Monday, 28 June 2010

Get the Hell Out Of Dodge

There is a massive problem right now in the Gulf of Mexico. Vast amounts of oil and gas have spewed almost unopposed from the sea floor and from secondary leaks also. All the while BP has been in control. The only thing they have been in control of is the PR battle.

Access to the affected areas is controlled by BP. How did Americans reach a stage where a private bloody company can tell them where to go? “Relief workers” appear and start work before the news cameras arrive and then down tools and move on afterwards.

The least effective and most toxic (neurotoxic no less) dispersants are being used. Obama’s government has asked them to stop and they carried on anyway. WTF people?

Now the neurotoxic chemicals and the released gases are coming ashore. The population of the Eastern Seaboard of the US is in severe danger and with each passing day it gets worse. The first of the tropical storms is brewing and will approach this area shortly.

George Ure’s site had a comment today from an airline pilot. He stated that he witnessed “Around 14000" a dark hazy level across the state of Florida as far as I could see”

All that has being done is image management. “They” have done nothing. It does not matter if this catastrophe started on purpose or by accident. The point is that it is getting exponentially worse every day. Don’t take my word for it. Let this woman’s testimony sink in and spread the word.

I have had issues with embeded videos recently. You can also see the video here

Finally think about these from Dublin Mick. The bullshit cover story of fossil fuel will not last much longer. The very ground beneath our feet is alive and BP just cut an artery.
These events weren't caused by the BP "event" in the GOM but they are linked.

Leaking oil rig in the Timor Sea

Oil rig catches fire in Australia

Western Australia oil spill

Oil spill threatens the Great Barrier Reef

Egyptian oil spill threatens the Red Sea

North Sea oil well abandoned blowout feared.


  1. I was thinking of doing a post similar to this but you saved me the trouble. I posted this one on CF under pinned articles.

  2. Thanks DM. I finally managed to get my finger out and post something on this. The news on this is just getting bigger and more calamitous with every passing day.

    Thank you for the links on the other wells. There are major forces at motion within the planet and we just don’t know enough yet.

    I know you enjoy a little gallows humour;
    A catholic priest visits one of his parishioners who is lying on his death bed. The priest asks the old man “Do you renounce Satan and all his works”. To this the old man replies “this is no time to be making enemies padre.”

    In all seriousness though, I think this is the very time to be choosing sides and getting our spiritual house in order.

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  5. An excellent article DM. I had booked marked it and saved a copy – “just in case”. The internet is ablaze with this. It’s only the MSM that is parroting the party line. A lot of people are going to be really pissed when the dam breaks (metaphorically only I hope) on this.
    Can you post up your link on the crop damage video? I know you have lots of great links at your new blog.

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  9. My latest posts on the Disaster. It is not a "spill". That word makes is sound both small and accidental. It is neither.

    Call it what it is ~ "911, PART TWO"





    Chucky I found a site that is kind of growing on me. There is a google map that shows breaking news. It will highlight the story before you click on it.

  11. Hello again Noor. It seems like we “silly bloggers” have been all over this issue like a rash. I read that article from Icke – now I know we’re screwed (grin)

    Your blog and Dublin Mick’s (in its new home) have been excellent. I have found it difficult to write anything on this as each report has gotten worse. Back in May I posted a calculation on the rate of oil release over at my other blog.

    Even I couldn’t quite have faith in it but everything I have read since bears it out. Another ticking time bomb is covered in an article I read today on Washington’s’ blog. Not all the chemicals are visible – considering the millions of gallons of corexit dumped why am I surprised.

  12. Cool map DM. If I used that a lot I’d never get around to writing anything (grin).

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  14. It is getting really strange Chucky

  15. Snowploughs to keep the roads open seem like prudent planning. I’m sure that the real impact and implications of the catastrophe are well know to TPB. What really caught my notice was the video.

    That video is an ominous sign DM. I doubt that chemicals in the water are reacting with the sand of the shoreline. It’s seems more like the dissolved gasses in the water are coming out of solution – just as the bubbles in a soda bottle do when the cap is opened. The next question that arises in my mind is what are the gases?

  16. I think methane as large amounts of it are being released. Everyone faces death but not all can sneer in the face of it like these clowns.

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  18. HistorysBBB made some good points in my post “climbing mount doom”. Have the vast quantities of released gases from the oilcano (George Ure’s term) reached the point of saturation and will now be released into the atmosphere in greater quantities?

    At least the sheeple site can have a laugh – it has helped me through some terrible times.

    I have reached a stage where i’m nearly number by how blatant the elites are behaving. The vast majority of the herd will simply carry on grazing. Ever since mad cow disease came to public attention I am aware that food science is truly a Frankenstein monster. Feeding cow offal back to the cows again is cannibalism.

    You mist admire their thinking - putting a carcinogenic compound on good wholesome fruit. Think of the return revenue for Big Pharma. It would be more merciful to simply put cyanide on the fruit and be done with it.

  19. You would think there was enough cyanide in corexit.

    Corexit contains Mercury, Cyanide, Arsenic, Cadmium & Chromium

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  22. Hiya Chucky,

    Went through all 6 pages of the AmericanSheeple Special Publication which Mick linked.

    Black humor, indeed.

    However, on Page 6, directly underneath the pic of the odious Clinton and Jagger, is a link to a PDF file download -

    "Truth and Consequences"
    A Review Of The Gulf Oil Eruption, And What The Future Holds That You Are Not Being Told

    By Michael Knight, Editor, New Earth News.


    I was at a loose end; had some time up my sleeve - downloaded it. Glad I did. It is deadly serious and completely opposite to the tenor of the AmericanSheeple article.

    If you've not already got it Chucky, it is worth having a look at.



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