Saturday, 2 October 2010

Would the ‘Real’ IRA step forward

Lately I’ve been trying to catch up with my favourite bloggers and in doing so I came across a post over at Kenny’s Sideshow that made me sit up and pay attention. In essence it asks questions about the motivation behind the renewed interest in the paramilitary splinter group called the Real IRA.

Recently a ‘spokesman’ for the group has given an interview (in The Guardian of all places) saying that financial institutions, bankers and other economic targets are on their list of potential targets. I missed that article at the time but since then there have been similar pieces on the TV media also.

Since reading it I have been mulling over what my take on the recent surge in media coverage and I must agree with Kenny’s premise – that this has the stink of the dirty tricks branch of British Intelligence. Let me give you some background before I continue.

I was born and raised in Nationalist West Belfast and witnessed the recent ‘long war’ as a backdrop to my own growth and development. Supporting the Republican Movement’s struggle against the British state and their various minions was a natural response for me. I was a member of Sinn Fein for some years and was involved in many community campaigns.

I agreed with the announcement of the first ceasefire in August ’94 as a means to pursue a just and principled negotiated settlement. John Major – Mr Gray – was British PM at the time and successfully stymied all efforts to start open negotiations. The London Docklands bombing was the inevitable response. It took nearly 18 months and a new administration led by Tony ‘War Crimes’ Blair before a new ceasefire was announced. Irony indeed!

The Good Friday Agreement was signed in April ‘98 and ratified in May. I voted against the agreement for a number of reasons but I did not support the decision of many Republicans to fragment the Movement and form a break-away group. 2 months later I left my homeland and emigrated.

I can well understand the many Republicans that believed it is impossible to trust in any British Administration with their centuries’ long record of bad faith and loose interpretation of ‘constitutional’ politics and law –perfidious Albion after all. More than 10 years have passed and I feel they have been vindicated by the failure to implement any of the cross border institutions that were promised in the agreement.

Similarly the British have repeatedly suspended the Belfast Assembly on the personal whim of a British minister – illegally as the agreement was a binding international treaty between the sovereign nations of Ireland and Britain. At all times the Unionists have been able to dither, prevaricate and to stall the implementation of the agreement while maintaining many of their traditions and privileges unchanged.

I must admit that I have not kept in touch with this topic except in a superficial manner. For me the enlightening period occurred recently when responsibility for security and policing was planned to be handed over to local control. Since that time I have noticed a sudden upswing in the tempo of attacks by the IRA and their media coverage. Meanwhile power still resides in London.

Still reading or have you gone to sleep yet? My point in this rant is coming.

As much as I respect the motivations of many of the young men and women involved at this moment in time there is absolutely no justification to pursue this armed struggle. The conditions that gave rise to the popular uprising in 69/70 were stark, brutal and all other options had been exhausted.

When the ‘Real’ IRA spit they did so at a time of vast intelligence gathering by the British. They were subsequently subverted and in one fateful, brutal incident 29 people (including 9 children) were murdered in the Omagh Bombing. One victim was a pregnant woman expecting twins. The blame was laid at their door and that is what happens when the spooks control your organisation.

Now they talk about targeting banks, financial institutions and even the City of London. I see the word PATSY writ large in 100 foot high neon lights. The Irish struggle for independence has stretched through the ages. For as long as the money lenders have run England we have fought them without knowing it. They have ever used us as the laboratory for their plans of Empire.

This is not the fight for the IRA. If Irish Volunteers wish to fight and die against global banking tyranny they can do so as we have always done – in the right way. Follow the lead of others or start a new group for that very purpose. Not under the flag of popular Irish resistance to British rule but under the flag of humanity against a foe that would make cattle of us all.

Kenny was right. Arab patsies will be substituted for new Irish ones. Another generation of our people will feel the boot on their face and this time the nodding sheep will agree. The penny dropped today when I read this article. It set the stage in gory technical detail what some expect and hope for.

I don’t know if the boys used a FAE device that day or not. It is a dreadful weapon. Those that it doesn’t kill by blast, it kills by oxygen starvation. I feel that the stage is being set. Naive patriots are being led by the nose and the timing of their ‘success’ suggests that they are not working for their own people but ultimately against them.

As for the discussion of coordinated resistance against the PTB – the time for this sort of action is not yet ripe. The state wants violence so bad that it can smell the blood already. It has long since cooked the law books and trained its lackeys. We must starve them of that. Civil disobedience is the key. Only when they start killing us can we contemplate repaying the favour.

We, humanity, must fight smarter the devil that opposes us. The Irish struggle is but a part of a bigger picture. I fear that the recent developments in Dublin will bring many to their banner. The choice awaits us all – will we blindly strike out or will we use the brains in our heads. Any idiot can start a fight but it takes a wiser man to pick which fight to join.


  1. Great background and thoughts on this chucky. It means so much more coming from someone who has been there.

  2. Thank you Kenny for your original post. As I’m sure you can tell, it is a topic near to my heart. The events I described all seem so long ago now. I have foolishly presumed that my countrymen and women would not need to resort to arms ever again.

    Simple condemnation will not work from my own experience. In all the years of our struggle we received nothing but the scorn and derision of self appointed ‘moderate’ voices.

    Now it seems that our old foe is using us as bait in a larger game. It’s a win-win for them. They get their patsies to attack banks and so enable all of their ‘emergency’ legislation. They also get a second bite to smash an old foe that they could not crush the last time.

    We can see how the manipulators of the PTB play on genuine passions and feelings to further their own agenda. My only hope is that this is an empty threat to increase their popular appeal. I fear it is not.

  3. The movie that Daniel Day-Lewis was in, "In the Name of the Father," nails it down, showing how the Brit authority's didn't care about truth or justice, only that the public thought they were doing a good job of 'protecting' then against Irish bomb throwers.

    In the end, when the truth that had been suppressed by the cops/intelligence agencies came out and the Irish were released after spending 15 years in prison, there was a blurb at the end of the movie, stating that none of the cops involved in the coverup were ever prosecuted or indicted.

  4. The case of the Guilford 4 and the less well known Maguire family is another of literally thousands of cases of the judicial system being used as a weapon. Daniel Day Lewis’ character in the film was Gerry Conlon. His father was also locked up and died in jail.

    The state’s thugs never do time Greg. Remember also that Jean Charles De Menezes was callously executed in London. For the last 10 years the focus has been on the Islamic community and still continues with exactly the same tactics.

  5. Yes C the oh so convenient cover and distraction provided by mentioning the rIRA has not been lost on many. Having been parked in The City I used to scratch my head as I wandered past Leadehhall and Bishopsgate and wonder. Now that I understand how the insurance racket works I can see a strange beneficial synchronicity to some of the jobs pulled in London tahn. In UKplc you can guarantee that any perceived opposition will have either its 2iC or 3iC as a turncoat traitor. The City is Venetian after all and has been pulling that stuff for over 1000 years. That also goes for any Muslim subversives.

  6. great advice Chuck. i hope the irish are not as naive as the americans. we need some group of people to LEAD, to show how it's done, without needing to organize into a party or somesuch but by employing their common sense and courage. organizing into specific groups is when it gets tricky and when the infiltration occurs. thus the key is for people to rely on actual, meaningful values, as long ago defined by worthy ancestors. it seems to me that if many people agreed on what's right without having to write it down into a flipping charter, and just act accordingly, for instance to make great gram and gramp proud by knowing right from wrong, then organizing is not exactly required, at least not on a large scale. this is why a nation like ireland is so dangerous to TPTB, or for that matter any nation with a strong identity and moral code (are there any left?). the people are *already* organized around certain principles, ie: being irish. or do i romanticize it? i hope not. as an irish & german american i hope not. i think if some group of people can effectively resist then it could catch on elsewhere. and at least around these parts (Boston area), many people idolize the irish and so i hope they don't get snookered by these rotten, bloodthirsty criminals, because a victory there would resonate here.

  7. Agreed Incoming. All those years and all those deaths and the only thing that really lit a fire under their arses were couple of big bangers in the city. The mayor of ‘The City’ (the real one and not the collection of metropolis called London) had a wee word with the PM and told him to basically “sort it out”. Boris Johnston need not apply for that post.
    I’m all too aware that any formal organisation will be undermined and subverted from within Incoming and more often than not by the top banana – see the BNP for instance. Lennon’s advice that the best way to control the opposition is to lead it comes to mind.

    Suraci is still banging out the posts but he decided that he wanted to turn off the comments section for a while. Not a bad idea and a good way to stop me stalking his posts on a regular basis (grin).

  8. i also meant to say that peaceful non-compliance is the thing. tptb have arranged things so that everyone in corporate life has a strictly compartmentalized job. only those at the top get to see the big picture and put it all together, and that's why only the most corrupt bastards get to the top. however, each little minion in his or her cubicle can perhaps do a little bit to grind the machine to a halt. it adds up.

  9. C, sorry to be a pest today...

    just came across this video exposing Islam4UK as an intelligence op.

  10. Hiya Chucky,

    Hot on the heels of Les Visible making this statement on his latest blog post:

    "I may be required to step away from all of this shortly and that includes my former hopes for a community and practically everything I’ve been engaged in until now. It’s not in my hands and I have to go in the direction that opens before me. ... Things change and sometimes not the best of intentions can influence them back to what they formerly seemed to be. Those of you who have made plans concerning me should rethink them as they may no longer be possible."

    Suraci's site returns this:

    "Page Not Found
    The website reported that this page ( no longer exists."

    Seems it is getting harder and harder to read worthwhile opinion on the net, Chucky.


  11. Hello A.P. You’re always welcome and you ask some very thought provoking questions.

    I honestly can’t compare the Celts with Americans as I have known so few in person. One friend of ours has emigrated recently from the US to Scotland. She’s of Irish stock originally so it’s not a fair comparison (grin). Those that I correspond with by email already get the message.

    We Mick’s have been cursed with terrible neighbours for centuries and the tradition of resistance is almost in the DNA by this stage. I was fortunate that I had many role models and examples of ordinary people doing extraordinary things to emulate. We also had a very strong sense of social cohesion but even that has started to unravel in the cities.

    As I have said recently A.P. I think we have a false sense of isolation. Many, many more people ‘get it’ than we imagine. We are simply the vocal minority within a greater minority of those that are not yet ready to lend their voices - yet.

    It is very probable than many people are asking the very same questions we are but are simply needing a spark. This is a tipping point that the Irish have shown this time and again. I merely mention my own as that is the base I know. We are no better or worse than any other group. We will know when the time is ripe when we have no other recourse.

    I think the example we should all be looking to is that of the people of Iceland. When the Banksters shafted them their paid-for politicos tried to land them with the debt they threw them out on their asses. They then elected an all new line up and keep them on a tight leash – not a shot has been fired to my knowledge.

    If all else fails some of us will lead the way. When they take the velvet cover from their mailed fist we will know. Any one of us can throw a monkey wrench into the automation that is modern urban life. Cells of 3 or 4 are the most we should use. I think this article expounds on some of the ideas you touch upon.

    Right and wrong are universal. I’ll get off my soapbox for a while and leave you with the words of Bobby Sands who led the Hunger Strike in 1981. That protest by naked POW’s smashed the British ploy to criminalise Irish resistance. He was the first to die and I have held him as my example since.

    “Everyone, Republican or otherwise, has their own particular part to play. No part is too great or too small; no one is too old or too young to do something.”

    “They have nothing in their whole imperial arsenal that can break the spirit of one Irishman who doesn't want to be broken.”

    “Our revenge will be the laughter of our children.”

  12. Chucky,

    Further to the seeming disappearance of Suraci's site - just came across this post on Snippits and Snappits while searching around for answers. Perhaps the scum here are blocking/censoring Suraci.

    Her article speaks of how easily the Truth can be switched off on the net.

    Back to the Dark Ages?

  13. Bugger – I forgot your video link A.P.

    I had seen some of those headlines in the last few days and it confirmed the thoughts I just discussed earlier. The poor patsies that died on 7/7 in London worked for the scumbags that murdered them and blackened their names forever. No court of appeals for them is there.

    The British intelligence arms are not a group that I underestimate. They are also very fallible. There are only so many of them and they can’t keep track of as much as we think. Honey traps like these sites are a good way of snaring the naive. Blackmail, threats or bribery are their usual enticements and once the gullible cross that line they own them completely.

    I fear that the Islamic community here and elsewhere are not of the right mindset to resist these gobshites. Any effort by them to react merely reinforces the public image that has been placed upon them.

  14. Hi Celt. Good to hear from you mo chara. I read LV’s post earlier and I was not too sure what to think about it. He has hinted at this in the past. Maybe the many demands on his time from people wanting to join up with him have been too much. Who knows?

    I was reading Suraci’s site as usual this morning but I also now get the same message – sorry Incoming for ASSuming earlier that all was OK. I’ll drop him a note and hopefully we’ll see.

    You can take measures yourself Celt. Not sure if you have any PC skills but if you do I highly recommend installing a DNS server on your home network. If you are now scratching your head it might be a good idea for me to write up a few tutorials over at the Heretics site.

    I wrote this a while back but it probably needs updating. As a side note if many of us were in communication we could bypass the normal Web by using private DNS servers and listings

  15. Chucky,

    Started reading the science for heretics post; got to here - "In the following instructions I have assumed that the reader has zero IT skills..." and strongly identified (lol).

    I would be interested in any updates you post at SFH on this topic and the prospect of being able to communicate amongst ourselves without the alphabet agency traitors (hi scum!) and their jew masters eavesdropping on our conversations is a great idea.

    But, IT literate I am not.

  16. LOL Celt. You’re not alone mate. Most geeks love to use as much jargon as they can to make everything sound difficult. Basically web pages have a unique number. Computers like numbers not names. That’s how you find them and how the fecking spooks find you.

    To match names to numbers there are huge lists held on Domain Name Servers (DNS) that match names to numbers etc. The US controls most of those and that’s how they can threaten and blackmail the rest of us.

    I probably should write up something on the ‘how to stiff the man’ side of things. God knows I write so little of interest over there.

  17. These are the sparks that kindle such a fire.

    It’s not those that can inflict the most that win – it’s those that can suffer the most.

  18. Good link, Chucky.

    Water cannon used on children and grandmothers. Of course, the psychos wielding the batons and water canon were just following orders. I would like to see them use that defense in a real court of law, once the usurers have been dealt with in court (real courts, not the farce that currently masquerades as "law").

    "The brutality and ferocity of the assault by the heavily armed police on the peaceful crowds left up to 400 protestors injured, many hospitalized including a 12 year old boy and one man almost blinded."

    Hello new world odor.

  19. Here's another interesting item from that site, Chucky.

    A man who blocked the entrance to the Irish parliament with a cement truck in protest of the robbery of the Irish taxpayer by the banks under the pretext of an engineered liquidity crisis has become an unlikely hero and a petition is circulating in his support:


    The Dublin lender — which borrowed tens of billions from foreign banks to invest in property markets in Ireland, Britain and the United States — was nationalized last year and now looks likely to cost Irish taxpayers more than euro25 billion ($33.6 billion) driving up Ireland’s EU-leading budget deficit.


    And here's a link to a 20min interview with Gerald Celente, who is talking about the next world war they are preparing for us suckers.

    I don't know what to make of Celente. He says a lot of the right things from our side of the fence, but he seems to get way too much mainstream exposure, if you know what I mean.

  20. Good stuff Celt. I really liked that the cement truck had its door welded shut and grills over the windows to prevent access. That was no spur-of-the-moment protest. The truck had been used in previous demonstrations – obviously a ‘hardened’ serial offender (grin).

    These events show the way. Ordinary people just won’t sit quietly and take what their ‘betters’ decide for them. Happy Days.

  21. Sorry Celt I forgot Celente. He is very entertaining – if those words seem appropriate. I feel that he is probably a controlled voice of opposition. There is always too much of the ‘fear factor’ in his work. We don’t need fear – we need controlled defiance.

  22. A quick update on Suraci’s blog - he’s back. I still have no idea what happened.

  23. Yes Chucky, when I listen to Celente from time to time the words 'too good to be true' run through my mind. In some ways he reminds me of alex jewnes with the amount of mainstream exposure he gets.

    Strange that the message said Suraci blog did not exist. Anyway, he has another three good articles at the top of his list. He doesn't mince words.


  24. Suraci is a favourite of mine. I regularly check the blogs that I list before reading the news site like Truthseeker. He really is on top form at the minute.

  25. Chuck, you are brilliant. just saying. ; D

  26. You are a gem A.P. but it is not deserved. I’m fortunate to have had some great posters here recently.

  27. pfft. of course it is deserved. did you not know i am never wrong? ; D

  28. I’ll not argue A.P. I learned a long time ago that arguing with Irish women is not for the faint hearted (grin)

  29. Hiya Chucky,

    Been reading this fella, Gordon Duff, for a while.

    He seems to be on the up and up; Has a couple of obvious jew trolls stationed in his comments section spreading the usual disinfo and confusion - that's always a good sign that a website is hitting on suppressed Truth.

    Anyway, you may find this article worth a look.

    Mr Duff appears to have a good intellect and wide knowledge of their Big Lies. Even has a short embedded video calling the zionist Schofield bullshit "Bible" for the toilet paper that it is (don't say that to any Christian Zionist nutters though; they'll shoot ya for Israel and Jesus.)

    Not had time to read a whole lot of his articles yet, but with this one he hits quite a few winners . . . 9/11, holyhoax, USS Liberty, the jews' disgusting organ theft ring operating out of their International Crime Syndicate's headquarters in apartheid Palestine, etc. And the comments section is long but some of the comments are right on the mark too, just sift out the trolls - you'll spot them easily enough.


  30. Eerie timing Celt. I read that yesterday and I was debating with myself on writing it up. He doesn’t just knock the ball out the park with that article, it’s probably entering low earth orbit (grin). He has pretty much come out and called the synagogue of satan for what it is in a lucid and well reasoned manner.

    He freely admits that many of his sources are insiders (FBI etc). He could be a voice of a resistance faction inside the US alphabet soup. I keep that in mind while I thoroughly enjoy his posts – and I do enjoy them. I have heard some of his radio interviews and he is just as good live.

  31. It didn't take long. Just heard it on the radio. What do you think?

    "Real IRA claim responsibility for Londonderry car bomb attack"

  32. Depressing isn’t it Kenny. That didn’t take long.

  33. Hey Chuckyman,...I came here at the behest of AP and I thank her most humbly for her wise council; Your story is a personal one and your literary talents have done this message great justice. I am impressed by your candid and thoughtful words. I have a lot of aggression in me and my written expressions often disguise my yearning for a pacific world, for all.

    My parents migrated to northern England from Northern Ireland just prior to my birth rejoining our ancient roots. The reason for this was to avoid the ‘troubles’ – troubles that my family had a history of involvement with. An involvement that is one of the endearing burdens of my conscience; we were ‘loyal orange’, I myself was fashioned to hate the separatists and slander them at every turn. My brothers and cousins and I were taught history through a ‘looking glass’, so distorted was the view that we might as well have gazed through a kaleidoscope, the image of our world would have been no less distorted or phantasmagorical.

    The irony of my youth is compounded by the memories of the ‘english’ cousin’s arguments condemning the ‘orangemen’ for slavish ignorance of the political truth and then ‘my side’ slandering all who criticised the heroes of The Loyal Irish Union – fuck me, what was I thinking. The expats’, were bigots defending a cause they fled and yet were so shameless as to continue to espouse and propagate the war; every time I see a bowler hat I cringe.

    Things did not auger well for my father and his crooked kin; we moved as far as we could from the source of our sins – to Australia. Did I mention that much of the ‘noble’ loyalist cause is financed by heinous crimes?

    As I grew and developed an inquiring mind and experiential knowledge the obvious anomalies of my childhood teachings became too much to contain, the questions I had gradually formulated were, at the least, controversial in a family that prided itself on its 400 years of loyal service in the ‘Royal Irish’ Regiment, with the added boast that “we have lost a lad in every war defending the kingdom for 400 years”. As you are probably aware this statement made in the right Pub would bring much raucous cheering and thumping of the Bar.

    I am ashamed. I feel doubly fucked; I served in the Australian Regular Army; a willing participant in her majesty’s Royal Australian Armoured Corps, a Trooper in the Cavalry, what tosspot I was. Lied to and cajoled by even bigger morons than me into criminal acts. I often wonder if the PTSD, the manic depression and the chronic insomnia are not karmic in their origins. When I see the kids in Iraq and Afghanistan whooping it up while they murder innocent civilians, my heart breaks as I remember the day my mates and I wired up the PA speakers in our AFV (Armoured Fighting Vehicle) so that we could blast all and sundry with Wagner’s “Entry of the Gods into Valhalla” as we sped through their little agrarian towns, our tracks tearing up their fragile dirt roads, all the while whooping and laughing maniacally.

    I often wonder what would have become of Ireland had Cromwell not allowed the yiddish back into Britain, as it was Dutch and Spanish yids, such as Mannaseh Ben Israel and Fernando Carvajal, who had been Cromwell’s backers. Cromwell was a fervent apostle of the Old Testament and, at one point, even proposed replacing English with Hebrew as the national language of England. Of course the Prince of Orange who became the King of England was the driving force behind the push to completely subjugate Ireland, financed by the yids. Go figure, the terrible war between our celtic/gaelic clansmen was and is again just another dirty yiddish scam.

    So, yes, you are totally correct, a true Irish patriot would ultimately be anti-zionist.

    Thank you again for your wonderful have my utmost respect.


    P.S. I do not use the term jew, because the monsters to which I refer were not and are not Judahites.

  34. Chucky,

    This site has just come to my attention.

    Don't know if you are aware of it. There are some brilliant articles posted there. Been reading the first three and so far each is a winner.

    Particularly this one.

    The Weaponisation of Culture – Part 5 – Androgyny: The Weaponisation of Gender.

    Whoever is behind VoiceInTheWilderness is on the ball.


  35. Hello and welcome Veritas. Often of late we seem to have travelled similar paths together, yet apart. That rings true in what you write of your past as well as of the present. Does that not speak of the folly and sorrow that has been the tale of our common Island?

    As you correctly state, in all the centuries of fight against the English ‘bulldog’ so few of us knew that it was merely the attack dog of a hidden master. King Billy chose to fight and usurp the British Throne by fighting it on Irish soil. The divisions were left for us to endure while Britannia waved the rules. All the while the money changers counted their lucre.

    All down the centuries the tactic of divide and rule maintained the status quo. Most are unaware of a popular movement to join and the Catholic and Protestant poor in the 1920’s. Many then perceived their shared misery rather than their stated differences. As usual it was brutally suppressed and ‘glories’ of the 12th and the pulpit returned.

    The Irish flag enshrined the ideal of a peaceful union between the green and the orange. It was my hope that in a United Ireland the power of the lodges and of the priests would be broken and a healing could start.

    I hope to give you some solace in the knowledge that my great, great grandfather bore the title of Grand Master of the Orange Lodge of All Ireland. His son chose to fight for the cause of Ireland’s freedom in the Wars of Liberation in 1916 - 22. While I grew up on the Falls Road I had cousins on the Shankill Road. The few miles between us may as well have been a million.

    We each can choose to follow our own path. That is why I do not accept the resumption of hostilities. It will attack the wrong targets and serve the hidden synagogue. Our common heritage shows in stark relief how our passions blind us to the cunning manipulations of those who would be our ‘lords and masters’.

    I appreciate your candour Veritas and to A.P. for creating this opportunity. Your pain can be a source of great strength when aimed at the right source. We don’t all have to agree to work for the same goals. At long last in this we share the same side.

  36. Bugger me Celt; I’m naming you the resident psychic. I wandered over there last night and put down a few thoughts;

    You’re right in that he has had some great posts to date. The Androgyny post mirrors somewhat what Noor has touched upon over at Snippets.

    There's a lot of synchronicity going about at the moment.

  37. Hey Chuckyman,...Amen and with regards to the ‘tribe’ and their mercenaries:

    "Is í ding di féin a scoileann an dair." ("It is a wedge of itself that splits the oak.")

    There is no surrender for us brother, as well expect no glorious victory; freedom will be our only legacy, save defeat; which means slavery for our children.

    God bless.


  38. Agreed V. We’re not in this for the medals or the glory.

    “Our revenge will be the laughter of our children.”