Monday, 20 June 2011

Action Call

As those of you that have been unlucky enough to hear from me recently can attest my mood is a little dark. The reality of long planned schemes and their impending completion makes for sobering reflection – or cause for over consumption. To those who know what I mean mea cupla.

Today I read a poignant and moving letter. On Wednesday 15th June Thomas Ball walked up to a local County Court House in New Hampshire. He doused himself with petrol and then set himself alight and burned to death.

You can read what the local presstitutes printed at the time here complete with the usual paid for ‘expert’ opinion. The following day a 15 page letter arrived at the same local rag and they printed it. This was the last statement from Mr Ball and I recommend reading it.

His was not an act based on despair. It was an act of defiance. His words are a call to action. He makes a calm and rational statement rejecting the existing order and chose to act upon it in a calm and deliberate manner.

That for me is a watershed. When the intelligent middle class in a society have reached this stage then life changing events are sure to follow. I hope that any transition will be peaceful. I also highly doubt it considering the inhuman ghouls that must be removed.

The people in the formerly prosperous ‘West’ are now in a similar plight. They have been trapped in the lure of easy credit – that really should mean easy debt. We have spend a generation using that debt to buy crap from Asia. Crap made from the blood, sweat and tears of the people of Asia. Well folks the bill is past due.

The owners of that debt have let their greed run rampant. They even bankrupted themselves and the treasonous cowards (or politicians if you prefer) in our demonocracies sold us into destitution and poverty to keep them in the luxury they expect.

We might see the early signs of what is to come. When the reality of no money and no future really bites it will be too late. Unlike the people in Iceland we had no chance to avoid this. Most were too busy watching talentless ‘reality’ shows and celebrity titillation on the idiot box.

We must follow the example of Greece, Spain and hopefully soon Ireland or the game is over. We had our chance to do this quietly and that time has now passed. Moaning about it online is not going to make a single difference.

Those of us that spoke up are already known. The time for education has passed. Our time has come and we must spread that knowledge in the days ahead. A great slaughter is coming. As the moment of greatest peril for the banksters approaches they will pull a great bait and switch on us.

The War Mongers are now working up a lather trying to finally bomb Syria. This was the aim of the Arab Spring. All those countries that Dubya and the neocons didn’t get to bomb are back on the banquet of blood again.

This time the other global actors (and I do mean actors) will not sit idly by. We must not let the vampires march off our young to the next global slaughter. The path to peace will not be peaceful but it is a road that we must travel.

Thomas Ball RIP


  1. hi Chuck,
    I've just read Tom Ball's statement and couldn't help thinking of Joe Stack. I see he was referred to in the comments. There's some very good comments too. One spoke eloquently about the difference losing hope makes. The message is to hang in there.

    Tom wrote at the end for his children to stick together because that is all you've got. i think we can say the same about friends. One of my favourite movies is "Getting Square" which is about a couple of young blokes being worked over by the system. And there is a great line in it which goes something like this, "Friends are important because when it comes down to it, they're all you've got."

    Tom's situation and end are tragic. And voting is never going to change things. A partial answer is to stay out of "The System" in any way you can. But once in it to challenge and call the bluff of the bureaucrats involved.

    Oh, and be especially careful with your own lawyer. My advice to anyone who will listen has always been to seek technical advice from them (more than one), run the case yourself and NEVER let them speak for you.

    Running it yourself means first of all reading the legislation you have been charged under (if there is any!). Most lawyers in my experience (personal and from my reading) don't do this basic fundamental step. It will also tell you straight away if you have been charged inappropriately and what sort of case the prosecution has to make.

    Ashalee, readers might be interested in an article I wrote which is somewhat related in that the system worked someone over illegally-

    ON CHARGING AT WINDMILLS (and other things that might whack you)

  2. You go brother! I remember those monks igniting, the dumb mother 3435r4 s I was in the army with didn't understand it. These were men! This type of spiritual dedication could not be fathomed by the lifeless creatures of the west, (little brother) with no spiritual legs according to the seers. If you can't make an electric teapot you are inferior types.

    The hypocrisy of the age is boiling over however. My advice is be an observer, stand back and watch the flames.

    The wrath of the divine is unfolding daily lately.

  3. No chance of a peaceful transition, Chucky.

    The psychopathic sludge at the bottom of the barrel know their crimes against humanity and treason will be revealed if their corrupt system is overthrown.

    It's anyone's guess what they will use to stay in power, but whatever . . . it will make their 9/11 false flag seem tame by comparison.

    Interesting to think that somewhere, down some filthy rat hole, it's already all planned out on a drawing board, just waiting. Same as 9/11 was years and years in advance.


  4. brian morrison21 June 2011 at 19:23

    there is a distinct possibility that this (mr. ball's presumed) tome is not all that it seems. at heart it may be more of a divide and conquer strategy. it calls on us to burn down buildings. it even tells us how to make the bombs. why didn't mr. ball himself burn a few buildings on his way out? for it would be the simplest of plans if he was going to immolate himself... why not take a building while he's at it? my point is - he's encouraging us to engage in outright homocidal violence and yet he goes out with a whimper. let us remember the arab spring 'started' with immolation in tunis. the coincidence alarm is ringing in my head. things don't add up here. not by a long shot.

    21 year army medic mr. ball did compile some startling and revelatory statistics for us to ponder but... brilliant betty friedan?! allusions to the holohoax and the annihilation of the jews?! back handed german bashing?! all his ten years of research... and mr. ball still misses the hidden hand? how could this be!! in his tirade the victimhood of judaics remains intact.

    something here is amiss. whatever you do... DON"T, i repeat, DO NOT go out and burn a building down... and flaming yourself is not too good an idea either. rather, go out and discover who it is that makes the condition of planet earth such as it is and NAME it. keep naming it until it has no where to hide. the injustices mr. ball suffered were made to happen. torah, mishnah, talmudic cold calculation by our ruling parasitic judaic overlords... with a kol nidre cherry on top.

    by the way, however tragic, this incident is not even remotely akin to 'those monks igniting'.

  5. Brian, you could be right. But i was not surprised that Tom Ball repeated the common memes of our societies.

    We research that which interests us. For instance, I know quite a lot about "the hidden hand" you mention but virtually nothing about what Mr. Ball had researched. He was fighting a very personal and immediate battle and would have had little time for the machinations of jews running the Fed or the media.

    True, Tom Ball did not do what he advocated i.e. burning down a building. But then, he didn't advocate what he did do, burning himself to death. Maybe he thought that burning himself to death was a greater protest and one he wouldn't expect others to follow.

    Maybe he thought if he burnt himself and a building with him, it would be characterised as an arsonist caught in his own crime and just deserts and his message would be lost.

    His message to others was the point of it all. Burning court and police buildings is a message to tptb from the public after the public have gotten the message from Tom Ball.

    If the letter was a psy-op, i doubt it would only be covered by a small paper like the Sentinel and it wouldn't have been so damning of the system and the "Second Set of Books" that he so eloquently exposed. Psy-ops repeat revealing info that is already in the public domain to gain credibility. They never break new ground that is actually true.

    However, after defending Mr Ball's sincerity and even integrity, i cannot endorse his actions. Though it was profoundly symbolic, his death was still suicide and i imagine his children would prefer that he was around when they are old enough to do as they please.

    The battle cry he refers to is, "Live free or die" not, "Live free or suicide". And i doubt very much that General Stark meant it to be taken that way.

    But still, i have a lot of sympathy for Tom Ball. Though I have not suffered to the extent that he has, through the divorce courts, I know where he is coming from and from the comments at the Sentinal, so do many others.

  6. Thanks for the comments folks. It’s been a long day at work – 16 hours so far. I will get a chance to reply tomorrow.

  7. brian morrison22 June 2011 at 18:36

    here is the tell - mr. ball writes:
    Washington has not got a friend in the world. Even the British and Israelis loath them now.
    what is this sentence even doing in here? who does it benefit? it is obviously so untrue so as to be nonsensical... one might say comical. so what would be the purpose for including it? EVEN israel loathes the U.S. now! now, how about that?

    mr. ball (or whomever wrote or edited his letter) has purposely attempted to draw israel (hence, jews/judaism) out of the line of fire... keeping it away from any scrutiny.

    the tell in full:
    Washington has not got a friend in the world. Even the British and Israelis loath them now. Kind of a bad time to be losing domestic support. And what [have] they done over the last 25 years? They have wiped out the middle class pandering to a special interest group of bigots. And in typical Washington fashion, they did not even know they did it.

    half-logic nonsense that diverts away from the jewish (not-so)hidden hand while sowing division among the national populace - turning it against itslef. there can be no other explanation. divide and conquer - it's as old as the hills.

    special interest group of bigots, indeed.

    james - you're saying jews control the Fed and the media but not the legal system? think this through again.

  8. Howdy Chucky...
    In general can't relate to people who kill themselves like this. Be they Thomas Ball, Bobby Sands, Thich Quang Duc, Wafa Idriss or who ever. I know desperation is reported as being the prime factor in most political based suicides, but still.

    These suicides never achieve anything. In fact the think they are trying to fight probably rubs its hands in glee at the fact the thorn has now gone. An act of defiance would be to live as long as possible and encourage people to (try to) buck the machine like not use banks, refuse to pay taxes etc.

  9. Thanks to all for the posts and I’m really glad to see some debate on this – even if I have been absent. Excuses are like backsides – everyone has one. So, apologies for that.

    I will break a habit since starting this blog and answer in one all encompassing comment.

    Tom Ball seems very much to have been an honest soul looking for justice in a world that is a figment of the TV/movie/media spell that we all live under. I will throw the word jew in shortly if that helps (grin).

    He fell through a crack in the matrix and it took him many years to see some of the big picture. Did he diss the jews – no. Did he see the second set of books – yes. If for no other reason than that Tom’s letter will strike more of a note with the ‘majority’ than laying out our years of study to highlight the real culprits.

    We are not discussing the number of angels on a pin head. We are fighting against an invidious and invisible enemy. Just because we can now see it does not mean it is obvious to many. They remain blissfully unaware and will not see it coming. Thus has been the status quo for centuries.

    As to Tom’s exhortation to violence. He does not discus making bombs. He is talking about petrol bombs/Molotov cocktails. I learned how to make those before I was old enough to shave. For the uninitiated among us, add a little sugar or liquid soap – just a little. It makes for more of a napalm consistency.

    He describes the burning of property. Not people – property. Anyone that follows that advice must be clear in their conscience that there may well be cleaners, security staff and others still inside. Ordinary people much like ourselves. If you follow that route there will be lives lost eventually.

    In a similar vein is that better or worse than the random murder of policemen as happened recently in the states? I say it is worse. If we pick up the gun at this time we are lost. All other avenues must be exhausted first. Self defence is a right – murder is not.

    The ballot box is corrupt. Voting for the lesser of 2 evils is still endorsing evil. A middle path must be found and it will involve fighting – hand to hand across barricades, pick lines, ‘free speech’ zones.

    How about organising communities to stop the bailiffs/sheriffs evicting people from their homes when they come around to foreclose for the banks. No pissing around with abstractions there. It worked in here in Scotland.

    As to Tom’s final act I want to thank brother lwtc247 for mentioning Bobby Sands. Bobby’s example resonates with me and has done so from a very young age – about the same time I learned to mix cocktails.

    As he neared death on hunger strike to break the attempt by the British to criminalise the recent Irish Struggle for Independence, a priest wished to save face for the Brits and the ‘establishment’. He asked why and Bobby said “greater love hath no man than to lay down his life for his friends”.

    We have been told that the Tunisian revolution began with the self immolation of one man. Was Tom hoping that his blood sacrifice would start the next American revolution?

    Let that be his epitaph.

  10. brian morrison23 June 2011 at 01:57

    regarding 'what we have been told' - fakery in tunisia:

    chucky and all - i don't doubt mr. ball being an honest soul looking for justice. i do however doubt that his letter was published without first being heavily scrutinized, edited and spiced up. could the ptb allow an event such as this to go unsupervised... untampered with... unmanaged?

    grin. a bomb is a bomb...

    regards, brian

  11. Chucky, I still think there could have been a better way to take on the increasing despotic regime, e.g. as mentioned earlier disengaging from the banking fiat currency scheme and encouraging others to do so likewise. There are quite a few of us who would have been glad to join with Tom in a live struggle. We can't do that now.

    While the increasingly despotism in the US does share a number of similarities with Tunisia, there are also some significant differences which sees the USans likely to suffer from much greater levels passiveness as they have the HUGE illusion of democracy to help keep them shut up as well as wider boundaries to following their desires. The USan real patriots and militia are heavily demonised which (deliberately stifles their support base and power).

    So it's hard for me to see Tom being the catalyst here.

  12. Thanks for the link Brian. It is unsurprising that the story of Bouazizi is fake. I have come to the point of not taking on face value anything that we have been told in the ‘Arab Spring’.

    I understand your credulity on the events linked to Thomas Ball and that is a healthy approach. There still exists a gap between his call to action and his own demise. Only time will tell.

    Point taken. There’s nothing like the smell of petrol in the morning (grin).

  13. I agree completely lwtc247. Any suicide action is futile. It robs the community of the experience of the individual involved and it provides a vehicle for the usual spin meisters to get their twisted message across. I haven’t even touched the ethics or the loss for his immediate family.

    I have no idea how the people in the US will soon act. I can make assumptions but I have done that with the people here in CCTV land and been pleasantly surprised to be often wrong. Many don’t have all the facts but they know the whole scene is rotten.

    I feel that yet again people everywhere will wake up and end the current trend to delegate politics to the professional whores. Politics can only be honest when we are all directly involved in keeping it so. It is a lesson that every generation seems to forget.

    For me Tom is like a signpost on the roadside. It marks a point in time where conscious Americans realise that the time to be passive is over. It will be in reflection that the significance of the events gains greater meaning.

  14. Adam Curtis gave a few interviews last month. e.g. a) here and b) here pt1,b) here pt2.
    Forgiving the occasional but of cock, he makes a good point in that after a great and brave effort to make political change, (Ukraine) the result is just as bad if not worse than before.

    Nobody like a pessimist, even pessimists!, but I must say I have no hope whatsoever that things will change.

    I do predict riots and social tension as we are told repeatedly (sniff sniff hmmmm!) that the economy is on the way down [that is, apart from many banks], but that's it, the riots will be only for selfish reasons of poverty, homelessness and unemployment, not altruistic ones - esp on behalf of dark skinned people being blitzed for being guilty of being born on (or near) large quantities of oil.

    Try as I might, I cannot forget the significance of genocidal maniac mass killer bLiar ignoring the greatest ever protests in the history of the planet.

    I point to that as the death knell of a politicians pretence to listen to the people.

  15. Many thanks for the videos lwtc247.

    I must admit that sometimes pessimism sits close by like Edgar Allan Poe’s Raven. I also will not give in to it.

    Certainly riots and tension are in our future. The PTB are counting on it - hence the increase in the police state. It is also an opportunity. Many people do not realise how much power we have when we come together. That can be a real eye-opener.

    Protest marches and waving placards changes nothing. We see the genesis in Europe currently where protestors are occupying public space. Change is coming. We need to have an idea of what we want otherwise we will be given they ‘they’ want. That is the real challenge.

  16. Hey chuck, been hanging around the far edges of c space trying to keep a lower profile. No need to be a hard target for the PTB when things get really ugly. Keep up the fight brother.
    MrMorphed I have decided to come out of the closet and use my real ID after all if "they" want to know who/where I am, our good friend Google has all of us on radar anyway.

  17. Hi there Mr Morphed. I was glad to see that you are still keeping a presence going. That may make me seem like a hypocrite with the post rate I’ve been keeping (grin). You’ll need to let us know if you prefer Jefferson, JP, Jeff or whatever.

    I must admit that I admire and applaud your choice. It is a thought I have entertained a few times - more so of late. You are spot on that anyone who believes in anonymity on the Interweb is indulging in fantasy.

    The spooks and watchers are not all powerful but they do have trip wires. Like any web if we shake it hard enough something unpleasant will come check us out. Good for you for showing some leadership.

  18. Let's see what happens in Libya.

    The poor people of Egypt are already realising that the recent coup has wrecked their country.

    The trouble is that so many of the key people in top positions are working for bad guys.

    - Aangirfan

  19. Hello Aangirfan and thanks for popping by.

    I think the situation in both countries is still undecided. The usual culprits created and inflamed these events in cold blood for no other reason than greed and the pursuit of power.

    I think the Egyptian people have discovered just what you suggest the hard way. They also are prepared to make a fight of it.

    I suspect we will all be in similar straits soon enough.

  20. Hey Chucky, just read this piece and will move on to the gentleman's letter next. I just picked up a post from Zombie Soup and, in my usual way, perked it up a bit, but anyone who believes that the people of Libya want freeing up is talking out of their tail end.

    I have been almost overwhelmed by it all, considering on top of all the man/devil made stuff there is the radiation and so on crap. Between this stuff and personal loss, sometimes you wonder...

    Then yesterday I posted a movie called A Handbook for the Human Tax Farmer ... or something like that. CRAP, crap, CRAP. How does one lift one's spirits with these things going on?

    My dear friend in Egypt, he lives in both Sharm and Cairo. He tells me that the situation there is just horrid. Everyone has a gun these days, stolen from the police stations among other things. Crime is rampant. There are no corrupt cops cos there are no cops.

    I asked him, what if you get caught shoplifting. He said, then the shopkeeper will catch you and beat you up. I asked, what if someone does a murder? He said, unless it is someone important nothing will be done. Food is going up as is everything else. And he, a doctor, is hard pressed for work. Last job, he held for 6 months, got maybe 1/3 of his wages in total, then let go because he would not rip people off.

    All in all, not so good there. When I asked him, well what of Israel and for the first time in all the years I have known him he almost snapped back with "We have more important things to deal with that Israel these days".

    And yes, what happens in Greece will soon be coming to a city square near you.

  21. Hello again and welcome Noor.

    You are spot on as always. The crook and criminals were used to give colour to the so-called ‘popular uprising’ in Libya. These were the ones suffering with a clamp down on people smuggling to Italy and Europe. What a sympathetic bunch. The big networks, CNN Al-Jaz etc blatantly lied and spun it exactly as the banksters wanted it.

    This is the same story in as in Syria. I see that old shyster Robert Fisk is working hard to undermine the Assad regime. He really seems to have a hard on for the Syrians. I stopped reading his stuff after the war in Lebanon back in 2006.

    As I said in response to Aangirfan’s comment. The Egyptians are coming to terms with the realisation that the revolution is only just beginning. Their fate is now in their own hands if they can win it.

    The Greek Puppet Regime could well be next on the list. You would think they had enough on their plate without their public whoring for Israhell in blocking the Gaza Flotilla. The number of really angry, motivated people just keeps growing every day. Thomas Ball may not be alone shortly.

  22. I saw this on Peasants site. Thought I would join in a bit late.

    There is only 3 things the earth can be doing, shrinking, staying the same or expanding. Which makes more sense? Obviously nothing stays the same so that leaves us with 2 choices.

    Not only is the earth expanding the entire universe is.

    A theory that rings the bell for me is the inner crystal theory of the earth. Something about it just seems common sense. The crystal takes on some molten iron spinning around it and expands.

    Why does this makes sense? Because herein we may have solved another riddle. There was a crystal on the top of the great pyramid at one time and it has now been proven with very little room for doubt that it was also a power plant among other things. Possibly attuned with the crystal core to bring up energy.

    Could explain why crystal is so important to the atlantean power rod boys and soothsayers. Why indians wear them around their necks. It could mean a lot of people knew what they were doing and western scientists didn't have the foggiest idea what they were talking about. Yes I am digressing.

    Everything expands eventually almost, even my waist line. Crystals continue to grow in caves. We can say that scientifically as there are monsters growing down in Mexico. Our knowledge and understanding expands. Our spirits even grow and get bigger. It seems common sense to me, the earth maybe doing the same. Of course I have no scientific background myself, I go on intuition.

  23. Like I always say Chucky! ;)

    All sciences are now under the obligation to prepare the ground for the future task of the philosopher, which is to solve the problem of value, to determine the true hierarchy of values. ...Nietzsche

    All things are subject to interpretation whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth.......Nietzsche

    Human history becomes more and more a race between education and cataclysm...H.G. Wells

  24. That’s it DM. We have had dogma dressed as science now for nearly a century. Each of the fields are headed by khazar figures of adoration – Einstein a no no!

    It is no different from the belief in an Earth centred universe and the enforced use of epicycles to explain away pesky reality when it differed from the expected observations of the sky.

    In case anyone is wondering what we are on about it is an offshoot from a discussion over at Twelfth Bough and some really interesting (for me anyway) questions discussed there.

  25. That link to a single Iron crystal at the core was a great find DM. Many thanks for posting it.