Tuesday 21 September 2010

A Helping Hand for Edgar Steele - Updated

Hi folks. I’m back and I’m ready to go again. It seems I missed all of the hoopla surrounding the Rat-slinger’s visit to the Lizard Queen. It was quite nice to be so close geographically but so distant mentally. Here we go again.

I recently ran a post highlighting the treatment of anyone who speaks openly and honestly of the ‘jewish question’. In that article I briefly touched upon the plight of Edgar Steele. I see that Edgar is in quite a dire situation. He has been held on trumped up charges alleging that he planned to hire a hit man to murder his wife and mother-in-law for money.

Anyone familiar with his life and work will know this is patent nonsense. He was in poor health last year and barely survived a near fatal ruptured aortic aneurism. He has been a vocal protestor on the issues of the real economy, jewish control of America and Racial Differences. He is also the author of a book titled ‘Defensive Racism’.

He is a lawyer by training and has worked pro bono to defend the politically incorrect. He even describes himself as “exceedingly politically incorrect.” He has 2 main websites, Conspiracy Penpal and Nickel Rant and provided free subscriptions to all his articles and podcasts. I will freely admit to having been a subscriber for nearly 3 years.

For many years he foresaw the deliberate economic meltdown we are witnessing and called loudly for the public to buy physical gold and silver to hedge against financial ruin. His warning calls were one of the first that alerted me to the coming collapse. It seems that following his own advice was the key to his undoing.

Edgar did not believe in trusting his saving with banks or in the funny-money fiat system. He collected silver coins and had hired a local handyman to help build a garage on his horse farm with concealed compartments for the storage of the coins. It turns out that this ‘handyman’ (known locally as ‘Larry the Plumber’) was a long time FBI informant. Larry filed for bankruptcy this year with debts over $600,000 - just 2 months before Edgar’s arrest.

It seems Larry helped himself to some of the Edgar’s hoard and then covered his ass by making up a murder-for-hire fairy tale for his eager FBI handlers. Edgar was duly arrested but Larry failed to mention to anyone planting 2 pipe bombs in the Steele family’s vehicles. They are accidentally discovered 4 days later during a routine oil change on Edgar’s wife’s car. Curious!

There is a full and detailed timeline of the sordid attempt to silence an enemy of the state here. The case seems to hang on the basis of a dodgy audio tape alleging a conversion where the 2 discuss the hit-for-hire – using a car crash! Edgar is being moved constantly from one jail to the next and has been prevented from talking with his wife and family – in effect his is being cut off from contacting and communicating with his family and friends. Another site has also been set up by his supporters to help work towards his freedom.

Recently we have heard from Edgar’s wife, Cyndi. She has released an impassioned plea to assist in defending her husband and to secure his release. Their family’s savings – all of it in precious metal – has been seized and their home trashed in searching for more. They will need financial assistance in refuting the string of false allegations. Not the reaction of a wife fearing for her life is it?

The main reaction I have seen from many places is basically ‘screw him, he’s a racist’ or ‘we’re better off without him.’ Fucking hypocrites - so what!! To quote the darling gatekeeper of the US liberal left, Chomsky, “If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.”

Is Edgar racist – most probably. There is also much more than that to the man. Many of us have also been tarred with similar names. Racism is a fact of the human condition. I now live in Scotland and am amazed how seemingly normal people despise others who are identical in every way – even based on nothing more than being raised in a neighbouring village.

I treat everyone I meet as a human unless they prove me wrong. I am not afraid to ask such questions as - if everyone one else (black, brown, yellow or red) can organise themselves politically why is the knee jerk reaction to the mere mention of white such an anathema?

I know that racial tensions are a powerful tool in the hands of the elites. For so long now the useful idiots in the white supremacy movements have been the obvious playthings of the PTB. Racial tensions have been deliberately injected into communities to destabilise them and to prevent concerted action by citizens.

By not having the balls to discuss openly the feelings of disenfranchisement felt by the majority of citizens in formerly white only nations we have surrendered that ground to the nutters. The good sheep bite their tongues rather than saying anything that would label them as racist. Racist is as meaningless as a slur as the old favourite - anti-semite – but is just as useful. Everyone has their own prejudices.

I deliberately write this at the risk of alienating the few who read here. Compared to the suffering of many publically known voices out there the loss of support from individuals that I respect pales by comparison. The funds will be held in an attorney’s trust account and the address to donate is:

The Edgar Steele Defense Fund
PO Box 1255
Sagle ID 83860

Alternatively, payments can be made including Paypal here. How’s that for ironic?

If I can spend $40 to read George Ure’s Peoplenomics, I can make a donation to a man I like and whose work I have long read for free. Please consider doing so also.


Many thanks to Kenny for the the link to a press conference from Edgar Steele’s wife. It is well worth watching in light of what I have described above. I feel that we see another example of ordinary folk facing extraordinary pressure and it helps take this whole discussion into a more human level.


  1. "alienating the few who read here?"

    Nah, I think it's mostly agreement to your well written analysis. You're right, racist and anti-semite are the two most used attacks and more meaningless than ever.

  2. Many thanks for that Kenny. It means a lot.

    I really like Edgar’s writing and podcasts all these years and this just sucks so badly. He always came across as a warm, humorous but intelligent man. The final straw was an article from Henry Makow distancing himself recently.

    In many ways it is easier to call out the Zionist lobby that it is to touch the live wire of race. How’s that for conditioning?

  3. C when he got lifted it made me realise that the Berlin Wall did not come down. It simply moved westwards by many thousands of miles. The CHEKA are now in charge here.

  4. All too true Incoming. What a great PT Barnum show the wall coming down was. Little did we sheep know what the wall was holding back. Welcome to the Truman show and all of us are the main player.

  5. Hiya Chucky. Welcome back.

    Truth and Facts will not alienate the people who visit your blog. You are on safe ground with your thorough reporting of Edgar's framing by the vermin of the new world odor; it will piss off the odd troll and shill that crawl in here from time to time, but like the Chinese say - phuck them!

    As for the long-planned destabilization, division and eventual destruction of the White nations by the psychopaths of the NWO: that is a very emotive topic with so many of the sincerely deluded, who are the very targets of it.

    Will they wake up? Is it too late even if they do?

    God knows, I certainly don't.


    Good to see you back.

  6. Hello Celt. It’s great to see another take to the blogger space and spread their message- good man yourself.

    Thanks for the link on your site and I’ll put yours up to see how it goes (grin). You need to really let rip with a good blast to start it off mo chara.

    I think that the PTB/elites/NWO (take your pick) wish for nothing more that the destruction of everything and everyone. Race, creed, and religion, nothing is sacred in their crusades through the centuries for total domination - One ring to rule them! Total darkness would reign.

    As for race, who are we? Are we Celt, Tuatha de Danann or even back to the fir bolg? There is an Egyptian link in there to be found – that’s a discussion for another day.

    The sheep will never awake. That is their role. The key is will enough awake to make a difference? Edgar Steele was an alarm clock for me and his work, amongst others, helped me navigate further down the rabbit hole.

    Let me repeat again – the charges are pure BS. Read the timeline and other points.

    Free Edgar Steele

  7. I'm sticking with tribe, Chucky.

    If it's good enough for the filthy shysters it's good enough for me.

    The lying assholes have loaded too much baggage onto the word "race" for it to be much use, so Celtic tribe feels right. (Or maybe if I can somehow get one of those non-existent immigration permits to China I will suddenly become Chinese...)

    Even though the jews in control of England used their English useful idiot dupes to starve my family out of Cork 160 years ago, we are still members of the Irish Celtic tribe.

    How history repeats itself - now the jews are using their American and English dupes to rape, murder and irradiate Iraqi and Afghani women and children by the hundreds and hundreds of thousands.

    You may enjoy this article, Chucky. It resonated with me.


  8. Interesting thought Celt. The idea of tribes mirrors some of the predictions of ‘self organising collectives’ mentioned by Cliff High in his ALTO reports.

    I haven’t had much time to read anything else on the other site and I probably won’t. I’ll let Edgar explain that in his own words.

    You are spot on when you say history repeats itself – it’s because the same hands and groups have been on the rudder for millennia. The seemingly ‘mystical’ bloodlines, the temple priests of all shades and the money changers have seen to that.

    Cromwell was bought and paid for and King Billy was just the follow-on wave of economic hit men for the money changers. After that the bulldog knew its master and has faithfully followed ever since – more’s the pity.

    We have had our own so really no one can claim to have clean hands. De Valera emerged from New York to lead a pivotal role in splitting our own nation. He never got his hands dirty but he certainly knew how to play ‘the prince’.

    I strive not for mastery over any man. Supremacists of any flavour must be resisted but we should not be fooled and we should defend our communities. I found this today and I feel the timing is very apt.

    In this modern age the values and duties of chivalry, duty, honour and responsibility seem like ripples from days of old. They’re not - they are guidelines. It’s what I teach my kids.

  9. Hope you had a good vacation Chucky.
    Yes it seems the New Order has the European on top of the list for extermination. If they get away with it they pick out another group to attack Although they are doing a pretty good job with the mideast also. Hard to say who they want to finish off first. It reminds me of the piece we ran into awhile back. The neanderthal has basically declared war on everyone.

  10. Mosely knew what he was talking about, Chucky.

    No wonder they threw him in the slammer.

    Ezra Pound got the shanghai treatment for publicly speaking the Truth also, as has Ernst Zundel and so many others, as you'd be aware.

    Been reading suraci's writings lately, and timster. Both right on target, exposing the shysters' lies left (definitely), right and center.

    A quote I read somewhere online a year or so ago sums it up neatly:

    "Just about everything we believe is a lie."

    One more time, for the deeply deluded (alphabet agency traitors included):

    "Just about everything we believe is a lie."

    As I mention on my CCC blog, up until a few years ago I was as sincerely deluded a dupe as all those I see around me today.

    Glued to the propaganda tube I was, when Bush War Criminal the First was murdering Iraqi's in the original slaughterfest for his Israhell masters in the 90's. Not proud to admit it, but like the vast majority I had a History Phd courtesy of the lying jew bastard bankers in total control of the media and all our other sources of "information/education". And what's changed? Off we went again to murder Iraqis, Afghans and Pakistanis (and no doubt eventually Iranians) for Bush War Criminal the Second and that odious dog Blair, on the strength of Israhell's 9/11 Big Lie.

    Damn it, I even believed that the Irish so-called Famine was just an unfortunate failure of the potato crop. I suppose most still do believe that bullshit. God knows how many of my relatives the misbegotten mongrel jew bankers controlling England murdered by starvation, and for most of my life I believed their filthy “famine” Big Lie. (No wonder Mr A. Hitler labeled them the masters of the Great Lie in his book.)

    Starvation is one of their enduring methods of mass murder, huh Chucky - Armenia, their gulags in Russia, the Ukrainian Holdomor, the Irish . . . who's next? Maybe now they have had such success with the thermite demolition of three New York skyscrapers and the Cruise missile into the Pentagon they'll use more of that. Who knows.

    Finally, mate, it gets to be tiring wading through their centuries of lies, while all around me my fellow 'cattle' are blissfully unaware of what the psychopaths have planned for them. I got past the discomfort of cognitive dissonance a couple years ago and am now heading into burnout. After literally thousands of hours researching the Truthful history those bastards have long suppressed I am taking a break. I'm tired of the detestable trolls, shills and fakes online too; maybe Les Visible is correct and God will soon be dealing with them in the appropriate manner. Nice thought.

    I plan on reading a couple of blogs from time to time but constantly looking into the abyss of their evil zionist darkness wears some of us out.

    I'll leave the commenting up to newer, fresher people.

    Best Wishes, mate.

  11. Hi DM. We had a great family holiday.

    Yep. They are going after the sources of greatest resistance first but none are safe.

  12. You seem to have it spot on Celt. A fellow fan of Les and a poster here called it on the money with is blogging name – HistorysBunkBunkBunk.

    It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer weight of revealed lies and evil but I hope you can manage to recharge your batteries. I appreciate your taking the time to drop by and posting here.


  13. Cyndi Steele press conference, September 20, 2010


  14. I think Cyndi spoke very well and with great passion and control. I have updated the post with it and I wish I could have imbedded it.

  15. Was a beautiful page. Thanks to the designers and managers.

  16. I remember Mr. Steele's astute warnings from years ago to start trading in that worthless toilet paper printed by the Fed for real money, like gold and silver so you'll be ready when the feces hits the rotary oscillator.

    Whether or not he's racist, I don't know or care, because negative labels like that are used by the Zionist MSM and their sadistic followers to shut people up.

    As for me, I don't care if someone is black, white, pink or purple. It's what's on the inside that counts.

    Nor do I care if they're hetrosexual,homosexual, metrosexual or trisexual, it's none of my damned business.

    As long as people don't fuck with me, it's live and let live.

    I find live to be much more simpler to keep my nose where it belongs: on my face and not into people's lives.

  17. I take a similar approach to all I meet Greg. People are people and the majority share more than then separates us. I come from a society deliberately divided for generations by the elites/PTB. There was a time during the years of the last economic depression where Catholics and Protestants marched as one to oppose the establishment. As usual it was forcefully put down and one side bribed off with superficial preferential treatment.

    I am no fool but I will oppose the ‘social movements’ of the last century when basic concepts of civil rights get elevated to the status of moral imperatives – feminism, gay ‘rights’ and racism etc. We seem to get stuck on racism and our premise seems to be arse about face. It is a ploy to supplant and equate the idea with supremacy. No one should be supreme in any eye that ‘judges’. The debate has been hijacked and used to divide.

    The fact that any discussion of Edgar’s plight brings on this discussion seems to me to prove that while we can readily remove the shackles of discussing jewish programming the live rail of ‘white’ is too hot to touch. Why? I mean this in the sense that the lead character in Eastwood’s movie Gran Torino. People are people and right and wrong are constants.

    We -all peoples - must never be allowed to come together –that much seems certain. As I said in the main post, by not discussing this topic we surrender that ground to ‘the nutters’ and they are easily led. ‘White power’, ‘black power’, ‘gay power’ and ‘purple power’ (grin) are slogans of the enemies of humanity – I pray soon to see people power and not the kind led by the alphabet agencies and the NGO’s of the NWO.

  18. Oh please, keep it up, louder please. The lunatics running the asylum continue to raise the ante, even though the bets are squarely against them. How many times have they done this before? Can we count the ways? It has gotten so old it has become downright boring. Yawning now. I am hoping they will at least come up with something new and exciting, this anti Semite bullshit has really reached it's limit. Calling HollyRUDE!

  19. LOL Saladin. That reminds me of the old Chinese curse – beware what you ask for as you may receive it!

    Not much longer to go I think. Since the sheep are too docile to rise up on their own then the PTB will soon break out the cattle prods.