have any idea concerning the great issues of the day and many could care less. This truly makes one take stock. You can run the most simplistic issues by them and they have no idea what you are talking about. This is the truly disturbing feature of the age.

    Fluoride man doesnt't care.

    There are wonderful ideas about honest money etc etc. How does one overcome a millenia of financial trickery? We had better be saving up a lot of money very fast! No this is a pipe dream. We will need trillions and Joe soccer/football actually thinks he has elected people who represent his interests. Average Joe is as disastrous as the bankers. It is not entirely his fault but constant brainwashing and poisoning takes a toll.

    The answer lies in the heavens

    Have no fear many who have had near death experiences indicate there was very difference other than there are no restrictions in the etheric plane.


  12. Hoka hey Sam. My wife is still a fan of that drawl (grin).

    As always DM you bring a lot of interesting research to the table. I’m still not sure of Putin. In the first article from Pravda he is quoted at the SCO summit in 2007 saying, "We now clearly see the defectiveness of the monopoly in world finance and the policy of economic selfishness. Russia will take part in changing the global financial structure so that it will be able to guarantee stability and prosperity in the world."

    That’s still ambiguous regarding the NWO and single global currency. I remember the old Russian joke about Pravda and Izvestia – no truth in the news and no news in the truth.

    I am honest enough to say about astrology that I don’t know. I did watch an interesting video from David Talbot and the Electric Universe researchers called ‘Seeking the Third Story’. The video is about an hour long but is worth it if you can stay awake (grin).

    They explore commonality in ancient cultures described by the ancients as the Time of the Gods who then ‘went away’. Talbot makes a good case that the planetary bodies were those gods. After the gods left we were left with myths to describe and make sense of those events. Myths eventually gave way to science.

    In an Electric Universe all planetary bodies and even the wider galaxy itself have an effect on each other. I just haven’t studied astrology enough to validate its concepts. Maybe I’m just thinking too hard and need to rely more on instinct.

    You are correct about the large group of un-awakened humanity. When the matrix dissolves the glass teat of TV will not be able to help them deal with events. They will be best avoided. It’s going to get real ‘interesting’ come what may.

  13. I am certainly in no position to offer anything definitely on the subject, I can say that many shamans, some of the native indian variety especially seem to think some of the more prominent figures in history were in fact the spirits of the planets arriving here in human form. I would think they know more about it than I do. At any rate Zeus was sometimes called the spirit of Jupiter, guardian of the Gods. Alexander was known as Mars, Tecumseh means panther across the sky as he was born during a streaking green meteorite. I suppose it is a case of trust your own instincts, your mistakes might as well be your own, instead of someone else's.    Enki.du of Sumerian fame was known as the embodiment of Uranus. Jesus is said to have ascended to heaven in a green light and so on.

    The tenets of Buddhism hold that big spirits arrive here from various layers of the heavens at times, elaborated upon by Lobsong Rampa's beyond the tenth and some from what they refer to as beyond the 12th heaven. Who can say for sure? We can be pretty sure that Quezelcoatl the plumed serpent was definitely a man but there is also a plumed serpent constellation.

    How did the Mayans know the earth would enter the the photon belt and undergo galactic alignment on 12-21-12? It is an event they felt dramatic enough to not bother with trying to detail what might happen afterwards.

    There are legends in Chinese mythology describing how the the underground city at the temple of heaven was home to the Gods, those who had a greenish tint to their skin and could defeat armies single handedly. These stories as well as those of almost all American indian tribes, Alexander the Great, the Plumed Serpent, the Enuma Elish, all indicate the Gods promise to return. Jesus promised to do the same.

    It certainly appears as good a time as any to me. This planet is utterly despoiled and there is no quick fix available. The mass of humanity is virtually unreachable. In fact the word conspiracy is most often used when they are confronted with facts which so refute all they have believed most of their lives. It is human nature I suppose to avoid coming to grips with the fact that you have been utterly bamboozled. Most that we have been told is indeed a lie.

    So we see a well used term today, conspiracy which is an assumption without facts. There are many facts to substantiate what many would casually term conspiracies if we are willing to go into the rabbit hole. In fact we have many more situations the vast majority of the population is not yet aware of than we do conspiracies. The general brain washing and dumbing down of the population at large is much more of a concern that any conspiracy. When I hear that term used these days my first thought is usually why not just tattoo the word idiot on your forehead. Stop watching Art Bell is another well used escape hatch.


  14. You mention some very good and valid points DM. I deliberately left out the spiritual/religious aspects of this time from my post. I think we both agree that organised religion is yet another facet of control and has nothing to do with the ultimate source of divinity

    I firmly believe that just as there is a 4th state of matter (plasma) there is a 4th dimension that connects us. Plasma is the life-spark that we can see all throughout the cosmos. Who knows what that universal connection can bring to influence events? If a lightning spark can extend light years into the universe can that spark be conscious or part of a greater consciousness?

    In the scheme of things I think we are about half way on the scale between micro and macro. We are like molecules of plastic trying to figure out the shape of the shirt we are part of. That is just my simple monkey-mind, 3D way of looking at things. I’m positive I’m missing something (grin).

    I found yet another example of synchronicity tonight that I was reading Les Vis nailing the fake jews to their crime sheet again and I see you there also. The comment from Anon before yours does a great job of ripping the standard history into toilet paper. Jews? What jews? What is a Jew? LOL

    For anyone reading this Les Visible’s article was this one.

  15. Have run into some interesting takes lately.


  16. Have to get back to this one, things are catching on fire everywhere. Messina Italy they wanted to call in a priest. The magnetic field change is in full swing in conjunction with the pyramid. South Africa, California, Seattle, Santa Barbara, India. etc Check this it is fluctuating near the frequency of the human heart. this is setting metal on fire and wires not connected to anything.


  17. It certainly is an interesting time to be alive DM. Lots of doom and gloom but as yet no BOOM - thank the gods. Yet again it makes me think that the whole point of it all is to create fear. I have read crazy stories of why that is but I try not to give them much attention. Icke’s stuff is on a similar path. I don’t trust him either.

    In regards to Messina (funky and cool - grin) I am not surprised. The recent solar eruptions are bound to have local effects. Just because the power grid didn’t melt doesn’t mean that other effects won’t manifest. I wondered before this one was in 2004.

    I did find a nice wee teaser or summary of the Electric Universe recently. These are serious geeks like myself but they focus on hard science.

    I think nature is going to open our eyes. I just hope she doesn’t turn off the (local) electricity first.

  18. You can't reach them, only the forces of nature can. Chucky I don't trust Icke either. He is a lot more coherent than Drockton and some of the others though. I did run across a piece at tts that is interesting. They put the paddies (that is me) in the hold because they weren't worth as much. LOL He seems to be saying there was more to it than Shakspearian colonists bringing us freedom and the magna carta.

    The noble colonist is better described here

  19. Resonance in Longview, Texas. Blades of light actually captured on digital trail cameras. I think it definitely explains crop circles also. There is no better explanation.


  20. I looked at the thunderbolt piece and one thing stood out, electric fields can change the color of stars. As you know I have long speculated on this red sky prophecy to point of wonder what could cause it, even pondering the gulf erupting from the large gas field under it covering five states. Probably wrong but I was taking a shot at it anyway.

    Well if you look at what they are saying concerning the pyramid, it will

    "Vedic superfluid crystalline technologies kindle the human light body into resonance with earth's magnetic alignment of 2012, a cosmic illumination of red light." emphasis on "red."

    Now we come to strange boulders appearing in the tops of trees weighing hundreds of pounds, nobody can figure how they got there ... other than the standing wave theory of infrasound making them lighter than gravity. It is probably causing crop circles. Granite boulders do collect this energy and it appears to collect at tree top levels also as the giant 3500 year old cypress near me here burned up, spontaneous combustion. Could be a case of an energized rock finding the top of a standing wave which happens to be a nearby tree.

    Could also be that Michelangelo was not as crazy as the vatican thought he was when he talked of the final judgement, people rising above gravity into the air. It could well be scientific as in end of a 26,000 year cycle. Even the Mayans say this one will be like no other cycle ever witnessed on planet earth.


  21. You are probably familiar with Barbara


  22. Thanks for the links DM. I had not heard of that author and her ideas on the Pleiadian star group are interesting. That should keep me reading for a while (grin).

  23. If that doesn't this will.

    Here we go again, strange sounds in Wisc but this time NBC is on top of it! Some pretty freaked out people.

    Earth core making OM sound

    navy says they have nothing to do with sounds in Sooke Canada

    Power failure disables missiles

    Ancient astrological machine. 2000 years old.

    New Mexico is stretching

    All theories out the window. Mars rovers show proof that Mars has been expanding. Possible all the solar system is expanding and it could be all emanating from the sun.

    How many times have you seen the talking monkeys laugh at the ancient cultures who were very interested and reverent over the sun?

    Last but not least .... rumors of military coup in China. Who the hell knows what is going on in China. I have seen some articles indicating a growing riff between civilian leadership and the military. I do recall one general lately speaking out which is unusual for them, saying Iran needed to be defended even if it means world war III.


  24. I have been harping on this a long time. All I want to know is where have you heard this before? Yep yep!

    Nano gold and silver the soma of the Gods which produces the crystal skull! It is also apparently necessary for the vimana also, or flying saucer of the ancient vedics.


  25. Are you there?


  26. "I think I might have tried to squeeze too much in to the post " - No chucky. It was an excellent piece as th one before on Libya.

    Not wanting to trample on anyone's toes, but as a biased religious person who views what's coming from eschatological/apocalyptic perspective, I feel the new age stuff is simply a deliberate highly desucing smokescreen to deviate you from God, just as the behavior of prominent religious people (with a good thick wad of media assistance of course) has crated a field of repulsion flinging people away from God too!

    But it's very very interesting, to me anyway, that although 'we' appear to have very different guiding philosophies and world views, we can all read the writing on the wall.

  27. LOL DM. Still here but who has time to comment with all the reading homework (grin)

  28. Hello and welcome lwtc247. I am a fan of your posts and I appreciate the time to comment.

    I find it encouraging that we are approaching just such a convergence in awareness. I was raised in a religious community and I have felt the comfort of faith’s touch many times over the years. As an older man I reject the teachings of the Catholic Church but I do not reject the message of the Prophet Jesus.

    The RC church has been nothing more than a rival and sometimes conduit to the bloodlines and their sole concern through the centuries was for the continuance and increase of their power and influence. Their corruption has been shown to the world to cripple them as a foe in the current times. I find it ironic that their corruption is lesser today than in the past. Thankfully their reach has lessened

    I do not know the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) well enough but I have always felt a warmth in his words. I honour the message but I am wary of established churches. I am aware that a great deal of effort was expended to hunt down his family and descendants. I am sure that was no accident. Who knows where or when that flower will bloom again? I am learning to be humble enough to say ‘I don’t know’.

    Even the small animals in the wild can sense the coming dawn. I too can say that I sense an approaching dawn. It is my keenest desire that we all face it with a desire to see the many links that unite us and reject the agenda of fear. The agenda of us versus them has always served them and not us.

    You are spot on that when we need faith the most we find it so difficult to find and that is deliberate. Splitting the faiths into denominations and sub sects is deliberate. The truth is there is no God but God – change coloured lenses to suit personal preference. The many schisms are a trick that has been used on us since before the time of the tower of Babel. We seek the Divine in many ways but mostly we do so inside, alone.


  29. Check out these pics Chucky, it looks like to me the indian petroglyphs were trying to relay something about solar max. They look the same as scientific models.

    The strange sound phenom has hit Ireland. One family in fact taken away in a paddy wagon.



    Smell any gas yet?


  31. LOL DM. The Scots are made of tough stuff. It’ll take a lot more than a ‘funny smell’ to put them off. Remember when some nutter tried to firebomb an airport terminal a while back. Instead of running away they just knocked him out.

    Scotland - where men are men and sheep are nervous bwa-ha-ha

    PS I did like the endtime article you linked to last. Where can I buy factor 1,000,000 sun cream when I really need it?

  32. Am I reading this right, after sanctioning Iran gas, France and U.K. can no longer have any, the well goes wacko and they removed oil field workers in the North Sea leading to a fuel shortage? Now that is what I call planning.


  33. The whole story stinks DM. This well has a dangerous gas leak and the area is evacuated yet the waste gas flame is still lit – eh WTF?

    At the same time we have a government minister advising stock up and bring jerry cans because of the threat of a lorry driver strike. NB They have to give 7 days notice of strike action.

    Because of this we have the petrol stations emptying and the threat of a lack of re-supply. This is based on what exactly?

    As I said it stinks DM. Access to petrol/gas is a hot button and right now it is active in the Unemployed Kingdom. Heads up bro – beware the big wave.

  34. This is against my better judgement, mostly to log onto sites.

  35. Cliff maybe on to something, this is indeed a real game changer. I am amazed really how some people actually are quite hostile when you bring up things like this. They simply don't want to hear it. My dad always said don't get worked up over things you can't change. The more I look around that is especially good advice in these times.

  36. Wrong link

  37. Iceland forgive all mortgage debt. Sometimes the answer is so simple.

  38. It’s amazing what is possible DM when the people aren’t completely in thrall to the banksters. May they be the first of many free people.

  39. Not much good news out there is it bro?

  40. LOL I’ve been thinking on exactly those lines recently DM.

    Lots of doom and gloom hype blaring out to us all 24/7. Maybe I’ll post a picture of cute kittens on my next post to balance out some of it.

    Come what may I’m as ready as I’ll ever be and I’ve got popcorn ready – just in case (grin)

  41. HI Chucky, just popping in to day hi and hope you are well..It's getting weirder and wierder ..and i'm bailing from blogging fully very soon..
    all the best to you and your family
    cheers A13

  42. Howdy A13 and thanks for leaving a note. It sure is an interesting time to live in.

    I’ve been off doing other things but I haven’t given up completely on blogging. Mostly I don’t want to keep saying the same thing over and over again to the same folks. Besides there’s still some great writers out there with limitless energy.

    I hope you enjoy the rest A13 but as the old saying goes – “never say never”. I’ll not say goodbye A13 more like au revoir.