Thursday, 27 October 2011

I Come To Praise Gaddafi, Not Bury Him

The man is dead they all say - long live the legend. Our lying eyes have seen the footage and even the online pundits ‘concede’ the point. I briefly watched the first video and closed the browser. Whatever was taped I didn’t want to watch any more for the sake of my own soul.

What spastic, cold-turkey junkie prick took the initial video I’ll never know. The quality of the video was the same crap we have seen disseminated time and time again to spread the lies of the so called Arab Spring. Remember also that Saif al-Islam Gaddafi has made more comebacks than Sinatra. Lazarus would be jealous – he only got to come back from the dead once.

I seem to remember that they stopped the crystal clear footage after the Green Square footage was shown to be a set in Doha, Qatar. Other scenes were of a crowd in India. Once ‘Mission Accomplished ™’was declared the hired guns of the western media pissed off back home. If they magically produce some clearer stuff I will remember the fake footage produced after Israhell’s murders got outed in their rampage on the Mavi Marmara.

Enough of the forensics – suffice to say that I don’t believe one single fucking word or image we get forced down our throats here in the liberated ‘West’.

They said he was a brutal dictator. Maybe he was. The Americans were seemingly happy to ship some of their torture-for-hire jobs his way. As a wee side note Assad of Syria would pick up some of that work for the US of I also. That’s how they can prove he was such a bad guy – he was doing some of their dirty work.

All the little favours called in to cement our allies in the ‘War Of Terror’. Like getting made in the mafia movies – enough said without discussing the real kosher nostra. Remember Saddam had lots of really bad ass weapons of mass destruction once upon a time. We know this because Rumsfield sold them to him. Ditching said weapons didn’t work out so well for him either.

What did this tyrant ever do for his people? Free Health Service, free University tuition even if you have to go abroad to get it, grants for anyone to farm the land, a wedding gift of thousands of dollars for newly weds and a bonus for each child born. Food and petrol cost mere cents or pennies if you prefer and 50% subsidies on new cars etc, etc – what a bastard!!

He built a massive water network to distribute water from a huge underground aquifer to make the desert fertile – it was to be the 8th wonder of the modern world.

I didn’t know until yesterday (thanks AP) that he also financed the first African telecom satellite – for Africans. No more bender-over fees to the big western networks for African countries.

He wanted to set up a gold backed African currency that would free Africa from the modern debt slavery of the IMF and the rest of the Rothschild controlled vampires. He was only going to sell his high grade oil in the currency of the new African Dinar… what a complete bastard!

Look around you and think - how many people would sell their mothers or their children for that kind of regime right now? How many of the growing tent cities and modern Hoovervilles – if you even know of their existence – could be removed with such a tyrant? Do you see a link…any link?

On a serious note when was the last time an elected representative in your corner of the world actually made your life easier in a fundamental of life… when? We live in ‘democracies’ because the PTB learned that the sheep are quieter in such work camps and when they are distracted by such theatre.

In the current times X factor, XX Idol (for XX - add country of origin) and celebrity gossip substitute for valuable public discourse. Politics and economics are boring… quick Britney is on the other channel… twitter just said that Yo’ mama is really an alien… check out the abs on……..

I remember when free people lived in Republics. Democracies are frightening places – go read Plato. The read monsters certainly did.

Bullshit and sarcasm aside - the more I heard about the man the more I understood why he had to go and 50,000 Libyan civilians had to die with him – so that the civilians would be safe… safe to be enslaved like we are.

Of course he was portrayed as mad. From the mindset of the pimps and whores in positions of perceived power he was. When you have dial-a-Thai-ladyboy on speed dial the idea of improving the lot of your clan/tribe/country is ludicrous. More coke with that your highness?

WE KILLED HIM. Each and every one of us. What did we do to stop it? Sweet Fuck All. We marched like good sheep to stop Iraq and that worked out alright didn’t it? Only a million dead – give or take a few hundred thousand. Not one march to halt the rape and decimation of Africa’s richest nation after the ‘West’ had previously extended the hand of peace. We did this because we did nothing to stop it and the current carpet bagging of the remnants.

Picture found here.

The vile monsters like Billiary Clinton (deliberate spelling) are there because of us. They, like Obama, Sarkozy and that bloated buffoon (prick is reserved for Blair) Cameron live in our ‘sphere of influence’ – where we live for the stupid.

We can camp out and stand and shout. That’s one approach. We can do lots of things to gum up the works. It matters not a jot if we aren’t doing anything except jerk off at a keyboard. The banksters own us lock, stock and barrel – look up the meaning of that some time – hint it’s about guns and the guns are pointed at us.

We can piss and moan that the good leaders get killed - Ghandi, Kennedy, ML King, Malcom X etc because of the money power of the Rothschild and their khazar, rabbi minions that run the show for them. There have been many good leaders that came and died because we have not been ready for the message of what they face and followed through. They knew and they tried anyway.

Moammar Gaddafi may lie in an unmarked grave or may be resting in a villa somewhere in a sympathetic country. It makes not one jot of a difference. The guilt is ours and we can only remove that guilty by making sure the real guilty parties answer for their crimes. Add that to the list of things to do when we get off our arses.




Fear is the mind killer. If we can conquer fear we can understand how to hold off the armies of evil just like the defenders of Sirte.


  1. Hey Chuckyman,...Well said, I have been so distracted by my disgust lately, I have been unable to respond to the disgusting public blood ritual that I witnessed, like so may others, stunned and listless by that obviously macabre freak-show created purposely to horrify the world and satiate the evil sexual blood-lust the filthy yids have for grotesque butchery.

    I will be responding shortly, however, it will probably be a lamentation similar to yours, a reflection on what it is to be another impotent scribbler at "Occupy Blogstreet". When I eventually absorbed what had passed: I was livid, I mean, I was consumed with rage, I have always been affectatiously belligerent and bellicose, (as you have surmised, grin) yet I now see normally patient and deliberate voices like GB at "Goon Squad" and Timster at "How dare I", becoming more and more aggressive in tone and intention. You yourself included, truly, Penny and AP appear to have "had a gut full" also. Rather than celebrate this development I have been saddened by it - it can only mean one thing, the world is worse today than when we started our campaigns against the evil tribe, also, it indicates the frustration we are all experiencing at having had no real impact on the inception of the protocols and their intended global subjugation.

    If it is time to pursue a new strategy, then so be it. I am exhausted by what I consider a fail by the bloggershere. Not for want of trying.
    I pray, which is not much more than a focused egregious Will to bring about one day, the manifestation of a mob so enraged, so inconsolable that a brutal pogrom of vengeance will slay the smarmy gloating perfidious yiddish PTB and their disgraceful minions. Am I mad man or man maddened by circumstance?

    Gaddafi was/is(?) a man that GAVE to his people, he shared the commonwealth with his people, (unlike that greedy fat yiddish whore in the jU.K); that he played the game with the yids, is a compromise I guess he felt was necessary to sustain the peace for his people. While it lasted they prospered, it was inevitable that Libya would tumble along with the other hurdles confronting the ravenous beast.

    All that I know now is that while WE SLEEP THEY LIVE!


  2. Hello V and thank you. I had seen recently that you have had some issues with booger recently – you’ve obviously upset some poor, repressed shyster (grin). Good man yourself and keep up the good work.

    You eloquently describe an inner struggle I too have felt of late. If we give in to the many outrageous provocations we lose our focus and have betrayed an inner weakness. Alternatively we could not profess to be members of the human race and not feel outrage and empathy for the plight of others.

    My inner rage has been building all year since NATO started their murderous rampage. In the last week I cannot think about what has happened without grinding my teeth and swearing – often!

    I haven’t been reading as much of the other blogs recently with other commitments but I have come to wonder if blogging is just a safety valve. An easy way to blow off steam without feeling the need to get up and actually do something.

    No one is going to do anything for us. We each have to see where we can throw our monkey wrench into the gears of the machine. If marching is what works, go for it. If freezing your ass off in a tent and then getting pepper sprayed is your bag then bravo. There are lots of ways and any that tie down and wear down the oppressors is fair game in my book.

    They have the guns but we really do have the numbers. We need cool, clear heads for what’s coming but a deep, implacable anger will help keep us on the march.

  3. "He wanted to set up a gold backed African currency that would free Africa from the modern debt slavery of the IMF and the rest of the Rothschild controlled vampires." This explains everything, Saddam was going to do the same thing. Dollar hegemony must be maintained so wholesome Americans can get those low prices always. Now back to the two minutes hate we are waiting for the new Emmanuel Goldstein he is even more *evil* (gasp!) than the last one.

  4. chuckyman!
    how are you, yesterday I left a lengthy comment for you.... I assumed it went through ok?
    Apparently it didn't?
    Is it in your spam?
    Or did blogger eat it?

  5. Hello there mollusk and thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

    You are certainly near to the mark on the Goldstein idea. I was beginning to think that Murdock was shaping up to fill that role recently. There are so many candidates for the role its hard to narrow the list.

  6. Hi there Penny. I’m sorry to say that booger ate your comment – nothing came through.

  7. Aaron R Swipe esq29 October 2011 at 15:47

    Who would ever direct hate at Rupert Murdoch (a.k.a. Moishe Greeneberg, a.k.a. Moishe Oppenheimer)?

    Even one minute hate would be out of order for that giant Light Unto the Nations. Just look at how the intellectual prostitutes employed in his media empire have courageously championed the genocide of Palestinian men, women and children in Occupied Palestine.

    I am relieved to see those wiretapping felonies his employees were involved in have disappeared down the memory hole. Could have been a sticky wicket for Saint Moishe, had it stayed on the front pages.

    Bless his bagels and may all his problems be little ones.

    A R Swipe esq

  8. Hello there Aaron. Charmin of you to leave a comment (grin).

    Kick over any rock and the usual tribe slither out. What an amazing coincidence that a perfectly timed bout of smash and grab broke out here in CCTV land. Let’s be honest that wasn’t a riot.

    It’s the another win, win for the usual control freaks. Change the topic from old bertie boy and use the murder of civilian to enable more repression of the herd.

    Long may he fester in a lower circle of hell filled with hypocrites and other bottom feeders.

  9. All background noise actually. Whatever Moishe and his cohorts are up to is window dressing in a way. The main game begins when the world wide house of Big Lie cards undergoes its engineered collapse.

    Been reading Visible lately, Chucky?

    Said he would write his Ten Commandments Of Truth in the next Smoking Mirrors. Unfortunately that next S.M. has come and gone and no Ten Commandments Of Truth. Pity, I was looking forward to that author's take on Truth.


    An interesting recent observation from Bishop Williamson, (in part}:


    "The imminent collapse of global finance, and/or the advent of global finance on the way to global government which that collapse has been designed to bring on, should be making souls think : how did we get into this mess, and how do we get out of it ? If Almighty God has had no part to play in such a serious crisis, then obviously he is not serious but just a feel-good Sunday pastime. On the other hand if he is as important as once the builders of medieval cathedrals obviously thought, then neglecting him will have had a central part to play in today’s triumph of finance over reality.

    Indeed one must go back to the Middle Ages to understand where today’s disaster has come from. As the Faith began to droop after the high Middle Ages, so men became more and more interested in Mammon, the other great motivator of their lives (Mt.VI, 24). Thus money, natured to be the servant of the exchange of real goods and services, was unhooked from nature to become modern finance, master of the global economy. A key step in this process, leading directly to today’s mountains of unpayable debt in all directions, enslaving the world to the visible bankers, or rather to their invisible controllers, was the post-medieval spread of fractional reserve banking."



    ARS esq

  10. I must admit that I don’t agree totally with you placing the Murdock led empire of lies in the shadow. He is certainly a major officer in ensuring the ‘message’ gets put across correctly. He’s not at the top of the pyramid but he’s crucial to maintaining it.

    I never miss the Petri dish or the Mirrors posts from Les. I don’t often follow the comments section so I do not know of the 10 truths you mentioned. If he said he would post them then he will.

    The coming collapse is a deliberate attempt to seize global power. Bishop Williamson is (probably wisely) circumspect in describing the process without calling out the name of the perpetrators. I came across this article that goes into greater detail of the same process and timeline.

    Both point the finger at the financiers without calling their name. It is the Synagogue of Satan, the pretend, non semitic jews that seek to inflict this upon us. Richard Moore’s article traces the line back to the invasion of the jews from Holland to England.

    He doesn’t mention the migration of the money lenders from Venice and they have hop-scotched from country to country though the ages before then leaving the same chaos behind them. Every centre of trade since the great flood has been plagued by them and their ancestors.

    In the coming madness beware anyone wanting a global fix, bank, taxation or remedy. They are either morons or complicit. The only ‘global’ solution is the destruction of usury and the locally led fixing of each country’s problems.

  11. Thanks for the link, Chucky. Not been able to read it all yet, but a minor point (perhaps) - I do not believe they financed both sides in their Second World War; Japan maybe (I do not know) but they definitely did not finance Germany. Remember, international Jewry openly declared war on Germany in 1933 when the Germans booted the international usurers out.


    re: calls for a global fix -

    Saw a reference couple weeks ago to "someone" in the church calling for globalization to save the world. If true, the church is hitting new lows.


    Here is the Visible comment -

    Reflections in a Petri Dish

    The Resonance and the Dissonance Hold Hands.

    Beamed from the Saucer Pod By Visible on Tuesday, October 25, 2011



    Visible said...


    I study this stuff because I want to see where it leads. In the next Smoking Mirrors I am going to talk about the Ten Commandments of Truth. I don't know what they are yet, that comes when it happens but I know it will come and people can take it for whatever good it does them.


    Wednesday, October 26, 2011 2:04:00 PM


    Would make interesting reading - if it happens.



  12. Hey Chuckyman

    I will try again.
    I came in after V;s comment
    He noted a sadness over events in Libya,, perhaps a heaviness amongst the blogging crowd.
    And a frustration.

    He's right. It is tough to break through the mind control. So well has it been applied.
    As tough as it was for us to break out of it at some point in our respective lives.

    I do think that blogging is helpful as it gets the information out to the people that are searching for it.
    This is good.
    It is a far cry better then having these individuals left with no choice at all for their news.

    I do think it is making an impact- my local newspaper actually put up a lengthy piece by a local on the banking cartels using the wizard of oz analogy and more
    I was stunned. Called them to tell them, put more stuff like that in the paper and lose the idiots.
    However small it was, it was a first and I was dam glad to see it.

    Getting back to Gaddaffis murder.
    IMO he is dead.
    IMO there was an element of ritual in the killing.
    I had a picture up in on of my posts
    Aferrismoon left a comment about the NY hat, which I had noticed and the heart shirt.
    A message to Hilary Clinton. via a staged photo.
    I do think so.
    The death cult may have won one battle, we will win the war.

  13. You’re welcome A.R.S. It felt weird typing that (grin).

    They always finance and support both sides of every war. The accumulated debt is the whole point – the ability to completely restructure unfriendly regions and regimes is an integral part of the long term plans.

    The US financial and industrial support for the Nazi regime is well documented. The Bush family were up to their necks in it. George Higham’s book ‘Trading With The Enemy’ goes into great detail on it. I don’t like sounding like a librarian but this is a detailed extract of it. (Warning, it’s a long read)

    Here’s a thought to ponder. A nice big war was needed for all sorts of reasons. Finishing the destruction of the German power on the continent, massive fiscal stimulus to get the US out of a depression, bankrupt the British Empire and get the City of London Corporation comfortably across the water to its new base in New York.

    The Balfour Declaration set the scene for the Rothschilds to get their criminal base state in the emerging oil region of the Middle East. How to populate it? The first attempt at a holohoax after WWI was a complete bust so the fledgling Nazi’s were financed and nursed along.

    I find it interesting that all the European jews ( the poor ones that is) were locked up safe in the work camps during the war while the ‘allies’ bombed German cities flat – with fire storms no less. US bombers were not allowed to bomb US owned factories in Germany. ITT successfully sued for damages inflicted by Allied bombing raids after the war.

    The Bankster class of Judea were safe in Britain and in America rapidly filling up the professions to set the scene for the great revision of events – the holohoax. The greatest fake guilt trip in history.

    History is an agreed framework of lies to suit the overlords and to bury the evidence of their crimes.

    I’ll get off my soapbox now for a while. As for Les I would certainly like to read his Ten Commandments of Truth. If it’s important to him I’m sure he’ll get around to it. I only have 1.5 blogs (the heretic’s site doesn’t get the attention it deserves) and I have found that it can be time consuming. I have no idea how Les fits it all in but I’m glad that he does.

  14. Hello again Penny and thank you for taking the time to repost your comment.

    I think the one emotion that comes to mind when I think of the death of Libya and of its leader is anger. The Vampires wrapped themselves in the cloak of light and mercy while committing the foulest of deeds. The symbolism doesn’t get any starker than that.

    I have no doubt that the people of Libya will reclaim their land again. How much blood will fertilise the sands for that to occur is the only question. Only we humans would even care to think of such thoughts. The instigators are not human and we will all become aware of that before the end.

    I think you are right in the full balance of judgement that we can make a difference with these blogger efforts – even tangentially. It gets us used to having these discussions in the real world. I am still wary that it could be used to draw out energy that could be productively used elsewhere. If nothing else we can communicate – for now – directly and without the usual media lies.

    I still return here (infrequently) to vent my spleen or ponder my own view of the matrix. The whole point was to add my voice to the choir. Just because I don’t like what I have found does not alter the need to keep stating it.

    Is he dead – probably. I still don’t know. I meant what I said about not trusting anything we are told or especially shown. Yet again the monster of ZATO smashed another weaker state. We should be frightened that the bogey man is stalking its next victim.

    Little do most know that the monster has been long hollowed out and when it finally goes toe-to-toe with a state that can fight back it will get its head handed to it on a plate. That’s part of the plan too

    The one thing I am adamant of is that we must banish the fear from our minds. Fear saturates all of the coverage we get. I will update the post with an image that I have used before. I will not fear but I will also not give in to their plans either.

  15. Hello Chucky
    I always laugh, and we need to find something of mirth these days, when I see that dead horse and realize I had something to do with it!

    I wish I had good news but I see now they say 14000 at least Americans dead from Fukishima radiation. I had a friend die recently of testicular cancer of course he used a wifi laptop and computer in his ad business.

    Seems like a lot of my old friends are leaving the planet.


  16. Hello DM my old friend. Indeed you helped get this tiny cul-de-sac of the Interweb on the road – back when I was a newbie.

    I know exactly what you mean brother. We also have just come out of a long period of waiting and then mourning for another close soul. It’s been a long few months in a year that flashed by.

    We can follow the hype and guile of the matrix around us or we can think for ourselves. Mostly I’m starting to walk my own path.

    So when are you coming back to sharing your insight? I know I haven’t written a single word in 2 months but I will get thought this phase. We need more thinkers focused on the spiritual rather than on the contrived.

  17. An excellent post Chucky.

    If you celebrate Christmas, I hope you have a good one. All the best.

  18. Hello lwtc247 and thank you. I parted ways with the Christian religion many years ago but I still practice the season of good will to all men.

    I hope the New Year brings you health and happiness.

  19. Hi Chucky,
    Merry Christmas to you and yours :)
    Cheers and regards from down under

  20. Hey Chuckyman: popping by to say ...hope you and yours enjoyed the holidays. All the best to you.Here is hoping for a better year.But I don't think so,sadly.

  21. Thank you A13 and Penny. I’ve stepped away from the keyboard completely for a while. There was nothing positive to come from it. The mental batteries needed recharging.

    It’s difficult to put many of my thoughts into short sentences and paragraphs. I see the year ahead as a release from the ever present oppressive fear we have been bombarded with for the last few years.

    Let the banks fail, let the wars start... when the dust finally settles we will be free of the fear and of the vermin that have played us like dumb puppets for hundreds and thousands of years. It is by the forcing the agenda of the coming maelstrom that the public will see the hidden hands.

    I am more optimistic overall than I have been for some time. I do not detract from the approaching horror. I will NOT fear it. Many of us will not see the aftermath but many others will. The key is to starve them of fear.

    A drowning man will clutch at any straw. Without fear we can think our way through to a reasoned response to our looming circumstance. The New Year may not be called ‘happy’ but it will set us free. For that I am happy.

  22. I hear ya on the mental batteries needing recharging, been feeling a bit burned out myself..

  23. I must admit that I am glad to see the back of 2011 Penny. The last 3 months saw the slow loss of a good friend and a close family member for my wife and I.

    It has been a time for thought and contemplation of many things. I might manage to get my finger out and try to make a coherent stab at putting some of it together. Thank goodness so many bloggers give so tirelessly of their time and energy.

  24. Just so you know I had you on the cutting edge!! LOL

    When old news becomes current news! Looks like they were right 100 years ago, in fact the grape harks back to biblical times.

    Grape seed extract kills head and neck cancer cells, leaves healthy cells unharmed

    Grape-seed extract kills laboratory leukemia cells, proving value of natural compounds Dec 31, 2008 | not rated yet | 0
    Whole grape – seed and skin – may be perfect colon cancer fighting food Jun 02, 2011 | not rated yet | 0
    Yale scientists to study DNA repair in cancer cells Oct 25, 2007 | not rated yet | 0

    Grape seed extract creates these conditions that are unfavorable to growth. Specifically, the paper shows that grape seed extract both damages cancer cells’ DNA (via increased reactive oxygen species) and stops the pathways that allow repair (as seen by decreased levels of the DNA repair molecules Brca1 and Rad51 and DNA repair foci).
    “Yet we saw absolutely no toxicity to the mice, themselves,” Agarwal says."

    How long have I been talking about the grape cure around here?

  25. I keep my ear to the ground but don't know what to suggest for situations like this below. There really is no political solution and people don't really care what is going on. Many I run into I am happy to say I won't be on the same planet with them too much longer.

    The universe seems to have something up it's sleeve however. Have you heard any strange noises where you are?

    From Bho


  26. This one always seemed to put things in perspective for me.

    right in line with Vivek. It is that 33rd parallel again!

  27. Howdy DM. You’ve always got an open mike here