Thursday 24 June 2010

Climbing Mount Doom

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to heaven, we were all going direct the other way - in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.

Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities

Recently at A.Peasant’s place I mused that I feel like Frodo before he left the shire. Each day I take a little time to enjoy simple pleasures - like the long summer sunsets or the laughter of children. I do this in the full knowledge that the good days are coming to an end as we spiral into the final stages of the planned collapse of all that we have known.

The “economies” of the world are run by a select few families for their benefit. They own the banks and with the power to create money from thin air comes the power to buy anything and anyone. That’s not enough for them. Money is merely their tool. They want to it all.

For centuries they have spread division and war. They did so deliberately so that they would profit by funding both sides. It’s difficult to find a horror and tragedy that they didn’t have a hand in. They own all the politicians and all the political parties. Demonocracy is a more accurate term for tyranny we labour under.

They created the myth of the jewish diaspora - a false history and narrative to create a willing race of Fifth Columnists. The Khazar (a Turkish word for wanderer) tribe of converts now claim to be God’s chosen. In the midst of the last 2 global slaughters the Elites created the conditions to steal Palestine. The Elites then imposed on the rightful inhabitants a brutal plantation of alien supremacists and backed them up with an equally mythical persecution event – AKA the Holohoax ©

Those two massive conflicts destroyed all of the existing social orders in Europe and Asia – the human casualties were an incidental bonus. In their place are pliant and controlled entities. The steady accumulation of power into regional centres has continued. All that was need was the right catalyst and the right emergency and the ring of power would be theirs.

As both of you reading this (grin) know the events of 911, the Madrid and London bombings were carried out by Mossad. They did so with the help of their sayanim and hasbara networks as well as local traitors. Treason is considered a high crime for a reason and is still punishable by execution. Those murders were the opening gambit in a strategy for total control as it entered the final endgame phase.

Bush The Chimp Prince’s advice to a traumatised America after 911 was a hint – go shopping. Over the course of his 2 terms while militarily engaged in over 70 countries the planned destruction of the fabric of the republic was completed. The Elites saddled a sleep walking nation with enormous debts to pay for endless war and their wealth plundered from under their very noses. The Obama administration changed nothing but the chorus line.

Now the time approaches when all the threads will be drawn together. War against Iran will be a smoke screen for yet another planned implosion. The funny money system will be deliberately brought down by the weight of the unpayable debts. Added to a monumental ecological false flag (cheers DM for the link) in the Gulf of Mexico (global warming didn’t work out so well) the terrified masses of the world are expected to plead en mass for a saviour and the Elites have planned for that too.

That’s not the worst that will happen. The timeline for the Vampire oligarchy is short. Our long suffering planet is a body in motion in an electric universe. Ever wondered why they seem in a rush to build infrared satellites? They have dug their underground bases, built their seed vaults and started moving the libraries and secret treasures underground. They know what’s coming and they are laying plans to come out on top when the dust and floods of another great cycle ends.

These are the forces we face. The secret blood lines have decided that they will rule in hell and none shall serve in heaven. They are truly their master’s henchmen. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN.

For some time now I have been aware of a rising consciousness among many of the online/blogging community. It seems that any of us who have slipped the mental straight jacket are aware that there is a spiritual element to these events. I see this across a range of blogs and sites. There is a great awakening happening to humanity. By definition that excludes the Elites.

I am humble enough to know that I don’t have the definitive answer. Is this the spiritual end times as the prophets predicted or are other cosmic forces at work? People are waking up and linking up. Despite all the forces of manipulation and control used on us for so long the herd will not stay corralled.

I was raised a catholic but they are now a discredited force. That too was planned by the Elites. I have long since lost my trust in the organised religions and dogmas. They are simply mechanisms of control that have changed their robes and shapes down the ages since records began.

I have also seen what true faith can do. In the most extreme of times it shines with a light that shows a better way. I don’t know if there is a great God Head, a creator figure. I do have faith in us as a species. I feel that souls acting in concert have a collective presence – an egregore. If we imagine it, it will happen. The more of us there are the stronger that force for change becomes.

There will be terrible times ahead in the weeks and months ahead. We must keep our heads and never let fear make our choices. Nowhere and no one is safe - all are in peril. It is time to settle accounts and clear our hearts. As Dave Allen would say “good night and may your god go with you.”


  1. Good words and feelings in a world that needs more.

    There is always a however C. And as I was saying to a bunch of youngsters today. Do not carry a knife. Always carry a feather. For the quill is mightier than any sword. Then they beat me up. The young are strong as always.

    The current turmoil is exactly that.

    Those who guide are immediatley suspect to the young. Those who open a channel to freedom are never in fear.

    The usual suspects are always envious of such freedom.

  2. Cheers Incoming. I always appreciate your input.

    Irony is often lost on the young. As are good looks, boundless energy and a pristine liver – the lucky bastards.

    I don’t hope to lead, merely to follow my own path. If others follow it means they seek better leaders and will find them eventually.

    It’s strange but I have been trying to write this for 2 days and I had a thumping headache the whole time. The headache is gone now.

  3. Hiya Chucky,

    I've been reading Bishop Richard Williamson ever since the video clip of him committing blatant opinion crime by expressing doubt about the sanctity of the holey holoco$t (Shock! Horror!) was released to the world.

    I would say that Bishop Williamson now understands "crucifixion by jew" in a very real way.

    If all Catholic priests had the balls he does things may have turned out different for that bunch. But they didn't and don't, so the money changing usurers now OWN the temple. lol



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  6. When one door closes another opens. The only currency in the next world is light. How much do you have in your account"

    Crazy Horse: Today is a good day to die. I will go and join my father as I am the son of the Thunder God.

  7. It’s good to hear from you HistorysBBB. Not only does Bishop Williamson seem to be a thoughtful soul he has shown great bravery. If we let them the jews will make him pay a great price. Do have a link to his writings?

    Suraci posted a piece on another writer called Yann Martel. He is about to undergo a similar lesson.

  8. Good post DM. In the modern state of things everything has a price while nothing has value. I reject that view of reality. It is in helping others that we prove our worth and gain a greater wealth. The only treasure we should cherish is the company we keep around us

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  10. (cont.)

    Happy researching, Chucky. It is refreshing to recover from the poisonous PhD in "History" so many of our people have absorbed via the Hollywood/television/book publishing/newspaper and magazine media propaganda conglomerate.

    Suggestion: Be wary of trying to explain the suppressed Truth to holders of the poisonous PhD; your time may be better spent beating your head against a brick wall. The decades-long brainwashing has been very thorough, and the real pain of cognitive dissonance created by having their "truth" challenged, is not something that would appeal to many. Ignorance is bliss? Maybe.

    And then there's the internet jew trolls and their useful idiot shills. What a waste of space and time they are.

    Whoever it was described the jews as the masters of the Great Lie wasn't fooling.


    p.s. I see you have a link to the Irish Holocaust. That is another very interesting area of research - particularly when you tie it in with the circumstances surrounding the ending of the Edict of Expulsion.


  11. Chucky,

    You will find both links in my blog list.

    . . . Dinoscopus Access


    . . . True Restoration

    --- --- ---

    Martel's statements, "indescribable, that it should be sacred" and "...just for Jews to be expert on the Holocaust." Yes, challenging their copyright may get him crucified.

    Of course they want to force laws on the West forbidding non-jews investigating their cash cow/gentile guilt trip scam (to name just two of many obscured reasons). Just look at JudeoCommie Germany today for example, where Truth is no defense in a court of "law". I think the same might also apply in JudeoCommie Canada.

    As more and more people discover through online research the long-suppressed True story of Europe between 1933-1948 - particularly the Truth of the German internment camps for criminals and enemy aliens (you know, just like the internment camps America created for enemy aliens in the US during WWII) - their "holocaust house of cards is falling apart," as blogger Jayne Gardener wrote in one of her many excellent online articles.

    Once Judea declared war on Germany in 1933 they made themselves enemy aliens within Germany, but for some reason or other that Declaration of War never gets any press these days.

    The Nuremberg Kangaroo Court Trial transcripts are good value as well. There you will read about the cunning "peddle-operated brain bashing machine!!" and the amazing "disappearing electrified floor!!" among many other ludicrous creations of the Imagination And Propaganda Department... Did I hear someone say shrunken heads, lampshades and soap? lol

    Another subject worthy of online research is the so-called "Russian" revolution. Illuminating to discover who actually fomented, financed, directed and executed (poor choice of words) that horrendous coup that was a REAL genocide and ethnic cleansing of tens of millions of Christians along with the destruction of thousands of Christian Churches. I am pleased to report though, that the "godless" JudeoBolshevik Commies saw fit to not destroy any synagogues, and made the uttering of statements jews don't want to hear an offense punishable by death. That was nice of them. I have a feeling they'd really like to see that law resurrected today in the West.

    If you want to go the whole hog have a look at the Ukrainian Holdomor and the second worst mass murderer in history (after Joseph David Stalin) - the jew Lazar Kaganovich and his 7-8 million victims. He never seems to get a run in the mainstream media either, strangely. While you're about it, you may as well research who owns and controls all of the mainstream media. (Hint: It's not Arabs. lol)

    No wonder they hate the uncensored internet, huh.

    My latest #1 quote - "History is a set of lies agreed upon by the victors." And once you have done enough research into the suppressed Truth you come to understand that it was the truly international JudeoBolshevik Commies who were the victors in World War II (and why not - they started it in 1933), and it's their lies we have had shoved down our throats ever since.


  12. Apologies HistorysBBB. The answer was staring me in the face all this time.

    In regards to Irish history what can I say? There was no famine! The potato crops failed. This is what the Irish were eating while they grew corn and other crops to pay their taxes. While we starved the crops were grown and then taken under military escort to the docks. This should be a lesson for modern times.

    The English cared nothing for the death toll only for their quotas and profits. The landlords and the priests didn’t starve. Our nation’s population has never managed to reach the same levels ever since.

    I’m right with you on the “history” of the second great slaughter. I was chatting this week on this vey topic with another blogger. Their grubby fingerprints are all over recent history. There are many threads that link the British, French and Russian revolutions. They all stem from the time of Cromwell (may he burn in hell). He was funded by the Dutch Jews to enable their return to Britain.

    They have been running the show there since. How do you think a small island could pay for the massive imperial expansion that occurred? Their brutal and inhuman treatment of the many people’s they conquered is reminiscent of modern Irahelli behaviour also.

    John Kaminski had a great short booklet on his site called “The Nameless War“ written by Archibald Maule Ramsay – a Scottish MP. It was written by him in 1952 and it goes into some detail on the recent events of the war and before. It also discusses the British, French and Russian Revolutions and their instigators.

    I would link to it but he has wisely evacuated out of Florida recently and took his server with him. I kept a copy of it so let me know if you are interested in a copy also. Post me your address and I can delete it from the moderation page

  13. Chucky,

    I've been following John Kaminski for some time.

    I already have The Nameless War, thanks.

    --- --- ---

    This is a link to some very disturbing footage from the Gulf Oil Disaster. I am surprised it has not yet been deleted by the clowns at YouTube.

    --- --- ---

    Also, copied this comment from a website by someone who sounds as though he knows what he is talking about...

    Sulfuric Acid Mist

    Methane = CH4. Methane-driven oceanic eruptions eject a large amount of methane and other gases (e.g., Carbon Dioxide = CO2, Hydrogen Sulfide = H2S). Hydrogen Sulfide is a colorless, very poisonous, flammable gas, which was used by the British as a chemical agent during WW1. In the oil saturated dead zones of the Gulf, sulfate-reducing bacteria will use the sulfates present in the water to oxidize the organic matter, producing more hydrogen sulfide as waste. Hydrogen sulfide is also central to the sulfur cycle, which then produces Sulfur Dioxide = SO2, Sulfur Trioxide = SO3. Since petroleum also contains sulfur compounds, the combustion of burning oil on the Gulf also generates high quantities of sulfur dioxide which if in the presence of a catalyst such as Nitrogen Dioxide (79% of atmospheric air) = NO2, forms Sulfuric Acid = H2SO4, as well as Sulfuric Acid Mist and thus ACID RAIN.

    Sulfuric Acid Mist is what the workers are actually breathing as well as the source of the acid spots covering the plant life in the region.

    --- --- ---

    Pity those workers if that guy is correct, Chucky.



  14. Sorry for the delay HistorysBBB. Your comment was very close to something I just posted.

    Thankfully Hydrogen Sulphide is commonly described as having a rotten eggs or sulphurous smell. It is what is released by “stink bombs”. Just think, the Luciferians are finally able to bring about hell on earth. I’m sure the bastards are still laughing – for now.

    There is a mile of water above the top of the well head. That is a lot of water to absorb the released gases. That being said there are vast, enormous quantities of gas being released and mixing with the “dispersants.”

    Yippee folks - WMD coming ashore to a town near you. Lung blistering agents mixed with a light seasoning of neurotoxins. Check out my new post for some heartfelt testimony. The first responders are getting sick already just like with 911.

    Dublin Mick let me in on where Kaminski’s posting stuff while in transit.

  15. Sorry HistorysBBB. When I re-read my comment it sounded dismissive of the immediacy of the threat. That was NOT my intent mate.

    There is a lot of water above the well head but even that is dwarfed by the amount spewing out of the sea bed. I believe the effect of that will be to mask the danger. As water in the Gulf gradually reaches a point of saturation of dissolved toxins it will reach a tipping point. After that great cloud of death that will drift ashore – if that point hasn’t been reached already.

    To illustrate your point Dublin Mick sent me this and it bears out your point.

    This was on main stream news in Mississippi. Crops dying.

  16. That's fine, Chucky.

    I did not read your comment that way. It's all good.

    Busy of late; there is much happening and only 24 hours per day.

    Thanks for passing on the link to John K's articles at Rebel News. However, I am on John's mailing list so all his articles hit my inbox very early.

    I was touched by John's short comment Mick relay-posted on Les Visible's site yesterday. In a few words John makes some hard but true points.

    I had a look at Mick's new WordPress blog yesterday. I will add it to my blog list.

    This vid I linked a couple days ago had 3,000 views when I saw it then, now a couple days later it is up to 128,000 and climbing. And that is allowing that the clowns at youtube may be fiddling with the hit numbers to keep it out of the Most Popular Videos lists (??) I think it is a vid that needs to go viral if only for the extreme footage showing the size of the oil slicks, oil fires, dying dolphins, etc.

    BP Slick Covers Dolphins and

    It is the most harrowing footage I have seen from the Gulf Oil Disaster. The psychopaths who caused this must be patting themselves on the back.

    Thanks for the Mississippi Crop vid link. I will take a look.


    p.s. That dying old Irishman with the priest, thinking it may not be a good time to be making enemies, could be a relative of mine from County Cork.

    Take care, Chucky. We may be facing very rough days ahead, indeed.


  17. And the news just keeps getting worse, Chucky.

    Remember the Exxon Valdez?

    Almost All Exxon Valdez Cleanup Crew Dead

    Exxon V in the middle of nowhere, and most all the cleanup crew dead by 51 years of age . . . Gulf Oil Disaster has millions breathing in these poisons.


  18. I didn't know that HistorysBBB.

    Yet another case where “dispersants” were sprayed in massive quantities. It’s not that these bastards care about the casualties – dead cleanup workers are the whole point.

    Another ticking time bomb is covered in an article I read today on Washington’s’ blog. Not all the chemicals are visible – considering the millions of gallons of corexit dumped why am I surprised.

    When are people going to realise that their deaths and the deaths of their families and loved ones are the whole point of this.