Wednesday, 1 September 2010

A Darkness Approaches

So I see that Israhell is moving up more of their orcs to the border with Lebanon. I found this particular announcement full of interesting symbology. There has been a ratcheting up of tension in this region recently. So what are we to make of this one?

Many observant folks out there will have been aware of the exchange of fire between the Lebanese and Israhelli armies. The fatalities that day included a Lt Colonel from the IDF. Israhell already has many reasons for invading again. They need the water of the Litani and they want uncontested access to offshore gas deposits.

During their last illegal invasion they used the capture of their minions on the wrong side of the border to launch a strike for their goals. They pled the usual lies of ‘self-defence’ and promptly the tanks rolled forward on their pre-programmed war plans. It didn’t quite go to plan though did it?

It seems the savage untermensch managed to kick the crap out of the IDF’s finest – their armoured brigades. As the forces of the Beast used every form of brutality the facts on the ground became quickly apparent. With each passing day that their objectives had not been met the myth of their invincibility began to dissolve.

Finally they gave up and as they faced the reality of retreat the IDF carpet bombed the border with ageing cluster bombs. These munitions were no longer stable so in effect their use made the region one great minefield. The world was left to ponder on a morality of an army that used the insignia of Red Crescent ambulances for targeting with hellfire missiles. The sight of many civilian areas reduced to rubble paled by comparison with imagery of murdered women and children.

Fast forward 4 years and it seems that they are ready for another go. The main success of Hezbollah in 2006 was in fighting against tanks. Little official detail emerged from either side on the exact numbers destroyed but this article opens a window on some of this. Now we hear news that the Kfir brigade is deploying north. This article has the following to say;

“The “Kfir” brigade consists of six infantry detachments originally created in the early 1990s to support armoured forces in the West Bank. During the second Intifada, they were transformed into combat forces inside Palestinian towns. In 2005, the detachments became under the leadership of one integrated and independent brigade. It was also a notorious brigade for violently suppressing Palestinians in the West Bank.”

This charming bunch of child killers will be getting a refresher course to cover the arse of the tank crews. Let’s see how they fare when their opponents are armed with more than stones and placards. All of this is ominous enough but the guard of Barad-dur recently lost a senior ranking ghoul, so revenge is paramount in their minds.

A parallel announcement yesterday says that the Syrian army and Hezbollah plan to fully cooperate in the event of an Israhelli strike. The forces are gathering and in all likelihood a strike north will include not only the Shebaa farms but also the Golan Heights. The Kfir brigade will be the vanguard of the IDF - at the head of their forces.

I mention this in the light of the following. Moslems also have their end-times teachings. There seems to my uneducated eyes to be a lot of common ground with Christian teachings. In Islam it is taught that the coming of the Mahdi will be accompanied by the appearance of Dajjal (the anti-Christ). It is said that he will have one eye damaged and the other will be working. It is also said that he will have the word kafir (infidel, unbeliever) on his forehead.

This year the tribe celebrate Rosh Hashanah on 8th September – the night of the next new moon. It is the first of the "Ten Days of Repentance" which culminate in Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. I’ll let you google the full meaning of this ceremony in your own time. In all such things timing and symbology are paramount.


  1. oh no not the new moon. they'll be absolving themselves in advance via the nol kidre.

    thanks for the link C.

  2. You’re welcome A.P. I admire your work rate and quality of writing.

    I never underestimate the advantage of a moonless evening for the high tech murder machines.

  3. tanks. one of my readers, malcontent, often reminds me of the new moons in that context.

  4. That’s not a name I remember but I like the way they think (grin)

  5. Well written!

    - Aangirfan

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  7. Thanks Aangirfan. There are many dangerous dominos in very close proximity to one another for comfort. For my suspicious mind, the symbolism of the army of the Party of God being attacked by an ‘infidel’ army really stood out.

  8. That’s an interesting one DM. The deputy head of a spook agency washes on shore in a volatile region at a tense time. I wonder if he had some juicy documents planted on him. Echo’s of operation mincemeat come to mind.

    Don’t these spooks travel with lion tamers? Dirty work is afoot.

  9. peter chamberlin collected many stories on these dead russian spies over at his place a day or two ago, fyi.

  10. This is off topic and I apologize but I am telling you don't miss it!

  11. Very interesting A.P. The late Yuri Ivanov was a well connected and experienced spook. The Beslan massacre and the rogue hijacked Russian vessel appear in his ‘CV’. I have no idea what to infer further on this matter except this. When a deep state operative turns up dead, unannounced, then the spy soup is getting a good stir.

    He disappeared seemingly around the start of August. This is backstage work that we are not privy to. I would say that there is a serious struggle going on. This alone is good enough to raise one’s hackles.

  12. Isn't Purim due any time soon? And along with that Nol Kidre? Invasion would be a great way to get rid of those pesky hangovers!

    Perhaps they are beginning to realize Iran is not the way to go and have to kick something else ~ that happens to have been on their list to take over since forever.

    Also they have this thing about revenge. Think according to a film Mick sent me, it is one of those Neanderthal traits.....

    They are mad crazy insane and totally loose cannons. As a result they are truly unpredictable as to just what spark will their nasty rabbis with the flames of Satan and get the ball rolling.

    One thought. It would be sweet if, as they retreat, they were forced to go through the areas full of those cluster bombs that still kill the children and farm folk of Lebanon.

  13. Spot on Noor. They haven’t had a good orgy of destruction this year and summer’s as good as over. They’ll be as twitchy as a junkie going cold turkey. They do the Kol nidre routine on Yom Kippur - 18th September.

    That’s a cool thought. It really would be killer Karma if they end up on the receiving end of their own cluster bombs.