Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Anyone got any matches?

Many of the sites I read have a slant toward stories in the US or the Middle East. Europe is increasingly absent from such discussions. This is no surprise as the battle for the imposition of totalitarian government has been slow, stealthy and always so that we may be safer! There are many voices raised in protest but we seem isolated. Expect zero assistance from the media.

Recently I have been wondering what has happened to a writer called Mike James. He might be English but well, we can’t all be blessed (grin). He also lives in Germany.

I like this guy. He has put up with a lot of shit and he is personally putting his arse on the line. With all the hate crime and holohoax laws about I would need to think long and hard to post online as I do if I lived in Germany. With the new regime of the United Socialist States of Europe (USSE) it may force my hand.

They guy has been consistent and has got balls. It seems from his writings that he has paid a price for it but he continues to nail his colours to the mast. As a long-time admirer of Padraig Pearce I like his stuff.

After a long period of silence (nearly a year) he is back. This is a partial extract of his most recent posting on the Truth Seeker site.

David Cameron, the leader of the British Conservative party, has, quite predictably, reneged on his promise to the British people to allow for a referendum on the illegal and treasonous Lisbon Treaty. This convoluted piece of repressive legislation is designed to place all living and future generations of Europeans in chains for ever and a day.

The time for talking is over. There was never any real debate. Democracy, if we can even conceive of it as having played a meaningful role in our lives, has betrayed the British and American people. It serves only the interests of the Zionist-Jewish Lobby and their evil International Banking System.

We, who try to speak Truth to Power, are often regaled for ‘incitement’. My own people cower behind the adage that information alone will set them free. I have been told on numerous occasions: “Mike, the people are waking up. They know the truth. They will rise, and soon we shall be free.”

But how much longer must we wait? Talk, talk, talk…………………..

...........................I have the rope. Just help me tie the knot.

I would have liked to post the full article but I currently know of no way to contact him or the site’s editor, Rixon Stewart. Mr Stewart's site has suffered a long history of hacking attacks. Please check out Mike James' many other posts.

In many articles he has touched upon the resentment that is plainly felt by many at the grass roots level – the “ordinary” folk. I have had similar discussions in the small town I live in. For the folks on the other side of the pond there is this, more introspective, article.

In these tense times we might only need a spark.

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