Friday, 27 August 2010

The Arrivals

One Ring to rule them all,
One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all
And in the darkness bind them.
As anyone who has gotten lost and read my stuff before, you’ll know I’m a Tolkien fan. The symbology, imagery and literary quality in the books of the ‘Lord of The Ring’ trilogy (and the later movies) struck a nerve in my young mind.

The book deals with the eternal battle between good and evil. It is an uplifting tale that describes the courage and sacrifice required to defeat the seemingly overwhelming power of evil. I have read that book many times.

I have also developed a habit of reading the fine musings of smarter and better writers than I (not difficult some may say). That consumes most of my time online and is partly one of the reasons why my own work rate is so low.

I recently read a post from Noor over at her site where she provides a strong argument that Disney and his studio have been quietly subverting young minds with occult and sexual conditioning for generations.

In the article Noor has posted a number of videos that highlight and support her argument. It was the last one that really drew my attention - and not because of the clips showing Christina Aguilera. It was a single segment from a much richer series. I was intrigued and on investigation I found that many of the clips are posted on the usual sites with additional editing not performed by the authors of the series.

I was fortunate to find the original website of the series’ producers. What followed was over 8 hours worth of viewing that was frankly – astounding. I will not summarise or spoil their efforts here. I will recommend that you watch for yourselves.

The Arrivals


  1. sort of related -- a good blog here i came across:

  2. Howdy A.P. Cool spot - uncovering the wizards of spin as they weave the matrix. The Wachowski brothers were really ahead of the curve. We can see the future – they show it on TV

  3. something to look forward to. pfft.

  4. C something I hope you enjoy. It mixes two of my most favouritest things in the whole widely wordlly.

    I'm off up the Brandiewine now, hic! ;-)

  5. Excellent piece, excellent topic, Noor is always good. I live by Disney people and I am proud to tell you I have never spent one dime on any of their bullshit.

    Disney is like the vatican, a city within a city. The have their own security force and own laws, tax structure included. It worked well in Rome same here. And yes the Osmonds were trying to tell you something with their Disney after dark tune.

    They actually uncovered an underground building near the Orlando airport where children were used in satanic films due to the law suits that it generated. It was all quickly hushed up though. You know how bad publicity goes.

    They took a big hit on the gulf deal but sometimes you have to be a team player.

  6. Right now that I've signed in C. Yes Tolkein and Foxx what a fantastic combo, and I don't remember that scene from the films. It must have been an outtake. One of the things I always hoped they would do was the Old Forest and Tom and the River Daughter?, I think from memory that was her name. Then onto the barrows. However even with three mega films they had not time.

    Anyway I knew exactly what the old man was saying as soon as I read it.

  7. Cheers DM. Do you think Disneyland Florida, may have served its purpose? Time for a new one in China maybe?

    Excellent link Incoming – I had sort of guessed that was you earlier (grin). I haven’t really heard much of Foxx’s stuff. I think I’ll have a wee swatch at some more of his stuff. The video has lots of different clips of the saga of Arwin and Aragorn. Bit of a sad story for fair Arwin.

    Old Tom and his merry lady Goldberry are one of the strangest characters in the whole series. They reminded me of hippies only the book was written 20 years before the hippies appeared – weird.

    The bit that I really missed – even from the super-duper extended edition of the DVD set was the Raising of the Shire. Our 4 Halflings basically lead an uprising to liberate the Shire from oppression on returning from the Wars. Hummh

  8. C. The thing that really got me was at the very end the bending of space time as the last grey boat left. Taking Samwise unlike the film. He was a ring bearer. What did the old man know?

  9. You know Chucky I have the CD Lord Of The Rings. It is one of my favorites. Sometimes when people piss me off I have been known to remark I am going to advise Sauron you are the owner of the ring.

  10. I suppose that once you know the evil behind the one, all-seeing eye you can never again go back to the day job.