Saturday, 26 June 2010

Greater Love Hath No man...

Re-linked 29/06/10 due to the usual forces taking the original videos down


I am rarely stuck for words. I have the utmost admiration for this man. He is a shining beacon for us all.
H/T to this site for posting it.


  1. C had to go over to the source to view, wouldn't load up your shop.

    She's got the stare and will progress mightily. She was also being piped. I see a long pregnancy break, if she's chosen to breed coming up, with our license fee money buying the best sun dappled leisure and swaying in the willowed breeze birthing GGT style. Or vast acres, license payer money of course, of damp Anais Nin carpet munching if not.

    He is unready.

    The whole thing was prepared years ago and just muddies the water.

  2. I agree that it’s mostly theatre for the masses.

    I remember watching Hard Talk back in the days when we Irish were the Boogey men de jour. The interviewing style is still the same. If the “guest” is a safe patsy they it’s a cuddly fireside chat. If the guest has uncomfortable truths to impart then the discussion is rude and abusive with straw men arguments and mendacious lies.

    I think O’Keefe did very well to put his points across and not rise to the obvious baiting. No mean feat when the memories from the flotilla are still so fresh.

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