Monday, 31 May 2010

Another Milestone On A Path Of Infamy


Calling all the Mick’s out there. I4P has added a link calling for the expulsion of the Israhelli Ambassador to Ireland. It takes 2 minutes so please sign up and pass it on.


I posted this first over at Irish4Palestine.

First I would like to offer a prayer for the souls of the valiant volunteers who were brutally murdered in cold blood. I also offer a prayer also that the many wounded will recover quickly.

The great and mighty navies of the world can spend massive sums of energy and resources to combat the efforts of the Somali fishermen. Fishermen, whose only crime is to try to safeguard their coastal waters from illicit dumping of toxic chemicals by crooks working for the big multinational companies.

If that can be considered piracy then this vile butchery of the Israhellis’ is much worse. Let us see if some of the regions navies can put their forces to good work guarding civilians in international waters. Will Turkey lead the way?

Israhell is very brave when it faces forces that are unarmed. They are so used to murdering innocent Palestinians that their arrogance betrays them. I look forward to the day that this vile regime disappears from the pages of history.

I’m still a little in shock. I checked the MSM media (I normally avoid the Brainwashed Brits Corportation) and read that it was all the fault of the “terrorist agitators”. Mark Regev is the dead-eyed, soulless vampire that fronts for the ghouls and demons in charge of the Murder Inc State. He would say that wouldn’t he.

The mask has gone. 60 years of murdering has inured the Khazar invaders and blinded them with their own arrogance. They have once again shown the world for what they really are. It is my hope that this “Israhelli mistake” starts us on a road to a future without them. It is a crime against humanity that every step of the way has been washed with the blood of the oppressed



    That is the petition to recall the isreali ambassador. This was a big mistake.

  2. Thanks DM. I added the link into the update at the start of my post earlier. When I signed it there were only about 200 names on it so far.

  3. The word hasn't been invented yet to adequately describe the properties and characteristics of the perps, but I'm working on it. I caught the first inklings over at Timsters place very early this morning. The timing is as always symbolic in it's effects on the psychological wellbeing of others who should be celebrating some special day. this shits on the day. They do it at Easter and Christmas without fail and then their stooges in the MSM/GGT sit and arsebark at us from the gogglebox.

  4. You are spot on Incoming in regards to the symbolism. The 6th June is the 43rd anniversary of the USS Liberty outrage. With their track record it was naive of me to expect anything else.

    Moshe Dayan named them for what they are - it is impossible to negotiate with rabid dogs.

  5. Oh C there has to be thoughts going through your mind about MKultra. Something to take our minds off of something else? What's the probabilty eh?

  6. Oh yes. Even my wife commented on the coverage of the “shooting rampage”. One minute the shooter was an easy going and approachable man and the next a gun wielding killer. What are the odds?

    It still can’t distract from an outrage as large as the slaughter on the Gaza flotilla.

  7. Cameron gave it away "swith flicking in someone's head" ITN News 3rd June 22:22.

  8. It’s funny Incoming but a lot of posters have voiced the same concern.

    This is the apocalypse –the time of awakening. We don’t know how they do it but we know that they do. Bastards