Tuesday 19 April 2011

Zoom Out and Pan Around – Part 2

When I left the first instalment of this brain dump we had Libya in uproar. Progress has been made since and it is now in radioactive, depleted uranium, flames. What a surprise to see the usual suspects murdering civilians but at least the French are now openly showing their colours.

We’ve had couple of months of the deliberately provoked events. We hear of the strategic expansion of NATO into the Mediterranean. We hear also about oil supply and the manipulation of prices.

I feel we are the audience in a conjurer’s tent. We are all watching the hand that’s in motion. We are watching the main performance but the quiet hand recently let slip a ‘tell’. The misdirection almost failed – nearly but not quite.

In all the life and death battles going on in North Africa what are we to make of this story. It seems that the ‘rebels’ are now able to sell tankers full of oil to pay for their sedition and have setup a new central bank to do so. How industrious of them. Did they get help?

On a side note I’m sick of the term rebels. In my mind it is similar to the use of the term settlers when used by the vampires of Israhell. Giving them a nice fluffy romanticised name does not hide their actions. The proper terms are invaders, reactionaries and murderers.

The Libyan war was started by unemployed people smugglers after the Libyans and Italians cooperated to reduce illegal immigration into Europe. Bored, unhappy and armed criminals started it off in the Benghazi area. The sudden influx of spooks and other undesirables (reporters) really got it going.

Back to the main point. Do you remember the list of countries without Rothschild controlled central banks? In 2001 they were Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Cuba and Libya. The first 2 we know well what their fate was. Sudan succumbed recently to a decade of foreign inspired civil war and has been partitioned.

That left Iran, North Korea, Cuba and Libya – until now. Gaddafi is known to be a wily old bird. He is the last of the Arab nationalists still in power. We hear that Israhell is assisting his forces by hiring mercenaries. I have yet to have that conclusively confirmed.

How like the Rothschilds to start and then fund both sides of a war. If Gadaffi survives he will need to borrow funds to rebuild. If the reactionary quisling forces survive they will be run from a central bank. It doesn’t matter if both survive as the arms companies will make fortunes supplying the hardware. Win, bloody win for the dark side once again.

We are now only 3 survivors - Iran, North Korea and Cuba. The hostile forces of the US and its client states are parked off-shore of each one. Remember that the US Navy re-established the Fourth Fleet to coerce countries in the Caribbean and Latin America back in 2008.

Just as AFRICOM was established in 2007 they can’t have Kissinger’s “dumb animals” sitting around bored getting sun tans. The muscle is in place and all that is needed are the trumped up reasons to get the party started.

Nathan Mayer Rothschild once stated;
“I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply.”

The first American central bank’s charter ran out in 1811. When the charter was not renewed the puppet British started the war of 1812 to make sure the American’s got the message. Thousands died but In 1816 Rothschild got their central bank.

Only the male heirs of their serpent’s bloodline can hold direct power and they are the ones we know about. Keep in mind that they have had many daughters. The public figures we have placed in front of us as our representatives are no such thing. Check out how many US presidents have been related to one another and to European aristocratic bloodlines.

The main bases of the ‘red shield’ were Frankfurt, Paris and London. They also had Austria and Italy. Paris and London we are familiar with. Frankfurt is the home these days of the European Central Bank. The US has been in safe hands since 1913 thanks to the (un) Federal (no) Reserve Bank.

The American economy is now just printing funny money to cover its war debts – all links to reality have been severed. The European economies are also rapidly swirling down the plug-hole of exponentially increasing debt. Only one thing can save them and that is a nice juicy global slaughter.

When all countries are in their hands the nominally diverse central banks can be unified finally under a new single and global currency. The destruction caused in the coming wars will generate the demand for the remaining survivors to rebuild again under a single master.

This is the primary war plan for our future. They have a religious angle too but I’ll get to that in the next instalment. This has been planned for centuries and is almost in the terminal (in all senses) phase.

This trick has worked twice already. The older order gets remodelled and at each turn under the plastic surgeons knife they think the results suit them better. With each attempt the outcome became more unnatural. That is their undoing. They are not human and more know it with every passing day.

In all the global strategic posturing between the US, China, Russia and the jaded Europeans remember one thing. They all have privately owned central banks – every single one of them. The dogs of war may jostle to see which one gets the lion’s share of the spoils but they all get stroked by the same hand.

If we let them draft our youth into their blood sacrifice we will not get another chance. It’s time we paid attention and learn to bite that hand. If the hand gets gangrene and dies off so much the better for all ours souls.

PS - Here’s a postscript from the Unemployed Kingdom. Due to the giving all our tax revenue to the banks recently (AKA bail outs) the Royal Navy has been stripped of its Naval Air Power and all of the harriers retired early. Here’s the last official flyby by the soon unemployed pilots.

I think they get it


  1. Before the deluge of “what about…” posts I’m well aware that Israhell is a front for these monsters – who else could spawn and succour them. Their time is nearly over but it will not seem a blessing at the time. More as I hinted later.

  2. Not China.

    “China’s rise to economic superpower is largely due to the fact that it prints money without creating debt as explained by Vienna Economics University Professor Franz Hörmann in an interview in Der Standard newspaper called “Banks create money out of air.”

    The Chinese government creates money without having to pay interest, and it also give loans to entrepreneurs without charging interest. As a result of using this money system, China has experienced phenomenal economic growth, rising standards of living and huge modernization programmes. Inflation can be easily controlled, as Hörmann explains, so that money creation need not mean a devaluation through inflation."


    The Russian bank is heavily watched also very supervised. Also estimated shareholding of about 20% by foreigners. Gref and Fradkov were replaced by Putin when he wanted to join the IMF. Gref now running Sberbank. The difference is when Putin and Medvedev tell them to provide more assistance to the elderly, they do so immediately. Their jobs at times have been subjects of political debate. They don't have the run of the house as in the west.

  3. Baa3/BB+ rated Gazprombank last came to the dollar market in June 2008, selling a five year bond to yield 7.933%. Gazprom, Russia’s wholly state owned oil and gas company, owns 41.73%

    Central Bank of Russia owns over 60% of Sberbank’s ordinary shares, being Sberbank’s controlling shareholder. The remaining shares are held by more than 260,000 institutional and private investors. Sberbank has the largest countrywide branch network with 17 regional head offices and more than 20,000 retail outlets and inner structural departments as well as subsidiary banks in Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus.

    Sberbank is a former specialized bank which Russia still owns. It is the only guaranteed bank also.

    In many respects, thedevelopment of Russia’s banking sec− tor over the last 10 years has just been a case of dividing up the inheritance left by the Soviet Union. It is no surprise, then, that Russia’s largest banks are state−owned, and between them control 36 percent of the
    banking system’s

    Moscow-based Sberbank owns BPS Bank, Belarus's third- biggest lender by assets. They are making some moves. They do keep an eye on things. Recent investigations by Russian prosecutors and international auditors have found no criminal violations in the central bank's dealings with Fimaco, many experts say the operations definitely skirted the edge of normal central bank rules and ethics.

    Sberbank, the largest commercial bank in Russia, he is on a mission to convince his colleagues and senior management that purely as a business proposition Islamic banking makes sense because there is a ready made potential market of 20 million Muslims in the federation
    assets. Sberbank wants to begin competing with banks across Europe.

  4. Hi there DM. The Chinese are possibly one of the worst social systems on the planet. They have the totalitarianism of Communism with the worst elements so capitalist exploitation.

    I pray that their many citizens find a path from the burden they now labour under. I’ve seen the factories where computer motherboards are made. There are safety nets all around the roofs to prevent the many suicides of the ‘workforce’.

    If their system was a truly viable economy they would have been placed in a similar position of strength that the US enjoyed until the end of the 19th century.

    They have received massive foreign investment (loans), technology transfers and trade barriers over the last 20 years. The Clinton’s helped their military R&D with the sale of restricted computer tech and Israhell helped sell them the technology from all sorts of military ‘goodies’.

    I have often been fond of Putin but I am under no illusion of his room to manoeuvre. He struck a bargain at the beginning of his rule with the majority of the ‘oligarchs’ or jewish mafia as I would call them. They would stay out of Russian politics and he would leave them alone so long as they kicked a fraction of their profits back into the motherland.

    Mikhail Khodorkovsky bucked the trend in a partnership with guess who – Nat Rothschild. He wanted into politics and was also selling Russia’s oil and gas rights to the West. Putin made an example of him and has played a dangerous game with great skill since then.

    I feel that the scenario is being sold to the world of a clash between a failing empire in the US and the rising superpower in China. This is overly simplistic. Just as the Nazi’s were deliberately built up and armed in the ‘30’s the Chinese have been built up and armed since the ‘80’s.

    The Rothschilds can’t have a global conflict if only one side has a credible strength to fight it. Unfortunately for the US they have been systematically hollowed out and weakened. They don’t even have the ability to produce the necessary war material for anything longer than a short campaign.

    I don’t think the schemes of the Rothschilds are foolproof but I’m aware that our fate hangs in the balance. At all costs we must not let the war mongers scream for more war. If we must fight it should be against the traitors in our midst.

  5. LOL DM. Our long essays crossed paths at the same time.

  6. Hey Chuckyman,...Lovely instalment, can't wait for the next Matinee, perhaps we should call you Buckyman Rogers (grin).

    Regarding China and its financial juggernaut: I hope this timeline info’ is of interest to you...The Yuan when in a trading pair is called a RMB ("Renminbi") e.g. USD - RMB, AUD - RMB etc.

    From May 2007: “Although the recent decision to widen the trading band was not as market-moving as the July 21st revaluation, it shows that Chinese officials have a longer term plan to finally move the currency to a free floating status. The notion couldn’t come at a better time with global funds continuing to pile into any Chinese asset. The increase in foreign investment, a widening trade surplus and an overheated economy still leave the necessity for further adjustments in the short term, leaving the yuan to even greater appreciation.”

    From November 2009: “The Chinese need to become less reliant on exports to drive their economy and increase their consumer spending. If this would happen, you would see the trade deficit balance out, and the Chinese would not have to such a large reserve of dollars. I think that in the next decade we will see a change in which the US will have a diminished role in the world economy. Especially if our trade deficit and budget deficit continue to go unchecked as it is. The primary hurdle for our trade balancing out is that China needs to let its currency exchange at market prices just as the other major currencies do. Its because of China's practice to artificially keep its currency low that has created this economic situation. If China fails to let the Yuan float, one way to counter that is to let the dollar weaken further - which the US Gov. is currently doing. This will add pressure to China, as they will be watching their $2T dollar reserves decline in value. But at the same time, they don't want to dump their dollar reserves cause that will only devalue their holdings more.”

    From June 2010: “After months of debate, denial and conflict, China finally announced a new policy on its controversial currency, the yuan (also known as the renminbi, or RMB). For the past two years, the yuan has (unofficially) been pegged to the U.S. dollar, sparking criticism from politicians in Washington, high-profile economists and China's fellow developing nations that Beijing was pursuing a “beggar-thy-neighbour” agenda to keep Chinese exports artificially cheap to expand their market presence at the expense of competitors. China had stubbornly resisted the pressure to change its exchange rate policy, insisting that the yuan was valued exactly how it should be.”

    From March 2011: The internationalization of the yuan is an inevitable consequence of China’s emergence as a major economic and trading power. But at least for the next decade or two, the rise of the yuan will occur within a global monetary system still dominated by the US dollar, rather than creating an alternate China-centric order. Eventually, as the eminent monetary scholar Barry Eichengreen suggested in his recent book Exorbitant Privilege, the world may have multiple major reserve currencies, with the yuan ultimately joining the dollar and euro in a monetary triumvirate. But in order to reach that point, China still has much to prove about the sustainability of its economic and political systems.

    I am employed by an Australian Currency Trading company based in Oman in Jordan, the majority of our clients are European/UK. The portent of Chinese pre-eminence in the most powerful market in the world; Forex Trading (Currency markets trade in one day the volume of all Stocks and Share markets in one week) is ominous, I agree Chucky that the Global Order is all inclusive, China is a monster on a leash, however, many, including me thought that Putin and China might offer some saving grace against the yiddish NWO scourge: Not to be, they are all owned by the bankster centralists.

    Cheers mate,


  7. I noticed. Yes there is a great power game going on that nobody sends us a briefing during our morning coffee. Useless eaters are not supposed to be involved. Here some on a deal the Chinese are doing with Rothy here.


    They bought 20 percent of a Roth bank, which shows you the china central bank is fairly independent. Yes they have problems and a lot of it is severe overpopulation. People are going into sweat shops to survive but on the one hand China is trying to survive also attempting to establish reserve currency to compete. It ain't pretty and yes it is totalitarian.

    But you know what, which country is free and democratic these days? The answer is there are none, none at all, zero! You can debate which is more "democratic" than the other I guess. They all send intel agents around to kill people, all of them. I have more respect for people who realize they are under totalitarianism than the ones who think they are free and don't realize it.

    So what should China do, lobby to get Khordakovsky out of Siberia and make him the trade minister, bring in Spielberg as head of the art and motion picture industry complete with Japanese/Betar agents? etc etc you know where I am going with this. Actually they have already seen how that worked in Manchuria.

    Russia could send Putin to a Dacha and bring in the Algore and the Clintons to right the ship. You know they have tried to kill Putin at least six tmes that I can remember. Russia would be a slave colony right now if the FSB had not stepped in, with no army, no money and no defense.

    Poland didn't make the cut, take a look at them. Their entire leadership can be murdered and nobody gets excited about it. Ukraine was headed the same way but it may be turning around now. There was some serious crap going on in the Ukraine. Several years ago one of their munitions dumps, a giant one went up in flames they say looked like a nuke explosion. I am betting it was Russian agents.

    But I always ask people, tell me how you would run China and Russia? Just give them our republicans or the U.K.s tories to run the show?

  8. Spot on Chucky. The war mongers are screaming for more war and most are not prepared to fight the traitors within. Somehow we have to stop what is the plan for WW III.

  9. HI Chucky :) Excellent post, always worth the wait!!
    I wish i was flying in that fuck off sortee!!
    That's my kind of flying for sure..they should do that at the royal wedding fly over!
    cheers mate A13

  10. Hi there Veritas and thanks for the info. I too have laboured under the vain hope that somewhere sanity might prevail and that the grownups would be able to bang some heads together.

    There are undoubtedly regimes that want to run their own regions their way and not as instructed by the ancient menace. That doesn’t automatically mean good news for us mere humans. Orwell’s Animal farm always comes to mind

    The khazars are already worming their way into the Chinese power structure – they can see which way the winds of time are blowing.

    My main concern is that we will all be asked to choose sides and that no matter the choice the same hand will pull the puppet strings. Maybe I shouldn’t try to think this deep (grin).

  11. That was a great link DM. So the Roths are consolidating the various tentacles. Interesting in light of the death of Amschel Rothschild of natural causes back in 1996. Natural in that it is understandable to have a heart attack when strangled with the cord of your own bathrobe. Later reports claimed suicide – yeah right.

    I think Putin has single handled restored some of the pride and standing to the Russian people after the humiliation of the Yeltsin years. That also makes me wary as soon as a leadership anywhere develops an aura of hero/cult worship. The name Schicklgruber comes to mind (grin).

    I am learning more and more about the Chinese but I distrust so many of the sources. The stories of the suppression of the Falun Gong are tempered with the knowledge of the Dalai Lama on the CIA payroll. Who knows?

    If it helps to clarify the situation I have long held politicians to be lower on the evolutionary ladder than amoebic dysentery. The desire to be one should automatically bar any individual from public office. Public office is a duty to be born and not a gold mine to be plundered.

  12. Many thanks Kenny. I have been very fortunate to meet many rebel hearts here on the InterWeb. We just need to spot the right targets. After that we all will know what to do.

  13. A sense of humour of truly priceless A13 and will help carry along the weariest of souls.

    Its funny (pun alert) that you mention the great high breeding ceremony. Here’s Mike James with his take. Strong language alert! He has walked a long path to earn the right to talk as he does.


    Mike’s English bless him – we can’t all be lucky enough to be Irish (grin).

  14. A most excellent quote! Mind if I borrow it? The Khazar fantasy world, a dream come true. The whole world a monstrous fenced in Gaza strip where everyone is crammed into squalid high rise buildings equipped with multiple exterior nets, like in China, so that the despairing masses who get the bright idea to end their misery by jumping will be prevented from doing so. In the minds of monsters.....

  15. I would be delighted Saladin. Anything here is freely given.

    That is a very powerful image and all the more frightening in its proximity to our times.

  16. Chucky I don't pretend to know what is going on in China but I read a piece many years ago on the net. Can't remember 90% of it but this stood out. A Chinese fellow indicated that it was his belief the Falun gong was about 50% foreign intelligent agents and Chinese figured they had temples for thousands of years so what the hell do they need with the Falun gong. Something to ponder.

    When you think about it does the place that spawned Lao Tzu, Confuscious and Sun Tzu need the falun gong?

  17. I know what you mean DM. Who really knows? If reports of the Falun Gong getting used as walking organ donors has any truth I want nothing to do with the regime. Shooting political dissidents and sending the family the bill for the bullet is just plain evil.

    The only person I know who had been out there for some time was teaching English at a University. He liked the warmth and honesty of those he met. He admitted he had not been to the Industrial zones. I haven’t seen him since his marriage broke up about 9 years ago so no chance of an update.

    As always the real humans are just going along to get along. Short of learning Mandarin I’m never going to bypass the BS filters. It might end up mandatory anyway (grin). Either way if I hear anything through the usual channels, I’ll treat it as the propaganda it really is.

  18. I know Jackie Chan and Jet Li seem to go back and forth with no problems. We have had some problems here with organ snatchers in the New York area!

  19. Oy veh that’s terrible news (grin)

  20. http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/senators-chinese-junket-is-shrouded-in-secrecy/2011/04/19/AFhndp7D_story.html

    The key domino in getting the world to accept a global fractional reserve currency is China.

    Don't misunderstand, global currency is 100% suicide and will lead to an effective one world government by the oligarch banking families.

    The private central bank in China is rumored to be 50/50 rather than 100% Rothschild owned as it is in the other 192 of 197 countries. Therefore, it is slighly harder to implement the private fractional reserve global currency in China than elsewhere in the Rothschild empire, excluding Iran, Sudan, North Korea and Cuba.

    George Soros (Swartz) has the job of selling the Evelyn Rothschild (Bauer) plan for defacto global autocracy as instead being the salvation of the economic crisis.

    event - reaction - solution

    debt suffocation - fear of devaluation - global fractional reserve currency (world government)

    Once the China domino falls, the door will be wide open to implement a private global currency in 193 countries. It will be touted as "gold backed" instead of "fiat", but actually will only be fractionally gold backed at less than 1:100.

    More importantly it will be a private currency - meaning that Rothschild and the oligarch banking families will be able to create money autocratically with out input from the people of the world who use it.

    This 'gold backed', fractional reserve, private global currency will be lent out to governments and individuals with usury. Thus ensuring literal debt slavery from cradle to grave for individuals and countries.

    As the life blood of any society, Rothschild will hold everyone and every country in the palm of his hand. And once implemented, anyone who dares to oppose him can be taken off the grid with the flick of a key stroke.

    Worse than heroin. As bad as cancer. Manifest dictatorship disguised as "economic freedom". Orwellian doublespeak - 100%.

    Don't do it, ever.

  21. Hello Mouser and thanks for dropping by. That nailed it better than I could say. Many thanks.

  22. The most humorous part of the Mike James piece was the term "Billy Windsor" I needed a good laugh. That about as funny as another one I saw lately, mafia boss Elizabeth Battenberg.

    WV... commie

  23. Top post, Chuck. It is very revealing focusing on the central banks. Libya was moving towards embracing Islamic banking, too.

    i have been trying for some time to establish with certainty whether or not the central banks of China and Russia are government owned (partially or fully) or not.

    The Bank of China is not China's central bank. That is the People's Bank of China.
    Wikipedia (yes I know!) indicates it is still 100% state owned. it does this by not stating otherwise and by detailing how its govermnors are appointed by government. But this ruse is repeated with entries for central banks which we know are privately owned such as the Bank of England and the Bundesbank.

    So if anyone can point me to evidence of it being fully state owned or not, i'd very much appreciate it.

    Interestingly, the Bank of China (which is partially privatised) has a division in Hong Kong which is fully privatised and issues the currency in HK and Macau i.e. it is functionally the central bank there.

    The Rothschilds have been in HK formally since the 1950's operating as a bank and bullion trader and no doubt facilitated Chinas' foreign exchange till at least the days of Deng Xiaoping. Long history there.

    Deng spent many years in France when young and became a Marxist and we know who was running Marxism and why.

    When he gained power in China, he turned to the Wests commercial model (also run by the same people as Marxism) for the future and laid the seeds of the awful system you describe, Chuck

  24. China's bank is fairly independent. China in effect sets up trusted capitalists to succeed and become players in the international business arena with a general understanding their decision and investments should favorable to China also.


    "Negative returns on savings act as a stealth tax on China's households and a subsidy to the government-owned banks.

    The banks then turn around and loan money to politically connected real estate developers and government-owned enterprises at interest rates that are near zero in inflation-adjusted terms. "The Chinese financial system channels wealth from ordinary households to a small handful of connected insiders and state-owned firms," writes Shih."

    The big difference here is glaring. The monetary policies of China are geared toward the interests of China where as in the west they are geared toward international plunderers, especially in the U.S.

  25. Monosodium glutamate will be in short supply after the Japan quake. Their company was blasted. MSG is the stuff that produces neural toxicity and brain damage in animals but Ajinomoto Co., Inc.says is good to go in humans.

    The company and warehouses in Tokyo and Sendai were severely damaged. We will have to get our supply somewhere else now.


    Aspartame will be in short supply also.


  26. Hello James and thanks. My intention was to get as high an overview as possible of the hidden power that really runs everything. While we must focus on the day to day events as they are unfolding we must not get bamboozled or caught up the PR/Spin.

    I’m currently reading the Hidden Empire of “The City” by EC Knuth. It was published in 1945 and is an astonishing expose of the Rothschilds, the City of London and the brutal power plays of the 150 years prior to WWII.

    It really should be compulsory reading. Every single one of the Major Powers was invested in dismembering and exploiting China. The Japanese get all the bad press in the history books but were willing allies and clients in pursuit of the British agenda.

    Any uprising by the Chinese nationalists was decimated. The Boxer rebellion in 1900 was one such occasion. General Chiang Kai-shek’s nationalists revolted in 1927/28 and the Japanese launched the Manchurian conquest to suppress them with Rothschild/British backing in 1931. Look surprised when the Communists were the final reaction to the successful Nationalists.

    I came across this last video night in relation to Libya and it is worth a post in itself. This alleges that Gaddafi was going to sell oil only for gold. We all know what happens to any country that decides to sell oil for anything other than toilet paper/dollars.

    We can do anything we want as long as we do not impinge on silver, gold, oil or land ownership. Those are the true inherent measures of wealth. You can play with any of the Rothschild sigil scripts (known as cash) you want just don’t take any of the emperor’s stolen wealth away from him.

  27. That’s one bit of good news on the MSG and aspartame front DM. Every cloud has a silver lining – even if the cloud is loaded with radioactivity.

  28. AJINOMOTO PHARMACEUTICALS CO., LTD., which will be engaged in the research, development, manufacturing and sale of medicine, as well as the sale of medical food and is in fortune top ten. Also very influential in codex alimentarius. As such I might add in the thrust of population reduction.

    In fact the cancertutor calls the FDA actions in concert with Ajinomoto fricking "illuminating."

    "Since the FDA holds the political mandate and power of a public regulatory agency established, ostensibly, to protect people from raw corporate interests in drug production and distribution, the actions of the FDA in concert with Ajinomoto U.S.A. are illuminating. By publicly banning L-Tryptophan from its dietary supplement status and price, while allowing L-Tryptophan to be sold as a high-priced prescription drug, the naked duplicity of FDA L-Tryptophan policy is revealed."


    A major player in chemicals, bio science products, food products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and medicine. biological aspects of amino acids, printed wiring boards for electronics, took over the development of risedronate in Japan from Procter and Gamble to treat bone disease. They also specialize in animal feed.

  29. http://aangirfan.blogspot.com/2011/04/china-visits-tunisia-and-egypt.html

    It is almost like aangirfan is doing research for you!

  30. http://www.zerohedge.com/article/oil-crisis-just-got-real-sinpoec-cuts-oil-exports

    Oil Crisis Just Got Real: Sinopec (Read China) Cuts Off Oil Exports

    "Chinese oil giant Sinopec has stopped exporting oil products to maintain domestic supplies amid disruption concerns caused by Middle East unrest and Japan's earthquake, a report said Wednesday

    And another perspective on how China just gave Geithner and his inflation exporting dreams the biggest, baddest middle finger, from Global Times:"

  31. China is getting rid of two thirds of it's dollars.


    I am adding this guy on immediately.

  32. hi chuckyman:

    that book sounds like a must read

    "the Hidden Empire of “The City” by EC Knuth"

    Is that the title in full?

    I had thought previously of a number of points to make, and then life happens!

    Nonetheless it is a good post, I had wanted to look into the whole central banking aspect of Libya, I may have bookmarked some stuff thinking I was going to work on it, but, it didn't happen.

    the possibility that Libya was going to sell oil only for gold is interesting, but, with the price of oil, the quantity of oil that Libya had available would there have been enough gold in the market?

    Something interesting though, regarding gold.

    I was lucky enough to recently purchase some gold jewelry and for the first time ever, ever, ever! The store recorded the transaction number of the sale.

    It got me wondering???
    Information for confiscation??

  33. Hi Penny. I know what you mean. I have been attempting to spend more time away from the keyboard. As the tension builds our kith and kin will all that matter soon enough.

    That’s the exact title of the book and it is quite a read. Much will feel familiar to all of us but it has a lot of the missing details that cannot be found in the usual history books.

    I’m not surprised at your news Penny. It all goes in the great big database. The last thing the sheep get before the slaughter house is shorn. The kleptocrats have stolen all other real wealth so a repeat of the Roosevelt gold confiscation of 1933 is certainly on the cards.

  34. And so the chess pieces are in motion DM. All the ‘players’ have been awaiting China’s reaction. If I know anything about them it will be in an unexpected way. They can choose the time and the method. God help us all when it starts.

  35. Chuckyman:

    hey again. Just wanted you to know, the book piqued my curiosity-
    So I went off on a search
    Don't know if you are reading hard copy
    But, if anyone else besides me was interested I found a pdf


    Same book?

  36. Yep that’s the one Penny. Your search was better than mine. The copy I downloaded is a scan of the physical book.

  37. Hey Chuckyman,...Penny excellent link! I lurv free stuff!

    That Apocalypse wave blog looks interesting, diverse: I recently read somewhere, doh, forgot, anyway, I recently read somewhere about the jUSA Govt migrating Wolves throughout the US, (Idaho?), everyone should checkout the size of this humungus wooluff on the blog that DM linked:


    Wtf? Why are they breeding wooluffs that BIG?

    "It's the wooluff, it's the wooluff."
    Q. Lambsie-pie.


  38. Hi there Veritas. Cool blog from DM. I’ve always been a fan of canis lupus – always from a safe distance though (grin). It always got a lot of bad press – a bit like many of us. I wonder will they try to blame global warming on its comeback or some other BS?

  39. Chucky
    Somehow I just know I would like this guy. I can spot a kindred soul.

    "Those who represent an ideal beyond the comprehension of the masses must face the persecution of the unthinking multitude who are without the divine idealism which inspires progress and those rational faculties which unerringly sift truth from falsehood."

  40. Hi Chucky, another good read, if you can find it, is A.K.Chesterton "The New Unhappy Lords" written back in 1965.
    I have tried to find a PDF copy on the net, but to no Avail..I have my own copy , purchased for $3 about 5 years ago at a 2nd hand book shop..
    maybe i can scan the pages in and post it up, it too is essential reading..he knew back then what the deal was and who ran and orchestrated what we are seeing come into fruition now.
    Cheers A13

  41. chuckyman:
    feeling a bit freaked out here.
    Russia and China said NO to censuring Syria at the UN.

    have they drawn the line in the sand?

  42. Howdy A13. I hadn’t heard of that one. I’ll pop it on my ‘wish list’ (grin)

  43. Hi Penny. I haven’t heard that one. It is not surprising in light of our discussion re Russia’s naval presence in the Mediterranean. The Chinese are bound to be stinging from the loss of a considerable business investment in Libya.

    We shall see how the bullies in the Pentagram react. Will the EU/NATO try to flex their muscles?

  44. Hey Chuckyman:

    I have a few links to that news in today's post and I thought yikes, I gotta go talk to chuckyman.

    For exactly the reason you mentioned.

    "It is not surprising in light of our discussion re Russia’s naval presence in the Mediterranean."

    I should dig up those old posts, and repost in light of this latest development.

  45. Chuckyman!

    OMG! the UN move failed guess what the spin is now?

    I am going to make a post, but, you will never guess...

    I am being facetious because you will. WMD's
    It is the same pattern, over and over

  46. My post is done, and thanks for letting me vent, helps me be less freaked out.

    This could get ugly

  47. No problem Penny. Feel free to rant. I’m off for some dinner then I’ll pop over to your place to join in the rant (grin)

  48. Off topic but...

    Terrifying scientific discovery: Strange emissions by sun are suddenly mutating matter…


    As taken from apocalypse wave


    Don't miss the gist of this if the sun is neutralizing radiation, say what? I am always for a "ray of hope." People used to knock those sun worshippers! Just maybe Crazy Horse wasn't crazy!

    "A great light will come and purify everything even the waters!"


    Could it be? Isn't there some passage about divine forces stepping in before man destroys himself in a world conflagration? Sun neutralizing radiation?

  49. http://dublinmick.wordpress.com/

  50. Damn Chucky, Osama Bin Dead Longtime has just been killed again! Isn't that out of a Southpark script?

    Joking aside, I have a feeling the psychopaths are about to murder a lot more people in their 9/11 false flag sequel.


  51. Hi there Nony Mouse. So Timmy’s passed away – for the second time - with a burial at sea. Could they at least try to make this sound credible for the sheep?

    You could be right on the mark with a new false flag. No one is buying their crap anymore. A nice big juicy slaughter will keep the herd from knowing that their economies are toast and they have been sold into slavery. All the better to march them off to kill the competition – yet again!

  52. Well said Chucky, my hope is that this one they screw up worse than they did with WTC Building 7 - and it backfires on the inbred bastards Big Time.


  53. I caught some of the MSM coverage after writing my last comment. You were spot on. All the ‘subtle’ hints were for more attacks. Yeah right!

    These are very dangerous times. Lots of US pressure on Syria and Iranian TV say that Israhelli jets building up in Iraq. If the usual vampires get their way we could be deep in the latrine within a week or less.

  54. St. Francis plant is right on the river near Morganville. It is 40 feet above flood level. Reports indicate they are expecting about as much rain in May as April. The rain is not expected let up until June and flooding already from Minn. to La.

    Small towns in Arkansas with evacuation notices. Flooding around Vicksburg Miss and Memphis under warning. Outer levees breached in LA. Inner levees will have to hold. Fresh water supplies and farmland taking a beating.

    Sand boils on the Baton Rouge Levee.

    Last New Madrid quake sent a 20 foot tsunami down the river.

    3 small quakes not from the blast 1.8 on the Richter scale.

    Underwater volcanos are picking up as a volcanic lake in New Zealand is now one hundred eight degrees.

    Water up to the Capital Building of Mississippi.

    A major flood on the Atachafalaya River could change the course of the river and bypass Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

    Now we know what the million or so body bags were for. This will make more sense to you if you are following Vivek's post up top in the black on American Cross... Nuclear rumbles.




  55. It looks like China opts out of central bank policy.


  56. Giant sink holes opening world wide.


  57. Hey Chuckyman!

    Just stopping by to say Hello!
    The weather is finally getting nicer here, it has been a long cold winter.
    I am wanting to spend more time outside.
    Gardening etc.,
    So hope all is well with you and yours!

  58. Hi Penny and thanks for dropping by.

    We have had some glorious weather here recently and it is so nice to shrug off the shackles of winter. Always a good time to spend more hours with the family.

    I find it difficult these days to put down words to describe the carnival of insanity and depravity unfolding at the moment. Sammy Bin Hiding was dug up like Dracula to have a ritual PR stake through his heart while the real vampires commit humane murder to enable their continued theft and plunder.

  59. I concur completely with what you are saying

  60. chuckyman!
    Russia has said no for a second time at the UN.
    No to syrian censure!!
    and they will continue to sell arms to Syria too!
    do dish, chuckyman, do dish!
    (it's my newest post)

    Though I still think the US is going to work this from the inside as much as they can, but, holy shit!