Tuesday, 10 August 2010

A friendly game of Blackjack ??

Screenshots taken from the Telegraphs site

I came across this today on George Ure’s site. It’s a ‘harmless’ fictional tale that appeared on the web site of the Telegraph, one of the main UK Newspaper’s. Check out all 5 parts.

Did you ever get the idea that the self appointed masters of our destiny are taking the piss?

According to the rules of their 'game' they have to tell us their plans in advance. Keep this in mind in the days, weeks and months ahead.


  1. My favourite for the Big Stick C has always been San Franscisco, for various ritualistic reasons. LA cannot be touched for obvious reasons. That's where the phallus worshipping cult known as The Adult Movie business is based!!!:-)

    The only question really is how long has the clock been ticking?

  2. Weelll I did not find that article just now but I did really like that site Chucky. Got some other great stuff and added it to my too long list of links. TYVM.

  3. I found it interesting that the article mentioned the new unified fascist state being set up with its headquarters in Denver. NSA and CIA are currently relocating there and there has been an ongoing controversy regarding the ‘unusual’ murals in Denver airport and their meaning.

    I remember reading of CIA agent Roland Carnaby being gunned down by cops in Houston as he was investigating a potential false-flag in the area. The Texas port does seem like a likely candidate.

    As for time – tick, tock. This drama’s been running for a very long time.


    I’m not sure which site was giving the bother Noor. The UrbanSurvival site is always an entertaining and informative read. The Telegraph article that this post is about may only be available in Britain.

    You might want to choose one of these UK web proxy sites and then copy and paste the full address of the blackjack article


    The short version is a huge nuke false flag against multiple cities in Britain and the US – blamed on the usual zionist hit parade. A new NAU state set up including Britain and the patsies nuked in retaliation. Massive civil resistance erupts to the new state and compulsory vaccination with micro-chipping of the populations. Eventually civil war in the states etc and the dastardly culprits get caught red-handed launching another false flag nuke causing the new military to ‘stand down’.

    Cheery stuff. All in all a strange story to see on a right wing (for whatever that’s worth) mainstream propaganda outlet.

  4. C yes you are ringing bells there. The Denver port is one weird place alrighty. Yep and the Carnaby shooting rings more bells.

    I was pondering that C. If one looks at the gulf oil disaster from a certain skewed perspective with the non linears then it is an ideal commanded space through which to guide one of those huge drug running subs with a device on board.

    Remember the whole delivery ceremony for the Big Sticks way back in the beginning of the 20thC was sea borne. So I'll give the big KAAblanng in Texas a close second to my favourite.

  5. That jars a memory also Incoming. You are a fan of naval matters. I seem to remember that the warship that delivered the impending death devices was sunk on the way back to Pearl.

    Due to the radio security blackout they could not call for assistance. The vast majority survived the sinking only to fall prey to the sharks. A lesson in Karma I think.

  6. Gotcha C.

    Funny how the deliverer of the device got subbed. When we all know that the littoral was infested with USofA corp subs and nothing could move. So to have the cruiser get torped in quiet waters was so strange. Just like the Baltic suddenly developed a sub threat in 1945.

    Ever heard of Port Chicago?

  7. I had forgotten about that one. Well remembered Incoming. I had a quick recce and found this as a refresher.

  8. The whole stinking war story is shit it is a Commando comic.

  9. As it will be again if we let them.

  10. A charming thought to head to bed with (grin)

  11. speaking of chicago, i looked into that as possible target back in may 09. (8 posts started here: http://twelfthbough.blogspot.com/2009/05/american-gothic-prection-from-january.html)

    i also read something recently that suggested arizona as a likely target for false flag.

  12. Hi A.P There are so many for them to choose from. Chicago is also situated near navigable waterways.

    I think the main agenda is one of fear – instilling it and keeping it at the near the surface of daily thought. Hence the ratcheting up of war drums against Iran & Pakistan with a side order of Korea for relish.

  13. Sorry A.P I just finishing reading the post you gave. It sent shivers up my spine.

  14. yeah it's definitely kind of creepy. but then nothing happened, so you never know. one thing about these "people" is that they have so many operations going on at the same time. who knows which one will be the one that goes down.

  15. Indeed A.P. Like all good magicians, sleight of hand and misdirection will be the order of the day