Wednesday, 6 October 2010

For Some, Good News.

There are frequently many more negative stories going around the net than positive. Daily we read of more horror and evil perceived, planned and performed against the body of humanity. Indeed a great storm approaches. We don’t have to be psychic at this stage to know that. Thankfully not all people have slept while the winds of war have steadily risen.

This week George Galloway won a court case to regain admittance to Canada. The Canadians have been under the shadow and power of the Jewish Defence League and their cohorts for many years. Their defeat and George’s success is a strong blow to their schemes. I also seem to recollect that the JDL are listed as a ‘terrorist organisation’ in the US. Here’s a little of vintage George to illustrate why they fear him.

I came across this particular clip while reading an article by Franklin Lamb. I’m not familiar with the writer’s other work but I took heart from it. Many of us here in the West would expect the people in Lebanon to live in fear of the threats from the world’s worst neighbours. They are in no doubt that the enemy will come. They also don’t sound as if they will wilt under the onslaught.

The positive I took from this was the steadfast way the people carry on life in the face of an enemy capable of terrible destruction. They have repeated faced a foe that we are told is ‘all powerful’, armed with all the high tech toys that makes their generals drool. Despite all that they repeated kicked their asses where it counts on the battlefield – up close and personal.

Israhell can drop their soulless robotic weapons safely (until now) from thousands of feet up or miles away. Airpower cannot win a land battle and the synagogue desperately wants the waters of the Litani River. Stealing Lebanon’s natural gas reserves is another powerful motive. Lastly we must not forget their malice and raw, burning desires for revenge.

Their reputation was built upon many years of deception, lies, propaganda, sneak attacks, false flags and on the terrorising of civilians – preferable as defenceless as possible. While Apache helicopters used ambulances for target practice, Hezbollah was wiping the floor with their ‘impervious’ Merkava tanks and the hapless ground pounders. The US kindly paid for both the hardware and for the trauma counselling of the survivors.

The ‘Party of God’ (PBUH) has shown us the secret to success – COURAGE.

Facing our fears and still carrying on is the measure of courage. That is what heroes are made from. It takes courage to face an advancing line of police thugs knowing what awaits just as it does to hunt tanks on foot – sometimes more so I feel. Take heart folks that the fear in our minds is more menacing than the real foes we face.

Lastly I would like to state that I am not a war monger. I noted to a friend today that I have been to more funerals than to weddings and Christenings combined. Each fallen fighter will leave behind a family and a void that cannot be filled. While I want the evil that is Israhell to pass into the pages of history I will leave on this
post from Noor

She writes of a jewish woman’s speech at the EU parliament. I would gladly break bread or share the hospitality of my home with this woman. To paint all with the same brush denies the humans souls in every race and land. I am also guilty of overlooking this reality. Remember well in the dark days ahead in fighting the devil that we do not caste him down to merely raise ourselves to his throne and become the evil we fight.


  1. A wee update and this bit is aimed at the readers outside of the US. A right is something we exercise because we are free, living, sovereign human beings. We live, we breathe, and we can do these things.

    You don’t have a right to health care. Nor do you have a right to housing. You don’t have a right to regular buses or other crap like that. Big brother hands out the sweeties and gives you what they want. You must ‘register’ for that hand out. Before we give the citizens of the US (note to the Brits – you are subjects of the crown- AKA serfs) a hard time we must consider this aspect.

    For the US readers consider this video. Do you ask permission or do you exercise your rights.

    We cover many topics and come from many lands here online. The US is NOT the only example. It is a reference source but those of us that give a shit should think long and hard on the issue of what needs protecting and what is our birthright by dint of being human in a modern world.

    This may seem a bit off tangent but we should also have a mind of what we want when we win. Put it on the back burner and we’ll come back to it.

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  5. Chuck, you will love this.

    it's about courage.

  6. I certainly did A.P. You are a gem. That was exactly the message I hope to convey.

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