Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Are you feeling it yet?

For many in the Blogging community this will be old news but I still feel the need to say it. The Banksters are a pack of lying, thieving vampires. No ifs or buts about it. They are the cancer in the heart of human society.

Since the artificial bubble popped and the ass fell out of the property market in 2008 hundreds of thousands of families have been evicted from their homes. Each time a family has been thrown out on the street a legal charade was performed. Each ‘legal’ action requires documentation and a proof of legal claim.

Well we now know differently. The banks’ actions have been a vile vaudeville act to distract us and lend the colour of law to blatant theft. A ‘booming’ business developed to process the huge numbers of lives to be ruined. This article will acquaint most with the list of culprits.

So called robo-signers processed up to 1000 claims per day. When the poor dears’ hands got tired their assistants would sign for them. To salve their fragile conscience they would receive bonuses of money, jewellery or even SUV’s. They did their jobs with such care to detail that they foreclosed on homes that were owned outright.

The disclosure of all this seems to have briefly brought the wrecking ball to a halt. Currently there are seemingly 7 million mortgages in the US that are in trouble. Can desperate homeowners breathe a sigh of relief?

Hot on the heels of all this Wall Street’s stalwart giants of the free market - free for them that is – have announced bumper profits. The banksters’ pay and bonuses are set to break all records for the second year running. The beasts of gluttony and greed must be be fed so I read today that Bank of Amerika has decided to press on anyway.

It seems Yo’mama grew a pair recently as he used his first ever veto to block an ‘overlooked’ little Bill from the CONgress. Maybe he dislikes the idea of being remembered as the last President of a dead republic. You silly people don’t need to examine the paperwork. You must trust the banks - or else.

At what stage will people realise that a handful of psychopaths are robbing their country - and them - blind. 7 million households face a one way ticket to the gutter. It will be too late when they are living in the new Hoovervilles. Writing to your representatives will not help – they’ve already been bought and paid for.

Over here in CCTV land things are starting to kick off. The appointed shill of the Banksters made an announcement today of sweeping budget cuts. Early estimates are for the loss of 490 thousand jobs. Coupled with this will be massive changes to the organisation of local and national government.

They have managed to find extra money for international aid and for ‘green’ energy – what a surprise. Right now the herd is in shock as the details sink in. When that happens there’s going to be a great big wave of anger coming their way. Buckle up, it’s going to get real interesting.


  1. Very interesting.

    - Aangirfan.

  2. Hiya Chucky,

    Deja vu? All these unemployed people. What can we do with them, Chucky?

    I know!! - let's start WWIII, that'll keep 'em occupied and it worked just fine last time - manufactured depression . . . massive unemployment . . . homelessness . . . lying bastard politicians . . . war . . . blood soaked war profits . . . another step towards their new world odor.

    Fuchs News and the rest of the kosher media will have us all rallying round the flag, etc. Brings a patriotic tear to my eye. Us suckers lapped it up last time round, I feel confident we'll be just as gullible this time round. We can even make the US Coast Guard the "Jewish Navy" again, just like last time; wouldn't want the little dears "serving 'their' country" going anywhere near the front lines, now would we.

    Anyway, enough with the sarcasm already.

    Posted this reply over at Mr Friend's re Adrian Salbuchi. You may be interested.


    Hi John,

    Thanks also to you for reacquainting me with Adrian Salbuchi. I had come across his work some years ago but as there is so much to research I had not revisited his website until reading your essay.

    You may be interested in this:

    In the comments section of the original second video on Mr Salbuchi's YouTube channel a viewer asks him a question. I will post Mr Salbuchi's reply below.

    "criticNWO - Correct. Europeans are intruders in the Middle East. 90% of the Israeli Elite are Ashkenazim. The Ashkenazim descend from the Khazars, a nomad Central Asiatic tribe that converted en masse to Judaism in 740AD. They have NOTHING to do with the Hebrews. They have NO Semitic blood. They have NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to claim Palestine. Send me an E-mail to and I can send you my report on this. Regards / Adrian"

    So John, upon reading that I immediately sent a request to Mr Salbuchi at the above email address asking whether I might also have a copy of his report "Through The Looking Glass"; he sent it to me that same day.

    I thoroughly recommend it to you. It is brilliant.

    I will also post this comment over at Chucky's. I believe the more people who acquaint themselves with Mr Salbuchi, the better.



    Cheers Chucky.


  3. It was the repeal of the "Glass-Steagall Act" in 1999, a piece of legislation that was enacted during the Great Depression to prevent Wall Street banks from doing what they've been doing to Americans and the changes to the commodities market trading rules in 2000 that have been sucking Americans dry of wealth.

    After 12 attempts in 25 years, Congress finally repeals Glass-Steagall, rewarding financial companies for more than 20 years and $300 million worth of lobbying efforts. Supporters hail the change as the long-overdue demise of a Depression-era relic.

    On Oct. 21, with the House-Senate conference committee deadlocked after marathon negotiations, the main sticking point is partisan bickering over the bill's effect on the Community Reinvestment Act, which sets rules for lending to poor communities. Sandy Weill calls President Clinton in the evening to try to break the deadlock after Senator Phil Gramm, chairman of the Banking Committee, warned Citigroup lobbyist Roger Levy that Weill has to get White House moving on the bill or he would shut down the House-Senate conference. Serious negotiations resume, and a deal is announced at 2:45 a.m. on Oct. 22. Whether Weill made any difference in precipitating a deal is unclear.

    On Oct. 22, Weill and John Reed issue a statement congratulating Congress and President Clinton, including 19 administration officials and lawmakers by name. The House and Senate approve a final version of the bill on Nov. 4, and Clinton signs it into law later that month.

    Just days after the administration (including the Treasury Department) agrees to support the repeal, Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, the former co-chairman of a major Wall Street investment bank, Goldman Sachs, raises eyebrows by accepting a top job at Citigroup as Weill's chief lieutenant. The previous year, Weill had called Secretary Rubin to give him advance notice of the upcoming merger announcement. When Weill told Rubin he had some important news, the secretary reportedly quipped, "You're buying the government?"

  4. Thanks for dropping by Aangirfan. This is merely a bit of a doggerel rant about a glaringly obvious topic.

  5. Spot on Celt. They’ve done it twice already. The same thing has already happened in the US recently. The military are not having difficulties filling their quotas for the meat grinder any more.

    It’s great to see that Mr Salbuchi is an approachable sort. I emailed John Kaminski to receive his newsletter and he’s a really decent bloke also.

  6. Hi Greg. I personally liked Bill Clinton but he really let leash the dogs of Wall Street on an unsuspecting world. How many people swallowed the BS of a ‘self correcting’ free market is beyond me. Well we now know and have reaped the whirlwind.

    The free market is only free when you’re in the right ‘club’. With vast private profits and the public paying the debts why would the stop. With Glass-Steagall out of the way they can make it up as they go along.

    Goldman Sucks and Morgan Stanley even managed to change their status from investment banks to normal holding banks seemingly overnight with a mere nod a wink. That way they could feed at the public trough when TARP was giving money away.

    These piranhas are everywhere. The media here in CCTV land do everything in their power to avoid linking the disaster in the economy here with the bank bailouts. The same banksters are playing the same game with the same funny money. Only difference is the portrait of the nag’s head on the script rather than dead presidents.

    Angry yet? I’m only warming up.

  7. good work Chuck. i hope this thing totally explodes in the banks' faces.

  8. Hello A.P. I can’t really take any credit for a visceral rant. All the hard work has been done by so many others.

    Mike Rivero has really gone to town with this story over at WRH. Lots of links to the fact that the foreclosure story hides the real cess pit – the Mortgage Backed Securities.

    They’ve been re-selling the same mortgages up to 20 times to different investors and the only way to cover their arses si to foreclose and shut down the paper trail

    The decimated families were mere statistics on a spreadsheet. Now they are buying up tax liens and using those to hound and evict people. Bastards. This is going to get really ugly and not before time.

  9. Caught red handed spraying corexit

  10. What can I say DM. To knowingly spray something as toxic as that in a surreptitious manner. They’ll be followed by the slick willy PR types with the old ‘who are you going to believe; me or your lying eyes’ routine. These sicko’s really need a 9mm reality check.