Sunday 16 May 2010

Another Day of Infamy.

The date was May 15th 1948. Since that date a valiant people have lived under the brutal jackboot of a murderous race of foreign invaders. These monsters have great PR but the world is awakening to the realities of their crimes.

Please remember them today and support all who would help. I have not the eloquence to give life to the agony of the Palestinian people. Please read this article. Desertpeace also has this message.

Finally the latest freedom convoy is under way to Gaza. The ship "Rachel Corrie" has set sail. You can follow their progress at Irish 4 Palestine’s blog


  1. Amen brother.
    You do a better job than you think. You inspire me. Your courage inspires my courage.

  2. That’s an encouraging thought DM but undeserved. Real courage is being shown every day in Palestine and by the volunteers aboard the Rachel Corrie.

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  5. The Earth is certainly getting more geologically active.
    I saw the Rainbow Sky/LA earthquake link over at your place. With that, Iceland’s many volcano’s awakening and the “new lands rising” from the Alto report showing up it certainly is an interesting time to be alive.

    I covered some thoughts on George’s Ure’s calculations over at my Heretics blog – check it out. The thought of some idiot popping off a nuke in a sea bed saturated in gas hydrates is a recipe for making this disaster worse by at least an order of magnitude.

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  7. I loved the last line
    “Psychiatric treatment cannot be misused to silence critics of a totalitarian or corrupt governments under European law and under the precedents set by the Nuremberg Trial.”

    More BS fairy tales for the sleep-induced masses. Thankfully the Psychiatrists DSM(Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) have been updated to include uppity trouble makers like us.