Wednesday 15 December 2010

Before and After

This is the coverage of one event that took place during the recent student protests in London. Watch how much dignity the paid lackey shows and how he tries to smear this first hand account of the incident.

This is a documentary about Organised Crime and the leadership of the rogue state of Kosovo. Guess who helped setup that little enclave?

According to the report “the captives were brought out of the 'safe house' individually, summarily executed by a KLA gunman, and their corpses transported swiftly to the operating clinic." What are the nationality of the surgeons and the smugglers of the stolen organs? You decide.

These are the stakes folks. Once the traditional framework has been destroyed all sorts of ‘commerce’ can occur.

This is what happens to children already. Thanks also to Incoming for this link from the same post.

Now you know the stakes because these networks are already in place.
It’s time to start making decisions. If you think it can't happen here ask the Russians and the Ukrainians.


  1. "I love Israel. What a great country! Kosovo is a friend of Israel," the grinning Thaci, 39, says in a Pristina hotel crowned by a miniature statue of liberty. "I met so many great leaders when I was there -- Netanyahu, Sharon -- I really admire them,"
    As far as the BBC are getting a taste of amerikan journalism...or what it has morphed into...sad, truly sad.

  2. Yes Timster. It’s the same old story again – kick over any rock and they slither out. It’s fitting that one of the architects of the demise of the former Yugoslavia and then Serbia, Holbrooke, went to meet his master this week. May he be joined by many more soon.

    As for the Beeb – don’t be fooled by the English ‘stiff upper lip’ BS. We Micks have been getting the hostile treatment for decades. Most don’t remember that many Irish politicians could not be interviewed directly. Their words had to be spoken by actors! There’s a link to my last post – The Sound of Silence was the nickname of a Sinn Fein Karaoke on the BBC LOL.

    We see the trend of where the protests will head. If the Gestapo will blatantly and repeatedly abuse wheelchair bound citizens then the able-bodied can expect a lot worse. I guess we are all Palestinians now.

  3. Heard a feature on NPR today about a pilot program in Manhattan where an 'organ wagon' follows EMT's to heart attack and other calls. If the person dies the 'wagon' people go to the house and try to convince the family to let them take the body for harvesting. If the pilot is successful they want to spread it to all major cities. I can imagine who's behind this. The rich don't like the waiting lists.

  4. The concept of shame completely eludes some people Kenny. Hopefully enough of the grieving families knock them on their asses to drive the point home.

    The rich get richer but they can’t take it with them when their master calls. They need to cannibalise the living so they can steal even more. They feel that they have enough control now that they can do this in the open. I sincerely hope they have misjudged this one.

  5. Hiya Chucky,

    Something uplifting -

    22 MILLION views in 4 weeks on JewTube!

    Their subversion may not be working as successfully as they'd like to think.

    They'll be hatin' that. LOL

    Merry CHRISTmas, jews!


  6. Many thanks Celt. I’m always partial to a little subversion (grin)

  7. Chucky are you saying Brit commentators are not giving people the straight scoop?

  8. Was I too subtle DM? (grin). I could go on for hours about the two-faced, devious, underhanded tactics of the Brit media - but there is nothing there that most of us don’t know already.

  9. I stumbled across this one. You are not the only one that is hacked. I bring you the angry Indian.

  10. That is an excellent find DM.

    Maybe it’s just me but everywhere I turn my eye I see a lot of writers finally getting angry. Jim Kirwan is certainly one of them and I think his has written many fine articles of late. This is but one of them.

  11. C, that young man has more dignity and courage in his pinky finger than the tool on beeb. how despicable.

  12. As always A.P you have a fine eye for the humane. Unfortunately these soulless career climbers possess none.

    It is really illuminating (insider pun) to watch. No traits of humanity or dignity are on show. A young man overcomes many obstacles to put his point across and the forgettable drone reads his script. This is our future if we let it happen.

    Call me an optimist but I think a corner has been turned. Watching this clip every 30 minutes will have helped our cause far more than the elites.

  13. Peasant one of us needs to warn him, the eyerabs are going after the salad bars next.

  14. we must keep them away from the beer!@!!! they can have the salad, just don't touch the fecking beer....

  15. What can I say A.P. You are truly a saint among women. All hail the beer (grin). They can keep the salad (yuck).

    Thanks folks. I needed a good laugh.

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