Monday, 13 September 2010

Back and Gone Again

As the astute among you may be aware, there hasn’t been much from the chuckyman this last 2 weeks. World War and economic devastation may be upon us but the wonderful woman who makes my life complete has other ideas of what constitutes the really important stuff - like home DIY –and it cannot be forgotten.

Now after 2 weeks of working all the hours the creator sends have drawn to an end with a masterpiece that I’m reasonably happy with, I’m off for a week’s holiday. I have a few rants brewing and if I can abandon my children for a brief period of peace and quiet I might get a post out the door. If not I’ll be back soon and we shall see what intense quality time with the ankle biters brings.


  1. Have fun, don't let the bed bugs bite! :-)

  2. Ah...she who must be obeyed! Have a good time on your holiday...and come back ranting.

  3. hahahahahahahaha! muy buen! i don't know why you just don't ignore them all like i do... but good for you and your family!

  4. Thanks A.P. Always a pleasure to see you around here. It would be rude to ignore anyone that passed by and made the effort to post.

    I’m so far from the main grid that I’m using a mobile as a modem. Where there’s a will etc.

    I will keep checking in folks. Just make it relevant – my bandwidth is limited.

  5. Jo Jo the Idiot Circus Boy15 September 2010 at 22:17

    I still use smallband from time to time. The IP address is always different and a there is a nice software firewall showing all outgoing and incoming connections. Take your time and enjoy Bloggistonia will still be here.

  6. Thanks JoJo. It’s been a lesson in patience. My wife is simply glad that I have managed to stay away from the computer for longer than a few hours for a change.

    I’ll be back home in the next few days so I’ll have a lot of reading to catch up on.